How I Got Revenge on My Cheating Wife 4

Here’s the Final Episode of Dimeji Ojo’s interesting series. Read Episode 3 HERE. Another writer’s short series features from next week. You can get Dimeji’s debut novel Monitored at Terakulture. Follow him on twitter @iStalkWriters and read his writing online at 



I had her skirt hiked up around her waist, her panties, bra and shirt flung to the far corners of the room, as the head slipped past her lower lips she clutched me. Hard. Harder even than when she had climaxed earlier. I pulled back a bit and repeated the partial entry.  Her face was contorted.  She said her first words; ‘Fuck Me’ I didn’t.  I could hear telltale sounds of fresh lovemaking from the next room.  I buried my lips next to her ear.

‘What did you say?’ She repeated herself.  I slid an inch forward. Then out again.  Who? I asked.  Who? When she said my name it sounded better than I could have ever hoped. I slid all the way in and said ‘Louder’.  With each thrust her voice rose and every time I pulled back, I repeated myself.  It had become a battle of sounds now, they had gotten louder, and I knew they had heard us, I was satisfied.  As she came, she gave an extra treat, she screamed my name and surname this time, at the top of her lungs.

Instantly, the lovemaking in the next room ceased, I smiled as she fell asleep with her head on my chest.   My wife called.  I told her how lonely it was in Lagos and sent a picture of myself in an empty hotel room. There were no sounds from the other room all night.

In the morning, the lover’s wife was distraught.  He didn’t deserve her.  I had us packed and ready to go then I sent my wife a message, I had just landed and I was in a taxi on the way home and that I hoped she had packed, the flight for Ghana was scheduled to leave at noon. I listened hard.  When their door opened, I opened ours and stepped out.  He saw me first, and then his wife.  I could see all three of them go through the emotions.  Self-righteous rage, confusion and then slowly, understanding.

He knew now that it was his wife who had screamed my name and that we had heard them as well.  She knew now that I had lied to her and slept with her best friend’s wife and that I had caught her cheating.  The lover’s wife only knew that she had been unfaithful and that her husband had been as well.  His business trips suddenly made sense.

The one thing none of them knew was that I was not as shocked or outraged as they were.  I smiled and pulled the envelope with the divorce papers out of my bag.  I handed them to her and walked out.  When her lawyer tried to apply for settlement, I told the Court I had nothing.   I had donated all our property to a Ghanaian charity.  All bank accounts had been cleared out leaving barely enough to survive for 2 weeks.  There was nothing to be done, the property wasn’t mine anymore.

When the divorce became final, I raised some money from my friends and found the next flight to Ghana.  She was broke and so was her lover.  His wife had kicked him out.  They could have been broke together but even that was not on the cards.  It turned out he preferred his wife, mine was just a good lay.  She wouldn’t have him back but he dumped my wife to show her he had changed.

When I arrived at the office of the charity I had set up for this purpose, I presented the second document to its manager.  He signed.

I was free and with all of my wealth, minus a cheating wife and 10% of the net worth which went to the Charity.   My lawyer had said they could only touch property acquired during our marriage, I sold it all.  He said funds in my name would be subject, I gave it all away.  When I got it back the marriage had been dissolved, she was not entitled.  It was perfectly legal.

I know what you are thinking.  I lied to my wife, I stalked her, I involved another innocent woman, led her on for months.  Well, not exactly, I did write the book.  I documented the discovery, the stalking, the plan and its execution.  It hit the shelves a week ago in all my distribution zones and was an instant bestseller in all of them.

I didn’t stab my wife and her lover when I saw them in my pool, that would have been foolish.  I waited over a year but I ruined their lives.  I bought myself a new home in Maitama, a few cars as well, the success of the new book covered my tracks.

My new home is large and luxurious, I had the pool cemented over the day I moved in, on rough nights I walk out onto my balcony and look at the solid grey slab that used to be filled with clear blue water and then I go back to bed and sleep like a baby

76 thoughts on “How I Got Revenge on My Cheating Wife 4

  1. Now that’s what I’m talking about…b**ch gat what d deserved..but wait o…why did u involve the guy’s wife na??? Good read…

    • If Christians were meant to fall short after coming to Crist, Jesus would not have told every person who he forgave them of their sins ” Go and sin no more”. Your answer is a typical answer of an American do what ever makes you feel good mentality. I feel sorry for you and pray that eventually you will understand the full word of God and not just the parts you think justify your sins. Than You would realize you can no longer pre meditate sin. And feel Good presents everywhere. 🙂 Good tales son and Marriage very serious!and so should we.

  2. Daaaaammmnn! Dat’s d hardest revenge ever jeeez mehn d guy na serious baddo, he can definitly giv olamide a run 4 his moni interms of d baddest guy eva liveth name. Hahahha kai tunde ‎​u sure knw hw 2 pick dis stories mehn

  3. I don’t know but these story tries too hard to be like an American thriller but it is not. To start with authors don’t live that fantastically in Nigeria and not even in Abuja for that matter.

  4. Nice ending Dimeji, although I don’t approve involving his wive but then it is said revenge is best served cold…kudos TL luv u loads *yikes* *dancing skelewu*

  5. Good read no doubt, just so we know tho…..authors don’t live that well here yet. Aye? As for involving the other woman…well,I really wouldn’t know…. Loved it all the same. Kudos 🙂

  6. A part of me feels bad that the other wife was involved, while the other part of me kinda understands. I think he gave her a pillow to land on when she falls. -mite not make much sense to you- but if she was the only one who had been holy & found out, she would be caught between killing herself & killing the lovers. And she would regret never haven cheated on him much more. The fact that Mr author handled his rage don’t mean my dear lady would be able to handle hers that well.
    Dimeji & TL, you know every na.

    • Turns out that the other guys wife was a willful cheater herself. No pain to deal with. No vengeance in mind. I’m not so sympathetic.

  7. Its good d wife was involved so d loverboy will loose too,since he dint appreciate feeding from a woman’s pocket! Yeye lover!! Good job TL!!!

  8. Hmmmmmmmm! What can I say? I love, lover, lovest it! Lol very great revenge mehn! “Olukowe wa gbayi mehn” keep it up! Muah muah!

  9. A rather highly unrealistic end and quite disappointing. So the moral of the story is when your spouse cheats, you too cheat in return. And the best friend’s wife too must be messed up. So the thing is married people have no room for working out their relationships. And you said in the end he can sleep like a baby. Pls when he can’t even have a pool in his house any more. Very disappointing anti climax.

    • There is room for working out stuffs in relationships but we human beings are not all d same and we handle situations differently. Some pple can stand being cheated while some can’t just live with it. He couldn’t live wt d thought of his wife being with ‘her best friend’. Do u evn knw how much of a fool d guy must feel like knowing dat ur marriage was all a lie cos dis ‘best friend’ has been in the picture even b4 dey got married. For pete’s sake, ‘her bestie’ was one of her husband’s grooms men. He was hurt n he handled it d best way he could. Above all, the story is just a fiction.

  10. Good ending, but not great. Certainly not as great as the beginning. Would have loved it even more if he had ended up with his lover’s wife. Haha! As in, that would have been the nail in the coffin.
    I don’t think he was wrong to involve the lover’s wife in his plans. If some dude was fucking my wife, I’d fuck his wife back. An eye for an eye, man. I don’t give a shit. I’d fuck my wife’s sister just make her see I mean business.

  11. i feel the wife had to be involved. if not the man would have moved back in with her, she none the wiser and only the writers wife punished. Because if he had just told her the man was cheating, she wouldnt have believed, gotten emotional, accosted her hubby and ruined writers plans. so writer had to revenger on both his wife and her cheating lover as well….

    and to top it off, he go free punani. and to show how unselfish he was, he gave her a fucktastic orgasmic ending…

    love the planning….make i marry first catch my wife, i now know what to do (tho i go add her sister to my own free punanis) 😛

  12. what a revenge! a hard hit i must say. but sha you for leave the innocent woman out of the mess na. that silly man will have a word to say abt her. great writeup as usual.

  13. As much as we love our wives and girl friends, they are more vessels of temptations and the society frowns at a cheating lady with all taboolic note. My advice remains every woman should try and respect her family, man or guy no matter the circumstances. Channel your grievences to God and always pray for your man. Now, even on top of the man’s ill revenge he got away with it and the other man probably will reconcile with his wife by apologizing, finally gets a second chance. But the other lady got ruined for life.

  14. anti climax. I liked 1-3, but this 4,… not so much. maybe bcos its even shorter and I expected the events that followed. nonetheless, beautifully written. big ups!.

  15. Generally, great piece no doubt, I felt every bit of it.
    Moral to me (Personal) – I would rather walk away than revenge. Forgiveness never existed in the writer’s world, he was simply hurt to death. His long awaited plans can be equated to murder.
    Weldone Dimeji and Tunde.

  16. Ow…kay….this last episode was kind of a “slide” for me oo….(You just killed the vibe nao) I mean the first 3 episodes were so “hot” I couldn’t wait till the next one! It was so short that all the suspense and thrills from the previous episodes just vanished. I also would have preferred he “went on” with the lover’s wife sef (it would have made the revenge even Icy :D) But it was a good read after all. I enjoyed it.*thumbs up*

  17. I don’t like the fact that he got the lover’s wife involved. he took advantage of her vulnerability and her trust. what if she wants to do the same? don’t like the ending at all #notinstrestedface.

  18. To those lukn 4 “d moral”, d story neva set d tone 4 dt, I bliv we were all expcting a very cruel & cold revenge, & we gt jst dt, so luk 4 ur morals else whr. & if he had ended up wit “miss innocent”, dt wld av been more of an anti-climax ending 4 me. Twld av bin unreal- basically, twld av ended like a nollywood movie wld…lol
    Initially, I felt bad abt involving d oda woman, bt now I get Y she had 2 be. Mehn!!!! U try o. E sweet well well. If only we dnt act out immediately we’re hurt, bt chill & mke it hurt even more 4 d oda party….jst kidding.
    Dimeji, loved d writing frm the very 1st episode, Bigups. TL, sme pppl r giving u a run 4 ur money o…lol. We still luv u tho

  19. uhmmmm…………….insteresting story. would have been perfect for me but the fact that u had to involve the lover”s wife didnt really go well with me. anyway do me i do you noni! sorry o!

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