The Burden of Proof – Download

Finally, it is here! The Burden of Proof has landed o. But you don’t have to go to 54 Iweka Road, Onitsha or 4 Ebinpejo Lane to get it. Here’s how you can get it, and it’s absolutely FREE!!!!

  1. If you use an android device, download Okadabooks from the playstore. Search for The Burden of Proof. Download it, and start reading, FREE.
  2. For all other devices, simply download the PDF file from this link FREE

I’ll be on 99.3 Nigeria Info with Tolu at 9AM, and on 92.3 Inspiration FM with T.i.t.i at 10AM talking about it, reading from the book and taking your thoughts.  So please listen and call in.

I’ll really love to tally the number of downloads this gets, so if your friend, wife, husband or enemy wants the  book, send them the download link and not the file. Yes, do this for me, okay? You can tweet about it using the hashtag #BurdenOfProof and if you like me reach, use the cover (below) as your DP, AVI, FB Profile Pix etc.  I’m @tundeleye on twitter

The Burden of Proof 1

So, from TL to you, enjoy THE BURDEN OF PROOF.

40 thoughts on “The Burden of Proof – Download

  1. oh crap!
    Didn’t see that coming!
    I’m torn between whispering ‘they deserved it’ and den actually screaming ‘y wd he’, a custodian of the law!. On d penultimate page I was already irritated at a system that would allow lawyers who already know d defendant is guilty to defend them and be allowed to prove their innocence beyond reasonable doubt…
    Just this week, id had cause to discourse jungle justice 2ce with friends cos of 2diff cases. Looks like legalized jungle justice is taking roots in d legal and force system these days.
    Like I always say, people(being already frustrated doesn’t help) resort to jungle justice cos of a profound lack of faith in d legal cum justice system…and also cause they r assured of getting away with it..Even d SAN didn’t trust the system so he took advantage of it and made bold of it by leaving his signature on their death!
    I must commend d detailed medical and legal research. Reminiscent of the good old John Grisham days. I would however like to meet Dr Onuzo o,craniectomy et al under 1hr in good old LUTH? Soever gangster ish! Hehehe! Also, the minimum score attainable is actually 3 on d GCS. It grades consciousness as u highlighted but doesn’t tell whether an individual is dead or alive as its only done on living beings. (in ref to d statement that anything less dn 3 and d individual is dead)

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  4. TL, it aint downloading naaaa *sad smiley* been trying for over 48hrs now. It’s saying “the item can’t be displayed, do you want to save the file?”… I use a BB. What cud be d ish?

  5. Oh my word! Five days now!!! 5 days trying to download Burden of proof. Me very very angry now!!! Arrrrrrgh! Gets half way n hangs up!

    Wot to do? TL biko! Help!!!!

    • Its probably your network provider or something, cos I just downloaded it. You could also try to make it download by monitoring the download page stay constantly on it and the file would download

  6. The Burden of Proof is simply breathtaking.
    Didn’t see that end coming. Thot the guys got away with the crime.
    Keep up the good work.

  7. Is it me, or is this an exact copy of Frederick Forsyth’s “The Veteran”? You just changed the names and the setting.

    I don’t have a problem with adaptations of another author’s work e.g Ola Rotimi’s “The gods are not to blame” is an adaptation of Sophocles “Oedipus Rex”, but it should be acknowledged somewhere or else that’s just wrong. Or did I miss the part where you stated that it’s an adaptation of another author’s work?

    • Hi Chika,

      I had said earlier that it was a mixtape book, borrowing from what rappers do on mixtapes. Hence its being available to download free. It borrows from Forsyth’s book. By the way, he’s one of my fave authors.

      • Ok, that’s good, ‘cos I’m a fan (I read your blog religiously) and I’d hate to think negatively about your work.

  8. Help! I’ve tried downloading, finally suceeded but can’t find it on my fone! D message I got was dis item cannot be displayed

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