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  2. Y’all got sawdust in ya eyes??? See the Oluwakemi babe as she set. Abegi, Oluwakemi, Lagos all the way jorrrr.

  3. This Sophia girl is a CU babe, dt explains all d unmerited votes. Pple who av never even read d story are voting her in. Nawa! No beef buh Oluwakemi frm Lagos is still d only one dt fits d image. Y’all shld take ur politics back to skl.

    • Hahaha… Dumaybee calm down hun… Ermm Didi Y r u #pained? .. Err tell Oluwakemi to be from CU now’ …nd prolly become the VCF while at it…. Then maybe she would stand a chance…. Nd its not politics….. Its called… Supporting your own’ … Nd besides… Sophia is way hotter…

      • No insult meant my dear. But if you think Sophia is finer, hotter or classier than Oluwakemi, then i think you should sue you optician. I think he’s just collecting your money without doin anything good for your eyes.#oju n dun e babe.

      • Yetunde …. Let’s do something hun… Let’s keep our opinions to ourselves nd just Vote.. :)…… Yes? .. Yhh thought so too… May the Best Girl Win… #TeamSophie All the way tho. 🙂 .. #Okbye

      • Yetunde, there’s no need arguing with you cause you’ll definitely swallow your tongue and that of your optician if u r ever opportuned to lay ur eyes on my Sophia.

      • @Dumaybee. But ain’t we talking about the same Sophia here??? Dont worry sweetie, i have laid my eyes on YOUR Sophia already(Her picture is here, remember???) and i can definately tell you that i’ve still got my tongue…… I have eyes and i can see, glory be to jah jehovah(In Wande Coal’s voice)

        @Lowkey. (Proverbs 26 vs 5). #TeamOluwakemi here babe.

  4. ls joooo , OLUWAKEMI ALL THE WAY, when them no put chingum (chewing gum) for my eye. Wld u honestly stop and pic the other higer rates if u were a man???
    pls oooooooooooo

  5. Vote 4 jolade na 😦 dnt y’all lyk my pose with mr X in d marquess? ;)……. Jst vote rite luv y’all :*

  6. Ok na me I wan join this contest and I assure Y’all i’m gonna beat ur ppl hands down. But na true sha only I no sabi how I go upload pisure from my phone

  7. Will b extra pained if dis sophia gal wins, pls how in any way does she depict oyin clegg? She’s skinny(no curves), got not even quarter of d class dat oyin seems 2 have,I mean,look @ her hair,clothes,d background of d pic……*lips sealed

    • i totally agree wv mae….abeg dis sophie gal iz either paying n begging pple to vote for her. Haba, d geh no depict oyin clegg at alllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllll!!!!!!! N u wey wan make dem gif am curve, u fit dash am ur own na.Mscheeew! Obafunto, u too send in ur pix, since ur sooo interested in d competition. N pls, pple r allowed to speak their minds wiv out attacking dem! pple sha n VOLTRON! ISHANGREEZ!!!!

  8. Since this vote is btw 2 ppl, i vote for #Oluwakemi……. Sophia posing as Oyin Clegg is like Iyabo Ojo posing as Kim Kardashian

  9. Y’all looking @ d wrong poses oluwakemis pose is kool bt check out Jolade nd jessica’s pose those are both acting d scene perfectly. So u wivout family attachments here vote wisely ooooooooo

  10. had to go back one page to check out this sophia ukpere. Na wa o; thought GEJ had cured us of our malady. #nepotism

  11. I vote for Bisola Adedigba and Iretide Oladapo…they have the best and most sophiscated poses…and their poses are real that is they put life in it…

  12. ojoro don enter this thing o! wetin tolu oke do now, wey she don get the highest vote? shes just sitting there looking morose! There shd be judges for this abeg. i think pple are just voting for their friend, no objectivity!

  13. Iretide didnt do a bad job on potraying that babe and Doyin is doing great too. People need to need the story plsss before they vote ohhh. My opinion i think Tolu Oke looks morose and downcast! not hating tho truth be told. Hoping we have sound judges but not sentimental ones. 🙂

    • Olodo rabata, do u evn knw d storyline? Descendant of apes…put ur pix n letz si nw. Abeg vote 4 my fwend jo…Tolu all da way

      • No we don’t know d story line!! That’s y we are here. Who do u think ensures u get to read it? Wretched somebody like u coming here to show localization.

  14. Bt sophia is ugly sha oo,oyin clegg is a pretty gal wt d curves in d right places nd sophia….X_X so pls vote wisely nd ppl shld stop taking ds tin P.its jst a game.anyway Bisola and Iretide!!!Love yu gals.

  15. Nkechi,jessica,Doyin nd Oluwakemi…y’all did good…but dis Sophia babe ehn…*lips sealed*..but remember its ‘d best oyin clegg pose’ we r tlkin bout here…be wise nd objective

  16. Logically,kemi or dayo is supposed to win,but what d hell na naija we dey…ojoro and politcizing full our blood stream……hehe.

  17. I fnk Tunde Leye sud decide d winner hmslf n give us d reason y! Oluwakemi’s outfit is nt appropriate 4 a yoruba engagement, bt err oda fng is on point so m voting Oluwakemi Lagos

  18. Tolu Oke is simply not a contender, she just got 120 votes in 1 hour… Some1 has hacked into the poll and is using a fake i.p address to get her multiple votes… I have my please no uninformed person should challenge me… It’s so sad that people can loose their integrity over a N28k Kindle…. This single act makes other peoples votes not count as well and then go to her name…its all good…congratulations and sorry to the likes of Sophia, Olukemi, Jessica etc…. I guess PDP always wins in Nigeria…+ the owner of this blog should try a more secure way of voting….or make the voting time shorter….

    • , the poll manager is not secure….2 a gud extent it is…but not gud enuff….. i hacked dt sh!t in less dan 2hrs.\(^_^)/.. and d site has a history of hackers, google it… i advice the oyin clegg peeps to nullify the votes and pick the winner…via a handful of unbiased/unpolarized judges themselves.. OH..
      dnt chk my ip or email… im probably in Berlin (._. )…

      & btw @progrmmer 01, dey dnt use IP to authenticate…. dey use sum sort of md5 token sh!t

      • Tnx programmer 02 dt 01 ws jst talking shit…wts a fake ip like duh? Verify your facts before comin here to yan dust….

        Like programmer 02 said, d results shd jst b cancelled and a winner chosen preferably by Tunde as he has an idea of what Oyin Clegg shd look like….besides, it’s his gift anyways, he shd b able to decide the winner

  19. This whole thing is just a scam!! The gist is not even worth it. Sophia Ukpere gets an iPod touch from me. Whoever wins can keep the cheap article Kindle. *not interested*

  20. I don’t get it…is it ds pix of Sophia dat has led to these votes or d voters know her personally? Cos I don’t know any of d contestants in person and i’m definitely not impressed by d Sophia pix/entry.

  21. Something tells me Keyes is Sophia and that thing doesnt lie, cos I dont get the ipod touch twist…..mschewwww…..#oniyeye skinny thing

  22. who r all dese random “non-tlsplace” readers saying rubbish? That sophia should go n sit in 1 corner. Tis either Oluwakemi or Dayo Olugbade that should win dis ish.
    n I see sm ppl av voted for 1 tolu oke. she looks like she wants to sleep in dt pic. which dirty gift did she just receive??? orisirisi rubbish!!!

  23. Jst reading this blog after missing it in weeks. A lot has happened o, aw cn sm1 like ds skinny Sophia evn tink of putting her pics….she com dey get highest vote, smthin is wrng smwhere. I’m from cu n we dnt vote like this…..*Ugly mucheche

    • Kill urself because someone decided to honour his own Oyin Clegg favorite!! Wretch like you. Why didn’t u put ur own picture?? BEAST!!!

  24. V bn looking at ds Sophia’s picture snc……Tunde Leye pls cancel ds contest, she’s too mch of a desperado, ppl frm her alma mata say so….d popularity here is obviously rigged cos dey dnt rili like her dt mch….
    *now going bck to sleep….#d things ppl do 4 cheap fame

  25. Testing testing 1, 2, 3…m Sophia Kleptovoniac sorry Sophia Clegg…….dt thing shd kmt abeg. If she wins I wee nt read ds blog agn…lol….kidding o bt she doesnt deserve it abeg….

      • U dat understands ko?? Ur mates r progressing. Bystander siddon there dey read. No better ur life. Understander of finding hubby.

      • and you are…..Sophia….smh. Aw does ds post concern u in d 1st place? D same way Oyin Clegg doesn’t concern you….beta go n get a life dn cheating to get votes.

      • Hehehe!! If I was Sophia, I would have a lot more to say to you. Simi ko shibi ni. If you don’t know who I am, I advise u park ur pomo lips @ d corner of ur ogbono soup. Umuenwen!!!

  26. since this poll is about to end, i will like to come out straight with the truth concerning the voting.. i didnt get all this vote through people. i have been voting for mysef since the whole thing started, even though some of my friends voted for me, those votes are small compared to what i have now..

    i can’t confirm if other contestant have been doing the same thing but in my own opinion, i will like leye to chose whoever he thinks deserve to win the competition. Thanks

    • See the result of this votes goes a long way to show the rot in our society…CORRUPTION…// Promoting our own simply because its ours whilst ignoring better qualified ones is a form of Corruption in itself. So Sophia won, simply because she was able to mobilise her large number of friends/family members to the site, and they all were so gullible enough to lose their objectivity rather do a critical assessment. She merely took a random pose on her phone or other device and uploaded, there are sure better poses amongst the entries submitted to represent Oyin Clegg that I have been reading about.

      But i’d rather push it back to the owner of the blog, rather than letting all count by votes, i think you need a re-assessment of the votes by judges, except if truly all you want is to bring in traffic and not to get/reward the true pose for Oyin Clegg. My ten kobo.

      “Once again comparing Sophia Ukpere to Oyin Clegg is like comparing Iyabo Ojo to Kim Kardashian.”


    “Once again comparing Sophia Ukpere to Oyin Clegg is like comparing Iyabo Ojo to Kim Kardashian.” – Quote of the day.

  28. Oh Please, everyone had equal opportunity to vote. It’s your choice to use that medium to campaign afterall if the highest number was Sophia and the prize given to someone else i’m sure you would still complain. TL i like your idea jare,more Aboniki to your elbow.

  29. Na wa o…did u guys paste chewing gum on ur eyes?i wonda hw Ppl managed 2 choose sophia…sorry 2 say,kemi is d only one dat fits oyin cleggs description.not all dem skiny babes…i choose kemi 100 times over

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