Write Right Two Week Two Results

The week 2 results are in. Here’s how it stands today

Judges Votes

Each judge can chose to vote or abstain from voting weekly. Their votes as we said before carries a weight of 50times the reader votes. Here’s how they voted this week.

  • Ikhide – Wewe by Ifeoluwa Watson
  • Ebun –  Ordered Chaos by Jeremiah Nzere
  • Oye – Wewe by Ifeoluwa Watson
  • Tolu – Wewe by Ifeoluwa Watson

Reader Votes

Write Right 2 Week 2 Image

The Week Two Tables look like this

Write Right Week Two Tables Corrected

Week Three Episodes HERE


10 thoughts on “Write Right Two Week Two Results

    • *coughs* eerm, TL made a mistake o. Ifeoluwa readers votes is 541 nt 540 as shown in the result table. Also Miracle Adebayo nt Miracle Agbaje. Pls adjust it o.

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