Burnt – Episode 10

Writing Burnt has been painful. And as the weeks have gone by and the emails and feedback have poured in, I realize that the issue is of a far greater magnitude than I imagined. Reading it has also caused people to relive memories that hurt deeply while helping many others to heal from deep-seated hurt. Hence, I took the decision 3weeks ago to make it the shortest series I’ve written. Today is the finale.

I’ll be taking a 2week break before we start the next series called A Little Bird Said. You can look forward to that.

During the break, I’ll be working on a few things.

  • First, I’ll finish  the alternate history/fantasy book I’ve been working on, Guardians of the Seals and get it to the editor and the illustrator. It’s due next year and I’ll be posting another excerpt from it next week.
  • Second, we’re preparing for the next Write Right. The announcement should be on Monday 2nd of December. It promises to be bigger and more exciting than the first. Read about the first Write Right here https://tlsplace.wordpress.com/2013/03/11/write-right/ and see the Prize Giving pictures here https://tlsplace.wordpress.com/2013/04/22/write-right-the-pictures/ 
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As if on cue, there was a strong knock on the door and a thickly accented Igbo voice said “Open, it is the police!” They just had to be dramatic, this Nigerian police. The front door was open so they let themselves in.

“Oh my God, what are we going to do? The robbery story can’t hold up now, with Brian like this.” Adaku said in panic, wailing.

Conrad just kept holding his head, as he heard the shout of the policemen from the living room. They had seen the househelp’s body. He heard them undoing the safety latches of their guns – idiots, didn’t they see that was not a fresh body.

“Who is there?” he heard the Igbo man shout.

“In here, and will you stop wailing!” he growled at his wife, wondering how the policemen didn’t simply follow the sound of her crying to find them.

Three rifle totting policemen came in one after the other into the room. The one who had been speaking, whose name tag said his name was Livinus Mbojikwe, spoke first.

“This is fresh oga, the blood is still fresh, not caked like the one of the lady in the living room. They didn’t die at the same time.” He said, addressing Conrad. Then his eyes followed Brian’s body and he saw him still gripping the gun he had shot himself with.

“Oga, the boy shot himself.” Livinus stated flatly.

“Yes,” Conrad answered. That much was obvious.

“Did he shoot the woman outside?” Livinus asked further.

“Yes,” Conrad simply answered.

“Do you have any idea why he did this?”

“She was his nanny and they were alone in the house a lot. She molested him and when pushed to the wall, he reacted.” Conrad responded.

“The gun?” Livinus asked.

“It’s mine. I had no idea he had access to it.” Conrad responded.

“You will need to come to the station to give a statement sir,” Livinus said. It was a straightforward case, but he could smell good money was going to go down here so he wanted to make sure he was in possession of the statement. since the oga was being so free with information, better to get him to commit it to paper now, before the shock wore off and he began to censor what he said.

Conrad left the room with the policemen and finally, Adaku and Jason were alone. Fuming, Adaku finally vented on Jason

“You think I didn’t hear what Brian said you were doing to Clara behind our backs? And isn’t that why she did those terrible things to him? You killed your brother, you hear. Let that live with your forever, and know that I will never forgive you.”

With that pronouncement, she left him in the room. Jason looked at the gun in Brian’s hand. They still hadn’t taken it away – his dad, his mum and even the police. A thought of following Brian’s example skipped into his mind, but he killed it as soon as it rose. The police ambulance arrived soon after that.


Idris knew of a discreet testing center not too far from their house. What was more, it was free and you got the results immediately. He kept trying to tell himself that it was impossible, that Aisha was just being vindictive. He had dialed her number all the way to the clinic, but it was an attempt in futility – she didn’t take any of his calls. This girl was trying to drive him mad, he thought.

He arrived at the clinic and quickly made some inquiries. The nurse courteously directed him to an office where he was met by a smiling woman in the ubiquitous doctors’ garb – the lab coat and stethoscope. “My name is Ola Eke and I’m the counselor. It’s my job to go over a few things with you before we proceed to test. This step is important to prepare your mind for whatever may come after,” she began.

Idris had heard about the pre-testing counseling bit of the HIV testing but he couldn’t do this now. “Can we just get on with it?” he asked impatiently. Very calmly, she answered him “I understand you anxiety and how you feel. But this is a step we simply can’t skip Mr. Idris.”

Idris saw that it was futile to protest. He resigned himself to listening to Dr. Ola drone. She asked questions at intervals and he mechanically supplied the answers while doing everything in his power from keeping himself from screaming at her to get on with it. It took all of twenty minutes for her to be satisfied that he now understood the import of this HIV test and then she moved him along to another smiling young man. Did they all have training to paste these plastic smiles on their faces in this place? They took the samples and led him into a waiting area while they got his results. That wait was the longest of his life.


Donald got back a very quiet house. He assumed that Hajara and Laraba had taken the twins along with them when they went to the planner’s place. That would at least allow him get some good sleep before they all returned. He needed it. The past previous days had been so hectic, but the deal was finally sealed over breakfast with the NCC Executive Vice Chairman and the Chairman of the Senate Committee on communications. Now, he just wanted to rest.

He got to their room and found the door ajar. He shouldered it open and dropped his jacket and laptop bag on the couch. As he did, he felt someone stir underneath them and he jumped back. Then, when the stirring had stopped and he had gathered himself together, he lifted his jacket up.

“It’s just Oyiza,” he said to himself as he saw his daughter curled up on the couch. But he wondered why she had chosen to come and sleep here. There must have been some drama and she must have decided she didn’t want to go out with the rest. He sighed – sensitive, sensitive Oyiza. He picked her up gently to carry her to the bed where she would be more comfortable. He immediately saw the diary underneath her which she seemed to have fallen asleep writing. He dropped her on the bed and began undressing. He was about to lie down and sleep when he realized he had left his phone in his laptop bag. He went over to go and get it and then it caught his eye again. He had almost forgotten about it but now that he saw it, the curiosity got the better of him and he picked the diary up. He felt like a child stealing candy, wondering what he’d say if Oyiza woke up and caught him peeping into her diary. He shrugged and opened it. It fell to the page she had been writing on last. Within seconds, he read his worst nightmare from the pages of Oyiza’s diary.


It took the direct intervention of the commissioner before the police let Conrad go. While in the police station, making frantic calls to secure his release as well as make sure the story didn’t leak to the press, he had taken time to reflect. It cost him an arm and a leg to make it all go away, in spite of being legally innocent. He cursed all those who had told him there was easy money to make in Nigerian politics if only he relocated back to Nigeria and play the game. There was no easy money, and one would end up selling one’s soul and losing the things that truly mattered in the process. On the drive home when it was all over, he made some decisions “I’m going away from all this madness with the family,” he said to himself. And for the first time that day, he processed what Brian had said. He realized his family needed help.


Donald held his head in his hands, lost in thought. They had been watching the door all this while, when the crime was being committed in the house they were guarding. And what was worse, their daughter was more comfortable talking to a bloody diary than any of them. They had failed.

Just then, he felt a touch on his shoulder. “Don, are you okay darling?”

He had not heard Hajara walk in. He simply pointed at the diary.

“What is that? Why is Oyiza here? What’s going on Donald, talk to me please” she said, her confusion growing.

“Read the damned diary!” Donald shouted.

Hajara was taken aback. In their decade long marriage, she could not remember hearing Donald swear at anyone, least of all her. She picked up the diary gingerly. It was opened to a page close to the center. She couldn’t believe what she was reading. In an eight year old child’s English Oyiza painted a picture. As she read the lurid details of how her brother abused her daughters and manipulated she began to mumble repeatedly “oh no, oh no, oh no,” until she suddenly shouted it out aloud, startling Donald and waking Oyiza up.

She went over to Oyiza with tears in her eyes “Oyiza why didn’t you talk to me, why didn’t you tell me?” she said to the barely awake child.

“Where is Inya? And where is Idris?” Donald snarled. He meant that to come out tender and soothing to his little girl, but he was beside himself with rage.

“What is it mummy? Why are you and daddy shouting?” Oyiza asked, trying to comprehend what was going on through her still foggy state of mind.

“The things you wrote in your diary, are they true?” Donald asked, his voice better controlled this time than the last.

“What? How did you know about my diary? Where is it?” Oyiza said, springing up from the bed and looking around frenetically. She saw it open on the floor where Hajara had dropped it and raced to pick it up. She held it protectively to her chest, as if doing so would remove the contents from her parents’ mind. Laraba had heard the commotion and now stood in the doorway. Donald didn’t acknowledge her as she greeted. She looked at Hajara and saw the tears and little Oyiza in the middle of the room. She heard Oyiza protesting to her parents

“the diary is mine and nobody should have read it.” Her little voice quivered as she spoke.

“Oyiza!” Donald said firmly and the little girl stiffened. Daddy only used that voice when he was upset about something she had done. Of course, she thought. He had seen how she triggered Inya’s attack with the insecticide.

“I didn’t mean to do it. But she was so mean to me, she learnt naughty things from Uncle Idris and used it to steal my only friend in school. And she taunted me about it and she…”

“So it is true then? The things you wrote that Idris did to you and Inya? And Inya did them to someone in school?”

Oyiza looked down at her feet. “Oh my God! how did we not…” Laraba exclaimed before she caught the cold look Hajara shot her and stopped herself from saying what didn’t need to be said.

“What?” Donald asked with eyebrows raised. “did we not do what?”

“Did we not see this Donald. Did we trust Idris like this. I thought I was careful, I thought I was protecting my children whereas I was handing them over to the devil under my roof daily and feeding plus clothing that demon.”

“Where is Inya?” Oyiza asked and they all suddenly realized that no one had seen her since they came back. As if everyone thought the same thing simultaneously, they all headed for the door of the room.

Laraba had been the one at the door and she was first to reach the girls’ room.

Inya lay on the bed, he little body still naked. She just stared at the ceiling blankly, barely acknowledging their presence. Hajara rushed to cover her daughter up and rock her while Oyiza clung to her father. All the joy of sealing the deal had evaporated from Donald’s heart, his once perfect family shattered within minutes.

“Where is Idris?” Laraba asked as she bent in front of Inya.

“He rushed out after he got a text from Aunty Aisha. He was very upset and kept saying she had given him HIV” she responded mechanically.

Hajara let out a heartrending scream. Donald lurched forward, nearly forgetting Oyiza that was holding on to his leg. Laraba fell back on the floor in shock. Her teeth were chattering when she recovered enough to ask Inya “are you sure you heard him speak those words? Those exact words?”

“Yes aunty, that was what he said,” Inya responded.

“I’m finished!” Hajara shouted hysterically, her whole body shaking. Donald just held his head in his hands, and Laraba broke into tears. Oyiza knew all this was bad, but she couldn’t understand how what Inya had said made them all react like this. What was in what Aunty Aisha had said to Uncle Idris?


Idris arrived to meet the house very quiet. Everything else, even what had been happening in the house before he received Aisha’s text had paled in significance. When the lady at the testing center had returned, her plastic smile was gone, and it was replaced with another well practiced grim expression. They had taken him through another post test counseling that took half an hour, before finally telling him that he was HIV positive. His world was shattered. But he had made up his mind that he would keep it to himself. No one in the house or school needed to know. He knew Aisha would not share her status with anyone so his secret would be safe.

Suddenly, he heard a shout coming from the direction of the twins’ room and it was his sister’s voice. On impulse, he ran in the direction, to find out what it was. When he entered the room and saw everyone in the house there in the state that they were, he immediately sensed that something was wrong. What was wrong became immediately clear to him when Donald punched him square in the face and sent him reeling backwards. Oyiza had spilled the beans. The HIV issue had pushed that to the back of his mind, but now it made his situation even worse. He was HIV positive and he was about to be thrown out of where he had hoped to get the money to buy his drugs and all from.

“Idris how could you do this to me? I housed you, loved you, fed you, clothed you, did everything for you, treated you like a son and yet you chose to repay me by molesting and abusing my daughters and giving them AIDS!” Hajara shouted, dropping Inya on the table and standing over Idris, kicking and scratching at him.

Donald went into the gym area to make a phone call.

“Aunty, please can we handle this in the family? Please help me talk to Uncle Donald, please.” Idris appealed to Hajara, afraid to follow Donald, yet afraid to wait doing nothing. He maneuvered himself until he was behind Hajara. He had to put her between himself and the door just in case Donald returned with a machete or rifle.

“Handle what in the family way? You ruined two little lives we trusted you with daily and you talk about family way? Family way my feet” Hajara hollered.

Idris looked to Laraba who was still on the floor for help “when I was the victim, it was convenient to treat it in the family way. Now that the tables are turned…”

“Oh shut up! Our parents chose to treat your case in the family way, not me. And does the fact that something bad happened to you which you claim scarred you to date when you were small mean that you have to do even worse to not just one but two children of the only person who  actually took you in? I am the mother of these children, and there is no family nothing going on here,” Hajara retorted.

“So this runs in your family? You knew Idris had this history and you allowed him stay with the girls?” It was Donald that spoke from behind Hajara. She froze.

“That was in the very distant past, and he didn’t give us any reason to know those demons lurked inside him. I didn’t suspect it, oh God I was a fool, a damn stupid fool, being busy with my beauty shop when my life was becoming so ugly.”

“Hajara, quit the self pity! It’s not me or yourself that we, and I mean you and I, need to apologize to. We have failed these girls. And it is to them we need to apologize.”

The sound of police sirens filled the room and Idris burst into tears. “Uncle Donald, please, I’m begging you. Please! Aunty, help me beg uncle. Big sis, please help me beg him.”

“If I left you anywhere that isn’t behind bars, Idris, I will eventually be overcome with the temptation to kill you. Only the bars I’m making sure you are going to be behind will keep you alive. It’s the best I can do and its simply because you are family.”

With that, he left to get the policemen. In seconds, they were back and they dragged a kicking, screaming Idris away.


  • The twins were tested for HIV. To everyone’s relief, they were both negative
  • They have been put in separate schools, so that each grew on their own. They are also both in therapy now, to help them get over their demons.
  • Inya was Laraba’s little bride and Oyiza got to play her song
  • Donald and Hajara also went through therapy to heal their relationship
  • The Okwurahs went back to America with their boys. They are trying hard to sweep the whole Nigerian experience behind them.
  • The story did leak that a boy from the school killed himself and a girl from the school was being molested. Parents quietly withdrew their kids from the school.
  • One of the worst things in life is to be an inmate in a Nigerian prison. One of the few things worse than this is to be an HIV positive prison inmate. The only thing worse than the last is to be an HIV positive inmate known by all to have been a pedophile towards your own blood. This is the current fate of Idris.
  • Oyiza wrote a novel about child sexual abuse two years later when she became ten. It was a best seller.

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128 thoughts on “Burnt – Episode 10

    • in response to Tobbie, i believe solutions where highlighted in the various episodes. parenting goes beyond carrying a pregnancy/impregnating someone. its a proper full time job,where we need more of God’s help than our physical abilities. All the parents in this story didn’t pay enough attention to the tiniest detail. As someone who also suffered molestation and also have friends who suffered same,molesters more often than not are “family members,family friends,people close to the family. Awareness-we live in a society where most parents are hush hush about sex, early discuss with our wards enlightens them on the dos and don’t s of the body(both male and female) parents need to bridge the communication gap with their wards and not allow room for the devil to use perverts. no male family member should bath for a female child except he is her father and the mother is indisposed at the time. child molestation has been around for a verrrrrrryyyyy long time and can be brought to the barest minimum and end if we all play our parts. these perverts are everywhere,from drivers-teachers-supposed family members-maids. In all,GOD is the only help through the holy spirit as we cannot be everywhere with our kids all the time, but the holy spirit can. May GOD help us all. God bless you Tunde

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    Thank you for this piece that has not only enlightened and informed, but also albeit strangely; also entertained and captivated its audience.

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    To those that experienced such horror, my heart goes out to you. I hope you can get over it through God’s strength. If you can please share your experiences. Help us get those demons that prey on our innocent children. May God have mercy on us all.

  10. Nice one TL. But I can’t say I’m sad to see it end. It was torture having to read how these kids relived my nightmare. You never completely heal from such, it just lurks in the recesses of your mind waiting to be triggered. Still, well done TL

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    It’s no longer a safe world for our children and we have to fight for every child. If we protect only our children, they might become victims of other children who weren’t protected.
    It was courageous of you to write this story in our Africa where we often refuse to face hard truths. Well done. I do hope every adult will work towards protecting children from the trauma of abuse, especially sexual abuse.

  17. This is a must read for every family(both adults n kids) so that parents will b mindful of who they leave their kids in their care.

    …And to the parents who read dis, ur kids r ur highest achievement in lyf, more precious than ur companys, investments and money. Make out tym 2 knw wat is happening in their lives.

    Thanks a lot Tunde for this education on child molestation. May d good Lord kip us all safe.

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  19. OMG! Can’t believe this could bring tears to my eyes… I pray all bruised and hurting souls find relief&solace in God just like I did despite all that happened to me as a child. Please do not give up on yourself but trust God enough to heal you. I wasn’t bold enough to talk to anyone about my experience as a child until I got into the University and gave my life to God and He fixed my life in a way that I never could have imagined. Now I’m happily married to a man that truly loves me 4me despite all I’ve bn tru. So please don’t give up cos its not over…..

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  36. When I was about Brian’s age, I went through a similar ordeal. My will make me lay, then she will go ahead and do the deed. I almost grew up into being idris, I was in charge of the teenage church. The sight of the young girls will get silly thoughts into me. I’m thankful to God that the youth pastor noticed, and that was what helped me. I still see my aunt, and I hold no grudge against her. Yet, I haven’t found the courage to visit her matrimonial hope. I fear the memories that may ignite. Tunde Leye, thanks for this sensitization. Keep the good work up.

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  43. Wow, it finally ends, had a friend who went through this but she was able to talk about it after we became born again, now she’s happily married. It is sad but a reality. TL, hopefully more people will hear about this. N hoping you touch on some other aspects of parenting. God bless you!!

  44. This story sure gives me the ‘chill’. Parents have to be careful of the busy lives they live all on the excuse of making money without paying much attention to what’s going on in the lives of their children. This is not the time to be ignorant of the societal evils of our days. God help us to do right by our children.

  45. Waoh TL! I’m short of words to say. So much happened in dis final episode. What a nice wrap God Bless u for this piece. Alot of pple learnt and alot of pple shared their experiences too. Thanx

  46. TL hmmmmmmmmmmm you ehn. I have been a forerunner of your blog by telling my friends and colleagues at work about you .Nice one keep up the good job.
    A lot of people have been abused, lets pray they heal and not abuse people or loved ones further.

  47. I chose not to read Burnt until you finished the series; I didn’t even know what it was about. All I can say is “WOW!”. It is true that the sexually abused become sexual abusers. The silver lining here is that all the adults actually believed, acknowledged, and acted on the things they heard. In reality, a lot of adults close to the victims refuse to accept that it happened and that in turn perpetuates the crime. This is an amazing story; a great read! Well done Sir!

  48. This is a whole lot, a serious ish indeed. Pls parents, i beseech you by the mercies of God, BEFRIEND YOUR KIDS! Welwritten TL dear. Where’s keiskwerd?!

  49. every one says I dnt giv my kids breathing space & I’m pulling myslf back 4rm being d ‘too nosy momi’ bt wit ds series, I’m goin back to bein ‘too involved’.dnt care whose ox is gored.

    TL, God bless u. cnt find d right words to say to u bt rly aprct u.

  50. It would be an error if i don’t comment and say weldone to Mr. Tunde. Just want you to know, you’re one of my mentors and i wish you higher and higher in your writing.

  51. Thanks TL, dt was an educative piece. Learnt alot from it, and i am jst gonna keep d lessons learnt in mind.
    I am gonna spread dis lesson as far as I can, buh den will appreciate dt u preach dis gospel of Child abuse on TV and Radio so as to reach out to more parents, intending parents and Children.
    God is ur strength keep up d gud work.

  52. Hi, Mr. Tunde. Thanks for the entire story, Burnt. I learnt so many things from reading it. I’d like to ask your permission to share the story on a women’s forum on fb. Thanks in anticipation.

  53. Mr Tunde Leye, please can I share the story on my FB… Of course its gonna be with ur copyright bodly stated. Pleeeaaase

  54. This is so touching and it brought back the past for me. It is true; the victim never forgets. Parents need to pay more attention to their kids. They need to listen more. It was almost too late before my parents observed and if not for my Grandma, they wouldn’t have known. Parenting goes beyond giving money, paying schl fees, attending PTA meetings.
    Weldone Tunde, nice one!

  55. Glad this is over. Didn’t bother following it as I did the other series. Too much hurt. And frankly, just too weird to read. Dude messing around with little girls, taking advantage of them? Not my cup of tea.

  56. I really wanted my girls to read this. I stopped cos I didn’t want them to stumble on some other stories that weren’t so ‘age appropriate’ on the sight. Welldone TL.
    For everyone that got burnt cos someone wasn’t looking, I’m so sorry. *hugs*. Let’s spread the word- ‘parents look, children talk!’

  57. What a nice write up,more grees to ur elbow. Dis world is actually coming 2 an end. I think parent shld read dis, most importantly being vigilant,prayerful and trusting God alone is d way out.

  58. children are being abused daily and it is so sad.i hear such cases almost every two days now. i saw a video of a 12yr old girl abusing a 4yr old boy just yesterday. some weeks back a 6yr old boy was seen abusing a 4yr old boy just behind my friend’s room. Please let us empower the children around us by teaching them. knowledge is power. http://www.sexandfamilycenter.org/blog and http://www.underwearrule.org. You can find useful information to know what to teach. God bless you all.

  59. I must say that ‘BURNT’ is really a masterpiece. With the ills going on in our society these days, it is very pertinent for every parent to learn from these. Thank you TL for bringing out these evil devices in the short story. You don’t know how how you have pushed parents into paying more attention to their children by this story. Cheers and do not stop writing.

  60. Hmmmmmmnnn…it is well! I had to brace myself up for episode 10. Hmmmmm…to evry one who has suffered molestation from uncles aunties helps and trusted people,pls be consoled,some of us cried wt each episode for ourselves and evn for the characters. It will def not b easy to forget and if burnt refreshed d pain then I’m saying a BIG- SORRY and sending out my hugs!. Let burnt b a healing story,TL I hope there r therapy centres for people that really can’t deal! …hmmmmn burnt for me burnt all my comfort and trust spots! I’m definitely going to b watchful! Hmmmmn….

  61. Hmmmm……am so speechless, Wondaful piece. Mr Tunde plz can I share diz story. Itz a real lesson4all. Thank u so much nd God bless u.

  62. Just finished reading the episodes of Burnt & I must say it’s been the most touching one for me, with tears dripping down my face while reading the concluding episode.
    Welldone TL & thanks for the eye-opening story. More wisdom from above.

  63. I only just read this series. It will also be my first time commenting on this blog. Its an amazing talent you have TL and your write-ups have been a source of inspiration. In addition to how you are helping others get their stories out there. God bless you a lot. So I was reading through the comments and I discovered most people were like ; “Idris should be locked up. He is a monster e.t.c”. I agree what he did is truly terrible and he deserves to be punished but I also strongly believe he deserves to be rehabilitated. Sadly, our system doesn’t really give room for that. He did something terrible and I think he is sorry. As well as been punished, he also needs help as he never healed from his own wounds.

  64. Wow!! I have a little girl who’s about the same age with d twins. This is indeed an eye opener. I have to be more careful.

  65. Waoh Tunde, I just finished burnt. And it brought back all I have buried and asked God forgiveness over.

    I slept with my older teenage brother severally when I was 8yrs then my older sister caught us one and threatened to tell out parent. Nothing happened afterwards. But I was kinda running away from him
    Then I had to stay with a younger cousin when I was just 10 and I slept with him as well. Sexual abuse is worst than cancer.
    I’m married now with 2 wonderful kids. I can only pray and watch this cycle is not repeated.

    Tunde thank you so much for this piece

  66. Tunde u ar a genius! this story is just so good!!!!!! you are very creative. Ride on, same with finding hubby, i tot it was a lady writing the story sef coz u did so well and got all our side talks, attitude n all. weldone! may God increase you.

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