Guardians of the Seals – Prologue

Been working very hard on pre-production of my next book, Guardians of the Seals (hence my fiction posting hiatus). Editing of the manuscript by Kemi Ogunniyi of Reaccentuated is done. We’re doing illustrations with Ekene Ngige of X-Animators now. Since Demola Rewaju hoodwinked me into promising to post fiction if my twitter follower count hit 5k yesterday, and Nana @purehaire was the follower that made it 5k. So, here’s a very short peek into what #GOTS. Enjoy.


Guardians of the Seals Imani

Tara held up the pregnancy test result one more time. She had imagined a thousand and one times how it would feel when her experiments finally succeeded, but nothing prepared her for the emotions that welled up within her. She had finally done it! She would go down in history as the woman who freed her gender from the shackles men had placed on them.

She had to see Lamela urgently. It was Lamela who had introduced her to The Place. She reached for her phone and dialled Lamela’s number from memory.

“Hello Tara,” she heard Lamela’s almost masculine voice say.

“Lamela!” Tara shrieked into the receiver. “It worked. I’m pregnant! All by myself! No man involved!”

“Calm down Tara,” Lamela replied curtly. “Explain to me in real sentences.”

Tara rolled her eyes. Lamela was always like that- naturally hardly excitable, always cool, calm and collected. Tara tried to get a grip on herself. She was a world-famous scientist after all, and such unabashed excitement was unbecoming of her. “Autogamous reproduction in the female of the human species is now confirmed possible,” she stated with better composure. “I have just successfully made myself pregnant without the use of sperm or any male cellular components. It’s a girl. Men are no longer a necessary evil; we can perpetuate the human race on our own.”

“You used yourself as a test subject, Tara?”

“Yes, I had a brain wave and couldn’t find a test subject quickly enough.”

“Why didn’t you run it by me first?”

“Lamela, are we going to argue about this and lose sight of the magnitude of my discovery? Come on! I’m going to start experiments for phase two of the plan. Now that we don’t need men, we can as well do away with them. Isn’t that what we want?”

“Of course,” Lamela replied edgily.  “It is. Pardon me… I’ll be with you shortly.” Then she hung up.

Lamela’s response worried Tara a little, but she ignored it.

When Lamela finally joined her in the lab with a group of people, Tara thought she was finally going to meet the elusive owners of The Place. From the periphery of her vision, she observed that all her attendants were leaving the lab. She also noticed when she turned around that two of the six people that Lamela had brought in were men. That didn’t make any sense.

“What are these men doing here?” she protested vehemently.

“Shut up!” Lamela replied roughly.

Before Tara could wonder what was going on, the men had surrounded her and held her down.

“You are naïve, dear Tara,” Lamela said. “You have bought yourself a lease of life by using yourself as the test subject though.”

The other women began to chant, a rasping, reptilian sound. Suddenly, a chilling breeze swept across the room. As the chants reached a crescendo, Lamela morphed into the most hideous creature Tara had ever seen.

”Know that I will be watching you closely, Tara,” Lamela warned sinisterly. “You are precious because of the child you carry but if you try to play smart, I will kill you myself if I have to.” She paused for a moment to revel in Tara’s fright. Then she ordered, “Take her away!”

And so, Tara’s nightmare began.


13 thoughts on “Guardians of the Seals – Prologue

  1. Boda Tunde! Kilode naw? You killed my initial excitement that women can now get pregnant on their own.

    Like whaow! Very brilliant.

  2. *frowns* So, you wonto tell them how to get belle without us kwa? Chai! Issorait! Their own Mandela Lamela will ever-ly catch up with them, plus they’ll still need us for other things. (Don’t ask; I won’t tell)

    I’m so feeling the prologue, quality action film. This one is strong!

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