How I Got Revenge On My Cheating Wife 3

Read the 3rd Episode of Dimeji’s very interesting (and short and sharp) series. Final Episode hits you next week. You can read Episode 1 HERE and 2 HERE. Enjoy.



The next weekend, after dropping me off, she drove home first and then to one of the hotels/motels in Bwari.  She was there all weekend.  I called the lover’s home.  His wife picked.  I asked her about safety precautions on oil rigs.  She got excited and pressed me for details.  I told her there was an explosion somewhere towards the end.  Temporarily sated, she explained a few things to me.  Just before I dropped I sent the lover my regards, she mentioned that he had to travel for business.  I just smiled.

Every time I ‘went to Lagos’ after that, she went to Bwari.  Sometimes, she went straight from the airport.  I let it continue uninterrupted, occasionally making early returns so they never got comfortable with using the house for their weekend trysts.  Sometimes I would go to their hotel and get the room next to theirs.  They always got the same room.  They were loud, always.  She would scream obscenities and he would grunt like a beast.  I would sit in my room with the lights off, listening to them and periodically send her pictures of Lagos.

Then 6 months ago, I told her I wanted us to move to Ghana for a year.  She was completely against it but I explained that the second part of the book was set in Ghana and flying back and forth to Lagos was tedious enough.  There was nothing tying us to Abuja, nothing she could mention.

I asked her not to worry.  I would take care of everything.  For the next month, I stayed home every day, and didn’t go to Lagos.  I could sense her desperation.  I let it grow as the date we set for our relocation drew closer.  She sighed audibly when I told her I would be going to Lagos one last time, to return the morning of our trip.  We had sold the cars already so I took a taxi straight to Sheraton.

She was in Bwari in under an hour after I left.  I made a few phone calls, confirmed the flight booking, cab booking and room booking and faxed over the final documents and awaited the signed copies.  Then I called the lover’s wife.  I told her I was in a bit of a rut on that explosion and I needed her expertise.  I offered to let her read my drafts so she could get a feel of the plot.  She offered to come over to the house.  I told her I was in Lagos.  She was sad, so sad.  I told her it was all handwritten so I couldn’t mail it.  She apologized for not being able to help, I told her I appreciated her willingness.

The next morning I called her again.  I was coming back to Abuja so she could read my manuscript.  I really needed her help.  She was flattered.  I told her I wasn’t going home just yet, I can’t work at home.  I was going to check into a small hotel on the outskirts of town, I asked her to hand the phone to her husband so I could explain.  He had travelled on business, of course.  I asked her to come anyway.  I would get her an adjoining room but since her husband wasn’t home, he didn’t need to know, he would tell my wife and she’d be hurt that I came to Abuja and didn’t sleep at home.  But I had to work, I needed to get past this explosion.  She understood.

She wanted to drive over but I was already in a cab.  I picked her up.  We checked into our rooms.  They were separated only by thin walls, all three rooms.  She had the one in the middle.  We stepped in her room and I handed her the handwritten manuscript of my unpublished first novel.  I wrote it when I was 17 and it showed.  Every chapter had a sex scene.  She was barely through with the first chapter when the lovers started.  They were loud and she blushed.  I pretended not to notice.

Between the obscene manuscript and what sounded like honeymooners next door she got aroused in a few minutes.  She paused periodically to ask questions and make recommendations.  Sometimes just to lick her lips.  I lay on the bed, waiting for her to get to my little alteration, the noise of lovemaking next door had subsided.

I knew when she found it.  She started breathing hard, she licked her lips a few times.  I half expected her to put the manuscript down out of embarrassment but she kept on reading.  When I leaned down to whisper in her ear, the words ‘kiss me’ weren’t out of my mouth before she had me pinned to the bed.  I put in everything I had, every trick I knew but she wasn’t a squealer.  She purred. …

63 thoughts on “How I Got Revenge On My Cheating Wife 3

  1. TL, seriously, what is ur problem….
    Do u knw hw short dis episode is…

    Oya email me d last part plssss…i wnt tel anybody

  2. Is noh fair na. Instead of informing d poor wife and polishing his revenge strategy wiv her, he went and slept with her. All women aren’t sluts na. (˘̯˘ ) (˘̯˘ ) awaiting d concluding part tho. Good job. D suspense ehn! Choi!

  3. Ghen ghen.. I’m so loving dis aswear.. Can d last episode come already *whew*.. btw TL n Dimeji can sure know how 2 kill action in somebody sha

  4. Why didn’t u just make it into 3parts nah! Instead of d short episodes! Ooooooooo!
    Lemme see if d lovers wld get mad when they find out that their spouses had sex! Stupid adulterous lot! Anywayz good write up!

  5. Its not fair o. The wife shdnt hv gotten involved ds way na.
    Besides which sane woman quickly accepts a proposal to go to a hotel in the outskirts of town wit anoda man, who is not ur boss???? No prior arrangement.
    She must hv bn really lonely n abandoned!!!

  6. he should just deal with his wife n her lover na, what is the woman’s own in all dis mess, she is human n somehow is tend to fall to temptation like dis. abeg he should turn his revenge in another direction jor.

    • The revenge method is simply right. Since the other two has taken them for granted, it would be nice for this two to mix up, brace themselves, plan for the two lovers in the adjoining room and kick them out of their Lives.

  7. No now, this is just wickedness. no use placing the woman in this situation. Its bad enough her husband has been carrying out a healthy relationship outside the marriage then u make her do it just once to make a point… no fair!

  8. OMG!!! I think the lover’s wife is taking a revenge on her hubby too. I had to read this episode twice! See me see something o…I think he divulged the secret in the manuscript he gave her so she’s in on it at this point. hmmm this is interesting o….Thursday come quick!

  9. Ohhhhhh…Why nah?Its too short…But honestly, you need not punish the lady.You should have just knocked on the door and you take the lady while the parties concerned will be…..You need not revenge haba…

  10. Catch your wife cheating and cheat on her with her lover’s wife / partner. Oldest trick in the book. But I’m sure there’s a twist somewhere. I’ll wait for next week’s episode. Hopefully, it won’t have an anticlimactic ending.
    This is very, very good writing, by the way.

  11. I fail to believe that because she was reading a raunchy sex scene she gave up her morals except she had been having those thought prior to her getting to the hotel. It is my submission that she went to the hotel knowing the outcome of the visit.

  12. Call me twisted but i think i know why the story took this line. its could be either of 2 things:

    1. Wife suspects her husband of cheating, be it with guys wife or not, but suspicion don dey on her part so she is getting her revenge.

    2. Guy is going to give her a damn hot fuck, take her next door when cheating couple start fucking again, them all go shock. then after all has been exposed, he will always be able to call on the woman to fuck with as both were wronged and as “Okafor’s Law” things :p

  13. Bhet why TL…short stories isn’t gud for d heart naa….n I was falling in luv already….70% cancelled….”falling in love download failed”….cnt wait for d nxt episode…

  14. Banke I don’t agree that she neccesarily had any intentions to cheat on her hubby. For all you know, she neither had any idea he was cheating nor did she even concieve the possibility in her heart.
    The guy just played on her mind, emotions and hormones. It’s only natural and very tempting to be with a man in the same room and hear erotic wails next door and be turned on. -wether u watch mojo or not-
    She trusted the writer cos she had known him long enough and he never showed any intentions of being into her. Plus, he had kept her in the loop with his writing, so it was all just the uniqueness of the book and story he was writing that made him ask her over -atleast as far as she knew-
    You sef check am na! Btw d wailin woman and the erotic story she was reading… That’s enough to turn anyone on.

  15. Haba Oga, this your revenge is not just gonna hurt ur wife and her lover but the innocent wife too. You’re just thinking of ur revenge without minding who is hurt in the process. Na wah oh

  16. Perplexed is the word to describe how I feel after reading the 3 episodes at a go…but I await the final episode sha..Good write up though

  17. Dimejiiii, whats this naa??? This is the oldest trick in the book, anyway will wait for the final episode. There should be a twist o!

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  19. Why did do choose to make this series soooooooooooooooo short and very tempting. But seriously u for no drag d lover’s wife join dis revenge na

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