Write Right Two – And The Winner Is…

On the 2nd of December, 2013, we made the announcement for Write Right Two and the entries came pouring in. I’d like to appreciate every writer that sent an entry in. Keep writing, do not stop pounding away at those computer keyboards ever. You will surprise us all, but most importantly surprise yourself with what you will produce.

We took lessons from the first edition and did our best to improve the competition. We changed the format to ensure that writers deliver over a period (giving them a chance to improve and build up while placing a greater demand on them), as against individual flashes of brilliance. We also included the judges votes to ensure that the quality of the writing influences the final outcome. However, we retained the reader votes, because we believe that writers must recognize the need to sell their writing and engage their readers. Of course, the votes were cumulated so that the effects of the overall performances of the writers reflect in the final assessment. Again, it is our aim to take from the lessons of Write Right Two to make the third edition even better.

I’d like to commend our finalists for all the hard work you put in, meeting our deadlines and I dare say improving every week. It’s been a beautiful two month journey. We have great news already – two of the finalists have offers to write on premier online portal 360nobs.

Our judges, you have been wonderful, meeting our deadlines for your feedback over the last two months, week in, week out. Not many people would demonstrate the kind of commitment you have to Write Right Two.

Friends, behind the scenes who recognize what we are doing and committed to support financially in spite of the absence of corporate sponsors. We firmly believe that these sponsors will eventually come as they see the value we create.

Finally, you, the readers. You have come every week, read, commented and voted. You are good people.

Final Week Of Voting

Here’s how votes were cast on the Final episodes.

Judges Vote

  • Ebun – Fate’s Store by Miracle Adebayo
  • Tolu – Wewe By Ifeoluwa Watson
  • Ikhide – Wewe By Ifeoluwa Watson
  • Oye – Wewe By Ifeoluwa Watson

Reader Votes

Week Four Write Right Results

Here’s the final table

Write Right Final Tables


I’ll be profiling the finalists over the weekend.

Prize Giving Event

We’ll be having a prize giving Event where all the finalists will be present to interact with the readers. Ifeoluwa will be available to read from her winning story and there’ll be music, food and we’ll be showing the Baba Risi Animation we’ve been working on for the attendees. Write Right Alumni will also be there to share the interesting stuff they’ve done with their writing since the last Write Right. It’s gonna be a packed event and you simply do not want to miss it. Find the details below. If there are any changes, I’ll definitely communicate this here on tlsplace.

  • Venue: Ember Creek, Awolowo Road
  • Date: Sunday 9th of March 2013
  • Time: 3pm to 6pm

Once again, thank you all very much for making Write Right Two a resounding success. See you at the third edition


29 thoughts on “Write Right Two – And The Winner Is…

  1. Yippie!!! She won! The finalists were sure all good! I loved ‘Wewe’ to pieces and I’m glad she won! That write-up was good! Congrats Ifeoluwa Watson!

  2. i knew ife was goin to win cus she got my attention from the word go…other writers were equally good.congratulate u all.But Tunde i keep hammering that it isnt fair,you host all these things in lagos alone.Those of us in abj are missing out on all the fun.

  3. Congrats Miss Watson! I truly enjoyed WEWE…. It was spiritual, deep and entertaining! Hope to see u at the Best Seller’s list some day….. More grease to ur elbow!!!

  4. Yaaaaay! Ifeoluwa won! So happy for her cos it’s a truly deserved win. She held us spellbound frm start to fnsh. Congrats gal!
    But why is the prize giving so far away na? March 9th loun loun. If na me,my hands will be itching o hehehhehe.

  5. A big bowl of “Merci beaucoup” to everyone- judges, readers, friends. You made this very worthwhile. Thank you for your feedback.
    To my fellow finalists, its been a privilege sharing this space with you. I look forward to seeing you all.Big deserving congratulations to Ifeoluwa. Wewe was classic. Miracle, a friend of mine chose to vote for you. He loved your story that much. I did too. Ope, you should think about science fiction. Your imagination can be unleashed there. Wale, you’re deep. Your writing is not juvenile.
    On a lighter note, since Ife, Ope and I live in Ibadan, we should share dinner soon, and Ife would foot the bill.
    To Tunde Leye, words are not adequate here. You’re a trail-blazer. May you always inspire us. Amen.

  6. Hugs Miracle. I loved your story. Welldone. Keep up the good work and get even more innovative. Congratulations Ife. Big one too. Would be nice for you guys to hook up. Jeremiah, the brilliant attitude will take you places. Welldone too to Ope and Akinwale. You should all take this to the next level. Keep us posted.
    TL himself! Great job organizing this. Looking forward to the next Write Right.

  7. Congrats Ife, urs was truly a different style. Well done

    TL, thanks for putting this together. Hopefully see u all in March by His grace. God bless

  8. Awwn….! This is so touching! And to think that, that first week, I couldn’t ‘relate’ to WEWE…so It came last on my list that week. But the following week was “eye opening” so to speak…all of a sudden I just fell in luv with the story…as I could now ‘relate’ it. Infact I had to shift my voting ‘paradigm’ (pardon this phrase pls) and vote for WEWE the 2nd and the successive weeks!….It was that ‘sound’. And to think that Ife’s story was the only one that had the judges vote (3) for all four weeks! Now that implied the obvious. Congratulatios Ife, you sure deserved it! And to the others…your stories were awesome…especially “The End”, “Fate’s Store” and “Ordered Chaos”. Wish I could be there at the prize giving event…to atleast behold the faces behind those awesome pieces. Kudos guys…you all are winners!

  9. Congratulations Ife!! Wewe was so captivating right from the very first episode. Congrats to Ope, Wale,Miracle and Jeremiah. To TL and the panel of judges, thanks for WR2.

  10. Congratulations, Ife. Could not have picked a better, worthier winner myself. To the other finalists, it was an honour sharing the field of battle with you 😉

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