A Little Bird Said – 11

The finishing touches are being put to the Write Right 2 Prize Giving Event. Would make a formal announcement with all the details this week. Enjoy today’s episode of A Little Bird Said.

A Little Bird Said 3

This BBM group was the best thing that had happened to Esmeralda in a very long time. One of her friends had prompted her to join twitter and follow a particular individual and ask for a follow back. When she had seen the erotic tweets and pictures that person shared, she had been skeptical about following the person and allowing those show on her timeline. But her friend had shown her that except she retweeted those tweets, her followers would not see them. She would be able to view the tweets, but no one would know she was viewing them.

After the she followed and asked for a follow back, she had sent direct messages to @theotherside asking for how she would begn to enjoy the goodies she had followed the handle for. She had been skeptical when they had asked her for a joining fee, thinking it was some sort of scam. But when she asked her friend and had received reassurances that @theotherside was genuine and trustworthy, she had gone ahead to pay. It was not like the money was anything to her, but she just hated being cheated. Once she confirmed payment via DM to @theotherside, she had been invited to join the BBM group and a new world of easy peazy shenanigans with other women opened up to her.

After leaving her husband and daughter a couple of years ago for Otunba to escape the poverty, she could never have imagined she would have ended up as a lesbian. But after the rush of the new money and status was over and done with, she realized Otunba had just been looking for a trophy. He got some perverse thrill from being able to take a much younger man’s pretty wife. He’d gotten bored as soon as he had her and moved on to his next conquest. In the loneliness that followed, she had found solace with her bored society wives association, and they had introduced her to this new world. There was no shortage of young girls who were willing to have affairs with them for some of the money they had. This new BBM group though just offered a new thrill. Truth was, she was beginning to get bored. She had just agreed on a rendezvous with her latest conquest but the lady had disagreed with coming to Esmeralda’s usual hotel. She said she didn’t like hotels and Esmeralda was definitely not bringing her here. She was almost going to let the whole thing slide when the lady told her there was a bungalow she used for such sexcapades somewhere in Lekki. Esmeralda was excited and her interest was even more tickled when the lady had refused to tell her the address of this secret location until the next day. She had simply said “I will text you as I leave home”. The mystery made it even more exciting. She pinged the lady whose BBM name was RC1 now.


Senayon caressed his pistol, drawing some measure of comfort from the weight and coldness of the weapon. He had set up two teams of policemen to keep his house under surveillance. There was no way some demented serial killer was getting his head on a plate. He rued having convinced Acharu to involve the professor. The mad man had been a bloody waste of their time. He intended to barricade himself in the house until the two days had expired. This Ring Collector person would attempt to reach him if she was true to character. He would have a warm welcome party waiting for her. His mobile phone vibrated, making him jump. “Calm the fuck down” he muttered to himself as he retrieved the phone from his pocket.

“Countdown to Ring Collection. Twelve Hours More”.


Professor Othniel Morkly was an angry man. He hadn’t asked to be called by those children. They had called him in of their own accord, yet now they scorned him. Senayon’s face as he declared what Morkly was very sure of as “mathematical set theoretical opportunistic dramatization” was what got to him the most. Beyond the words, the young man had said with his body that Morkly was useless. He would show them. He powered up his laptop and googled the now dead pastor. As he scrolled down the results page, he saw a picture that caused him to stop dead in his tracks. “Why the bloody hell didn’t he say so?” Morkly said as he enlarged the picture. The internet had a very deep belly and it rarely defecates, Morkly thought as he viewd Senayon smiling right beside the now deceased pastor. He was definitely sure that the Senayon knew more than he had been saying. He googled Senayon Lulu and Bankole Balogun. More pictures came up with the two. He clicked on WEB to view the stories about them and the first two shocked him. StellaDimokokurkus reported that Pastor Bankole Balogun and the Esmeralda Bulus, former wife of his Senayon Lulu Chief Security Officer were having a hot affair before he divorced his wife. The pastor was reported to be a philanderer of repute and Esmeralda was just one of his several conquests. It was just bad that he would do that to one of his most faithful workers even if they were separated. The comments had included all the juicy details and given him a fuller picture of the affair.

“I was right, I was so freaking right!” he exclaimed, as sudden illumination came to him on what the Ring Collector would do. There was no time to waste. He had to find Esmeralda before the Ring Collector did. He called Acharu but her number rang out. He would not call that Senayon. How would the Ring Collector find her? He had to think, and fast.


Morkly had been up all night. He normally looked unkempt, but this morning, he had bags under his eyes and his hair refused to stay patted down. He had been up, monitoring all of Esmeralda’s social media accounts since yesterday. Mark, his pal in the NYPD had hacked into her DM and seen her conversation with the lesbian handle. That was the Ring Collector’s hook in.

Morkly pondered on how to decipher where Esmeralda was. She would not be meeting her lesbian buddy in her husband’s house for sure, so she had to have a haunt somewhere she used for the escapades. He had been happy when he got the BB PIN from the DM, but his bubble had been quickly when Mark told him that he didn’t have the equipment or expertise for breaking into Blackberry chats. If they shared anything via DM or text message, he would get them, otherwise they had nothing. Morkly realized he needed a lucky break to save this woman and he knew it.


It was a very cold morning, but the young woman lay in her bed in the black lingerie she favored. She let the cold seep into her being, matching her temperature to the coldness of her heart. She was about to lay the final line of the tapestry that had confused even the smartest thus far. There was one thing none of them had thought was a possibility and they would not until she was done. They had not even come close at anytime. She rolled off the bed lazily and began to pack her gear, picking each item gently and carefully placing them into her bag. then she went to the bathroom to freshen up, removing the bendy rollers she had put in and combing out the curls they now created in her weave. Then she wore a bodycon dress that hugged her figure like a second skin. Fifteen minutes later, her makeup was done. She took on glance at her reflection and smiled. She looked just like she had told the woman she would look; gorgeous. She had chosen this venue herself. This final one was one she wanted to make a big statement with and she didn’t want to take any chances. It would be her own venue, her own setting and her own timing. She would be in full control. As she stepped into her car, she sent a text message to Esmeralda with the details of the address.


Esmeralda had been ready for thirty minutes before the text message came in. It had taken all of her self-restraint not to call the lady. But she didn’t want to appear overeager and so had not called. Now, as soon as the text came in, she sprang into action. She would be driving to this location herself, so she wore comfortable leggings and a tank top. She wouldn’t be wasting any time when she got there. Easy to wear was easy to discard.


The text message was the unexpected lucky break that Morkly needed. Immediately Mark relayed the information it contained to him, he knew he had to make a call; go there on his own and try to stop her, or get Senayon’s support and some men to go in. From the way they parted ways the last time, he decided to go it alone. Before he did, he composed a long text message explaining the situation and sent to Senayon. Then he retrieved his old pistol and called a cab.


Acharu arrived at Senayon’s apartment that morning after she called him severally without being able to reach him. She had gone to the station and had been told he was at home. Senayon was already aware she was coming, so she guessed he had men stationed around the house. It was a good thing she had come in her official car and uniform, so they knew who she was and didn’t do anything stupid as some of these men had been known to be.

“Senayon, what the hell is wrong with you?” she asked sharply.

“I am doing my best not to have my head severed from my neck in the next twenty four hours, that’s all,” he responded flatly.

“How pathetic! A woman threatens you and you lose your balls and cower in your cave,” she spat.

“Say whatever you want, it’s not you that has your head that’s literarily hanging in the balance here,” he responded without emotion.

“Well, I would have left your sorry ass to wallow her in your own spit, but I have orders to bring you to the state headquarters by the commissioner himself. So, officer, you will go and get cleaned up, wear your uniform and follow me immediately.” Acharu responded.

“Why does the commissioner want to see me?” Senayon asked. State headquarters, harassed by fat superiors who were only thinking about how to give their superiors what they wanted out of this Ring Collector serial murders was the last place he wanted to be right now. But the policeman in him knew he didn’t have a choice but to obey.

“You are to brief him personally on this case. He wants it transferred to SCID but wants to debrief you himself” she responded.

He had been wondering how long it would take them to transfer the case to SCID. He wished he had stayed in his office that first day Charles’ brother came to complain and let his officers handle the matter. He would have been living his boring but safe life right now instead of wondering when a lunatic was coming for his head.

“Senayon, I’m waiting,” Acharu’s voice pierced through his thoughts like the unpleasant sound of metal rubbing against metal. Twenty minutes later, he had shaved, bathed and dressed as appropriate for his rank and dismissed the men on surveillance. Acharu handed him a glass. “That’s the only alcohol I could find in this your house. Drink up and awaken your senses. This your current dulling self cannot go before the commissioner. You will just fall my hand there”.

Senayon swallowed the contents of the glass in one gulp.


Esmeralda liked the location of the house. It was at the end of one of the closes off one of the streets off Admiralty Way, serene, secluded with a very high fence. When she parked, she sent a text to the number to inform the lady that she was here. The response was almost instantaneous.

“Come in, the gate is open”

She got down and saw that the small gate was open. She went in and went up the lengthy walkway to the only building in the compound. It was a cottage, something out a fairytale, complete with a chimney. In the doorway was a fabulously dressed luscious lady. Esmeralda smacked her lips.


Senayon was very tired. It must have been a combination of the sleepless night and the cool air-conditioned air in Acharu’s car because moments after they moved, he began to feel drowsy. He was fast asleep minutes later. Acharu looked at him and smiled. He slept like a baby. She sent a text message to a number she no one else knew she had.

“I have him now. We’re on our way”

The response came in within seconds.

“Great. She just got here too. Hurry”.


82 thoughts on “A Little Bird Said – 11

    • You are a silly commentator! Who force you to read? Or comment sef? Kindly restrain yourself from spoiling the fun for those of us actually enjoying the thrill. And if you have been an avid reader from some time back you would know this is TL’s way of keeping us enthralled. Dudu ko, Kokoro ni….

    • Mr kokoro dudu. I know u are entitled to ur view but this isn’t boring. Let’s appreciate the man who makes us all look up to monday morning that people hate so much. U owe Mr tundeleye an apology cos u insulted him by saying this is boring cos it isn’t. we should encourage people with our words and not discourage them. Thank u and God bless u

    • I totally agree with you. When suspense gets too prolonged it starts becoming boring. When TL started this series I used to look forward to reading a new episode every Sunday night. But right now I don’t bother checking for updates until the middle of the week.

  1. Wowwww!!!!!!!. His worst nightmare is about to come true. I hope Prof Morkly will be able to stop them without losing his life….

  2. Nd Mr Kokorodudu or whatever…No one is forcing you to read,so just keep your critical opinion to your boring self.
    P.S How about you write your own piece for us all to read…Mtcheeew
    I’m pretty sure you lead a boring life,no offence 🙂

  3. Egbon TL, I have been saying it all along, Acharu hand isn’t clean and now my suspicion is confirmed.
    So his drinks was drugged to take him unwillingly to witness the intended gruesome …

  4. Mr kokorodudu, am very sure u njoy watchin Nollywood movies n u jst can’t pretend to have seen a Hollywood movie in ur entire life cos dis ur comment sounds lik u r so in d nollywood world where u knw d end of a story @ d beginning …. mtcheeeew…. boring u!!!

  5. ℓ̊ never tot Acharu would be involved,well that is why it is called suspense.But why involve d Prof in d first place knowing how intelligent he was? Thumbs up TL

  6. Oooooh oooooh!!! This is serious,just got this poor heart racing…the ring maker and little birdie…can’t believe Acharu though,sanctimonious creep…I just hope Morkly doesn’t die…

  7. Wow! Well done T.L.. buh serzly what happened to ‘baba risi’??? Also, wat happened to other weekly articles and no write up for vals!?? Pretty Please..entertain us..

  8. Sh*t!!! Can’t believe Acharu connived with the RC…how cud she be sooo mean…..jst hope morkly gets there fast enough…b4 d milk get spilled.

    Moral Lesson: Trust NO one….senayon accepted d drink innocently,see whr it’s landed him.

    • Remember Prof Morky sent a lengthy text. I think that text was to Acharu to bring Senayon to the scene. Remember he has some one decode bb messages for him. Don’t think Acharu is involved negatively

      • daz true. Another angle to it. So she may be communicating with Prof and not RC. But at what point did the prof communicate with her? cuz the last i read, she dint pick her phone. This Tunde sha, see how he has put us on brainstorming tinz. Next week Monday is way tooooooo long, help us to beg him o

  9. Hmmmm… Pls you all shouldn’t crucify me but for some weird reason I don’t want her getting caught…she is like Robin Hood of heart break…

  10. TS ur head no correct o…ah ah!! which kain parole be dis one na? Loving the new twist to this little bird that is saying something. Awesome new angle to it… can’t wait till nxt Monday

  11. Ok na..so acharu self is among d ring crew,lets go there! #suspense GET D LATEST GIST N GOSSIPS AND ALSO ADVERTISE @VERY CHEAP RATES ON :WWW.BLOGGOFLIFE.WEEBLY.COM VISIT NOW!

  12. If I could, I would fast forward to next week. Another wonderful piece leaving me wanting more. That other guy spelt boring wrong I guess, ‘cos I don’t see how boring fits any of this.

  13. Tunde, which way nah? We demand a continuation This Week,else we enter road to the address you described where Esmeralda and RC are meeting, make we go watch the story finish there. : )

  14. Chaiii….TL just twisted this whole thing…”ti iku ile o ba pani, tode ole pani”…..” Kokoro tin jefo, ara efo lowa”….

    Mr. Kokorodudu, u got ur one min of fame..oya kindly go bk to watch ur “lale yi Lori African magic Yoruba” mscheeeeeeeew

  15. Tunde haff keed mee( -̩̩̩͡˛ -̩̩̩͡ ). How can u end dis story here?¯\..(•͡.̮ •͡ )../¯. Senayon wee take today!! It haff come & finally be for him. I just hope dat text was for morkly & not RC. But if she wasn’t going to do anything sinister, she didn’t need to lace Senayon’s drink. 😦

  16. woah, woah, woah! Ok, now, this is what I’m talking about, right here. This is a come back from that crappy episode 10. Ok, maybe not entirely crappy, but still … wow! Awesome! Acharu, what’s your play? Texting the killer? For real? Wait, but she could be texting that mad professor. Damnit, next week, where are you!

  17. *shocked, mouth agape* Nooooooooo! ‘Tis a lie! Like seriously??? Acharu’s in on this? How? Why? TL, thou art a ‘suspense genius’! Oh no! Poor Senayon’s in for the biggest, most heinous surprise of his whole boring existence! See how very easily Acharu totally screwed him over, chai! Wouldn’t want to be in his sorry sedated shoes right now. Totally missed that memo, didn’t see it coming at all, not by a long shot. Senayon’s daughter’s pretty young; she couldn’t possibly be ‘The Little Bird’ now, could she? Launching a personal vendetta against her ‘weakling’ pa and materialistic mum? But even if that were true, what’s Acharu’s part in all of this? Nothing adds up right now, TL; you’ve completely lost me and I’m sooo glad you did. The suspense just went over the roof for me. Monday couldn’t come soon enough. Plenty twale for you, Sir; keep bringing it. LOL!

  18. Mr Kokorodudu, do me a favour and glue your eyes with instant dry glue cos no one is forcing you to read. Jeeeezzzz. Some people……. TL darling, omo oluabi, you are simply the best and i can’t wait for monday(which by the way is very very far……..). Kudos

  19. Eh?! Acharu ke? Kai! Senayon has entered one chance o! I hope he lives to tell the story. Didn’t see this one coming. Good one, TL. God bless your writer’s pen.

  20. oh my goist!!! acharu and RC1? lord have mercy!! I sure as heaven didn’t see that coming! that’s so….wow!!! but wait..that’s a clever thought..senayon’s daughter..were we told how old she was? i doubt it..so its kind of not possible not to think…hmm..am so confused….Jeez…i am on the edge of my seat anxiously rubbing my palms together in anticipation of the next episode…lordy..this suspense is crazy!!! @tundeleye….kudos…..u rock!!!!

  21. Wow! Neat twist. Thot I had it figured out. Hmmmm…..cant wait for next week Monday to come. Pls, give me a sneak preview. Fantastic job, TL.

  22. *Thinking aloud*

    Is Acharu working with RC1??
    Who is even dis serial killer sef??

    TL,abeg provide answers la

    Kokorodudu,d title of dis Story is not Iriri Aiye so pls dnt bring ur Yoruba Film mentality here.

  23. I’m so awed! This is a great story! And the suspense is remarkable. I can’t wait to read the next episode. Thanks to @Degreatest2 for informing me about this blog.

  24. Arrrrrrrggggghhhhh. *Angry with steam* pls let me knw when u finally post the whole episodes. Can’t come nd kill myself with this suspense!

  25. Acharu is definitely not working with d serial killer,the person at the other end of the phone was prof Morkly,but wish I could read two more paragraphs,interesting. Bless u bro

  26. Acharu & d RC? ds is very hard to swallow o…so all that throwing up at the murder scene was for show???? or perhaps the killings were too gory for even her #sighing in exasperation. I hope and pray that the RC is not Senayon’s daughter…for a policeman to have such a cold blooded serial killer for a daughter……sheeeesh!!!! #shivers#. Next week Monday please ‘sare wa oooo’!

  27. Acharu can’t be working with RC ’cause if she does senayon’s boys will implicate her cos they saw her when she came in and took there boss away and she might be sending message to the prof or someone else sef. Mr kokorodudu pls don’t insult Mr tunde,he isn’t getting paid yet every monday no matter how difficult or stressful the weekend or previous week was for him he will still post something for us to read and saying this is boring is a very big insult to the man with a good heart,he is working and yet he posts all this. Pls be kind enough to apologize to Mr tundeleye. Thanks and God bless u

  28. Abeg some1 shld holla @ me when this story ends, I don tire for d matter, I hate suspense abeg. I’ll come back when I know this story wld av ended, abeg I just can’t!!!! I used to like it Buh 4 real it’s getting annoying,I ddnt come bak here d whole of last year till like December and oh my dayyzzz I totally enjoyed maself reading frm 1 episode to the other with ease, it was total bliss!! I dunno how the rest of them cope with all this suspense,, I just CAN’T!!!! *wailing* Maybe I shld come bak in dec again 4 my special holiday treat. After this story I wnt read another till dec. mi o Le wa ku! …., Asta la vista y’all

  29. Wow! I am sure by now there’s less hook ups on twitter. Brilliantly written. As much as “little bird said” it’s fiction/Thrill in Lagos unfortunately in SA we had a real life experience similar to this, dumbed the tittle “facebook rapist” by the media. It was a sad ordeal where people lost their loved ones. Bigups to you Mr Tunde for educating people about the seductions of social media.

  30. Wow! Can’t be Acharu hooking up with the RC now? Don’t tell me she can be that mad….. I mean, what ever did Senayon do to her? She even aggrieved him! I pray it’s Morkly she texted even though it doesn’t add up……cos if it was her Morkly texted, she would have requested back up and there would be no need to drug Senayon.
    The RC Can’t be Senayon’s daughter else her mom, her victim would have recognised her. The friend of victim 1’s ex gf is still my suspect.

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