Wewe – The Song

If you don’t know what Write Right is, you can see all the pictures from the Prize Giving Event HERE.

Those that were at the event will remember the superb performance given by the duo of vocalist Naomi Mac and guitarist Femi Leye on that day. The song is based on the Write Right 2 Winning Entry, Wewe by Ifeoluwa Watson. I got them to go into the studio to record the song and they produced this beautiful piece. Enjoy and share. 


Wewe Song Poster


FF on twitter @femileye @NaomiMac @ifewatson and @tundeleye 🙂

5 thoughts on “Wewe – The Song

  1. Tunde, Big ups. This is lovely. Gives a totally different outlook to Wewe, the story. Love it. Btw, we’re still waiting for your next series. Hope say you never forget

  2. TL… u ve become too boring….pls gve us Monday series or put down your blog..abi u don tire to dey write, oya kuku face your bank job.

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