Musician, Writer, Creative Mind Through and Through

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33 thoughts on “About

  1. Me soooo likey,I can’t wait for the next episode. U know this will rily seel out if made into A
    Sitcom. Just saying

  2. Hi tunde…ur story is epic…really enjoy it…am an aspiring writer myself…where do u get ur pictures?….hp u publish a book soon

  3. I dont intend any insult but recently am thinking “are you gay?”. Am finding it difficult convincing my friends you aint, and would appreciate a link or biography about you so I can talk more passionately about you and your works.

    Please respond.

  4. Your blog is amazing and I am a little ashamed that I have not come across this before. Do be careful though. I see ad placements and you are .wordpress.com. Be careful that you don’t get your blog suspended. Plus I see your stories especially ‘the broken mirror’ on other sites with no acknowledgment to yours. You should have a disclaimer on your blog. That being said, it is an absolute delight to stumble upon your blog. Please stumble upon mine at http://www.herapereira.com .

  5. I love the cycle that goes on here on blogsville…
    i did a roundup of blogs I love and someone sent me a link to yours saying that she thinks I would love it too.
    I visit and I see that there are very many fictional stories. It is almost COB and I still have work to do so I decide I would read some on my way home.
    Then at the side bar, i see TUNDE LEYE
    WHAT!!! I love your BROKEN MIRRORS story on Okadabooks. It is amazing. I have scheduled a post on my blog on OKADA BOOKS and i actually recommended that my readers read BROKEN MIRRORS first.
    How you guys that write fiction do it gets me anytime.
    thunmbs up dear…
    Mega shout outs…

  6. Splendid work Tunde. Heard about you from Titi on Inspiration FM and just assumed you were an Author till I got to see your blog. Kudos and keep up the good work.

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