Flora – 16th Petal – Structure

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To the casual observer, the flower looks structureless because it does not seem to follow any rigid pattern. The truth however is that despite their variety, each flower has a distinct structure to which it conforms. Even though they are dynamic, they manage their creativity within a well-defined radial structure.


Flowers typically are composed of four parts or whorls arranged in concentric rings attached to the tip of the stem. From the innermost to the outermost, these whorls are the pistil (female reproductive organs), the stamen (male reproductive organ), the petals and the sepals or outer base green leaves. All the pollinators know this structure and it guides them in their interactions with the flower. In order words, structure forms the basis of their mutually beneficial relationship.


Most people have the opportunity to make a success due to peculiar circumstances at some point in time. They fail to make this success sustainable because they never get around to organizing and putting a well-defined structure into their success. What we must realize is this – without structure, increase cannot be sustained. Structure enables the people that we need to propagate our success to relate with us in a way they can trust and rely on. It ensures that when people leave your organization, everything does not crumble. Success that cannot outlast you is not success at all. Structure engenders continuity and discourages vacuums because roles and processes are clearly defined.

Never get so carried away by the success you achieve that you fail to create structure. It is the only way that time will not diminish but rather increase your success.


Flora – 15th Petal – Attraction

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The flower has perfected the art of attraction. The flower needs its pollinators but does not go out to meet them. Rather it designs and packages itself in a way that is attractive and irresistible to these pollinators. In fact, the pollinators are so attached to the flower that they spend as much as two thirds of their life with the flower.


The law of attraction is very powerful. The best way to get what you need is to make yourself attractive to those who will provide you with these needs. I meet men and women everyday that want to marry someone who is “extraordinary” (that’s the conclusion I came to after listening to their partner criteria). The first question I ask such people is this: “imagine if such a person met you today. Are you the kind of person he or she would be attracted to?”


We must apply this, not just to seeking marriage partners but also to every area of life. You attract what you are. Add things to yourself regularly to increase you attractiveness, both mentally and physically. Attraction helps to drive passion and passion is a necessary fuel for our lives to be alive.

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Flora – 14th Petal – Balance

One of the most complex dependencies and inter-relationships in nature is that between flowers, their pollinators, predators on these pollinators and the ecosystem in general. There is a delicate balance that must be maintained. The slightest disruption of this balance can cause serious problems. The number of flowers directly influences the number of pollinators that survive and therefore of the predators that depend on these pollinators for food. The timing of the bloom of the flowers determines if the pollinators’ progeny will survive. Any events that breach the balance can therefore prove to be very fatal.


In life, we are involved in a complex array of inter-relationships and our words and actions have influence more than we know. There is a balance to life that we are a part of and must be careful not to brashly disrupt. A single word can create a chain reaction that will stun us, so we must be very careful.


Another perspective to the issue of balance is this. In life, there are usually extremes and people naturally want to tend to extremes. But the mature individual knows that it is the ability to balance between extremes that make life meaningful. Don’t become so serious that you forget to laugh. Yet you should not laugh so much that you are never serious. Don’t work so much that you neglect your personal and family well-being. You still must not spend all your time on yourself and your family that your wok suffers. You must learn balance in these and other issues of life in order to have a win-win situation all the time.


Without balance in our ecosystem our life cannot go on. This is how important the issue of balance is. God himself has helped set balance in the course of nature – there hasn’t been a year when we had all sunshine and no rain, all heat and no cold, all men-children and no women children born. Balance is key to survival.

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Flora – 13th Petal – Dressing

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The flower is about the most beautiful sight you will see in nature. Their variety of color, size, shape and arrangement is breathtaking. Looking at a flowering plant from afar, the first thing you notice is not the roughness of the stem or the depths of its roots. What makes the initial impression is its array of flowers. The flowers have learnt two things

  1. You never get the opportunity to make a first impression a second time. First impressions are usually lasting impressions and they color our relationships subsequently.
  2. No matter what people say, appearances and visuals are important. The beauty of the flower dresses every other flaw of the plant and we can say of a plant with ugly, thorny stems and branches “what a beautiful plant”

An adage in my native Yoruba tongue says “irinisi ni so ni lojo”, translated you are addressed the way you dressed. Appearances are the number one secret of the flowers’ success. In the same vein, if you take a poll of successful people the world over, you will discover that all of them have mastered the art of dressing well and maintaining the right appearances.  You too must package yourself and your products in such a way that you will make powerful, positive impressions. That will get you the attention you need to sell yourself and your product.

A word of caution here – people hate it when they feel deceived. Make sure you have developed (or at least are in the process of developing) yourself and your product to reach the expectations created by your appearance. The flower dresses well, but it also provides food in the form of highly nutritious and delicious nectar.

Flora – 12th Petal – FOCUSED DESIGN

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There are about 250,000 species of flowers on earth. None of these individual species are the same. Each one has a design that is unique to that species. Most flowers are designed for their pollinators. Wind pollinated flowers are light and dusty. A certain flower pollinated by the humming bird is designed such that that bird alone can reach its nectar. This flower is red, since birds are attracted to the color red. Every flower is designed to attract some specific pollinator.


In life, when we venture into anything, whether on a business or personal level, from creating a new product to getting a marriage partner, the most important thing is not trying to convince the other party to bend to you. Rather, you need to spend time studying your target audience, person or market. You then use the knowledge you gain to package yourself or whatever you want to offer in such a way that it will resonate with your target point blank. It’s called focused design. Don’t dissipate energy trying to do everything and be everything. Focus on being the best in a certain area. In other words, own that attribute. Nothing will bring you greater satisfaction in life than doing that which you do well enough to be the best and enjoying every moment of the doing.

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Flora – 11th Petal – CONSISTENCY

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For most flowering plants, their flowers come into bloom at fixed times in the year. The flowers appear, mature and bloom at consistent times in the year. In fact, seasons of the year can be accurately described by just looking at the stage of their life cycle that the flowers are in. Many of the pollinators of these flowers have even timed their life cycles to coincide with the consistency of the flower. They reproduce when the flowers are in bloom so that there is an abundance of food at the time the young come forth. If the flower becomes inconsistent, whole populations of its pollinators will die off.

 In branding any product, the most important aspect of building a strong brand is to consistently deliver on the promise of the brand identity. And it is not good products that sell well: it is great brands. Organizations would prefer not to release a product consignment than to release a bad product and create an inconsistency. Inconsistency creates misunderstanding and doubt that negatively affect relationships, whether business or personal.

 We must strive above all to be consistent in our words and actions. Don’t be a flash in the pan. Learn to take action only when you have adequately prepared yourself to sustain those actions in a consistent manner. It is only consistency that makes you trustworthy and dependable, two necessary ingredients in business and personal relationships. They make you attract the right people to yourself. People begin to make their decisions based on your consistent actions.


The flowers pollinated by insects are very interesting to study. They need these insects to carry pollen from their own anther to the stigma of another flower of their own species. To do this, they employ an array of interesting strategies to attract the insects and ensure that they keep coming back in their droves. Some attract the insects through their colorfulness. Others through the offering of a sweet tasting substance called nectar ensure continual visits from the insects. Yet others offer refuge and good camouflage to insects that want to be inconspicuous because of predators. One interesting one attracts the houseflies that pollinate it by giving off the smell of rotten flesh! Most of the time they employ a combination of these and other tactics to make them irresistible to the insects.

In life, most people seek people who will offer them something they need. Those that key into these expectations and offer what is needed will profit from it. However, those that will be outstanding must learn to gather people’s expectations and offer more to these people than they expect. This ensures that you become irresistible and indispensable.

Offer a skill set, rather than a skill to your prospective employer on your C.V and at the interview and your chances of getting the job increases drastically. Do more than expected on the job and you will rise through the ranks at amazing speeds. Offer your spouse more than he or she expects from you and your marriage will be an outstanding success.