Burnt – Episode 2

I announced the winner of the Baba Risi Illustration this morning. Ekene Ngige won. By the way, I think I need to take some of those that commented on the competition before Baba Risi for some of the comments they made.

The reactions to the first episode of BURNT shocked even me. I thought I knew how rampant the issue of sexual abuse of children by friends and family was, until that episode. The deluge of feedback I got made me know that these things run deep and wide. I understand that some memories that most people want forgotten were brought back, and I apologise. But we need to discuss this issue and how we can protect our children. Thanks to the Daley, a tlsplacer who directed me to The Underwear Rule in his/her comment. I think its a great tool to use to protect our children. Read more about it here. http://www.underwearrule.org/howto_en.asp 

But pray for the kids. Nothing else can protect them better than this.



Hajara ran one of the prime makeup studios on the island. With her enterprise and her husband’s backing, she had grown it into one of the biggest brands around. Just recently, she had launched her own line of beauty products and it was an instant sellout. Owning her own business which was flexible was a compromise, one she had come to with Donald. He had been opposed to her doing any sort of work, insisting that he made more than enough to provide for his family. But she would have none of it and almost took up a job. They had gone back and forth on the issue until they eventually agreed that she would work, but it would be her own business and it would not be a boutique, events management, consulting or all the high stress, plenty traveling type of work. Makeup had been a perfect fit and it was one of her passions. It was one of her greatest sources of pride that she had been able to build the business herself and it was uber-successful.

That evening as she returned home from the studio, Hajara was surprised by her daughters. First, Oyiza was the one who greeted her at the door. Even before she sat down, her daughter was regaling with tales of how great school had been that day, uncharacteristically talkative of her. Normally, Inya would be the one who met her at the door, while Oyiza was curled up on the sofa watching TV or reading some of her beloved storybooks. When she was able to get a word out in, between Oyiza’s stories, she asked

“Where is Inya? Is she well?”

Oyiza snickered as she responded “she’s being a cry baby who wants to see you her mummy in the room. She’s been there the since we came back from school.”

“What happened to her?” Hajara asked as she hurried towards the girls’ room.

Oyiza went after her, recounting the episode involving Brian as she did. Hajara was relieved that it wasn’t some physical ailment that had brought her daughter down. But thinking about it again, she knew this would probably hit her more than any sickness could. If the tables had been turned and Oyiza was the one who had experienced what Inya did, she would not have been this worried. But with Inya, it was a different matter. She had learnt long ago that things affected them differently.

She got to the room and quickly opened the door, with Oyiza right behind her. Inya was curled up in one corner of the bed with her back to the door. If she was awake, she did not show any signs of being so. Hajara looked sternly at Oyiza and waved a finger in warning so that she would behave herself and not gloat.

She sat down on the bed and touched her daughter, waiting for her to stir if she was awake. When nothing happened, she guessed Inya was asleep and shook her a little.

Inya had hoped that they would leave her alone when they came in and she pretended to be asleep. She really did not want to talk to anybody. She felt dirty and disgusted with what Uncle Idris had made her do hours earlier. She had thought it was going to be some nice lessons like things she watched on Barney and Friends, but it hadn’t been anything like that. She shut the memory away, trying to pretend that it hadn’t happened. He had made her touch him and touch him until her hands ached, yet he didn’t let her stop.

Then suddenly, his eyes had looked funny and he shook as if something was wrong with him. She was about to scream when he hushed her up and then looked at her in a way she would never forget and told her “if you do this to Brian and he shakes like this, he will be your friend alone.”

Then he had taken her to the bathroom, given her a warm bath and taken her back into the room. Before he left, he had warned her sternly “if you tell anyone about this, you will never have any friends again because of this secret.”

She could never look at Uncle Idris the same way again after that, but she would not tell anybody. She didn’t want to be alone.

She turned and stretched like she was just waking up. “Good evening mummy!” she said putting on a fake smile. When Hajara saw her daughter smile, she let out a sigh of relief. She touched Inya’s neck to feel her temperature and it was normal

“How are you? Were you so tired from school that you slept so much?” she asked.

“I was sad when I came back from school, but Uncle Idris came to cheer me up and I’m happy again.” Inya said sweetly.

The honking of a car horn cut into their conversation. The two girls screeched in unison “Daddy!” and raced out of the room. Hajara let them go and meet their father, while she went into the kitchen to fix dinner. She met Idris there, taking a drink from the two-door refrigerator. She wondered what she would do without him now as per the girls; he was so good with them. She was glad he had helped handle Inya’s tantrums and cheered her up this afternoon. A house-help would definitely have ignored the girl.

“Good evening aunty,” he said.

“Idris how are you. I hear you had to stop a civil war between the girls today and cheer one of the parties up. Thank you o.” she laughed as she said this.

Idris looked like he was embarrassed for being thanked for helping with the girls. Hajara placed a hand on his shoulder and said seriously “seriously, thanks for being so great with the girls.” Then she turned and opened the chest freezer and said, “Now, what to warm for dinner…”

Idris quickly escaped from the kitchen. He wondered if Inya had blurted out anything. His sister had never thanked him about the girls and it was suspicious that she suddenly did so today. When he got to the living room, their daddy was already back with one of his friends that came to the house a lot, Mr. Udoh. He knew he would not have the chance to be alone with Inya till morning. He bit his fingers.

“Chief Idris,” the loud Udoh was saying, slapping him on the back. “Shay we will not find you wife like this, with this everlasting ASUU strike that is not ending.” Udoh and Donald roared with laughter and Idris quickly joined in. As Udoh sat down, he called Inya to come and sit on his laps. “Inyus Inyus peperempe, come and sit on uncle’s laps now,” he said in his rambunctious way. Normally, Inya would have raced to go and sit there, but today, she seemed to be hesitant, looking to Idris. Inside her, Inya trembled. The laps were so close to where she had touched Uncle Idris today. She didn’t want to be anywhere near anyone’s laps. Idris tried to avoid her gaze, so that it would not be obvious. He broke out in sweat inside the air-conditioned room.

“Inya, what is it?” Donald asked, noticing the way his daughter tensed up at Udoh’s request.

Idris quickly jumped in “Inya, go and answer Uncle Udoh now,” he said tersely with a sideways nod of his head in Udoh’s direction.

Inya walked gingerly to Udoh and sat on his laps. “Now, that’s a good girl,” Udoh said, bringing out some chocolates and giving them to Inya. All the while, Oyiza sat curled up on the Sofa, uninterested in what was going on, glad that Mr. Udoh wasn’t paying any attention to her.

At that moment, Hajara walked into the living room to announce that dinner was served. She nearly had a fit when she saw Inya on Udoh’s laps. She had taken this up with Donald severally but he still allowed and encouraged it.

“Inya, come and help mummy finish setting dinner up,” she said, eyeing Donald.

Even though she was not called, Oyiza went with her mum to the dining area. Donald knew what that look meant. He was too tired for a quarrel tonight, but he could see it brewing, only waiting for two of them to be alone in the room before it exploded. As a rule, Hajara made sure that everyone in the house had dinner together. All the members of the Wadada family ate quietly save for an occasional comment or request to pass something, each silent for their own different reasons.

Udoh was oblivious to the tension at the dining table though. He just rambled on and on, sharing one story after the other and laughing loudly. Even when little Oyiza sarcastically asked him about table manners, he merely brushed it aside saying “food is the engine of life” and then laughed again.

They were glad when dinner was over and he left immediately after. It was the girls’ bedtime and Hajara went to tuck them in. The moment they fell asleep, she crossed the gym area and flung the door to the master bedroom open. The lights were out.

“Donald, I know you are not asleep, so stop pretending!” she said as she turned the lights on.

Donald didn’t stir. If there was one thing that wasn’t perfect about his wife, it was her temper. She was like a grown up Inya throwing tantrums when she was riled up. The good part was that it took a lot to get her worked up, and he apparently had done the “a lot” required this night.

“Donald Wadada, you better sit up and listen to me now, since you refused to listen all the many times I said this calmly!” Inya said louder. She struggled to keep her voice down since the kids were just across.

Donald knew he could not go on pretending, so he sat up. “Hajara, what is it now? You know I’ve had a very long day and I’m tired. So let’s sleep and you cuddle and comfort me like you should now,” he said, his attempt at a joke coming out lame.

“Donald I’m not joking. I have said severally that our kids are girls and we need to be careful! I am not comfortable with any of your friends carrying any of my daughters on their laps and all those kinds of physical things. Must the girl be on his laps before he gives her chocolates? I’ve heard all sorts of stories of things happening to girls of all ages and I don’t want my daughters to be victims!”

“Haba, we have known Udoh for how long? He has always been like that now, it’s just him. Forget the stories you’ve heard, Udoh cannot…” Donald was saying when she cut in.

“In every story, it’s always someone who has been known for long and who they are comfortable having physical contact with. I’m not saying Udoh specifically, I’m talking generally. Our girls are becoming women right before our very eyes!”

Donald laughed a little “Women? Hajara, don’t be dramatic. They’re just eight. That’s a long way from being a woman. You my dear, are a woman” he said, attempting to reach her.

Hajara slapped his hand away and hissed “look at you. Do you know that they are liking boys already? Inya came home crying today because a boy she liked wasn’t being her friend and was being Oyiza’s friend. Wake up o, and smell the coffee. Children grow up faster these days. Your daughters already know what it is to like boys. SO PLEASE, I DON’T WANT THEM SITTING ON ANY FRIEND’S LAPS EN, PLEASE, BIKO, JO, DAN ALLAH, ABEG.” She dramatically went on her knees as she said this.

That explained it, thought Donald. Out aloud, he said. “Hmm. I noticed Inya hesitated before going to sit on Udoh’s laps today so this might be true.”

“Of course it is. They are growing up fast. That’s what I’ve been trying to say since”.

This was news to Donald. He would definitely take his wife seriously now. His daughters were becoming aware of things. A thought occurred to him.

“Since the girls are getting more matured, I think Idris should stop bathing them now. He can still take them to school and help them get ready and all that, but if what you say is true, he should stop.”

“No issues. That means you’re taking this real serious now.” She stood up and sighed, visibly relieved.

Sensing that the fight had blown over, Donald quickly got up and went to hold his wife. She allowed herself relax into his arms. He smiled as he hugged her tight, all the tiredness fleeing from his body and the Black Eyed Peas song “I got a feeling, tonight’s gonna be a good night” ringing in his head.


The next morning, Hajara got up a little earlier than she normally did, cutting Donald’s “look at Hajara in her sleep” time by fifteen minutes in order to get to the girls’ room before Idris would. “By showing I’m serious about this thing, Donald will take it seriously too,” she said to herself.


Idris got up a little earlier than usual. He wanted to get Inya alone so that he could find out if she had said anything to anyone. The only time he could think of doing this was when he would bathe the girls. Normally, he would bathe them together but today he planned on separating them and bathing Inya first. He needed to get there before their mum came to check on them before she then went to fix breakfast. He walked briskly towards the girls’ room.

He got there just as his sister was ushering the twins out of their room in their towels. Only Oyiza greeted him boisterously as the girls would normally do. Hajara thought maybe Inya was tired from getting up a little earlier than usual and waived this fact.

“Good morning aunty,” Idris said, deliberately choosing not to notice that Inya didn’t greet him.

“Idris, good morning. How was your night?” Hajara asked.

“Very well o, I slept well.” Then addressing the girls, he said as cheerily as he could “oya, let’s go and get some little girls clean. Bathing time!”

Hajara laughed at the way Idris had put having a bath in a fun way. Then remembering why she had gotten up earlier than normal, she said “ah Idris, mummy will bath the girls from now on. We need to have our girl time away from all you men.”

It was as if Idris had been punched full in the face. He wanted to protest then he caught himself. What reason would he give for wanting to bathe the girls so bad? But the question rushed into his mind “why had his sister suddenly decided to take over bathing the girls?” His eyes shot to Inya, but she wasn’t looking at him. Had the girl said anything and his sister was merely waiting to get them out of the house before acting? Was his brother in law already out and returning with police to get him now? The man had the means to get the police to do anything to him if he wanted to, of that Idris was sure. Instead of giving voice to the thoughts racing through his head, he smiled and said “ah, even though I’ll miss the girls, I’m glad I’ll get some more minutes of sleep.”

“Ah, Uncle Idris, not so fast, you still get to drop the girls in school.” Hajara said

Idris made a face that was meant to mean he was sad about that. Inside, his mind began working out how to get Inya alone on that ride to school. He turned and returned to his room to get dressed for the drive to their school while Hajara led her twins to the bathroom.

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118 thoughts on “Burnt – Episode 2

  1. Hmmmm….. Ki olorun gba wa lowo eni ti a so ton so wa ( may God deliver us frm dose watchg all our steps consciously without we knowing)…. I soo feel for Inya….

    Nice piece TL…….

    • You and all these “the episodes are getting shorter” people, biko how many episodes are we comparing here? Plus this is even longer than the other one, I checked. If I was TL, I would block all of you people. You think it’s easy to write abi?
      To the story, Uncle Idris, the wicked run when no one pursues them. In my own case, I began to disrespect the uncle so bad that my parents had to ask why and when I told them, my father nearly killed him

  2. Hhmmm…this guy, karma will so punch you in the face! I’m happy about the steps being taken. Like an angel watching over these girls now. We seriously have to be careful!

  3. tl, ur mind’s really a beautiful one.pls tunde, jus a lil advice, if u’ll accept it. i think u need the services of an editor to help u edit ur stories and articles b4 u put them up. im an ardent follower of ur blog and over time iv noticed bits of mistakes here and there that coulda bn fixed with the help of an editor cos u may not always see ur own mistakes if u edited ur own write up. F.I, somewhere in today’s episode, u used inya in the stead of hajara BTW, those mistakes r jus normal cos we aint perfect, jus an advice to make ur work better. apart from that, ure da bombest. keep it very up

    • Dear chinnie, he probably used in ya because he said hajara was a bigger version of inya when angry. Throwing tantrums and all that sooooooo……….. Thanks for your undivided attention

  4. meanyl, very unfortunately, the steps taken r medicine after death. bringing up children aint as easy as it seems. pls the womenfolk, we need to b mo careful with child upbringing…speaking from experience, im female but my first abuse was by a female househelp…u sure dnt wanna hear about it

    • Mine was a male cousin. Torturing story. Therapist says that may be the reason I have no man. The way I will protect my kids!…that’s when I eventually find that hubby of mine, 🙂

  5. This battle cannot be won by silence! We must cry out as a people to curb ds ill.
    So its a house wife dt can’t spare time to bath her kids? Y can’t an 8yr old bath herself tho? Even if under supervision?
    Advice to moms: the signs of abuse wd always be there esp at d onset, close observation of ur kids wd reveal all secrets…make no assumptions, open ur eyes: change in countenance, change in gait, it’d all be in ur face if u r looking

  6. Ist to comment!!sleepless cos of “Burnt”.hmMm.the sicko is even a scared cat…oh God pls let him nt progress to smthn more sickening…Tunde dis guy needs to be caught asap!*heart in my stomach*

  7. Nawa ooooh Idris u r such a diagrace to ur sista n ur family. This things happen for real thank God she is bathing d kids nw I jst hope uncle Idris has d initiative to stop dis barbaric act *smh fr him* TL nice work

  8. People n their plenty opinions sha..Editor#rollingmyeyes#,after reading stories for free,asking for more..Anywayz TL u rock as usual and we love u just d way u are!! I pray Inya opens up to her mother be4 Idris takes it to d next level oo,pls biko abeg!

  9. @ Hajara, its a lil too late, hope the situation can be salvaged…..hmmm, their Dad is so Clueless…..parents need to be discerning *sigh*

  10. TL,sorry I couldn’t comment on d last episode. Great story telling as always. The topic is really essential today,lots of kids have been destroyed and lots of adults still carry baggage from all such abuse. The question that really comes to my head is where were the parents? Yes you work,have a hectic job and bla bla bla bla; the excuses for not being there for the kids physically and emotionally keep mounting.
    Funny enough,this still happens to kids of stay at home parents and religious leaders. Its saddening because almost all the rapists these days are family members from fathers to uncles,cousins to even brothers. No kid is safe anymore and its getting worse by the second,mass media and all. The worst part of the whole thing is when the kids finally summon up courage to tell their parents,they get told:
    A) they’re lying and want to ruin the family
    B) they should shut up about it
    C) it is all their fault
    Not every kid is as lucky as Inya believe me. I work in a hospital and everyday there are at least 20 cases of rape and its usually in children between the ages of 2-6 years old. Who would want to do such to them,you ask. Its the same uncle,cousin,step brother story.
    Parents please watch your kids as much as you can and make them trust you so much that they can tell you anything. This shouldn’t mean spoiling them though.Pls read the underwear rule,its a really useful tool; and like TL said,prayer is the key.God can protect them better than you ever can. Thanx TL…:-)

  11. Hmmmm… #Deep sigh#. Those lines “come and sit on uncle’s leg”. I dont know how many times I heard it. Well done TL, you bring it out as it is, as it happens. And maybe because you’re writing about child abuse people think you’re used extensive descriptions but when they’re reading a romance novel they dont mind, abi?

    • Feel so much 4 inya.I jst hope,Hajara,finds out quick.an 8yr old is old enof 2 bathe haself.n y shld a guy b takn care of girls 4 u?!!!in my case it ws a teenage cousin.I didn’t evn rili undastand then,ws enjoyn n getn adictd 2 it.n it rili affectd me, @ a point,I evn got addictd 2 porn n all.bt I Thank God,4 who I m 2day,cos I learnt au 2 4giv,so I 4gav him.wheneva any1 talks bout him in my aus,they xpect me 2 b interestd,as no1 eva found out wat he did,I can’t b.evn when he comes arnd,I greet n disappear.@ dat age,I promise my kids,I’l b their bestie n we’ll b so damn close they can tel me anytn.cos I can neva allow any1 try such wt my babies.NO WAY!!!

  12. Nice Work TL…Parents shld be very watchful abt all these signs oh…I also had an experience similar to the sitting on daddy’s frnds lap. This uncle was always tickling me all over in a bid 2 make me laugh wen I was little but as I grew older, my mum made sure it stopped!!! She didn’t even hide her feelings, she told d man straight up! Lolz

  13. If only they knew who the real devil is. Inya’s life would never be d same. I bet u that there would be a repeat of what happened with uncle idris again and again. I just pray he doesn’t have actual penetration with her, but he just destroyed her life and only God can help her. Like Kel says, I learnt to be independent cos I found out when most men says take this they always want something in return. I learnt quite early.

  14. My heart starting beating fast when I saw my email alert… “Is today the day the pedophile would get caught??”,Alas it isn’t… I’m waiting for the disgusting uncle to fall flat on his demonic face.. Abuse is everywhere tho’… For me, it was @ one of my parents’ place of work… Most times even the most vigilant parents can’t spot it. Trust me,its just about Gods’ grace..

  15. *huge sigh Of relief* Thank God the parents wised up. And I pray lasting damage has not been done. I hope Inya tells on idris tho, so he can be punished. Maybe she will try to make Brian like her, the way Idris showed her and it will backfire…..

  16. Thanks for d twist; now I can continue reading without remembering d things I’ve been trying so hard to forget. This episode is kinda short but more ink to ur pen.

  17. These things r so close to us more than we can even imagine… My teachers in pry schl, secondary schl n demon-possessed uncles #sigh# Evn now that I am 21, my uncles r still on my case. This has really made me tough, defensive n alert.
    Cool story TL. My advice to everyone- Stay Paranoid n Trust No One

  18. How naïve!…….. “I’ve heard all sorts of stories of things happening to girls of all ages and I don’t want my daughters to be victims! ” she says.

    Over time the suspects r the closest to u.

    Mr Tunde Leye I must commend u for this masterpiece I would call it. Can’t wait to share it with my friends.

  19. Nice one TL.. I hope he never gets time with inya.. She shld tell her mum.. Mothers shld always protect their daughters from grown men..

    • Hmm what can I say,T.L has nailed ΐτ̅ again.Thumbs up!…Hajara,ΐτ̅ Ȋ̝̊̅§ a little bit late o.Once Idris finds out that his secret Ȋ̝̊̅§ still intact,he will definately ask the girl for a repeat performance..again and again and again,,ΐτ̅ will become an addiction(definately)..”Voice of experience).ΐτ̅ Ȋ̝̊̅§ only God that can save one from this menace..ΐτ̅ Ȋ̝̊̅§ a bad experience..

  20. I wish inya was not so stupid. If only she would talk. She is old enough to know right from wrong. She must be really foolish to keep it to herself. But now that Donald knows the girls are becoming mature I am sure he will catch idris in the act. Useless uncle. *hiss* once again thank you tl

    • It’s so sad that people do not understand what it means to be sexually abused. A lot of people still blame the abused instead of confronting the abuser. This allows the abuser to walk away free most of the time while the abused has to live with the nightmare of the abuse. I’ll like you to know that even when mature women are sexually abused or raped,
      they find it hard to open up to anyone, not to talk of a little girl. Please take out time to read about sexual abuse and don’t blame the poor little girl who is a victim in this case. An 8-year old child cannot differentiate right from wrong except she has been taught so by her parents or guardians.

  21. I am so glad Idris didn’t rape Inya cause it gave m nightmares all week. But the sad truth is that he probably will for a long while and no one will be the wiser. I never told anyone this but I suffered the same in the hands of so called uncles. At least I was never raped but it colored my relationship with men to this day.

  22. Hmmm, dis is a serious 1 here. Am kinda new here t.L, buh ur rili doing a grt job. Pls can I also get alert in my mails every week? Plsssssssss, cos I alws av to check ur tweets b4 I knw somfin new is up. Thanks. Thumbs up to u

  23. TL, Many thanks for this free flowing piece of beautiful narration. More ink to your pen. And, doing this for free every Monday? More grace. Sexual abuse of children has attained a frightenly alarming rate of occurence. The stories they tell (ladies especially) still shock me to my marrows. A lot of the ladies have grown and still not told anybody in their family what they went through, and the ‘uncle’ still comes around. Someone made a comment about an eight year old speaking up. Hmmm. Easier said than done. Again, thanks TL.

  24. I feel so sorry for Inya,I never experienced any of this but i am afriad for my dautas,May God never let them experience this IJMN.Amen

  25. The UK government is trying to educate parents on how to teach the young ones about sexual abuse, even at a tender age. As soon as children can communicate back with their parents, they must be told not to allow any one raise up the dresses or touch their undies.
    This case is getting more and more rampant, not just in Naija but the entire world, and the socially responsible governments are doing something about it. It shouldn’t be the work of one individual only to educate kids and parents about this menace, but the Government should start to make conscious efforts to protect little girls.
    Alas, isn’t it this same Nigerian Government that wants to approve child marriage.Afterall in the North, a child that’s these twins age mate is being married off currently. May God help us and our children.

  26. Child sexual abuse and Pedophilia is common and rampant in Nigeria. I know of a close male friend whose female house help always “sat naked on his P and rocked it” continuously between the ages 7 and 10 or so…(as he would say).
    He never told any of his family members till this day.
    Education, awareness and parental care is essential. Not with the growing obscene images our kids see and hear on TV, ‘ipads’ and internet today.
    TL has done well to describe the mood and environment pre- and post- abuse especially from the abused child’s perspective – it is in most cases even worse.
    Let the conversations go on…

  27. @tls #thumbs up#.hmmm…hav been silent since u start dis story. Y are some people dis wicked?my advice to we ladies is dat no mata hw busy we are, a little time shud b spared for our children everyday. Lets give dem d opportunity 2 talk to us freely,we are all they’ve got. May d good lord help and see us through their upbringing

  28. So sad Hajara doesn’t know the devil she’s tryna save her daughters from is under her roof. All the signs are there but she’s oblivious. Please don’t encourage your kids to keep secrets, it can backfire as in this case. Also teach them that women also abuse children. Recently found out my friend’s kids, 2 little girls, nanny is a lesbian, I almost fainted. So pls do a thorough background check before you bring ppl into your home.

  29. I cant believe i started sharing tears after reading the comments, to hear that lots of pple have had similar experience to Inya really breaks my heart, and its getting so rampant everyday, or is it bcos we have social media now that we hear so much of it?? Bless you TL and may God open our eyes, give us the Grace and extra discerning spirit concerning our children and wards. Cheers

  30. This is like looking in to my childhood, i grew up in a polygamous family house where all sorts of “uncles” lived with us. Thank God i turned out right. I think more awareness needs to be made concerning this issue. Thanks TL.

      • I’m deeply moved by this episode. Nice one as always. We should also note that little boys are being abused we may not hear it often but it is real. There are two extremes to every abuse. To hate men/women & sex or overindulgence in sexual activities. Neither is good.
        Sex education is d obvious solution. If we do not teach our kids the internet and society will teach them and we won’t like it.
        Protecting our kids is teaching them everything about their body (parts) and what to do if they notice anything funny done to their body (scream, a bite , a blow in d eyes of d perpetrator).
        we should not assume… Spill it all out on the table. We are accountable for our kids!

  31. God bless you TL for dis piece, Dis thing of child abuse is happening everywhere! Family members,neighbour, etc
    It seems we’ve forgotten the Uncle Idris’s words that Inya shld do that for Brian,and he would be her friend alone.heavy sigh ‘hmmmm’
    I pray and hope her mother gets to find out somewhere,somehow before Inya does dis for any guy again! May God help us and endow us with wisdom,knowledge and understanding on how to raise our children!
    I think the best way to do dis, is also to make sure the children are introduced to the path of the Lord in their early days, make urself ur child’s Best Friend!
    More grease to ur Elbow TL

  32. A man’s enemy are those of his household (micah 7:6). Pls let’s all be careful. My little niece was abt 2 be fingered by my cousin but was by d entrance of my mom into d room.

  33. While growing up, my siblimgs and I lived with my dad, with no mum or any older female around. We are all girls, all three of us. My Dad’s office is in our two bedroom apartment, he has five staffs all male and lots of contract staff all male. My Dad every day watch word to us if his going out is that lock all doors and don’t admit in any male caller, even my younger brother. Lollll my siblings and I don’t understand his repetition of us locking up and not admitting in any male guest untill years l8r. My father back then knows this world is wicked. I LOVE him more when I realise his fear of locking up and no male visitor even if d male is his family.

  34. Please please Tunde, let her tell her mom in d next episode, if not he might now tell her to lick his p***s ooo. * dats d second stage…*crying * idris abeg fear God!!!

  35. This story is so real, although I wasn’t a victim of child abuse, I can relate to it very perfectly! Uncle idris is wicked! And inya may never be able to go back to being a child anymore. Sad

  36. Ohhhhhhh….. Do i have to wait until next week monday to read more, ehn uncle Tunde. My mouth went dry just reading today’s write. It’s not fair oooo. Really hope Idris is caught soon as i’m sure he’ll want to try that shameless act again. Good read TL. Really good read.

    • It is not only girls who are abused.boys get abused too.I was abused by our female househelp when I was 5 to 8 and that affected me till now.parents please note that

  37. its not just enough for the parents to have the discussion with themselves. Its necessary to let the girls ( and boys too) know about their body parts and that no one else should touch them in public or secret.
    Girls should be bathed only by mum and questions should always be asked at all times.
    May God deliver us from wickedness.

  38. Idris needs to have his dick cut off, shoved up his butt, fed his balls….then shot…sick bastard

    well presented story….1st time visitor to your page

  39. Hmmm.. I feel Oyiza would be the first to find out and let it all out… For the first time , I’m beginning to realize that i was being abused as a kid..

  40. I am awed, speechless and beyond words inspired! Tunde your are just so much so a good writer and your imagination is amazing! That a good reminder you are putting up here for parents. keep it up. i’m a young emerging blogger and i really look forward to working with you!

  41. Poor little kid. I feel for you. Even if u want to talk about it, fear of not having whom to talk to will not permit you coz u still want to have Idris d DOG as friend. This serves as lesson to all mums to be their childrens best friend. As for Idris…he is a disaster and a disgrace to d family. God help us.

  42. Hi Tunde, please make Hajara catch this Idris demon in part 3. If you don’t, ama cyber come after you, pick him outta ur writer’s imagination and kill him myself.

  43. Hmmmmmm. This sexual abuse comes in diff ways. Fathers,uncles,cousins,family fnrds,pastors,lesson teachers,brothers etc. Once ure a mother start praying for ur child be it male or female both can be abused even in ur present. I’ve never shares this but I will now. When I was little I always had lesson teachers and my father believed in it home tutors even after lessons in skul and even during d holidays and pple are always ind auz so dere was no private place to be abused sexually but still 1 of my lesson teachers still abused me sexually in my father’s sittin room durin lesson while my other siblings nd family was @ home and nobody knew. He will tell me to kneel nd do my homework beside him and will be using his leg to do magic on my virginal and each time I will stand up and go somewhere else and he kept on repeating that and I couldn’t tell any1 cos they won’t bliv it. Parents have to be very careful in all ways. Watch out 4 ur kids and suspect anybody. Trust no1. I pray God will help us. Tunde pls don’t stop. This is a nyc piece. The wrongdoers may read it and change too and dose dt need to talk about dere abuse to feel better can too. God bless u.

  44. We were born 4 girls in my family, but this story made me cast my mind back in those days, maybe I was age 4 or 5 i and my siblings always cry in the midnight and once we start my dad a pastor will quickly jump out of his room, lay his hands on us to pray and then will stroll back to their bedroom to tell my mum that it seems were having a terrible nightmare/dreams. my parents never had a clue to what was going on, that it was our houseboy one okwuchukwu who will always carry each of us to himself every night to finger us, i think i was the only one old enough to remember this incidence now but then i cannot really say what this houseboy was doing with us every night. I COULDN’T HELP BUT CRY

  45. Thumbs up TL. Parents av lotsa work 2 do ooo. In dis generation where so many things n peeps are competing wit u 2 train ur kids. They need 2 keep being friends wit their kids cos that seems 2 stop after d cradle, after which d “awon daddy wa so wipe…” stage sets in. Wen kids feel comfortable with their folks, dey’ll earn their trust n feel free 2 ask questions 2 quell their fears; even d folks wudn’t find it difficult 2 discuss sex with dem from d outset. It cud start from teaching d basics like proper sitting postures 4 a girl in nursery school -> how 2 say no 2 any boy in her class who asks 2 see d colour of her panties in d toilet -> teaching them 2 refer 2 their private parts wit d correct words rather than sugar-coating it n getting it twisted…d list is endless. Parents also ought 2 let kids know they don’t need anybody’s validation 2 feel gud about their body, asides God’s n theirs. Bottomline, as much as its difficult 2 trust anybody wit our kids, we cannot lock dem up in vaults so that dey won’t b ‘contaminated’, dis is life n we need people. We should b prayerful n much more than ever, WATCHFUL! so dat evil ppl will not spoil d joy God has given us while we’re busy working hard 2 make their tmao better than our yesterday. May God give us wisdom ooo cos parenting no b beans. Sorry 4 d epistle X_X

  46. Shocking to realise that the list of abused persons is endless and still counting…..may God spare the life of our kids and touch the hearts of those who commit this evil……#sad#
    Children have sharp memories and never forget things done to them no matter how young they were or how old they get(4rm experience)…..Abuse is a life altering experience not worth experiencing

  47. The world is a beautiful place,sadly there are many sick people living in it dese days!!! i feel sorry for every boy/girl girl whose innocence has been stripped away because some sick perverts cldnt control their orgies!!! we still have a long way to go in Africa,over here in UK,women in their 40s are coming out to get justice for what they’ve bin tru over 20yrs ago!! With the likes of senator Yerima and polluted judicial system,getting justice is still a far fetched dream in Nigeria..

  48. Some of you readers are funny. If TL writes that Idris is caught half of the story don finish be dat na. Either it continues happening and Inya gets her revenge when she’s grown…or… I dunno oh. #justsaying#

  49. Smart hajara indeed…d bst moda indeed,so u decided 2 wake up wen soap had alrdy entered ur dotas ayez…..all d same,jst wonderin haw she wud feel knowin……

  50. Yes, it bring bad memories but i don’t think trying to pretend it didn’t happen or trying to forget is the best solution. if it hasn’t happened……fine but if it does, u just have to accept the truth and seek help. talking to people who understand and aren’t judgmental also helps( it take a lot of time to heal but eventually it gets better). i am 18 and i have had 3 bad experiences closely related to this in the past but i am not letting it destroy my future. i am getting by, one step at a time and i am on my way to becoming a medical doctor(ASUU take note).

  51. Just started following ur blog last week n me LIKEEE wat I’ve bn reading so far!!!Wow, next week monday culdn’t come sooner! D guy’s really crazy, stupid uncle. My uncle actually lived with us all my life,frm his high school days till his service year until he got a job and was posted to ibadan n we’re five gals, it’s by God’s grace dat we didn’t experience any of this, well my mum never let him bathe anyone of Us,I guess dat’s hw it all starts. God Have Mercy on us oooo. Tunde tanks for this! I heart u!

  52. Nyc work TL. D bad. Fin abt parents is not sayin it a lie wen I had my 1st ish my mum beat me nd wen d oda 3 happened I neva tld her abt it nd I jst Wed 18 Sep 2013 my sis abt sumfin dat happened alnst 10yrs ago. Make ur kids ur bestie tell dem sentive tinz it makes it easier for dem 2 tell u d same cos it make dem feel u trust dem nd feel dey ar mature. Nd it never too early 2 start sex tlk wif kids. Cos d truth is dey knw more dan u nd it beta dey get 1st hand correct info frm u dan frm friends dat don’t knw tooo. I av kids I mentor in my chur I tlk 2 dem abt my life in uni nd my relationships nd in turn dey tell me everyfin. One of dem cald me d 1st day she say her period instead of her mum nd she was home wif her mother. So pls if u av kids. Arround u tlk 2 dem let dem b free around u. Plsssss so as 2 avoid suCh dis kids go tru a lot nd dey don’t av anyone dey trust 2 tlk to its nt jst ab t us waiting for our own kids, we can start if kids arround us. Save a child 2day. ( Sorry its everywhere an nt a write)

  53. Are u flipping kidding me?shez 8! She is a child.Every child deserves a life without being molested.they have a right to grow up at their pace and not hastened by life.The devil lives within…the uncles,”good neighbors”, wash men,gate men,fix men,houseboys, and those you trust so much to leave ur female child with.i can testify….It was a long time ago but Jesus is still binding up my wounds.Be aware.

  54. Everyone seems soo rapped up in d female aspect yet many young boys innocence is being rubbed off daily by so called female housemaid…most guys loose der virginity true molestation.

  55. Tunde kenan!!! U just get it on point evertime……topping it with Inyus,Inyus, Peperempe!!!!! U are something else walahi. Thanks for bringing this harsh reality out. No matter how painful it is, WE NEED TO TALK ABOUT IT and begin the healing process for ourselves and our families, and try to do better with our children. God help us be better parents to our male and female children- Donna is so right on the male child being abused too. Let’s keep talking and call all those who have abused us in one way or the other out NOW…..It’s time to HEAL!!!!

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  57. kudos TL… we have to start being friends with our kids no matter how old they are, i have a three yr old daughter, i check her pp everytime and i tell her never ever let any boy touch your boobs or touch you under. tell me and daddy, and it seems to work, especially if ani1 says dont tell mum/dad, you must tell us, that person is bad. if she cries when shes with pairs the 1st thing i do is check her pp, i am paranoid ooo, i have heard to many bad things in this world. and shes in nursery and she knows she has to sit well bcos no1 must see her panties. the ultimate help is from God but we must also beware.

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