Baba Risi’s Court Illustrations – The Entries


Here are the entries I recieved for the Baba Risi’s Illustration Competition. Simply vote for the one that looks most like Baba Risi as you’ve imagined him. You can also drop your thoughts in the comments section. Voting lasts till Monday and I’ll announce the winner on Tuesday after which I’ll get in touch to have the phone delivered to him/her. Remember, its in the fun spirit of Baba Risi.


Baba Risi By Joseph Temilola Adesina

Baba Risi By Joseph Temilola Adesina


Baba Risi by Ekene Ngige

Baba Risi by Ekene Ngige


Baba Risi Oziren Omoarukhe

Baba Risi Oziren Omoarukhe



Baba Risi By Dickson Oludolapo



119 thoughts on “Baba Risi’s Court Illustrations – The Entries

    • Dixon oludolapo’s drawing is just too marvelous.I am amazed at how he used his pencil to create realistic effects like the shadow etc.His pencil work is just excellent.I have decided that if he wins, i will commission him for a copy of the drawing for N200,000.Ekene’s picture is also good, but i think we should appreciate dixon more, because he didnt use a computer software to get his work done.Overall, i think all the artists have really tried.

    • Dixon oludolapo’s drawing is just too marvelous.I am amazed at how he used his pencil to create realistic effects like the shadow etc.His pencil work is just excellent.Ekene’s picture is also good, but i think we should appreciate dixon more, because he didnt use a computer software to get his work done.Overall, i think all the artists have really tried.

  1. Hello TL. First of all, I’d love to commend the efforts of these artists and give them a big “THUMBS UP” as they have brought to life (in their different ways) a clear image of what our good old famous “Baba Risi” should look like. These illustrations are unbelievably beautiful and clearly a lot of time and energy was put into it. Great job guys!!!
    Baba Risi By Dickson Oludolapo reminds me of IBB…and Baba Risi isn’t meant to be educated so no…
    Baba Risi By Oziren Omoarukhe…reminds me of a jolly good fellow/clown and I think he should be my opinion though.
    Baba Risi by Ekene Ngige would’ve done it for me but he is just too small to depict my imagination of Baba Risi…so ‘mba’.
    Baba Risi By Joseph Temilola Adesina isn’t better than the other illustrations but it best describes Baba Risi for me.
    Body size- check
    Stomach – check
    Face/ Expression – check
    Cap – check

    Best of luck guys… Well done TL…always very entertaining. #Oshay

  2. These are great works of art. Nice one guys!

    Am I the only person who thinks that adesina’s work looks like a former President of an African country?

    Ekene’s work comes closest to the Baba Risi I have in mind. The man appears to be gesturing “what is this one saying nau? Drop ‘something’ and leave joor.”

    Oziren’s work reminds me of ali baba. No. Not our ali baba.

    Dickson’s work….. Walahi! I can swear I saw that man on my street this morning!

  3. The first one looks too ‘tush’ for Baba Risi, the third one too comical, the forth one looks like Jide Kosoko with tribal marks. The second one looks most like Baba Risi,but Baba Risi should be fatter and bigger…all in all, these people are talented artists.

  4. Great job guys!
    Not that I can draw anything, but the first one looks like OBJ, the second like the Baba Risi in my head, the third one is just a clown and the fourth one looks like a sad Jide Kosoko with tribal marks

  5. Woww….I had a real hard time deciding whose work did a better job at animating our impertial judge Babi R,all in all,they did great. In d end,Ekene’s piece jus stole my vote. Thumbs up

  6. The 1st picture looks OBJ-like,no doubt! The 2nd…..looks so Baba Risi-like! The 3rd…..Baba Risi aint an Hausa man now,haba! Nd the 4th…..looks Awolowo-like! I go fro Tomi Adesine’s work!!! Buh dey all did a good job,Kudos! 🙂

  7. Joseph’s depiction would have won it, but we all know that Baba Risi is crude and not as “civilized” looking as this. That’s why Ekene steals the show.
    Oziren’s depiction reminds me of “ali-baba” and Dickson’s picture is way too tame to be considered.
    Thumbs up to all the illustrators.

  8. Joseph temiola and dixon oludolapo are rare art talents.
    But josephs work is too serious. So i back dixon on this one, ahead of ekene.
    I have a feeling dixon will still finish 1st.
    That’s just my honest opinion

  9. i think that as a seasoned “area father” baba Risi should have battle scars (which is absent in all illustrations) but, i will go for number 2. still a little close.

  10. Ekene Ngige’s work is much stronger than the rest in terms of characterization, expression, aesthetics, composition, colour, typography, and more.
    However, this does not mean that Ekene does not have room, or if possible, an acre for improvement in is Illustrative skills.
    I’d commend the other guys for their enthusiasm, and noble support of the writer, and creator of Baba Risi, with their works.
    Some of these guys could however, enroll for courses in Illustration, so as to get a better understanding of the core principles of Illustration, and design.
    I promised to support the writer and his cause with a gift to the winning entry.
    That is a Wacom tablet device.
    Which I would gladly award to the winner when he/she is announced.

  11. i think dickson’s work is best cos ekene refused to show full information of babarisi as described as d writer for the competition which was dat the illustration should show babarisi at least from waist upwards….moreover its amazing hw dickson depicted babarisi with just pencils…i adore d clarity nd detailing of the image. therefore dixon has my vote on dis

  12. Dixon oludolapo’s drawing is just too marvelous.
    I am amazed at how he used his pencil to create realistic effects like the shadow etc.
    His pencil work is just excellent.
    I have decided that if he wins, i will commission him for a copy of the drawing for N200,000.
    Ekene’s picture is also good, but i think we should appreciate dixon more, because he didnt use a computer software to get his work done.
    Overall, i think all the artists have really tried.

    • Vote for dixon oludolapo. It takes time to draw, but anybody can just go to their computer nd create a picture in less than 10 mins. I think dixon took this competition more seriously, so he deserves the win.

      • Thank you so much….dats wat I’m talking about..dere is a difference between pencil art skill nd computer graphics, Dixon Deserves to win

      • Mr .Yomi,
        I think I’m in a position to explain to you that the computer is merely a tool and not a magical medium.
        with my long time experience in Art, I have come to understand that.
        Dixon’s work did not adopt the style and technique that is suitable for character design
        esp if the concept is for a comic or animation.
        It is In my understanding that Ekene’s work requires no less creativity than the traditional technique used by Dixon.
        Dixon’s style is suitable for realistic portraiture and not for charicature. He probably used a reference image of Jide Kosoko, and then tweaked it a lil bit by exaggerating some features in a not-so maestros-tic manner.

        Oziren’s work is more cartoony but with the wrong features in terms of ethnicity. He just drew an Arabian man stretching fort his hands. I’ll commend him for the style but not for the character design.
        Joseph’s work shows that he has a planet for improvement and not just a room

        In essence they all have to keep on doing what they do for there is improvement needed in all their works.

      • My guardian, i think i am entitled to my own opinion.
        I am a proud electrical/electronics engineer by profession, from unilag.
        so don’t come here to lecture me on computers. It will take me no more than 10mins to do what ekene did, nd i will even do it in 3d with maya.
        I cant do what dixon has done in 5yrs, so lets stop decieving ourselves, and give honour to whom honour is deserved. I dont understand why you are soo much behind ekene. I am starting to smell a rat. This is an open competition in which anybody can win, but i support joseph and dixon who actually did pencil work, and think what you are trying to say is tantamount to mental blasphemy.
        But who knows? Its just my opinioin. Once again i appreciate all the competitors, especially dixon and joseph.

      • Yomi I am very disappointed in your reasoning towards digital art. i place a bet with you that if u can achieve what Ekene did within 1hour i’ll pay u the sum of N100 000 in cash. NO ARTIST, even with a wacom Cintq (if u know what that is) can design a character in such quality within 15mins. If you want to insult these artists hard work with your poor knowledge about digital art don’t come out in public like this to do that because you are simply insulting yourself.You speak of Maya like you perfected the software and created a perfect proportional human figure with it. No artist that can create a digital art like Ekene and Orizen if they can draw and shade with pencils. Did u run before crawling and walking as a baby? Please!!

      • Onyekachi Irozuru
        Has just replied well to you Yomi.
        From your comment I know your state of mind, Sorry Yomi. It is sad that you think that way…

  13. There is a difference between Skilled Pencil work and computer graphics..A lot of work has bin put into Dixon’s work with jst pencils….Rare Talent and Expertise…Thanks y’all for voting

    • Just as I stated above as a reply to Yomi,
      I think I’m in a position to explain to you that the computer is merely a tool and not a magical medium.
      with my long time experience in Art, I have come to understand that.
      Dixon’s work did not adopt the style and technique that is suitable for character design
      esp if the concept is for a comic or animation.
      It is In my understanding that Ekene’s work requires no less creativity than the traditional technique used by Dixon.
      Dixon’s style is suitable for realistic portraiture and not for charicature. He probably used a reference image of Jide Kosoko, and then tweaked it a lil bit by exaggerating some features in a not-so maestros-tic manner.

    • I personally think that:
      Joseph’s work shows that he has a planet for improvement and not just a room
      he has done well to participate, and I do commend him for his efforts

  14. Ok now, I am confused at which to go for. They all are good artists and I must say they all have my respect as I cannot even draw a cup 🙂 I will go for Dickson, the tribal mark looks like something a Baba Risi would have 🙂 And oga Tunde, well done- you breathe life into Baba Risi and now he lives in our head. Cheers bro.

  15. Lol…4 christs sake, no one asked Mr Dolapo 2 draw a portrait of jide kosoko. His work cnt b promoted, xcpt he’s got permission frm jide kosoko 2 publish it. Ekene’s d best as far am I’m concerned. Its a perfect illustration of a controversial, mischievous, nd comical baba risi…I cn tell a lot frm his work. D more u luk, d more u c. Nd besides, it wud luk good on a story book, magazine or any oda kind of publication…pencil art is nice, bt is NT required in dis kind of competition. As 4 d oda two, dey have no clue…pls mobilise 4 ekene. Let’s encourage him

  16. O m g !!!! I’m xo xo xo amazed at Dickson oludolapo’s art work!!! Just look at the way he totally illlustrated baba risi with just a pencil, c’mon people, this the best best best have seen so far…….Gushhhhh!!!! Wish I could do that tho

  17. Wow, This Drawings are really Marvellous. But I think I’ll go with the drawing of dixon, I mean d guy really tried using his pencil art n all, n I think it best describes “our” baba Risi.

  18. We should all take note that the competition is abt voting for the Baba Risi of ur dreams & not the Baba Risi that required more work to draw…We that are ‘art work or drawing illiterates’ can’t even tell which work is done wiv Pencil or computer. I dnt know Eken from Adam, but his pix just jst gives me d Baba Risi I’ve always had in my head. Wish I cld vote 4 him more than once! Ekene Rocks!!!

  19. No doubt, Dixon tried with traditional fine art, bt it also means Dixon hasn’t evolved wit d tide. Computer graphics’s more feasible nd cn be reproduced easily…we shudnt judge sympatheticaly, bt sincerely nd logicaly. Wat if TL wnted 2 publish it as an illustration in a book, wud he ask Dixon 2 draw several copies of his piece in diff poses?. I dnt tink so. Dixon wud evn decline….y guess is dt Dixon hs paid some of u guys to come in here 2 spoil ekene’s gud wrk. God dey watch una o

  20. Mr. Abayomi, is it that you are just feel like insulting digital artists or you just felt like gyming ur fingers to make this stupid comments. Don’t you know the difference between potraits and illustration? Please don’t come here to deceive people that have no knowledge about digital art. What we see here from Ekene is a serious hard work that went through pencils before the digital colorings were applied. I know the work of a drawing tablet when I see one and this is not one.This is not an easy art piece,I’m sure if you ask for portraits he’ll give you one. All the artists here are awesome not a single piece is easy. Let fellow artists talk cos we know what’s involved. Ekene takes my vote on this one. That is a professional Job.

  21. When you see a professional job appreciate it! Ekene Rocks! That’s what I call illustration. Baba Risi could be either a graphic novel or animation someday and Everyone wants a character that wud attract them and that’s what he has given TL. #in Joke Silvas voice. “Welldone”!

  22. I like d idea of the bell in d 1st one tho he looks lyk a former presido of ds country,d odas r animated n good,really…d last one works fine for me…dy al deserve a big applause….I wz thinking can dr b an infusion of d looks d drawings have,lyk d bell in the first one n d comical looks of the 2nd one togeda into d 4th drawing. #jes saying…buh I appreciate d artists tho

  23. Joseph Adesina’s image is most captivating. Baba Risi has evolved from some junkie stark illiterate to a man commanding a court that is internationally known. For his jugdements to carry some weight, he must look the part. we shouldn’t also forget that ‘business’ is good and dat should reflect in his dressing. Afterall the ‘Ifunpa’ (charm worn on the forearm) must be well covered. Furthermore, inspite of all d courtroom drama, BR is a sage. Wisdom (native or acquired) refines a man. And to think there’s some semblance wit ‘Baba Iyabo’, Joseph Adesina has really done well.

  24. This AYOBAMI of a guy sef does not know jack about art, do you think its covering your leg with sand and remove it and you have a cricket house like we use to do in primary school? Please this is a professional platform with professional people, please stop saying what you don’t know or have an idea of just in the name of I follow talk too. Nice one guyz love you all, but Ekene Art is my pick and has my Vote

  25. Sentimentaly, I’d vote Dickson, bt 4 delivery, Ekene…Dixon’s work MST have BN vry rigorous nd time consumin. It must hv BN harder 2 accomplish dn wat Ekene produced. However, Ekene executed d challenge wit a clear understandin of d concept wich TL nd most of us envisioned. Dt shws creativity nd skill (usin a computer). D tin abayomi, who I tink may even b Dixon, doesn’t undastnd is dt we’re in chngin times nd we cnt afford 2 neglect d fact dt dere r nw evn more ways 2 skin a cat. Some ways r better dn odas. Lol…Abayomi/Dixon needs exposure. D train is movin nd dey fallin behind…his work is a sick joke. He drew a portrait of a celebrity nd droped it here. Smtin he might evn later sell 2 Mr Jide Kosoko. Dts 419, nd Abayomi who’s obviously a liar is cmin here 2 bad mouth Ekene’s wrk

  26. Joseph’s drawing does it for me, d side view looks like wen Baba Risi is coming into his court room while the front view is one of those serious moments when Baba Risi is not sure if the case will bring in money.

  27. What is happenin?. I tot ekene was leadin…smtin isn’t right here. Seems the world hs suddenly startd votin for Dixon. I cn imagine the kind of publicity stunt he pulled

  28. Pingback: How I Got Revenge On My Cheating Wife 2 | tlsplace

    • I am surprised u say such a thing mr E.N. It takes a cheat to know a cheat.
      And i have been suspecting you for cheating the moment u entered this competition. Just carry on, the future is bright for you. After all anini could have started out by cheating at online polls. I believe you will surpass him.
      Have a wonderful day everyday.

      • Mr E.N, let me give u a hint, so u can stop cheating. If u use twitter very well, u should know that there are accounts that allow people looking for votes to get them, so long as you vote for other people. Dixon voted for me, nd i helped him mobilise my voters to his competition. Once again thank you Dixon for always being there, i will try my best to help you win.
        I just hate people who slander.
        I rather oziren or jeseph win this competition than ekene ngige.he is such a loser.

  29. E.N, perhaps you, have hacked…I know Dixon very well, he’s quite popular @ school. he’s got sooo many people voting 4 him alrdy. Pls, let’s try 2 kip dis as fair as possible. However, its a matter of personal integrity, pls build some…E.N, Ekene Ngige, abi?

  30. Lool. It has gotten to this stage? I’ll stand for my guy on this cos whoever E.N is, dats not Ekene and going as far as trying to make it look like him is such a poor move from U Yomi. Call him whatever u like. Inside or Outside this competition U’ll never stand near him in art. Ekene wont bring down anybodys art piece here cos all artists are special in their own way unlike U gyming ur fingers and yarning dust from d begining like u av a drop of talent in U. Do u know wat Anini looked like, ur dad gisted u d story abi? Maybe u know judas as well. Na u know criminals pass. U r Shelock Yemi Holmes na.

  31. Wow.. Shame on U Yomi. Who’s E.N? E.N is E.N but not Ekene. I just read through and its very obvious u’ve been a very messed up mind from start. U accuse The Gaurdian saying”I smell rats”, U insulted Ekenes work now u frame him to be E.N. You are messed up. If u wana bring down someones name cos of this competition what would u do if the prize tag was $1m. Shame on U man. Sorry…i’ll take d “Man” back. Shame on u boy. Vote Ekene Ngige, his work speaks 4 him.

  32. @Ekene Ngige,I’ve bin keeping keep close watch on ur votes increase,you are the cheat here,it increases by 6-8 votes in less than a minute,I’m Dixon Oludolapo’s sister,I av close to 2k followers on twitter nd even my tweets nd DM’s doesn’t bring dt kind of increase,coupled wt tweets fm my friends askin for votes,because dt is wat u are doin,u are den tryin to get a way to slander ur opponent,I’lld watch out for u in future because u can’t be trusted with a campaign for bigger things,jst A Nokia Lumia phone ,uve started slandering and cheating…

  33. O little Retards with poor minds. Have you no shame at all? Do you know Ekene? If he wasn’t persuaded to do this You shameless mouth running rats won’t be trying to spoil his name. Dixon if I were you I’ll meet him for lessons because even Jide Kosoko won’t accept dat thing as his portrait. You guys are just messing up this competiton with your stupid set ups. E.N my foot. Dickson, find Kenny da-vinci on facebook and learn art from him.

  34. Wow! Too bad. I agree with Onyekachi. Seriously, on something as trivial as this, some people are throwing away intergrity and marring others. It shows the caliber of people you’ve got as friends Dixon. Even if you end up winning Dixon, the fact remains that you have nothing on Ekene’s Art. There’s no precision in your illustration, creativity is zero as it’s impossible to disern emotions; not catchy, boring, lifeless…. the list is endless.
    Convert Ekene’s ‘Baba Risi’ to pencil and He still nails you flat. No matter who the person might be, I give honour to whom honour is due. My allegiance lies with Ekene’s ‘Baba Risi’ simply because his is closest in depicting the character. Plus, he makes me actually want to interact with ‘him’. Gbam!!!

  35. Whoever E.N is no one cares…buh u all av forgotten E.N crossed he’s line by labelling anoda competitor a cheat…nd if yomi is acussing E.N of being Ekene Ngige, he has every right cos sumone also labelled him as dixon. Only pity E.N…If dixon can mobilize pple to vote for him..let him sit dere nd fold his arms nd be callin pple cheats. Nd I still tink dixon’s illustration is best

  36. YOMI YOMI YOMI, How many times did I call you, 3times. Can you just keep quiet Plzzzzz!!! And stop making noise cos you are disturbing my lil nice how’s sleeping. Let the ART speaks for themselves and stop fabricating unnecessary stories. I say again Ekene has my vote 100% his Art is exquisite with clear understanding of who Baba Risi is…

  37. Really?? E.N?? Kenny hardly uses his Ekene on social network talkless of E.N. Tochukwu what do you know about hacking? Do you think anyone can just hack? You guys are trying to destroy someones name and reputation for How much? I had to rush down to see these comments for myself and I’m highly disappointed in all of you. It shows your level of maturity. Yomi you and your friends are so childish for this act and you’r simply damaging Dixons image cos its clear that you are all friends. You are one. Smh.

  38. Okay everyone, i have heard all you have to say, and i apologise, to everyone i have offended. I was only trying to express my opinion.
    I am now going to do other things that will better my life.
    In the main time, u guys can pls like my page;
    King Regards

  39. Plssss Fisayo lemme hear word! You have 2k followers on twitter meaning they all voted? Tell that 2d billboards abeg. This is a simple competition stop forming one crap ass detective here abeg. Na u study vote pass no go study ur book. Ekene Ngige has said nothing against ur broda and u came out to label him E.N. U no wan get sense? This was supposed to be a fun competition and you are trying to destroy names becos of Nokia. Maybe if d prize was a Range Rover sports u’ll find his address and hunt him. Yomi ur own na Agbaya dey worry u, if I follow u on facebook it’ll be easier to tackle you there. Grow Up o.

  40. Looool…. Ppl can b funny sha. Vote as u imagined baba Risi, if Dixion or Ekene wins… Its dia luck. U guys don’t need to b insulting ursefs here na. Haba dats uncalled 4!

  41. Tochi, d tin u tlkin abt isn’t hacking. Its smtin close though…they are actualy voting more than once, I was doin dt 4 Ekene yday. Just vote, clear cookies, caches nd history, nd vote agn. I guess dt is wat Dixon also does. So, ppl, its time 2 pitch firm tents for your fav

  42. Hey! Pssst! Fisayo. I understand you are trying to stand for your broda and that’s aii. But do it with your brain. If you read through you would have seen that Yomi is behind all this mess. If Raymond calls him Dixon that’s Raymond, tackle him. If some E.N calls your bro a cheat tackle E.N. Stop calling the name of a contestant who sees no reason to insult ur bro cause they don’t look like mates in the art industry even from what I see here. Call ur boy “Yomi” to order and talk to him. That’s what Ladies do not making stupid comments like you just did. You are just the perfect reason y they call ladies “fish brain”. Use Ur head woman. Its easy to make a stupid comment and use a name like D.O. Think!

  43. Funny Stuvz….Diff Insults flying around over wat is supposed to b an healthy competition….ds one evn called me Fish Brain…Lmfao….I’m Out..Gdluck y’all

  44. This is gettin tough! But abeg o. Una dey kill my bat3. Smal smal wit una comment. Let he who the crown fits, win the competition. I rest ma case

  45. Funny Stuvs……see insults flyin around over wat is supposed to b a healthy competition.this one even called me FishBrain LMAO….I’m Out.Gdluck y’all

  46. Good gracious!
    This is so not encouraging.

    With good intentions, TL set up a little competition, and I first misunderstood it, until He explained with maturity which made me respect him and take back the impression I had of his cause.
    Now I have decided to support the competition with some valuable prize, But I have come to realize that corruption has really messed up our psyche in this part of the world.
    I can understand people having conflicting opinions, and interests, But I can not understand going as far as cheating by multiple votes for a little fun competition.
    I’d suggest that the opposing parties calm down, take a deep breath, and realize that this is just a fun competition for the pleasure of all involved.
    Quit the insults, accusations, and impersonations, and just agree to disagree…
    Life goes on ya’ll.

    • Hmmm, ekene ngige has been a close friend of mine for more than 20 yrs; right from nursery school; if u know him personally, u wil be ready to SWEAR on ur own life that he CANNOT slander anyone; All the above illustrations show talent; I like ekene’s, nt becos he’s one of my closest friends but becos his work, in my opinion, best depicts what Baba Risi should look like.

  47. Hmmmm… This competition should be between Ekene Ngige and Oziren Omoarukhe I wonder how Dixon is garnering so much votes. I mean his art is good but I don’t think that’s its what we need in the modern digital media. I have a special prize for Ekene and Oziren sha. I think i’m gonna broadcast this link. when does voting end please?

    • Dixon is getting his votes the same way ekene is getting his votes. Dixon is a very small boy 18 yrs old , ekene from wat i see is above 20, i think ekene’s friends should act more matured nd treat dixon like a brother, but intead, insults are just flying around. I am dixons mother, nd i warned him to back out of this competition b4, he just didnt listen.

  48. What am I seeing…I close my eyes for 2 seconds and dickson has so many votes??? Abeg wen will d voting end sef becos Ekene must win this thing oh…dis dickson’s picture is soo boring *yawning*

  49. Ekene, dixon has left this competition for you.
    He his no more bothered with getting votes. So go ahead and enjoy your win.
    My son has his school to be more concerned with, as this competition is taking too much of his time, and is not worth it.
    Good luck

  50. Gooday everyone, dis is dixon oludolapo a 300l student of unilag nd a pencil artist. I av resisted the urge of making a comment buh at dis point I av to just after seeing the ridiculous impersonation of my mum. Its really very sad nd unfair to see hw fr pple can go just because of a little competition like dis…even to d extent of someone impersonating my mum for d whole world to see. Firstly, I would like to clarify dat dt person wasn’t my mum nd I wsnt given any order to quit. M not here to insult anyone but simply to resolve d conflict, I would urge my friends nd my competitor’s friends to calm down nd stop the insults nd conflicts Agnst eachother.I sincerely apologise to anyone whom mite av bn harrased in anyway. I create images with pencils nd I av portraits nd artworks even five times better Dan d babarisi illustrated above. U can add me on bb 259d8a87, ff me on twitter @dixon_ddee , check my profile on fbook . U mite want to av a rethink if u think my art hasn’t evolved. Thanks to u all nd d votes nd God bless. Pls no more insults nd grudges

  51. Dixen’s drawing is too pathetic fr Baba Risi…he cnt even use jazz. Orizen’s own is too comical…sumfin lik holy mallam…Joseph’s drawing is oopss…too serz fr sum1 dat can jump nd disappear….nd my Ekene’s own is OMG!!!almost lik d Baba Risi av in head nd dah illustrations reminds m of ‘Whaaaaaaaaaat!!! Eyin boiz!!!! Lmaoo….Gud job i must say. Av a baba risi in head buh cannot draw*sad*

  52. Hi, I am Ekene Ngige. I am a Fine Artist, 2D animator and a Graphic Designer. I just want to say a big thank you to the Supports and votes from those i know and those i don’t. i appreciate you all. Thank You TL, it was a very interesting Competition. Thank You Gaurdian for supporting the competition. all the Contestants here are awesome artists, keep up the good work. God bless. You can watch my upcoming animated movie trailer here and check out my paintings on facebook for more info on the movie Like this page God Bless.

  53. Art should be authentic and depict the communication it is intended to portray. It is because of this I voted DIXON. Pencil art is still relevant to date. The concept is original. The mechanical nature of computer gymnastics make a mockery of Africanness. ‘Baba Risi’ presupposes some Yoruba cultural male parent, maybe educated or illiterate, as a person does not have to be an illiterate to be culturally and customarily inclined. Indeed, the Dixon version looks a lot like Mr. Jide Kosoko, which makes it even more authentic as coming from a Yoruba genre. Thank you.

  54. Ha! =))º°˚˚˚°ºнaĦaнaº°˚˚˚°º=)) I missed all this September baba risi picture drama! Comments,counter comments,counter attack comments! Commenting war was hilarious! D cracker was d impersonation of Dixon’s mum! =))º°˚˚˚°ºнaĦaнaº°˚˚˚°º=)) . It js made my day! =))º°˚˚˚°ºнaĦaнaº°˚˚˚°º=)) !!!!!! Oziren’s picture was funny too…! brother u hv a very comical image of baba risi in ur head oh! He shd b d comedian in baba risi’s court! =))º°˚˚˚°ºнaĦaнaº°˚˚˚°º=))! TL take note! Joseph thinks baba risi shd b baba iyabo dts y he drew OBJ na! =))º°˚˚˚°ºнaĦaнaº°˚˚˚°º=))! D work will fit obj tho…hahaha!! Ekene…ur baba risi isn’t intimidating Jor burr a bigger pic of dis wd b and yes it will now b a perfect baba risi! Dickson’s baba risi I can’t visualise him laughing! It wd b scary!!=))º°˚˚˚°ºнaĦaнaº°˚˚˚°º=)) ! good job y’all!

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