Rekiya’s Tale – Episode 12 – The Finale

We bring the Finale of Rekiya’s Tale today. It’s been a great ride, as always. Next week, we begin a new series, BURNT. The 2nd week we’re taking entries for the Baba Risi Illustration Competition is over. There’s just one more week. Keep the entries coming. If you still want to find out how to enter, read here 


Rekiya Seyi


Of the many things that can drive a person crazy, pain and love create the most normal looking crazy people. When it is love that is causing the deep pain a person feels, then the craziness becomes psychopathic. The scariest part is that they appear normal to us all.

What happened next shocked me to my bones. The image is indelibly etched in my mind’s eye forever and sometimes, I wake up, cold sweat lining my brows from nightmares containing it. Akudo knelt down over Ochuko, still facing us, with her gun trained on us, crying. None of us dared to move an inch.

“Now, we can be together, away from all these intruders,” she looked at me with burning hatred and snarled as she said intruders. I could guess that she wasn’t seeing me per say. She was personifying the five women who had babies for him with those words, travelling to each country she had been to in her mind. The tears continued to pour as she went on “my own, mine alone, no one else’s own,” she said as if the dead man would hear.

She kept at this for a couple of minutes, looking from him to me and back to him repeatedly. I really thought I was going to die. Then she lay down on him and put the gun to her head and said loud enough for us to hear “see you soon baby”. And then she pulled the trigger, blowing her own brains all over the cream colored wall. I screamed, losing sense of my environment for a few moments.

Dad was up on his feet, bounding over to where the bodies lay. Unlike Farida and I who had never seen a gun wound outside television, not to talk of splattered brains, he had fought in the civil war and so wasn’t quite as numb as we were. Farida kept saying “oh my God, oh my goodness,” to herself. Even though two dead people lay on my floor, I was somewhat glad I wasn’t one of them. Forget what they say, even if you were forming “I want to die, I don’t want to go on living” before, when you look death in the face and survive, you cannot but be grateful.

Suddenly, there was heavy knocking on the door again. We all froze. My eyes darted to the clock on the wall. It was well past twelve now and knowing what that door had brought my way in the past two hours, I was filled with dread as I wondered what else it was about to deliver. Another thought crept into my mind. Had any of the neighbors heard the gunshots and called the police? The police coming at this time would only make the nightmare worse. I did not move an inch, willing the knocking to go away. It stopped for a moment, only to start again with even more intensity.

“Farida, are you in there?” It was a familiar voice, and I heaved a sigh of relief. Farida practically flew to the door and flung it open. My boss stepped into the room, followed by a team of three familiar-looking policemen wielding AK47 rifles. They were his official escort on the payroll of our company. Was I glad they were the policemen here!

“What happened here?” he asked, directing the question to Farida, his eyes darting around the room, taking everything in. But before she could answer, I jumped in and asked him “what are you doing in my house, in the middle of the night, with fully armed policemen?”

Farida quickly spoke up “let me explain, Reks. When Akudo began to go berserk, I quickly dialed him,” she pointed at my boss, “and hoped he would pick up. Thank God she was so engrossed in her drama she didn’t notice, because it rang out the first time and I had to redial,” she said this while shooting him a ‘look’.

“Well, it was late in the night and I was sleeping. Your first call woke me up but rang out before I could pick up,” he explained.

“Thank God you sha eventually picked up and didn’t cut the call when you heard only noise.”

“When I picked up, I put you on speaker because I couldn’t be bothered to put the phone to my ears. Then I began to hear what was going on, and when the first gunshot came through, I knew there was trouble. I gathered the guys and we came rushing down as quickly as we could.”

I shook my head, first at Fafa. This girl was just something, she could think on her feet faster than a speeding bullet. In all honesty, I sure was glad she was at my side all through this. But I shook it more at my boss, our ‘knight in shining armor’. Rolling my eyes in spite of myself, I said “And you decided to knock on the door like that to announce your arrival? What if the shooters were still here with us holding us hostage? They would have…”

“Thank God they didn’t. And it’s not even a they, it’s a she.” she hushed me.

Fafa turned to him and pointed to the bodies “that’s Ochuko.”

“What? Same Ochuko? As in Ochuko Ochuko? I thought he was on his way to England to see his wife. Rekiya, what have you done?”

I eyed Farida. So she had gone to run mouth to oga about Ochuko’s travel trips abi. Love was seriously catching her. But that was for another time, I would deal with her. I brought my mind back to what my oga was saying and I could see his line of thought. I quickly corrected it “he was not on that plane. He simply lied about travelling to keep me away for as long as his wife was around.” I pointed to Akudo’s body over him.

“That is his wife?” he repeated the point.

“Yes, and she was the shooter. Blew his brains out, held us hostage and then killed herself right before our eyes. He had driven her over the edge with his philandering and she just snapped. Rekiya was the sixth lady Mr. Ochuko was doing this to. Or rather the sixth his wife was finding out about. The woman lost it.”

“Damn! This is some nasty piece of work. Crazy way to end it all men.” My boss exclaimed. He spoke as if he was addressing the dead Ochuko.

“We need to handle this so that it doesn’t become trouble. You know the way things like this can be, even when it’s obvious we all had nothing to do with the deaths.” Dad spoke for the first time since. His voice grated my being. I couldn’t believe how repulsive it was to me.

Fafa put an arm around my boss (felt weird seeing that actually, but I couldn’t care less at that time) and said “darling, what can your guys do for us? They’re the first officers on the scene.”

As if madam had pulled puppet strings, oga turned to the one who was probably the leader of the policemen and asked “Akuma, you can handle this, right?”

Akuma looked the bodies over with a trained eye. The gun was still firmly in the grip of the lady and it was obvious that she had killed herself. Their story seemed correct. But then, this was Nigeria. “oga, we will handle it, no wahala at all” he responded.

Handle ko, handle ni. That policeman was just running his mouth. It took me five months of running around, five million naira and oga pulling plenty strings for the case to go away. In the course of the investigation, the story leaked to bloggers and they had a field day, especially after that Ochuko and I wedding stunt Fafa and I pulled. Craze people, all these bloggers who would do any story for page hits, instead of leaving people who were suffering alone. The Lord will truncate their hustle.


Farida and my boss got married about eight months after those events. I was her chief bridesmaid. By that time, seeing them playing lovey-dovey had stopped feeling awkward. No one could have known, but at the wedding, I was hiding something.

You see, after all those events, I came to one conclusion about men. I did not need any man in my life. I never spoke a word to my father since that day, in spite of all his, Farida and her husband’s efforts. I simply didn’t want anything to do with any man. The moment the police issues around Ochuko and his wife’s death settled down, I told everyone I needed a vacation and took a trip. On that trip, I met a man, a Mexican who had come to settle in America. I professed love for him, lived with him and shagged him until I got pregnant. And then I disappeared from his life, totally untraceable because to him, I was Brenda from Zambia. I was a little less than a month pregnant when I escorted my best friend down the aisle as she married my boss. But no one but me knew. After the wedding, I disappeared, and had this fine baby, the finest thing I had ever laid my eyes on. That was four years ago. None of them knows where I live and I’m not about to tell you too, dear reader. I’m happy, loving my baby, enjoying life everyday. There’s only one little fact I would have loved to be different, but I cannot do anything about it, really. You see, while I was pregnant, I hoped and prayed and hoped and prayed. But the fates would mock me, because my baby turned out to be a boy in spite of all my prayers that it would be a girl. But I love him to death. He is the only man in my life now, and that’s exactly how it will be. Thank you for reading my tale.

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Rekiya’s Tale – Episode 11

Week One of the Three Weeks for sending entries in for the Baba Risi Illustrators Competition is gone and entries have come in. Looking forward to the more entries over the next two weeks. If you haven’t heard about it, read about it here Enjoy today’s Rekiya’s Tale!


Rekiya Seyi


Never pray to be faced with the kind of choices that I was faced with as I entered Rekiya’s living room that night. None was easy, both would hurt and the options were limited. I had the choice of sharing what I had found out and saving my friendship with Rekiya but destroying whatever fragile trust she had left in men, or not sharing and letting her keep thinking of me as the villain.

I hadn’t thought I would meet all these people here. Rekiya’s dad, Ochuko and a lady I now recognized as his wife. I nearly had a heart attack when I saw Ochuko in flesh and blood. How the hell had this guy survived that plane crash? For a couple of minutes, I lost my tongue and couldn’t say a word. And I could see that Rekiya was about to fly off at me now. I tried to recover and say something, to ask how Ochuko was here, but she spoke faster than me, and she was shouting.


When your world is determined to shatter, it seems everything you hold dear in that world looks for the highest cliff and jumps off its face to smash into smithereens.

All eyes were fixed on the door as Farida came in. She had changed from the dress I remembered her wearing, and she seemed even more beautiful scrubbed free of makeup. She must have rushed here from wherever she was coming from, because she was still wearing a hairnet. And I know Farida, she would almost never be caught dead in a hairnet outside the house.

“I obviously forgot to take my keys from you abi? That’s why you can still let yourself into my house and show your face here. What did you forget to finish en?” I was shouting at the top of my voice.

“Rekiya, what is the problem? It’s Fafa you are talking to like this.” Daddy said sternly, reprimanding me and holding me back. Then turning to Fafa, he apologized on my behalf. Hearing him apologize to her enraged me even further and I blew my lid.

“Daddy, are you taking her side now? She’s the reason I lost my baby and even almost got Ochuko…”

“Will you stop speaking and listen to yourself young woman? You are blaming her for what exactly?” I did not respond and he continued “I thought so. I am disappointed in you Rekiya, highly disappointed that you would even speak these type of things. Come on!”

I felt ashamed of myself and knew Daddy was speaking the truth. But I kept struggling with it. The only way I was holding off the torrent of self blame was by passing it on to Farida. Admitting now that she wasn’t guilty meant only one thing. The dam would burst open and I would break down. I crumbled onto the floor and the tears began to flow. “I killed my child,” I sobbed. I took it all on myself now. I turned to Fafa and said from the floor through the tears “I was wrong. It was all my fault. I should have…”

If I hadn’t been such a mess that day, I would have noticed that she was struggling with something as I spoke. What she told me later was that she couldn’t bear seeing me take the blame for what I didn’t do, and knowing me, I could do something that would make her regret not speaking up for the rest of her life. It was that thought that helped her make her decision. She interrupted me and said “there is something I have to tell you” in a monotonous voice. Something about the way she spoke caught my attention and the tears stopped for a moment. Daddy raised his eyebrow and said “we are listening.”

As an answer, Farida brought out her phone and pressed it for a few moments. I thought she was calling someone and my eyes darted to the door, wondering who else was going to walk through it this night. I was surprised when I heard Farida’s voice play out from the phone. It was a conversation she had recorded. The male voice was unmistakable; I had been speaking with him just a few hours ago. It had only gone beyond greetings when I burst in.

“Farida, what is this?” I asked, even more confused. I mean, what was she doing speaking with Doctor Phillips? It was all so confusing. She hushed me and merely said “listen” and then restarted the playback. We all listened in rapt attention and as the conversation progressed, things became clearer. A part of me wished I never heard the conversation.

“What the hell? This man did this to me? How? I’ve known him for as long as I can frigging remember, what the hell, he probably took delivery of me. Why? Farida, you aren’t saying anything. Are you behind this?”

“That drunken drinking fool!” daddy exclaimed. That unexpected and uncharacteristic outburst caught me by surprise and I turned to him.

“What is it daddy? Are you saying he did this simply because he was drinking?” I got up as I spoke, a thought creeping into my heart, a thought I fought hard and tried to kill. But as I looked at my dad, and I saw the way his eyes averted my gaze, it tore through my heart to my mouth and the words came tumbling out “daddy, did you have anything to do with Doctor Phillips killing my baby?” I trembled as I spoke, a mishmash of emotions tearing through my body.

“Look, angel, you know I love you, right? And love does what has to be done, no matter how much it hurts,” he said, trying to touch me.

I shrank from his touch and snarled “I did not ask for a lecture daddy. I simply want to know if you had anything to do with that conversation we just heard. It should be a simple yes or no answer sir.”

He hesitated briefly, then as if he thought “whatever”, he shrugged and said “I did what a father should do! Rekiya, you were being stubborn and was ready to become entangled with this dubious godforsaken fellow for the rest of your life. You were willing to make it difficult to find a husband. Make no mistake, once a child is between two people, there is always a reason for the person to be part of your life. I am the one that taught you that abortion is bad, so when I advocate it, shouldn’t that tell you that it is in your best interest? When that opportunity presented itself…”

“I hate you. With everything in me, I hate you” I said in measured tones to him, meaning every single word I spoke.

“Rekiya, listen to me. I did what I did for you. You are the reason. You might not see it now, but you will be thankful I made the sacrifice. It was the best thing to do in the circumstances”.

Without stopping I continued muttering “I hate you, I hate you, I hate you,” like a mantra and kept evading his touch.

Daddy turned on Farida “so you are happy now? You have made us enemies and so you are happy?”

Farida was about to answer when we heard it. We had totally forgotten about them, wrapped up in our world. The sound of the gunshot shattered our bubble and we were brought back to reality. Ochuko lay screaming on the floor, blood all over the place especially around his left leg. She stood across him, smoking gun in hand, looking incredibly calm for someone who had just shot her husband’s kneecap off.

Smiling eerily, she turned to us and trained the gun on me. “Now, shall we all sit down and talk over this?”

When we all hesitated, probably out of shock and disbelief, she fired a shot that whistled past my ear and buried itself into the thick couch. Sharply, we all came alive and all hurriedly sat down on the couch.

She smiled again and then turned to me “you are running your mouth and hating your father for what he did today?” I didn’t say a word and she trained the gun on me and said menacingly “young lady, when you are spoken to, respond!”

I nodded my head vigorously. Pleased, she said “you can answer verbally. Now answer the question.”

“Yes I was angry at him,” I said tersely.

“Well, it was the more reason he had to do what he did. You are a foolish child. Do you know what he delivered you from? He delivered you from becoming what me and five other women have become.”

Was I hearing right? She was telling me that there were five other women who had borne Ochuko children. I listened with rapt attention as she continued.

“I’ve had to do this, or something like this, five times. I’ve travelled to five different countries, met five different women. And each time, he would beg me, plead with me and promise me he would change. I believed him every time. So you, Rekiya should be thanking your father, and not disrespecting him like you are doing. Now kneel down to him and say thank you.”

I refused to budge. That was how much I hated this man. I didn’t know who I was dealing with. She calmly walked over to Ochuko and blew another kneecap off. He screamed and writhed in agony. I didn’t wait to be told a second time. I was on my knees before daddy immediately, saying thank you through chattering teeth, thoroughly rattled by what I had just witnessed.

“Good. Now you can return to your seat. Oh, and learn to listen to good friends like this one. You don’t get them often, and if I had listened to mine, I would not have ended up with this scum. Do you understand?”

I nodded my head vigorously once again and she smiled that eerie smile again. “Good, now that your lessons are learnt, let me end this.”

She calmly walked up to Ochuko who was still in a pool of his own blood on the floor and kissed him on the forehead. She looked at him in the eye, smiled and said “I love you, always,” loud enough for all of us to hear. Then she straightened up and blew his head off. She turned to me and now even the eerie smile was gone and her eyes were glazed. It was as if by killing Ochuko, she had disconnected from whatever was keeping her last strands of sanity. I knew I was in big trouble.


All I could ask myself as I sat in that couch beside Rekiya was “who send me message come this place today?”

Rekiya’s Tale – Episode 10

I’ll be posting the collabo episode of Baba Risi and Sikiru tomorrow. You cannot afford to miss it. And yes, I’ll be announcing another tlsplace giveaway too, so tell everyone you know to read Baba Risi’s Court tomorrow. Enjoy the 10th Episode of Rekiya’s Tale.


Rekiya 4

Rekiya’s Perspective

Life has a way of making the thing you hope will not happen be the very thing that occurs.

I struggled to clean the tears from my face and put myself together before going to the door. His reaction told me clearly that my struggle had been in vain. My father was the last person I wanted to see me like this. I mean, I am the one who keeps saying I can take care of myself and hold my shit together, and here I was, a hot mess.

He walked past me into the house and took everything in. for a moment, he looked like he was going to scold me or even say something in the line of being thankful we were finally rid of the baby. I was already preparing my defense, my comeback to whatever he would say, but he simply turned around and hugged me close.

Lord, I have never been more grateful for a hug. I forgot all my thinking about looking strong and all and crumbled into tears in his arms. Daddy rocked me back and forth gently and we just stayed that way for what seemed to be a very long time.

“Doctor Phillips called me and told me everything. I was not in town but I rushed back as soon as he told me and came here straight. I would have called you, but considering how we parted the last time, I thought it better to just come here.”

I just kept sobbing and he gently carried me to the couch. “Sorry my baby, I’m so so sorry. You are all I have left and it breaks my heart to see you hurt this way. And I’m really truly sorry about Ochuko.”

As he mentioned the name, the dams burst and my sobs gave way to fast flowing tears.

“Daddy, I killed him,” I wailed.

“You did no such thing dear, you didn’t. he died in an unfortunate accident,” He responded.

“You don’t understand. He would not have been on that plane if it wasn’t because of things I did. And now he’s dead…” at this point I nearly choked on the tears.

“You could not have known dear, you could not have foreseen anything. Bad things happen and it’s not our fault. I need you to stop blaming yourself for this,” he responded, patting down my unruly hair.

At that moment, there was another knock on the door. My eyes dashed to the wall clock. It was past ten. I stirred like I was getting up, but daddy held me down. “Whoever it is can come back tomorrow,” he said. But the knocking was persistent and it got increasingly louder, until he finally got up out of exasperation and went to answer it. I strained to hear what was being said at the door, but try as I did, I couldn’t. I only had to wait for a few minutes before he returned with a strange women behind him.

“This lady insisted she needs to see you urgently and since she

mentioned something from…” Daddy was saying. As soon as she emerged from behind him, I recognized her.

“Daddy, this woman isn’t my colleague, she is Ochuko’s wife.”

My dad spun around, eyes blazing and growled “how dare you deceive me like that to get into my daughter’s house at this ungodly hour? What if I hadn’t been here? You want to come and do what exactly?”

She calmly spoke with a thick British accent “sir, I only came to see if she was real and to confirm things for myself from her before I decide on going through with the divorce or not.”

“Well, she doesn’t want to talk with you or anyone that has anything to do with that scoundrel of a husband that you were married to,” he responded angrily.

“I am still married to him as we speak sir, so there’s no reason to refer to our marriage in the past tense,” she said in a cold but polite voice.

I stood up from the couch and went around my dad to face her directly.

“Well, Mrs. Except you guys in the UK can be married to dead guys, then your marriage is just what he says it is. Past tense. Over.”

She looked at me incredulously. “What are you saying?”

“Ochuko left Nigeria today to come and see you. And the plane he was travelling in crashed, with no survivors. So madam…”

“What are you saying? I just…” she was saying in response when the door opened. I thought it was Fafa letting herself in, but I almost passed when Ochuko emerged from the doorway, panting. He had obviously been running. Whenever I’m watching Nollywood and they see something like this, and say “you are not dead?” I laugh at them and remark on how silly the question is. But I found myself saying exactly those words right now.

“I can explain Rekiya,” he said, his eyes pleading.

“You had better began to. Because, if you are not dead, I just might make sure you truly die tonight, you this numbskull.”

He turned to his wife and said “Akudo, did you really have to do this? We could have sorted it out between us.”

“Shut the hell up, Ochuko or whatever name you are known by here. I needed to see her for myself. I kept telling myself it could not, was not, should not be true. Until I walked through the door and actually set my eyes on her, I still hoped it was a lie.”

Ochuko gave her the same pleading look he had given me moments earlier and repeated the same words “I can explain…”

Lord, the hatred welled up within me, stronger than it had been before. This man was a despicable charlatan and I had fallen for him and had been grieving for him until moments ago.

“You don’t have to explain anything Ochuko, it’s becoming clear to me,” I began. In spite of the rage welling up inside me, the old, calm and clearheaded me was returning through the haze. I continued “you obviously didn’t get on that plane. You lied to me about travelling, sent me flight details just to keep me off Ochuko. You are a 419er. The question though that I ask myself is why. Why go to such lengths?”

“He didn’t want you meeting me.” Akudo responded before he could.

“Huh?” I said.

“The moment my friend told me about you, I booked to come to Nigeria and told him I was coming. But I lied to him and told him I was coming with a later flight so I could catch him off guard. He simply told you of a flight around when I told him I was coming in. and told you he was travelling to keep you away for as long as I chose to be around.”

“Hmm, I see,” I said. We both sat down, ignoring the men, two women wrapped in our world of hurt over the same man. We were talking like old friends.

“I asked my friends to find out about you the moment I got your details off the blog story. I got your address and asked a cab to bring me here.”

“Well, I’m not really married to him, that was something my friend Farida and I cooked up, as part of our plan to deal with him for lying to me and getting me preggy.” I responded. “Would you like anything to drink?”

“Water would be fine,” she responded.

It was then we heard the crash that brought us both back into the living room. My dad had hit Ochuko who reeled backwards, nursing his jaw.

“Daddy stop it!” I shouted. He seemed to get a hold of himself and he sat down, clenching his fist. It was obvious the punch had hurt his old hands as much as they hurt Ochuko’s jaw.

For a third time that night, my door opened and Farida walked in.


Rekiya says: Again, there are bits of the tale that we’ll need to shift to Fafa telling us. So, in Frank Edoho voice, the voice you will hear till the end of the episode will be Fafa’s



I was going to let things rest that night, but somehow, it kept floating around in my head and tugging at my mind. Then, like those cartoons, it would seem a light bulb flashed in my head. There’s this toaster I have who works in the phone company. He’s one of the fringe guys who gets only polite attention from me. He would jump off a cliff if I asked him to.

I called him and he picked on the first ring

“To what do I owe this honor,” he said. He obviously found it hard to believe I was the one calling.

“At least say hello, Mr. Deji Aduwa.” I said.

“I’m sorry, so sorry,” he gushed.

“Not to worry Deji, it’s fine. There’s something I need your help on and it’s real urgent”

“Oh, anything for you my darling,” he cooed. See men en, give them an inch, and they take a mile. Which one involves darling in this matter? Because I need him to do something abi? Anyway, I brushed that aside and focused

“I need to find out which numbers talked to a certain number today, and at what time and if there’s any one between three and five PM today, can you let me know their text messages?”

“Ha! What you are asking me to do is illegal o. it requires a police request and… he prattled.

“So you cannot help me?” I said, a threat of never calling or picking his calls looming in the air. The young man considered for a few moments and then said “oh damn! I can’t refuse you anything when you ask like that. what’s the number again? I’ll need about twenty minutes, since I have get someone in the office to get the info for me. And if this gets out in any way, if you mention me, I go deny o.”

“Oh thanks, you’re such a darling” I gushed and pictured his head swelling to fill the room. Worefa, he should sha get what I want.

Twenty minutes later, my performer rang me with a different number.

“I am calling with another number cos we record calls some times. I’ve emailed the only text message to you. The number that sent the text is also the only one he spoke with during that time frame you spoke about. So I was thinking…”

I quickly cut him off before he started telling me about the wonderful date he had planned and checked my email.

“Oh my God!” I exclaimed when I saw its contents. I grabbed my keys and headed to the car park. I needed to see Rekiya tonight.

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Rekiya’s Tale – Episode 9

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Enjoy Rekiya’s Tale.


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The Burden of Proof 1

You do not want to think these things. You do not want to say them. But you find yourself saying them, you find the belief creeping on you. Even to me, my accusation sounded ludicrous.

Fafa looked at me with eyes like orbs “Reks, what are you talking about? Have you been drinking?”

“Oh so you want me to begin drinking again so you can make sure that your plan works, just in case the first drinking didn’t work abi? Well, it has worked. Are you happy now?”

“Reks, shut up, shut up! This is not you talking, it’s the pain, I’m certain.”

“Look at you. All your planning, all the scheming, wasn’t it to get to my boss? Now that you are with him, you are falling in love and talking about him as if he’s the best thing that has happened to you since Brazilian weave.”

“You are being a brat, you know that? And yes, what if I fall in love with him? Look, he has been in these last two days what all the men have not been to me in the years. He’s a great guy, single and doing well. What is there not to love?”

“He’s one of the main reasons my life is ruined like this and you are jumping into his bed after just two dates? Oh Farida!”

“Contrary to what your stuck-up ass thinks, he has not even seen a bra strap. Get over yourself, men wager over who can get a woman all the time, so your boss didn’t do anything so way out of the ordinary. He actually wagered because he believed you would not fall for Ochuko.”

“Ow, so you now know this, right? Listen to yourself Fafa, just listen to yourself”. I mean can you guys listen to this babe. I was vibrating within.

“Do you think I went in with the intention of liking this dude? I mean, I was scheming to bring him down! But he’s not who you think he is babe, he didn’t even know Ochuko was married. Ochuko lied to you, to his wife, to him, to everyone. I was going to get to telling you before you threw that bombshell at me.”

“I see,” was all I said.

“You see what Reks?” she asked. When I didn’t respond, she came closer and asked one more time “What do you see?”

“I see that like everyone else, you merely used me to get what you want – a man that isn’t one of those your sugar daddies. What I don’t understand is what my child did to you. Why you had to…”

“Rekiya, the first about me falling for your oga is correct. This nonsense about me killing your baby is just that – arrant nonsense!”

“You know what Fafa, just leave me alone. Yes, like everyone else, leave. Like daddy, like Ochuko, just leave.

“Rekiya, you’re asking me to leave your house at this unholy hour?” Fafa asked in disbelief. But I really didn’t care anymore. I just wanted her to go. I turned away from her without answering. She immediately picked her keys, turned around and stormed out before I could say anything else. I was alone again and this time, I couldn’t call even Fafa. The tears came tumbling down, drowning every reasonable thought I tried to have. The truth is, I knew I had merely transferred what I was feeling for myself to Fafa.

Moments later, there was a knock on the door. Fafa must have forgotten something. “Why the hell did you come back?” I shouted from the couch, struggling to stem the flowing tears. I didn’t want her seeing me like this.

“Open the door, Rekiya Patuwak.” It was not Fafa.


Rekiya says “To tell the other half of what happened that night, we have to listen to Farida tell it from after she left my house. So from here on till the end of the episode, you’re listening to Madam Farida.



You know, I really should go back and slap some sense into that Rekiya girl. Okay, Farida, calm down. Breathe. I had decided to come and lodge in one of my chairmen T.T. Bundle’s hotel, I didn’t feel like going back home that night. They knew me there, so I was up in my room within a few minutes of getting there. Before I got there, I had blanked my mind but now after a warm soak in the tub, I settled down to think.

The truth is, I had felt guilty about liking Rere (that’s her oga’s name, pronounced ray-ray, for some lengthy Delta name I cannot still remember). And foolish too, how could Farida fall for a man in two days? But truth is one gets old, one becomes more sensitive, one needs more than money and glitterati after a while. These things become tiring and one needs more, and Rere was this more and more. I knew it wouldn’t be easy for my friend to understand this, but I hoped and believed she would.

But I understood what she must be going through. She had lost the baby, and the doctor had told her it was alcohol, and I gave her the alcohol. The baby. My mind has a way of fixating on something and telling me something I should think more about. Sometimes I try to ignore it, but it keeps disturbing until I listened and thought about it a lot more. And many times, I end up finding stuff that is wowza out. It was what happened to me when I stayed on that “the child” phrase now. I really couldn’t care less for that Ochuko (yeah, I sound harsh I know). He messed my Rekiya up and tried to swindle my Rere (yes, he’s my Rere) for the lion’s share of his hard earned money. But the child stuck out in my mind like a sore thumb and so I began to think about what I had gleaned from the conversation with Rekiya about how she lost the baby. First thing that struck me was that there had been no blood, no bleeding, either before she got to the hospital or while she was conscious while she was there. What kind of loss of baby just happened when someone was in drug induced sleep?

The second was the absence of scans. The doctor had not bothered to show her any scans confirming anything. He just told her verbally. It didn’t sit right with me.

And then there was the matter of his not bothering to inform her father or anyone else while Rekiya was asleep, since he was their family doctor. I know her dad, he would have gotten to that hospital sharply if he had been told. It didn’t quite fit with what would have been normal.

Maybe my mind fixated on the baby matter because it was the one that pained me the most of all the things that Rekiya had said. But I sensed that something about it did not quite sit right, and I made up my mind to get to the root of the matter. A thought crept into my mind, but I shook it off. It was a terrible thought to even consider, but it kept coming back. And the more it did, the more it seemed plausible.

I retrieved Doctor Phillips’ card from my handbag. A few years ago, he had given it to me when I went calling with Rekiya and her dad for their annual checkup. I dialed the number on it with my second number and it rang out the first time. I decided to try a second time. I was really counting on this number still working. He picked before the caller tune got to the noisy part.

“Hello, please am I on to Dr. Phillips?” I cooed, putting on my British accent for the occasion.

“Speaking, to whom am I speaking?” he responded.

I introduced myself as a popular socialite and told him I wasn’t calling with my own number because of the nature of what I was going to discuss. He said he was listening.

“You see, I have a problem. I’m not supposed to be pregnant right now but I am. To make matters worse, my husband and I are due for a checkup with our personal physician in a matter of two weeks, and it will be discovered. I require a discreet abortion, but not any of the harsh ones that another doctor can easily discover on a mere cursory examination. I am told you are something of a specialist in this area,” I said.

When he responded, his voice was defensive. “Who gave you such information? I don’t engage in such…”

“Oh cut the bull doctor.  It doesn’t matter who told me. I’m in need of this service urgently, and I’m willing to pay you very handsomely. What I stand to lose by being discovered is very much”

“How much are you willing to pay for this ma’am?” he asked.

He had swallowed the bait. I smiled. “By asking me to name a price, doctor, are you confirming to me that you are able to carry out such an operation?”

“Madam, your price will do a lot to convince me to carry it out. But if you want confirmation, yes, it can be done. I carried out such a procedure this afternoon in fact. And the young lady did not even know any procedure had been carried out when she woke up from being sedated. It is that, shall we say, unnoticeable to everyone.”

“Great! That’s just what I require. I’m willing to pay you five thousand pounds to do this and keep it between us.”

I could almost see him smiling greedily when I mentioned how much I was willing to pay. But he tried to press his luck and said “Madam, you need to take into account the suddenness of the request. If you could make it seven thousand pounds, I would do it.”

“Done.” I said, and I imagined him beating himself for not asking for more.

“When do you want to come in for this procedure?” he asked.

“My husband is in Nigeria till Wednesday. I will come in on Thursday, that’s six days from today. Is that fine?”

“That’s fine madam. I would look forward to seeing you.”

“Please do not call this number, it will be turned off. I’ll call you on Wednesday evening to confirm our appointment. Thank you and goodbye.” I cut the call off before he could say anything and then turned that phone off. I quickly opened my files on the phone, retrieved the recording and played it. The conversation I had just had filled the room. The new technologies on these new phones were great.

Now, to find out who the doctor had been talking to.

guardian 2

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Rekiya’s Tale – Episode 8

Thanks to everyone that tuned in on Friday to listen in on the Golden Sands review on Inspiration FM. It gave us an idea and we should be working on an Audio Version of the book soon. I’m back on air this Friday to talk about Rat Race.

Finally, on Friday, my Free E-Book, THE  BURDEN OF PROOF will become available for download on okadabooks for android devices and as PDF for all other devices. The cover art is below as designed by Ayomidotun Freeborn. I wrote the story for two reasons – the first is because my friend Demola Rewaju insisted that since I wasn’t publishing a novel this year, I should do something else major for you guys, beyond the blog. The 2nd is to celebrate you guys. We’re almost at ONE MILLION views on tlsplace, and that is a big thing! I’m certain you’ll enjoy it. Please save the cover and please use it as your DPs, twitter AVIs, FB Profile Pix, Whatsapp Profile Pix and on your blogs too. Thank you already

Enjoy today’s Rekiya’s Tale.



Human beings are the most unpredictable entities on the planet. You think you know someone, and then voila, they do something and you say; who the hell is that? You think you have things well planned out and then you are blown out of the water.

I woke up the next morning bright and sparkly. Maybe it had something to do with the fact that it was Friday or the way the plan was shaping up. But anyhow, I was up before Fafa for the first time since she got to my house.

“I’ll be seeing lover boy again today, the love is shacking him and I don’t have a mighty lot to do today anyway,” Fafa told me over breakfast.

“Okay, that gets me half day. Weekend begins early for me then,” I said with a wink.

Ode, I will tell for you” she responded in mock seriousness.

Just then, a text message came into my phone. It was Ochuko.

“Oga has sent me his flight details o. Maybe I should be the good girlfriend and escort him to the airport?” I said, handing the phone over to her.

“Noooooooooooooooo,” Fafa responded. “Hell no!”

“Okay, okay, okay, I was just kidding. He leaves at 7:45.” I told her.

“I can read, madam,” she said, rolling her eyes.

We chitchatted for a couple of minutes more and then I was out of the house.

Work was so much I didn’t get to get up from my desk or even go and greet lover boy when he waltzed in walking on the moon. I only noticed him when he was on his way out when Duke and Somto’s giggling got me to look up. Dude looked like a junkie going to get his fix. A dapper fine looking junkie though. I pinged Fafa to let her know that Mr. oga was on his way.

“See you, Miss Reporter. I’ve been following all his movements all day with constant updates on BB from him,” she responded.

I laughed and got up from my desk to go and have lunch. I was halfway to the lunchroom when the pain came again. It was so sharp this time it trumped even the first time the pain came. And it wasn’t short like the ones from the previous day. I fell on the floor with a thud. It felt like my insides were on fire. I screamed for Duke and he came scampering down.

“I gripped the railing of the short flight of stairs that descended into the lunchroom and dragged myself into a sitting position, breathing heavily.

“Get my driver and take me to the car through the back,” I said through clenched teeth. Unlike before, the pain was coming at almost regular intervals now.

Somto was right behind him but I waved her away furiously. To me, it looked like she was gloating and I would not give her the chance.

Duke returned quickly and helped me up. He practically drag-carried me to the car and wanted to come in with me but I firmly told him not to.

“And Duke, tell Somto I said if I hear a word of this amongst the office people, both of you will be looking for another job, I’ll make sure of that.”

When he was gone, I asked the driver to go to Dr. Phillips.

My dad had already told him I was pregnant and that daddy wanted it out so he assumed that was what I came to discuss but I assured him I intended to keep my baby. When I described what I was experiencing, he ran some tests and placed me on a bed rest for the day. He then asked if I could think of anything that could be responsible and the niggling guilt in my mind came out. I told him about the drinks I had with Fafa that night and how we had passed out. He scolded me and then quickly gave me some pills that would make me sleep well and also help with the pain and then left me alone in the room.

The day rolled by for a bit before the drugs began to take effect and sleep took over. I hadn’t been able to ping ping because Dr. Phillips had taken away my phones. That’s the thing about doctors who knew you from when you were little. You can’t do any of your usual madam steez with them at all, you just humble yourself and obey simple instructions. But in reality, it was a welcome period of disconnection. I slept like a baby.

It was almost 8:30 before I woke up. Ten minutes later, the doctor came in.

“How are you feeling now?” he asked.

I truly didn’t feel better, but I didn’t want to be detained overnight in the hospital, so I smiled my best smile and said cheerfully

“Much better sir. I guess it was all just stress.”

“That’s good to hear,” he said. He paused for a little while and then sat on the bed with me

He began to fiddle with his stethoscope nervously as he said “Rekiya, there’s no easy way to say this, so I might as well hit you straight with it. I’m sorry, but you lost the baby.”

A darkness settled over me as the words hit home.

“Doctor, how? What? When? What happened?” the questions came pouring out amidst hot tears streaming down my face. It was at that point that I knew I could never have gone through with an abortion. It felt as if a part of me had been wrenched out and I felt barren. But now, fate had played a cruel hand and taken the choice to keep the baby out of my hands.

He just kept saying “I’m sorry Rekiya, I’m so sorry,” as he held a crying me. “It’s the alcohol. It was just too much at a stage that was too early in the pregnancy. I’m real sorry.”

I felt like I had killed my child with my own stupidity.

After about ten minutes, he straightened up and said “there’s nothing wrong with you physically, and I have no reason to hold you here. But I would rather have you here for the night…”

I shook my head vigorously. “I am not going to stay here!” I shouted. The hospital was depressing me already and I just wanted to escape, curl up in my own bed, not some small hard hospital bed and cry my heart out.

He attempted to say something, then as if he thought the better of it, stood up and straightened himself out.

“I understand. I’ll leave to get ready to go home.” And then he turned and left the room

The TV had been on but muted while I was asleep, but it was still on. My eyes involuntarily took in what was on the screen now. It was tuned in to Channels TV and they had breaking news on the screen. As I read the headline, I felt it rise from my insides before it was released through my lips, a blood curdling, chilling scream.

The doctor came running back into the room

“Rekiya, what is it?” he asked frenetically.

“My phone, bring my phone, give me my phone” I mumbled.

“Rekiya! What is going on here? What is the problem?” he asked even more earnestly.

“GIVE ME MY GODDAMN PHONE!” I shouted. I’m sure I must have looked like a wild animal, with my hair flying around and my eyes probably bloodshot from the tears I had been crying and the emotions raging through my body now.

Without question, he turned around, left the room and returned with my phone. I raced to extract the message Ochuko had sent me earlier in the day.

“Oh my God, Oh my God!” I muttered.

“Rekiya, you will tell me what is going on now!” an exasperated Dr. Phillips hollered.

I just pointed from the TV to my phone and back repeatedly.

He spun around and read what was on TV with an image of a burning plane in the background behind the reporter. On the screen, it said there were no survivors.

“You know someone who was on that plane?” he asked.

“The father of the baby I just lost was on the plane,” I said in a monotone.

“Oh dear!” he exclaimed.

Then the tears came tumbling down. I didn’t know why I was crying. This was the man I wanted to destroy wholeheartedly just hours ago. But I had not, could not even imagine this. Lord, I felt so alone. No shoulder to cry on for the loss of my child. And, I admitted to myself now that I still loved this man. But now he was dead.

The driver took me home from the hospital. On the way home, in spite of myself, I went through my BB messages. Fafa had been sending me live updates of her date with my oga. You know, sometimes, it’s the smallest of things that triggers the realization of the biggest of things. Or maybe it was my state that was making me see things the way I saw them. But a thought crept into my mind on the trip that I tried to shake off repeatedly but had firmly taken root by the time I got home.

When I got home, she was already back and in front of the TV.

“Reks babes, na wa for you o, been trying your number all day, you didn’t pick up, you didn’t even read or respond to your pings.”

I didn’t say anything, and she just rambled on. She went on and on about how well the day had gone and how the date was great and how much of a gentleman my boss was and so on and so on. It was more or less what her messages had contained, and it reaffirmed my thoughts.

When she finished her monologue, she finally asked “so any word from Ochuko?”

I did not respond. It was only then that she really looked at me and saw how disheveled and sickly I looked.

“Oh my God, Reks, what happened?” she was by my side in an instant.

I looked at her with a burning hatred I didn’t believe I could have felt for Fafa in a thousand years and said

“So you killed my baby, killed her daddy and went on to go and start falling in love?”

love hate balance

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Rekiya’s Tale – Episode 7

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Enjoy Rekiya’s Tale.


It’s amazing how a certain thing feels like the most important thing in the world. You are pursuing this something with all you have. You eat it, sleep it, dream it and scheme it. Every step you take is geared towards this something. And then another something happens. And in that moment, the first something loses all its importance and the new something takes over your life.

Before I felt that pain, all I could think of was my scheme with Fafa. But in that moment, the baby reminded me that it was alive and kicking in my tummy. I waited for that pain to come again, but it didn’t. if I hadn’t been the one that felt it, I would have even began to feel like I had imagined it all.

Fafa had asked in alarm as I yelped “Reks what is it? What’s happening to you?”

“it’s nothing, really. Just the baby,” I had responded, downplaying things. I didn’t want her worrying and fussing about me. Being pregnant doesn’t make one an invalid, contrary to popular male and never been pregnant female belief. I directed the conversation back to where it was meant be. The questions she was meant to ask were meant to lead to talk about the Niger Delta and oil bunkering operations going on there.

“that’s not a problem. We just need him to think you know some of the top militants, that’s all.” I said.

“it’s okay, I can swing that easily.” She responded. It was true. Men around Fafa just wanted to hear her talk and they would believe she had the president’s direct number if she wanted them to believe that.

“How far with the online thing? Have you started?” she asked.

“Been busy with these files all morning. Would get to that now,” I responded.

“Okay, no problem. My guy is working on the photo and the other thing. I’ll pick it up once I’m done with this date and bring em home,” she said.

“No yawa, cash ya laira!” I said and hung up.

By online thingy, here’s what she meant. Fafa is the one that loves all the twitter, facebook and instagram things. She tells me she has met some of the most interesting people in all those places, but as for me, I’d rather see people physically before deciding whether I wanted to be their friend or even have continuous conversations with them. But today, she had asked me to select as many of the old pictures I had taken together with Ochuko. The pictures had to be different occasions and places. i didn’t have Instagram so I had Duke open an account for me.

Then I set about uploading all the photos on Facebook and Instagram, with all sorts of romantic captions. In all, I uploaded seventy on FB, but because I got tired of the Instagram thingy, I put only thirty.

“Duke, can you get your friends to like my Instagram photos?” I asked. It was more of an instruction than a request though. He gave me a look that said “see how the thing is shacking this one” and then said “sure ma.” I didn’t bother with the Facebook pictures. It didn’t look out of place because even the few pictures that were there before didn’t have any comments.

After that, I dug into the work I was actually paid to do.

The pain came again on the drive home. This time though it was less intense. “it’s probably normal, and anyway it’s already subsiding sef. I’m sure I’ll sleep it out,” I said to myself.

I got home before Fafa and impatiently sat in front of the TV. I was trying hard to concentrate on the documentary on Nat Geo Wild, but who was I kidding? And that foolish Farida wasn’t picking her calls.

She came in at about eleven. I had dozed off on the couch but she had let herself in and shook me until I woke up.

“Madam, I would have woken up if you just called my name,” I said in annoyance.

“who took this one’s bread, abi is that how you welcome someone who has been working her ass off for you home? Come on, at least use me as target practice for how you’ll welcome your husband home.”

“You know you’re very annoying abi?” I said.

“But of course. Annoying you is my hobby. How else would we prove to the world that you are not a robot?”


“For you baby, for you. And this witch has produced it.” She waved an envelope in the air. I tried to snatch it from her but she was too quick.

“Didn’t your mummy teach you not to grab? Say please.” She said, sticking her tongue out.

“Farida Azare, if you don’t hand that thing over now, I will… Oya please,” I said.

She shinned her teeth and then gave it to me.

From it, I extracted the biggest of the contents. It was a wedding certificate from the Ikoyi Registry for my wedding to Ochuko.

“She brought out a similar certificate from her bag and I put the two side by side. “if I didn’t know that this was a forgery, there’s absolutely no way I could have known.” I exclaimed.

“You don’t know those Oluwole boys. They can bring out anything once you give them a sample. And it’s a picture of the certificate we need anyway, so it will do just fine.”

Then I emptied the other contents of the envelope onto the couch. I could not believe my eyes.

“how in the world did you get this done, Fafa? Na to begin fear you o,” I said, eyes wide with disbelief. I was holding in my hands a picture of Ochuko and I on our wedding day.

“My dear innocent and offline Rekiya,” Fafa said, patting my head “you will be surprised at what people can make happen with all sorts of computer paparazzi these days. Again, under close scrutiny, this will fail, but since we’re taking a picture of this hardcopy, it will be hard to tell that it’s a fake.”

With that, she took the photos and certificate from me and set them carefully on the dining table. She took a picture of each and then settled into the couch to chat with her group member who had given her Ochuko’s London gist.

“Babe, I have gist for you o. Your friend and someone I know have entered Ochuko’s one chance,” she began the chat. It took like ten minutes for the message to deliver and in that time we assumed every acrobatic position under the sun searching for network. Thankfully, it seemed her friend was holding her BB. She read the message immediately and responded.

“who be Ochuko o?” she asked. She had apparently forgotten their former conversation and since she knew him under another name, it had not clicked.

Farida quickly sent him the same picture she had posted in their BB group the previous time and the lady said

“ah, the nonsense guy. What atrocity has he committed again?”

Fafa:     Shebi you said he is married to your friend with kids?

Salz:     Yeah, against sensible advice she allowed him use her get his papers.

Fafa:     I don’t know what all these babes are thinking o. He married the babe I told you about o, here in Naija.

Salz:     it’s a lie. You have got to be kidding me.

Fafa:     No joke o. they are Mr. and Mrs. Now. And I have proof.

Fafa sent her the picture of the marriage certificate.

Salz:     *bbsurprisedsmiley* Serious matter. This guy will never change. And I warned this girl, she will not listen. See the mess she’s gotten herself into now.

Fafa:     Wait, I have one of those wait and get party venue pictures here, let me snap and send to you.

Salz:     Oya, I’m *bbwaitingsmiley*

Fafa waited for the appropriate time it should take to snap a photo and then sent it to her.

Salz:     Oh Ehm Geeee. It is true. It is effing true.

Fafa:     Which one is it is true now? Will I now be giving you fake gist ni? Oya search for Rekiya Reks on Facebook or IamReks on Instagram.

Salz:     Haba, it’s not like that now, I was just very shocked ni. This dude is just heartless men.

Fafa:     He is, but it’s our friends who are gullible jor. Didn’t you warn your friend? Didn’t I warn this one too? But she still went to go and marry.

Salz:     Na true sha.

Fafa:     Yes o. that’s why me I don’t leave eye down for any guy. Abeg it’s not worth it. Anyway, I’m out sha, I just said I should nack you tory, as e dey hot ni

Salz:     No probs. Take kia.

Within ten minutes of the chat, I got a new follow on twitter from a @sexysally. Then a friend request came in on Facebook from Sally Oyinbra Woko. Finally, a Sally Woko became part of my Instagram crowd. We enlarged the twitter handle’s AVI and Fafa confirmed it was her Salz.

“Kai, people and aproko sha. See the speed she came to check out these social media things. And she was forming “haba” on BB o”

We both laughed, waited for like ten minutes before accepting her friend requests. I imagined her saving the pictures on her BB and screengrabbing the instagram ones before calling her friend up, armed with “facts” to show her what her hubby was doing in Naija.

“There’s one more thing I’ve done” Fafa said and then called someone “oya, tell them to post the story now,” she said.

I looked at her wondering what she was thinking. Minutes later, she brought her iPad and handed it over to me. She handed over her Note 2 to me too. On the iPad, Linda Ikeji’s blog was open. The story “Very Bad Sharp Nigger”.  It had the picture of Ochuko and wife in UK and Ochuko and I in front of the Ikoyi registry.

“You are mad Fafa, this is too much now. It could backfire you know?”

“Do you really want to get this guy?” she asked earnestly.

I nodded.

“Then let’s go the whole nine yards.”

I sighed. I guess I really didn’t have a choice. “you haven’t told me about your date o,” I said.

“Ahh, that one. I have him. And while we were at it, you remember that my friend in Port Harcourt I’m always saying changes his number like anything?”

“Yup yup,” I responded.

“Well, the reason he changes it that frequently is because of his business. He’s a bunkerer. Once I mentioned his name, your oga knew him. Seems they need someone just like that for this their deal. I told him I could get the guy.  He’s yet to tell me the details, but we’ll get it. He’ll talk soon, the moment I can find what number that bozo uses now and get them to talk once.”

I rubbed my chin “sounds good. I’ll try to find out what I can from Ochuko too,” I said.

“You have to do it right my dear. The easiest way to get a man to talk about such stuff is to pretend its above you and that you really don’t understand what he is saying. So you have to practice appearing un-smart.”

“Yes, aunty,” I said and bowed low.

My phone rang out loud and I grabbed it angrily

“why the hell is this one calling at this time of the night?” It was Ochuko calling and I nearly did not pick it. Fafa pressed the green button and put it on speaker.

“Hey boo,” I said, pretending to be sleepy.

“Sweetheart, how are you? Hope I didn’t wake you up?” he said.

I rolled my eyes. “you know you are the only one allowed to do that,” I managed to say.

“there’s an emergency and I have to fly out to UK tomorrow evening. And unfortunately, I have a string of meetings all day, so we won’t be able to see before I leave.”

“An an, what is this emergency and how long are

“there’s an emergency and I have to fly out to UK tomorrow evening. And unfortunately, I have a string of meetings all day, so we won’t be able to see before I leave.”

“An an, what is this emergency and how long are you gone for o?”

“it’s business stuff dear. A huge deal will fall through if I don’t get there. Should be able to sort it out in a week and I’ll be back. I’ll miss you, okay?”

“I’ll miss you more dear.” I responded.

“Gotta go now, love you,” he said and hung up.

Fafa’s eyes danced as she said “Sisi Salz no dey slack. She has reach the Mrs. already.”

That night, as I lay in bed and tried to sleep, the pain came again, milder than even the second time. It would be gone by morning.

wedding glue

Rekiya’s Tale – Episode 6

Right, so my FLY song (on the head banner) is finally ready. You can download it here Please share the song and the link everywhere and anywhere you can. BB, Twitter, FB and your blogs. Here’s an image to use. Oh, and one of the things I’d love to do is remix this with 2Face Idibia. Now that would be something.

Tunde Leye Fly Badt 1

Enjoy Today’s Rekiya’s Tale

Everyone has an oversized opinion of themselves; it is the degree to which this opinion is oversized that is debatable and not the fact that it is. When you find that degree and you can magnify the person’s importance in your life to that degree, you will get whatever you want from that person. You just have to endure their preening while you are at it.

When I sat opposite Ochuko that evening, I saw him in a new light. There’s something that happens to you when the lovey dovey scales fall off your eyes and you truly see a person with some objectivity. Here was a guy with an overinflated opinion of his own irrestability and charm. I decided to play to that gallery. I was saying

“Ochuko, I don’t know what came over me; it must have been the stress of the pregnancy.”

He smiled; a preening, conceited smile. I swallowed. This was going to be the hardest part of the pretense; because what I truly felt like doing was to lift the heavy metal chair and bash his head in. He was fiddling with stuff on the table again.

“I just know that I can’t live without you, all of you or some of you, and I’m not going to let this,” I tapped my tummy, “get in the way.” I continued saying.

“So what are you saying Rekiya? I was already gathering myself together to move on, you know my life is not so straightforward” he responded.

In my head, I said shut up you fool. Out aloud, I said “I know it’s me you love Ochuko, and you just need time to sort things out with that woman in UK. I’m with you in this baby, I don’t know how I’m going to go on if you truly move on and I never see you again.”

I saw a smile steal across his face so briefly that if I hadn’t been observing him closely I would not have noticed it. How many times had he smiled such smiles that I had not noticed when love was doing me gishgish? He was saying now “and your father? I recall that he threatened to kill me the last time we saw…”

“Look, I will handle my father. He has never really liked you, but as long as it was you I wanted, he respected my wishes. He will respect my wishes if I say it’s you I still want. Couples go through thick and thin, and they go through it together, make sacrifices for each other. That’s what this love is about, if it’s to be true.”

“And the complication?” he asked, pointing to my tummy.

“I’m handling that too. I’ll play along with my dad and see the doctor he suggested to take it out. It won’t get it in the way.”

This time, he could not help himself. He grinned from ear to ear like an imp.

“This is what I’ve been trying to tell you since baby. I want you, want you bad, but things just got complicated and I decided it was time to come out clean so you could make an informed choice. And baby, I’m glad you chose to stick with me.”

With that, I crossed over to his side of the cozy chair and wrapped my hands around him, sobbing quietly. “I thought I was going to lose you, I was so scared,” I said through the sobs.

“I’m never leaving baby, never.”

In the midst of the sobs, I smiled. I had him.

I then looked into his eyes, smiled and said breathily “thank you dear, for letting me have you,” and before he could say anything stupid that would not make me go through with it, I kissed him passionately. I had chosen The Penthouse for this purpose. The eating areas were demarcated and secluded in such a way that, even if you were the naughty ones that wanted to play out some imaginations, you could do so without being seen by other diners

When all the kissing and petting was over, I shook myself laughing and said, “now, Mr, I need to go to the loo to redo this makeup that you have smeared so well.” He laughed too as I went.

In the loo, I quickly dialed Fafa. I went straight to the matter, cos I didn’t want to take long

“Babe, he has swallowed the bait. The guy thinks he’s so badt that somebody cannot do without him. Mtchew.  How far with your end?” I said.

“Hehehe, na so. My end is tight. I changed my name on BB and added him up. His guard is still up now, as I still have some generic DP up. He’s asking all sorts of questions. But I know that once I change the picture to mine, na man. He will consider himself the luckiest man on earth to get a babim like me on a platter of gold. He’ll have to be a monk not to swallow the bait.”

I let out a soft laugh. “See you soon, lemme discharge this one.” With that, I cut the connection and touched my face up. There’s one thing most men do not hurry a woman on and it’s making herself up so I took my time. I looked at myself in the mirror. The face that stared back at me was one that seemed strained, not the happy one that had looked back for months now. I shook my head. The reason for my pain was sitting out there, and I would focus on that.

The rest of the evening went remarkably well after that hard part was done. We fell into old habits, old jokes resurfaced and I actually had a good time. By the time we left that night, he was comfy.

Farida was waiting for me at home this time, not with alcohol but for once in her life, she hear word and made a sumptuous dinner of fried rice with salad, dodo and turkey. Over dinner, with some presenter on the new ELTV speaking fo-ne that I don’t understand in the background, she gave me the gist of how it went with my MD.

It had been a good idea never to have introduced her to my MD before now. I somehow manage to keep my personal and professional spheres of life separate and I hardly put up personal pictures on my professional BB so he didn’t know her. Now, he was already talking dates and a trip to Dubai together with her within hours of adding her. Fafa was educating me further

“This is what you need to be looking for. You probably will not get a direct answer from anyone to find it. But when you have eliminated every other thing that is impossible, whatever is remaining, no matter how implausible it sounds is the truth. So don’t rule anything you arrive at out.”

The good thing about being trusted P.A is that I have access to all the files, and if there is one that I don’t have, I can get. Who would deny me a file in the company? What if oga needed it urgently and they didn’t make it available. No one would want to find out, so I knew I’d get everything I needed. I simply understand the business too well since I was a part of it from the start. So taking her words to heart, I began a meticulous search of my laptop after dinner, extracting every relevant information exchange and document that had to do with the transaction we were doing with Ochuko’s company. It was 1AM when I thought I had isolated all I could from the e-copies of documents and correspondences. When I got to work later in the morning, I would sift through the hardcopy files and come back home with them. Fafa would find out what could never be in files from my oga during their date that day and we would compare all to get the full picture later the next day.

Next morning, I was up on time and had a full English breakfast, thanks to Aunty Farida before stepping out. She insisted I eat for the baby even if I didn’t want to eat for myself. “I know your plan is to make me fat and ugly, but I have the formula for eating without getting fat now” I told her as I gulped the food down. I was truly hungry anyway, I was grateful for it. She looked at me with mock seriousness and said “babe, you are sitting on a billion dollar business then. Everyone thinks every girl’s dream is to get married to some charming prince. Wrong. Our dream is to be able to eat all we want without getting fat. Oya, let’s sell your formula and watch the stack of paper grow!’

I laughed as I dressed up and she did the dishes (yes, I came to dress up in the kitchen to continue the gist). Before I left the house, she modeled the dress she was wearing for the date with my MD for me and danced to Flavour’s Baby Oku in it. Let’s just say that he was dead meat. This girl no well one bit.

I met both my assistants already at their desks when I got to the office. I had divided up the files I would need into three parts before leaving home. I sent Duke to get one set, and then Somto to get the other. Finally, I got the third set myself. That way, no one but me would know what I was really looking for. To be doubly sure, I added some irrelevant files into the mix so that to anyone else, it was a jumble of stuff. I quickly assembled what I was looking for and stacked them away under my table, picking what I needed per time from the pile. I set to work quickly

When my boss came in at about ten thirty, he was looking super sharp. Brand new haircut, a jacket I hadn’t seen on him before with a pocket square, patent leather shoes, one of those his specially tailored shirts and a Hermes belt. I laughed internally because I knew it was all for Fafa. I gave him some minutes to settle down, before I went in and told him all about the night before. He was so happy I had taken his advice and was sorting things out with Ochuko. Ewu. I chipped in that Ochuko had said something about being relieved that he didn’t have to come to our office to discuss the big deal he was doing with us under the previous circumstances. And then I asked, “which deal, because I’m sure it’s not that one we had that meeting for that day that he’s calling big o.”

I noticed he was floundered and it took him some moments to search for the right answer before he simply said

“it’s a new deal jare, early stages. Good he can come and go here in the atmosphere of love like he said.”

Fafa had said he would not volunteer any info anyway, so I was not surprised that he answered so vaguely. What his reaction told me though was that whatever it was they were doing, it was something that bordered in that hazy place between the legality and illegality, and it was closer to the illegal. Now this in itself is not a bad thing, it happens fairly regularly in our business. But his hesitation was curious. I changed the topic and he was visibly relieved I didn’t probe further.

“So, which of your catches is in town that is the inspiration for this your decking up today o, because e no get part two”.

“Hehehe, this one is new and fresh, and she’s manna from heaven. If you see the babe en, you will know that good things are still in this world. And she will be mine utunu.” He touched his lips and raised the finger to heaven to emphasize his point. I laughed and simply said “sha be careful”.

“Don’t worry, she won’t bite” he responded.

No one had been that wrong in a long time.

Two hours later, he stopped by at my desk on his way out and said with a wink “wish me luck”.

I had found something in the hardcopy files that was like a red flag. I hadn’t found it by looking; I more or less stumbled upon it because of an error in spelling. But as things happen, that error made me focus on that area some more and voila, I saw what I was looking for, clear as crystal. The moment he was gone, I went into the restroom and called Fafa “he’s on his way, wrapped like a Christmas gift. And my search has yielded something interesting. So here’s what you’re going to ask him about…”

It was then I felt the sharp pain in my tummy for the first time.