Finding Hubby – Episode 17


Let me explain. Gloria is one of those light complexioned Ibo girls that cannot enter a place without being noticed. It’s one of the reasons we call her Glo (apart from the other obvious one :D). If you hold her too much on one spot, the skin of that spot will become red, that’s how sensitive her skin is (in fact, on days she gets frisky with any guy, and she is with us after and undresses, the redness of her boobs gives her away). So when she took off the scarf and specs today, it revealed red blotches all over her face, two black eyes and deep red etches on her neck. Every vex inside me melted away right away and I was beside her as she broke down into tears.

“Did he do this to you?” I asked, voice shaking. She just continued crying, as Toke put her hands around her, sobbing along with her.

Nearly the whole café was looking our way now and so we decided to go to mine, away from the prying eyes. She rode with Toke, as they drove behind me. There was a bit of traffic at that blasted toll gate and it took us a whole forty five minutes to make a twenty minute journey. Alone in the car, the thought of what could have happened to Glo rose in my mind, but I desperately hoped it wasn’t what my rational head was telling me it was. We eventually got to my pad and just sat in the parlor quietly for a few minutes, waiting for her to begin to talk.

She pulled herself together as I poured her a drink. Ossy had begun by isolating her from Toke and I, with the drama at the wedding. As if that wasn’t enough, he began to complain about everyone else. In the months they had been married, she had cut her family off and had been isolated from them. Then the late nights and all the signs of other women began. She had turned a blind eye initially, since he was being discreet. But it seemed that he got emboldened and stopped being discreet. When the confronted him, the beating began. Lightly beatings (whatever that means) at first and then it got progressively worse. At this point, the tears were flowing freely.

She began to narrate episode upon episode of how Ossy beat and battered her. He abused her verbally. He told her she was never his choice and that he just settled for her and would do as he pleased. Chasing small girls was what he referred to as doing as he pleased. He expected her to be at least happy that she was married and that he saved her from her spinsterhood. He had sha made her a Mrs. And whenever she said anything, he would beat her mercilessly. Nothing was spared in beating her. They lived in their own house, so no neighbor could hear him beat her. The only people that stayed with them were the house-help who was one of the “doing as he pleased” and the gateman who assumed that wife beating was a normal part of marriage. After the drama at my wedding, she couldn’t reach out to friends. Ossy had isolated her from her family and so she couldn’t go to them. She endured her pain alone.

“Ossy is not Ossy again since he cannot have you Oyin,” she continued. “He has turned into every woman’s nightmare. So while what I’m about to say might sound out of place, I’ll need you put yourself in my shoes. I am trying to save my marriage here, and it’s the only way I can think of.”

Now, I’m not normally a skeptical person, but whenever anyone wants to say anything, and dramatics are involved, plus warnings like “put yourself in my shoes”, and “it’s the only way”, I become very skeptical. Very. I sat up and encouraged her to continue, eager to hear what Glo was about to say. I noticed Toke too had sat up. Her body language meant we were both about to hear whatever Glo was going to say for the first time.

“I would like you to come back into Ossy’s life”.

My sharp head got what Glo was trying to say immediately, but I chose to disbelieve. Toke was the one that spoke up as the proverbial cat had my tongue. “Come back into Ossy’s life as what exactly?”

“Oyin, you seem to have been the reason Ossy’s demons were repressed and now you are gone and he’s become like this. He thinks about being with you night and day. Maybe if you just gave him a chance, maybe he would return to being the sweet Ossy we all knew.”

I growled “you are asking me to have an affair with your husband, put my life on hold, and be content with being a side-chick in order to make your marriage happy?” My voice was getting progressively louder, because the more I voiced the thoughts I knew she was having, the angrier I got “Can you listen to yourself? You would be content with a marriage to someone who would batter you like this, sleep with anyone he pleases, even your close friend, and still call that a marriage? That would be worse than what I planned to do with Yomi. Much worse.”

She became hysterical, shedding tears seriously. “Oyin”, she wailed, “please help me save my marriage. I ask you to do it for only a while, maybe one year, while I”…

I didn’t let her finish, I flew into a rage and Toke had to restrain me “You are very selfish Gloria. I should give you one full year of my life to do this nonsense you are proposing. It’s not your fault, shebi it’s because I’m not married! Would you come and say this nonsense to me in my husband’s house? You know what? Just leave my house! Yes get the hell out of my house.”

Toke tried to calm me down but I turned my rage on her. “Why did you bring her here” (lie, cos we both decided to bring her o, but I had to blame her) “Just take her away before I do something I will regret!”

I stormed into the kitchen and fetched a bottle of wine from the fridge. It seems Toke thought I wanted to use the bottle for other purposes than to take wine from it, because on seeing me turn around, bottle in hand, she dragged a weeping Gloria out of the door.

When they were gone, I looked at the time. It was nine thirty pm already. As if to add to my horrible mood, NEPA decided to install a reign of darkness. I didn’t bother to go turn the gen on. Cradling my bottle of wine in my laps, I drank myself to sleep.

The shrill ring of the ringtone I had set for Toke woke me up the next day. My phone told me the time was eight o clock. I had really slept plenty. I sluggishly picked the phone and answered the call. My head was still all groggy.


“Oyin!” Toke’s voice was frenetic.

“Toke what is it?” Toke can be slightly dramatic, so I would not be surprised if she woke me up like this to tell me she had just found a great book.

“Gloria is in the hospital!”

I became instantly alert. “What? What happened? Were you guys in an accident?”

“Ossy was the only accident that happened, Oyin. I dropped Gloria off at home yesterday. I didn’t go in with her. Ossy was drunk and assumed a man dropped her off. He got more angered when she told him it was me that dropped her off. When she explained that it was you she had come to see, he went ballistic on her. I mean he beat her till he was spent. Then he locked her out of the house and went to bed with the house-help. She managed to call me. I rushed back and took her to the hospital.”

Surges of guilt rose in my heart. Mentally, I knew I wasn’t responsible, but all I could remember was throwing her out of house into Ossy’s clutches.

“That bastard! Which hospital are you?”

“I took her to Dr. Phillips”.

It took me just twenty minutes to get to Dr. Phillips small but well equipped clinic.

Toke met me at the reception as I rushed in. Dr. Phillips was a motherly doctor that we all had used for years and felt comfortable with because she was a woman old enough to be our mothers.

“Where is she? Where is she?” I asked Toke.

Toke placed a hand on my shoulders and silently willed me to listen to her. When she was sure she had my attention and I was calm, she hit me with the bombshell.

“Gloria has lost her baby”

I fell into the hard reception sit “Oh my God, Oh my God”.

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129 thoughts on “Finding Hubby – Episode 17

  1. ( -̩̩̩͡˛ -̩̩̩͡) pls tell me next episode he’s going2b in police custody!dats all I need2know,dat gloria is too daft!she caused dis 4herself!

  2. Like ds cannot get any worse! What in d world z ds abeg?! Chai! Ion pray for half of ds to apn to my enemy talkless of my friend… in d end, oyin wuld av an affair wv ossy….tsewwwww! Oshisko!

  3. †ђξ drama unveils…what iS̶̲̥̅ Oyin Cleggs next plan of action. Can’t wait for †ђξ next episode

  4. Infact all of them are daft, including oyin who had become spare part that’s why her friends would bring such nonsense to her

  5. Ehen? She lost her baby so? Does she want 2 bring a baby in2 dat kind of home? She shuld beta find her way out! As for Ossy, you dissapoint me!

  6. Na wa oh!…this story don de resemble CSI…getting emotional, please lets go back to Oyin’s quest for a hubby(I need Mondays to be cheerful not crying at work)….

    Since baby done commot now, can Gloria kindly walk out of the marriage, can Ossy kindly sleep in jail and can Oyin kindly find a better man, because if this story ends with Oyin marrying Ossy I will sue you Tunde for encouraging domestic violence, cause men will read this now and think this is the best way to go,(beat your wife and end up with your dream woman)….eh eh!..

  7. *sighs*
    Ossy = woman beater thus shud rot in jail

    Glo = desperate housewife. Must she stay married to him?? Ahn han!!! Is it wen he kills her she will leave him??

    Oyin = sharp gal. I wud do the exact same thing if I was in her shoes. I wud gladly kick glo outta my house.

    Looking forward to nxt wk monday already. Nice piece Tunde, well done.

    • Thank you… You’ve said it all. Oyin should tell glo sorry, cut them both off and move aloneg. Gloria is a cow for suggesting that crap to oyin. Mschew. As for ossy… Beneath my dignity to comment… Mschew.

  8. Before nko??? She lost the baby!!! Shouldnt she rejoice?? Shez no longer having d monsters child… Oyin had better not be dragged into the mess Gloria got herself into!! Mshewww

  9. Oh my God, am so so shocked. Twist of events. First am pissed @ Gloria for making a suggestion like that, then again, its just the cry of a desperate woman having a baby. Oh my. I feel so sorry for her. Ossy is some Psychotic pig.

  10. OMG!!!! What kind σяv suspense is dis naw?! *wailing* I want moooooooooooorree!!! Wow!!! Buh Gloria sef,aw wld she suggest such to Oyin? Dat is rubbish!! I would ave been mad too. And it is selfish,if u ask me. Nice work tho. Can’t wait 4d next episode!!!

  11. Chai Chai Chai!!!!!!! o boy i go kill person oooooo dem never born d man wey go raise him hand dey beat woman God forbid if i was Glo” Ossy for don arrange him mattress relocate to Baba God Palace by the time i’m done with him he will not remember his name whatttttt”””” glo sef deserves what she got see man gbam u marry ow despirate can she be?now she is paying the price!’OYA”aka Antelope hehehehehehehe Oyin abegy no turn urself to souvenier oooooo because of one friend pleaseeeeeee it’s her shit let her face it.TL u dey fall my hand oooo

  12. Ossy the poet is a woman beater. Lol!
    Lesson for the ladies. Not all that glitters is a blingbling.
    Thank God she’s lost the pregnancy tho….. Abi?

  13. OooooOoooom! Now Glo wants to make oyin feel like she made her lose her baby! Mtchew! I howeva feel 4 her sha, d only reason she would used to calm ossy down she let her stupidity rule her! Mumu gurl.

  14. ossy…………………. is just a big foooool and as for gloria she knew from d beginning dat he didnt love her and oyin…….you go girl

  15. Ok, Ossy is a dead man and now Gloria can walk out of that useless excuse of a marriage and move on with her life. Being a divorcee is not the end of the world.

  16. 😦 oh nooooooo ( -̩̩̩͡˛ -̩̩̩͡ ) Glo why did u do dis †Φ urself?……( -̩̩̩͡˛ -̩̩̩͡ ) OMG

  17. See people taking it P oOo! Abeg na story before people dey catch animal dey sue people. Choi! TL nice piece! Def worth the wait

  18. Why would Glo marry a man after her friend initially? Was she stupid? She got what she deserved!! She should better file a divorce before her funeral takes over d next episode! Mscheeeew! Stupid girl!

  19. Hmmm, Ossy is just a monster, can’t stand a wife beater, Glo shd just move on with her dear life n as for Oyin baby she should take her time n wait for her Mr Right.

    Luking forward to a superb next Episode……..

  20. Yeah I do aprct the writer bt please stop dragging ds story I enjoyed d suspense,intrigues,shocks and al dt bt d last two wks v bn merry go rounding am sure nxtwk wud b al abt gloria crying again or ossy looking for gloria,in reality if a lady goes thru al ds dramas consistently its either she adopts,moves away from al ds who knw her or beta stl forget d whole tng jare,abeg tunde pls I dnt wanna gt bored pls smtn xcting let’s move on

  21. Serves Gloria right honestly,ow can u jst jump into a man who was in luv wit ur frnd…n to fink of suggestin such nonsense to her frnd,marriage na by force ni? Kp it up Tunde,cnt wait 4 nxtweek’s episode aaaaarrrrggghhhh!

  22. i hope this doesnt come out as mean but ‘God cash gloria”(in pidgin) . she’s reaping the fruit of the bad seed she has sown.
    next time she will tink twice before jumping on a man who is asking her frnd out. she’s now asking for oyins help after all the misery the poor girl has gone through.
    i jus hope oyin wont be stupid enough to be a side chick sha.

  23. Gloria is crazy for that request … It’s not by force 2 stay married 2 someone go get a lawyer and file for divorce right quick … Marriage is about finding someone who makes you happy but Ossy’s making Gloria’s life unbearable so I don’t see how trying to get Oyin to be his side piece would help Gloria in anyway he will still always regret not marrying Oyin and take it out on Gloria… It’s sad she lost her kid but the only people at fault are Ossy (for being a woman beater) and Gloria for not leaving when he started laying hands on her on the regular .. Ossy’s character reminds me of Michael Ealing’s character in For Coloured Girls he might’ve killed the kid in a fit of rage one day …

    It’s a good thing that Yomi came along when he did because if not Oyin could have ended up marrying the devil a.k.a Ossy

  24. Oook…this is getting BORING..ur dragging d story and it is slowly becoming African Magic!!..where is dt spark it all started with…*hiss*

  25. Gloria has gotta be kidding me! So she is willing to remain Mrs even in an abusive(verbal,psychological and physical) marriage.
    Well it aiint new worse things have happened. Shebi now she has lost the baby hopefully the ‘mumuness’ in her will evaporate before he kills her.
    As for ossy, he should be given the same treatment, they should organize ‘boys’ to give him a beating of his life and possibly a broken leg. That will teach him.

    Women marriage is not by force. Once a man slaps u, u can bet u bottom dollar that he will whooze u someday soon. Borrow yourselves brain o. Don’t be a statistic in the morgue.

  26. She beta b happy d baby is out of d way, wif dis she shuld just get herslf 2gether and move out of his life completely. Nd oyin, u beta make use of ur brain, cus if u by any chance get 2 marry dat beast called ossy, she has just dig her grave wen she is still alive. And 2 dat animal called ossy, I neva knew u were dis animalistic, wif all dose romantic ways of urs, its tru wen dey say nt all dat gleters is not gold. U just fall my hand completely. Pple like ur type ought 2 b lvng inside zoo. U just an animal in human skin.

  27. Wth…..cnt bliv I hv to chill 4 anoda monday….Gloria tho,she shuld jst leave osy….afterall she’s had a taste of marriage….bsyds 4rm wat I hear it’s nt as rosy as we think….but srzli its getting stereotypically long#word.

  28. Before I comment, Tunde Leye you are aan awesome writer. You inspire me. Good one.
    Even if it’s a story, stuff like this can actually happen. If Glo was my friend, I’ll advice her to kill him. YES!!! Poison d bastard or pay assassins to kill him. Then, sell the house and move on with your life. An abusive marriage is not worth it. Haba! And soo sorry she lost the baby but no child deserves to grow up in that kind of environment. But she must be very selfish to even suggest that kind of shit to Oyin. Any ways, it was her selfishness that put her in that position, so (˘̯˘ ). (Though I pity her sha.)

  29. Well am not so surprise dat Ossy turned out dis way, he only use glo to get back at oyin, he never n will never luv Glo, but bcos Glo is a very stupid n selfish girl, she refuse to read btw d lines, she tout she has won a jack pot. she deserve evry thing (aside beating) ossy is doing to her- all that glitter is not gold. Ossy shuld b jail, wife battery is a great offense to both God n man. Oyin for d first time u blow my mind. i luv d way she asked glo out of her house. i will do same.

    • If I we’re oyin I will plan a way 2 deal with d bastard ossey I will set him up real good since he has a crush on me play along with him wit a stone heart of revenge! There are ways 2 deal with pple like ossy oyin shd just play along with him so he can hit him real hard
      As per glo d marriage shd be off 4 her she shd help oyin in achieving her goals on him I mean REVENGE so wen he comes bk 2 dis world he will not b luvin someone else and go ahead and marry someone else. I wish I cld help in teaching ossey a lesson of his life!!

  30. Speechless!
    So glo had d nerve to thinK up this proposal, then still mustered enough saliva to voice it? See me thinking all she was gonna say was that ‘she was sorry for marrying Ossy, she’s done with d marriage, so pls come and marry him so he can be normal again’! That in itself wd have been crazy, but not as crazy as the lenghts she is ready to go to save ds dead marriage.
    I know she wd get depressed cos she lost d baby as she wd think her only cling to d marriage is gone.
    I’m sad for women! Walking dead!
    Tunde, if Oyin feels guilty enough to become Ossy’s side chick/wife, I’m 90% likely to stop reading. Pls don’t let that happen

  31. Ossy … Wife beater! Oyin sweet, run as fast as ur legs can carry u. Cos he will beat u too wen his obsession wears out. Glo, pele sogbo, dat should teach u dat all dat glitters aint gold

  32. Pls Tunde for the love of God…. Stop dragging this story. It started out so well and we were enjoying the journey of husband’s search with Oyin. Now it has turned into a major drag. Pls find ur way to the original story when it was all about Oyin’s fabulous escapades. Abeg.. Biko

    • Write ur own naa let’s read! Hissss. Y’all that r getting bored or r looking for ur own ending to the story should start ur own blog and end it as u wish. All this noise making about it ending the way u want aiint gonna happen. U either keep reading and appreciate what tundeleye is doing or stop reading n move on. WTH!

  33. Awww, so sorry 4 oyin ooo, see d stupid suggstn by ha frnd, sumpple cud b senseless en selfish sha*eyesrolln* TL kips mi lukn 4wad 2 mondays,nyc 1

  34. Awwww( -̩̩̩͡˛ -̩̩̩͡) ( -̩̩̩͡˛ -̩̩̩͡)( -̩̩̩͡˛ -̩̩̩͡)omG!!! Pls stop messing wif my emotions…
    Now my dear Honeymix is caught in d mix…now wat???

  35. @bolanle I dnt rem tunde telling us ur his lawyer or his gf so maka y why u dey vex just lv ur comment and go abeg babes koletoyen rara we cnt all see tns d same way,bsds ds of us complaining neva said we ar writers so wats wt d write ur own blog abeg babe try d method of read and ignore bt I trust u ll reply ds one wink wink

    • Before!?! Am a blogger as well and I know it aiint easy keeping the creative juice going. Much respect to tunde for holding it down for weeks unend. I make no apologies for my earlier remarks. He who has the balls should start their own blog instead of critisizing. #nuffsaid

  36. Omigosh I dunno wat to say!!!
    Almost unimaginable how dreamily sweet Ossy has turned into a raving randy maniac *so sad* sadder yet dt Glo still wants to stay in it after all dt monster has done to her..m hmm. Can’t she see she deserves beta? Oyin and Ossy = happily never after

  37. Is it just me, but i feel the story is beginning to digress, i enjoyed the suspense, intrigue and whole drama about oyin clegg, but it is starting to read like a typical nollywood drama, pls tunde can we add something to it, i know it is very hard to write and i appreciate you trying to keep your readers attention but please can we kindly get back to oyin finding a hubby.
    Thanks a lot.

  38. But gloria is very unsmart,so she knew right from time that ossy loves oyin,yet she married him..and that was a silly favour to ask,I understand trying to save her marriage,but this beyond saving unless through Holy Spirit intervention,especially now that its obvious that ossy won’t change…its a good write though

  39. Glo wld go bak 2 ossy. Daz who ossy is! Had he married oyin, same could’v happnd. Oyin shld giv glo/ossy long space. Leye, receiv double annointing joor. Lols

  40. It is sad, how events such as this, plays out in our day to day lives. The worse thing that could happen to any woman is marrying a man that sees u as a “substitute”. Fact is, you will never measure up to “her”. Ladies, pls lets learn from this episode. Good job Tunde.

  41. I don’t feel sorry for gloria @ all, heedeot oshi! Hiss! Shebi she was insulting oyin earlier! God don catch am! Oyin shld not even think about that annoying proposal! Did gloria ask her before she went after ossy? What’s d point? If she’s unhappy in her marriage she shld take walk! Its just marriage not a life sentence hian!!!!

  42. 🙂 then Oyin would start going out with Ossy to get their revenge… Dis had better have a GƠ̴̴͡.̮Ơ̴̴͡‎​d ending… She should sha not lose (further) control of her life… The mission is to find hubby oº°˚˚˚…

  43. Now dt Glo on al angles has lost her baby n received correct beaten n nw she’s an Empty Hen !!! İ HP she wil reconsıder goıng back 2 macho man- ossy….
    Al dış abusıve rshıps n marrıages sha!!!
    LOOKİNG 4wrd 2 nxt epısode

  44. Hmmmmm… Ossy yii sha! (this Ossy sha!) well, I’m nt surprised o, n I dunno y u pipo ® complaining, if not, which mumu will agree to halt a wedding wt her hubby for d woman he was obsessed over? Ossy just knows a competent n classical mumu wen he spots one- dts y Glo, n not Toke, fits d occasion … I’m so tempted to laff. And y did he giv Oyin dt evil look wen he met Yomi n didn’t say anyth but “of course he hasn’t”? Well sha, I’m enjoying d unveiling. TL, I doff my hat o!

  45. Sigh…. Anyways, I can’t kee saying the same thing, can I? Story was better than last week’s, however the underlying problem that has plagued the last couple of episodes remains.

  46. I think Glo is absolutely stupid! Ahn-ahn, how mumuciius can she be? First marrying a man after ur friend, allowing a man to beat u,then asking that friend to come sleep with ur husband?! Can u imagine the extent to which some women could go to keep their farce of a life called “marriage” ? *eyes rolling*..mtscheeew! Just hope dear Oyin wouldn’t give in to any form of guilt..Oyinkansola mi, u’re too upright for that oh! Anyways, Glo, if u’re wise, u’d better walk out of that useless marriage while u’re still alive! And Toke, get a good life for ur self quick! U knw u cld have taken Gloria to ur house in d first place, so u better start sharing in Oyin’s guilt…hmnn..hmmmnn!

  47. TL, this is awesome! Can hardly wait for the next episode. As for Gloria, she’s a very selfish and stupid lady and she got what she deserved. What kind of lady forgets her family because of a man? She had better retraced her steps

  48. I just thank God Oyin dint end up wif ossy,its very obvious he had violence in his blood all dese wyl..he probably wuda dne d same 2 her.. And as 4 GLO,she’s just d definiton of a MUMU!!!

  49. I just thank God Oyin dint end up wif ossy,its very obvious he had violence in his blood all dese wyl..he probably wuda dne d same 2 her.. And as 4 GLO,she’s just d definiton of a ‘MUMU’

  50. T.l ure doing like an amazing job! Cant wait for ur novel! May d ‘muse’ continue 2 give u inspiration. But plsss lets go back 2 oyins fun days this is getting too…..

  51. Guy chop knuckle…dis weeks episode is awesome!!!!! Last weeks own was too dry & №τ so interesting..but mhen u killed it 2day!

  52. I am honesty tired of the drag of this story. It started out all-well-and-good, and now it turning into a nightmare.

    Nevertheless, your efforts to keep it afloat have been commendable, but I think the story should come to an end soon enough. Just to preserve the memory of the good ol’ days.

    A concerned reader.

  53. Cheiiiii see suspence….. Monday do and come o… Dat glo is a cow for still remaining in d sham of a marriage…. Oyin should better not guilt herself into having an affair wit dat cow o…

  54. I think gloria is insane,its marriage by force sef
    Haba but dat ossy na God go punish am,he will beat oyin too if she was with himm
    An animal is an animal no matter love dey or no dey
    Chei,this is really pathetic 4 glo baby
    He sha must be arrested

  55. Am So Disappointed in Ossy, Nawaoh! Trust Me Oyin having affair with Ossy Would change anything,Look before u leap oooooooo

  56. OMG!!! Didn’t see this coming at all.
    But Gloria is very stupid sha oh. I’m all for try as much as possible to make your marriage work but hey not an abusive marriage nah. plus she had the guts to ask her bestie to be her hubby’s mistress… haba hajiah!!! Dat’s the height of sheer stupidity and desperation. I just hope oyin would not change her mind sha.

  57. Make una no blame Glo for suggesting such a stewpid thing to Oyin, na Ossy beat sense comot for her head…
    @ TundeLeye I hope u do not intend to drag ds to episode 20…..

  58. Tell me wherw ossy is I ll kill him. He is worse than yomi d gay guy.wat arrant nonsense. Useless man na byforce to luv.

  59. D bastard! Arrrrrggggghhhhh, I want to to yank his head off! Oyin should not dare pity him o! And for goddsake Gloria divorce d man already!!

  60. Gloria shud go have an affair instead of oyin doing it. ignore ossy for a while but really she is wicked she didnt stand up for that oyin wedding drama cos she wanted to she did cos she was asked to by ossy. ha.

  61. No woman should go through such….. Gloria should move on cos even if Oyin goes ahead with that plan, when she eventually ends it,Ossy’s demons would increase

  62. I just hope this emotional blackmail doesnt work on Oyin.It would be catastrophic if she falls into the trap of having an affair just to try saving her friend.

  63. WOW!! So glad my frnd snt me dis link. Bn unable 2 drop my phne til I reached dis wk’s post. Read all d comments also. All I cn say is Tunde, well don,uv managed to set my heart beatin abnormally wth all d suspence. Glo is a mofo, ossy, no wrds cn describe him,n oyin has gone thru a lot,I wish she finds happiness. 4 those peeps dt z ossy cud hv beaten oyin,its nt possibu cos he said shez d only woman he has ever loved.a man in love wud neva lay a damnin hand on his woman. He wud hv worshipped oyin,of dis I’m sure. Cnt wait 4 2moro’s ep.:)

  64. ouch! Its so unfair for evrytn to fall on oyins shoulders like dis bcos she aint married, gloria tot she was smart, and is getting whooped for it. All in all, never gun for ur frends obsessed admirer. Lesson learnt.

  65. good for gloria, after all she knew ossy was in love with her fried before swooping in, oyin should cut them out of her life.

  66. Hhmmm Hhmmm (saying it in a very yorubatic way). If u kill urself on top 1man, d night of ur burial he go sleep with someone else

  67. Sad episode………..but wait oh TL how did u know ossy went to bed “with d house help” after lockin glo out…….haha

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