Burnt – Episode 8

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Jason was sweating profusely inside the air-conditioned room. His mouth was dry and he didn’t know what to say. The tension was heightened because Brian did not say anything beyond that chilling welcome for minutes. He just kept the gun trained on Jason and looked at him through glazed eyes that said nothing of whatever emotions were raging underneath them.

Then without warning he simply dropped the gun and ran up to Jason, and hugged him tightly. He began to cry, the dammed emotions finally breaking free. He only reached Jason’s waist and he looked up through the tear stricken eyes.

“I didn’t know it was going to be so gory and bloody and messy. Did I really kill her? Is she really dead?” the questions tumbled out of the little boy as he tried to say so many things at once.

Jason fell on one knee, visibly relieved that his little brother hadn’t shot him. “But what happened? Why?” he asked, still confused.

“She beat me. She made me touch her. She touched me. She did nasty things to me. Everyday. She threw a knife at me and it cut me here,” he touched his face where the knife had cut him and Jason saw it for the first time.

“What! When did she do this? For how long? That bitch! I will deal with her…”then he remembered that he had just left her corpse in the living room and the reality sank in. There would be no dealing with her.

He was lost in thought so he didn’t realize when Brian suddenly bolted away from him and raced towards the bed. It took some moments for him to recover from the push and a split second after that to realize where his little brother was heading. He tried to catch up with Brian but he had taken too much time to recover and move. Brian reached the gun before him and grabbed it too suddenly. His hands squeezed the trigger and a shot rang out, lodging itself into the opposite wall. Jason jumped back at the sound of the shot and Brian turned around, trembling with the gun in his hand again trained on his elder brother.

“Stay away from me!” he screamed.

Jason was puzzled and convinced that a screw had definitely gone lose in his brother’s head and left him unhinged. “What is the matter Brian? Why do you want me to stay away and point a gun at me, your brother?” Jason asked, trying to appeal to Brian’s sensibilities.

Brian shook his head vigorously “no! You are the reason all this happened to me. It was you that did all the bad things to Aunty Clara that she now came to do to me. It was you, you, you!” he shook in anger as he said this and Jason was truly afraid. He tried to placate his brother “but Brian, I’m your brother. You can’t shoot me now? Think of mummy and daddy; what will you say to them when they find out you shot me?”

“They don’t care too! If they did, they won’t leave me alone with Aunty Clara every time so she can do bad things to me.” Brian shouted

“Brian, this is Nigeria. The police here are not like the American cops, they are very mean to children. If you kill me, they’re gonna torture you and kill you.” Jason said. He had to do some quick thinking. Fear crept into Brian’s eyes.

“What am I gonna do?” Brian said, bursting into tears. “I’ve killed one person, so they’re gonna get me right?”

“I can help you, but you have to put the gun away first,” Jason said.

“No!” Brian said emphatically. “If I do, you’re just gonna beat the hell out of me and then call the Nigerian cops to come and get me. I want you to call mum and dad. They should come back now!”

Jason was perplexed. “But Brian, they’re out of town. We don’t know how long it will take them to get here or if they can come and…”

“I DON’T CARE!” Brian shouted, raising the gun. Jason realized he didn’t really have a choice. He called his dad. It rang out and he told Brian so. “He never picks up anyway. Try mum, she’ll pick up,” Brian said, much calmer than before now that Jason was doing what he wanted.

Jason dialed his mum’s number from memory and she picked up before the caller tune got to the noisy part. “Hello Jason, how are you?” He held his breath.


“Aunty, I want to know how to touch boys so that they like me and only me,” Inya asked.

Aisha was sure now that she had heard correctly. Her mind had deciphered what the little girl was really asking, but the rational part of her refused to believe it.

“Inya, when you say touch, what do you mean,” Aisha asked, still smiling so that she could coax the clarification out of the girl.

“Well, I know if I touch a boy on his peepee and I do this,” she ran her right hand repeatedly over her right middle finger mimicking a movement. Aisha recognized it instantly and she winced unconsciously, dumbfounded.

Inya continued “the boy will shake after a while and if he is big boy, gooey stuff comes out as he shakes, but nothing does if he is small. But I know that’s not the real thing so I want to know what the real thing is and if you will tell me how to do it.”

Aisha’s jaw was nearly on the table. “Who taught you all this and what makes you think I’m the one that can teach you anything? How did you even know this?” she wondered if the little girl had ever seen her and Idris having sex in the house unnoticed.

Inya would have recognized the look in Aisha’s eyes if she was older but she plodded on “I have a boyfriend too, and my uncle taught me how to make him shake the way you make my uncle shake too.”

Aisha’s eyes narrowed. She had been thinking something totally different about how Inya had learnt these things before the last statement. Now it hit her flat in the face like a sledgehammer. “How exactly did Idris teach you?” Aisha asked.

“Teach her what?” Idris asked from behind Aisha. He had come through the back but hadn’t heard what they had been talking about.

Aisha was startled; she hadn’t known when Idris got there. She searched his face to see if he had heard beyond the last statement but there was no indication there. She looked to the living area and saw Hajara and Laraba laughing away, chatting, while Oyiza curled up in between them, reading a book. Had he been teaching Oyiza too?

“None of you is going to answer?” Idris asked, then shrugged and said “anyway, let’s go Aisha”.

Aisha wrestled with the urge to go and break the news of what she had just discovered to the girls’ mum right now. But she knew that would be difficult, she wasn’t even a member of the family. Things like that typically got handled in family ways, and that would be it. She decided against speaking with Hajara right away. “Inya, we’ll talk later,” she said, dismissing the little girl and then turned to Idris and spoke more coldly than she meant to “let’s go.” It was then she realized that he disgusted her.


The Okwurahs were on their way to Ibadan when Jason’s call came in. They had flown into Abuja from Egypt the previous day to attend a function and then into Lagos this morning to connect Ibadan to attend another function. Conrad had been asleep when his phone rang out. When her own phone rang right after that, Adaku knew it had to be one of her sons. She took the call, ready to scold him for using a phone in school when the rules said he couldn’t but he cut her short and relayed an unbelievable story. Adaku Okwurah shook her husband awake and put her son on speaker.

“Adaku, what is it now, can’t a man sleep again?” Conrad said with irritation

“Your house is on fire and you are sleeping?” Adaku asked, annoyed.

“Fire? Where?” Conrad asked, not yet fully awake.

“Daddy, it’s me, Jason.” Jason’s voice came over the phone’s speaker.

“Jason, you set the house on fire? What are you people saying?” Conrad was annoyed that his sleep had been disturbed. He was so tired but breaking into Nigeria’s political circles after being away for so long was a lot of hard, tiring work and these functions were part of it.

“Daddy, Brian is about to shoot me if you don’t come home now,” Jason said in response.

“What? What pranks are you people playing?” Conrad asked gruffly. “If this is a joke, you will know that we are not in America where I cannot deal with you again,”

“Daddy, he isn’t joking. He has shot the maid dead and I don’t think he won’t do the same to me if you don’t come back. Please where are you?”

“Very close, very close,” Conrad responded, now fully awake.

On the other end, it was news to Jason that his parents were close by. He thought they were out of the country. Those two just did as they liked these days.

“Okay, daddy, how long do you think it will take for you to get home?” he asked.

“I’ll be with you within the hour,” Conrad said. He hung up and shouted “turn around and head straight to the house, you!” The driver did not need to be told a second time. He quickly looked for a spot where they could make a u-turn and they were speeding towards Lagos within minutes.

Back in the room, Brian was getting tired. As time passed, the gun was getting heavier. “How long?” he asked simply. “One hour,” Jason responded. They were both tired but couldn’t back out of the drama any longer, at least not until their parents came. So they waited.


When they were in the car and near the taxi park, Aisha suddenly asked Idris to park the car.

“What’s this drama now, why should I park the car?” Idris asked. Aisha had been acting funny. Yes, they had quarreled and were trying to make up, but this was a different kind of funny.

“I want to talk to you.” She said.

“Aisha, what is this now? What’s so urgent that you didn’t talk about it in the house and cannot wait for us to get to where we are going that it has to be here on the road?”

“Park the damned car you fucking pedophile!” Aisha burst out.

Idris slammed the brakes and swerved so suddenly he nearly hit a bike. “What the hell are you talking about Aisha? Are you mad?”

“You call me mad? You really have the mouth to call me mad? You are so pathetic Idris. I was going to ask, but I’m sure now. I don’t need to ask anything, you are really doing it. You are sick! Lord!”

“Is that what you were discussing with Inya?” She saw the fear creep into his eyes.

“Yes! She was asking if I could give her further lessons from where you stopped. You are a disgor! Now I regret not confronting you there so that Aunty Hajara can find out how you have been repaying her for all she has done for you.”

“Get out of my car, you idiot. You call someone disgor, yet you think I don’t know about your ‘uncles’ that you routinely service abi?” Idris tried to shoot back.

“You are comparing shagging old men for money to molesting little girls? I didn’t hide that I do runs from you so shut the bloody hell up. I’m going to tell Aunty Hajara.”

“You will do no such thing, Aisha.” Idris said assuredly.

“And what will you do to stop me? Rape and molest me? I’m not eight and even if I can’t come to the house, I know Aunty Hajara’s makeup place. I will meet her there. Arrghh! How did I end up dating a sicko like you?” Aisha responded angrily.

“Of course I know you can. But you will not. You have forgotten the videos we made at home yeah? I still have them on my laptop and you better be a good girl and go home, otherwise those videos and all your nudies will make their way to the web and of course it’s all my plenty twitter followers that will see it first. I’ll be nice enough to make sure someone shares the link with your brothers until your parents see them. That is if you squeal. Actually, I was going to break up with you, so I don’t want to ever see you again.”

Aisha seethed in anger. Before Idris, she had been wise enough to avoid nudies or making sextapes. But he had convinced her and she had been carried away. “Idris, I will leave you and your wretched family. If they don’t find out through me, they will still find out. But if any of those videos get out, I will have nothing to lose. And if that ever happens, you do recall that the police commissioner is one of those my ‘uncles’? Borrow yourself brain.”

With that, she gathered her things, got out of the car and picked one of the cabs in the park. Idris turned the car around. If Inya talked to Laraba… he thought. He would be exposed. He needed to put some fear into that girl.

When he got home, the living room was empty. He had heard Laraba and Hajara talk about meeting with Laraba’s planner so he guessed they had left the house not long after him. He heard some music coming from a corner. Looking into the corner, he found Oyiza practicing her piano. She must be working on her piece for Laraba’s wedding, he thought.

“Where is Inya,” he asked, interrupting Oyiza who answered without looking away from the piano “in the room, sleeping.”

“She must still be exhausted from the asthma attack,” he said with meaning and Oyiza’s head shot up, stopping the music.

He laughed “I am not telling on you Oyiza, okay?”

She looked at him with eyes that looked older than her eight years and he could see the derision in them. Then she went back to playing her music. He left her in the direction of his room, so she would think that was where he was going and then made his way to the girls’ room. He opened the door of the room quietly and let himself in. There in the bed, lay Inya. He sat down beside her and shook her. She stirred a little and then her eyes opened. “Hello Inya,” he said.

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63 thoughts on “Burnt – Episode 8

  1. Given, everyone has a dark secret. So when is Hajara and Don’s secret coming out? What has Aisha been using her Uncles’ money for? Partly on Idris?

  2. Jah Jehovah! This is one loaded episode. And the suspense at the end has left my heart thumping- literally. Brian is one messed up kid; an entangled chain of unfortunate events led him to this point. People need to know that evil always comes back to hunt the perpetrators, in 5mins time, or in 500 years time (generational curses). If Jason hadn’t abused the maid repeatedly in the first place, their family wouldn’t be facing this hell right now.

    Can next week Monday come already? The wait is killing. I might actually develop HBP

  3. Idris is a bastard I swear…..but this story tho’…na everibody get dark past…….this shld b done as a movie so parents all over naija can watch……..Life

  4. OH MY GOD!!! I fink those threats r empy.idris jst said dose words out of fear n I fink eesha shld jst go on nd do wots right.idris is a gerk. nd Brian! Geez! Dats way too much for an 8 years old boy.he’s too young to b xposed to dah kinda stuff.

  5. Too short for my liking,d suspense is too much n since we ve to wait for anoda 7days for d next episode,dis is becoming boring man

  6. Today’s episode is short,someone should let hajara knw on time ooOoooo,I hope Idris no go scare this little girl to death but I knw his secret wld soon be opened by God’s grace,disgusting idris

  7. Association of sexual perverts and paedophiles.

    This is becoming more interesting, if the tide is not stopped it will eventually become a tsunami that will consume the land.

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  8. Idris is an imbecile, Aisha was very naive in handling the issue and I hope parents that leave their children hanging, cos they are pursuing the pleasures of life, learn a great deal from this. This is very sad. Note to all: Never put yourself in a situation whereby you’ll be boxed to a corner…Live right so you can fight for justice…4th of Nov where are you. 😦

  9. idiot idris can only keep the secret for so long. A secret’s a secret and wll be expsed someday and in idris’ case not to long a time.

  10. Hhiiiiaaaannnnn. See correct gbege!!!!
    Who is to blame???
    Tl keep doing what ure doing. You’ll b surprised with sponsors this week.

  11. Beautiful piece as always tunde… Altho if jason had called them thinking dey were outside d country den he wud be calling an int number which wudnt have been reachable since dey were in d country. Aside that it wud seem every1 has a dark secret in their closet. Poor hajara every1 wud know about this b4 she does I can smell it

    • There’s such a thing as roaming ma. Jason can call his parents on their Nigerian number if they’re roaming it. E ma ronu before criticising.

    • Noni, I use my Nigerian Number even when i am outside the country, the only difference is that it rings differently from nigerian networks for the person calling me and i am charged an arm and a leg for the calls, so yes Jason can call them and they will pick up where ever they are. Since his dad is entering politics he must always be reachable…

  12. Every bruised person needs to heal….buh d damage caused to dem….dt feeling!…..wl hajara ever forgive idris for wah he s doin to er daughters?…..brians parents wl want to cover up wah dia son did jes so it wldnt spoil dia career and ds wnt help d boi at all……I can’t wait to read d nxt episode….nice piece TL

  13. Everybody be blaming Idris. Yes he is disgusting but this is a result of what happend to him in the past. If you recall from previous episode, Laraba abused him wen he was 11years old and the situation was jus swept under the carpet. Hopefully he would be caught and given the help he needs. Nice work tunde. Enjoyed this episode

  14. @OSe, was it Hajara that abused Idris? he has no excuse for doing this whatsoever! if he wanted a pay back, then he should have waited for Laraba”s kids. He is indeed sick in the head.

  15. @Kike, i couldn’t agree with you more. even though no one is perfect and we all have our dark secrets we wouldn’t want the world to know, we should strive to leave right so no on can blackmail you, especially when you’re fighting for justice

  16. Wowwwwwwwwwww.I bet brian’s parents will be sorry they were not better parents.Whatever is gonna nxt????????My fingers are crossed.Good job TL.

  17. I for see Brian will be returned to some home in the States to get counseling. the death of the housemaid will be attributed to armed robbers and swept under the carpet. The twins are scarred for life, Idris will be kicked out of his sister’s house and will return to his parents house or move to school accommodation with his tail in between his legs..Please God let Aisha have the guts to tell Hajara or let Idris get caught with the girl!!!!

  18. Mwh, Paranoia is now worrying me! I have asked my kids daily since i saw this series if anyone is touching them at all in any form please tell me ooooooo!!!!! And they are quick to mention even the most innocuous of nudges even from friends in the school play ground..lol

  19. Aisha shud ve planned her attack well.yes she was shocked but was she xpecting a drastic change of heart from Idris? Anyway,wat u expose ur child to also matters.Inya’s parents shudnt ve encouraged her wanting 2 have her way at all cost,that being sad and jealous cos her sister has a friend dt doesn’t like her is bad.believe me,ds attitudes grow with an individual right from childhood.

  20. Its so easy to paint Idris black & call him names, but we’re forgetting someone turned him into the monster he has become. TL, up you go!

  21. Its unfortunate that Idris turned out dis way cos of his earlier abuse. But to turn and stab his benefactor at d back is unfathomable

  22. When is dis piece goin 2 end pls?
    I stopped reading 4 episodes ago, chkd 2day & d story’s still on. Kilode?
    Grt work as always TL, I av my reservations on this piece tho

  23. Who taught an eight years old boys how to use a gun to hold someone hostage? FILMS of course!, this is what little boys learn from watching nasty movies. Everyone is gradually getting BURNT. Please TL, get this story to everyone living in Nigeria in whatever form u choose, whether through book or movie. Nice write up dearie! This reminds me of Sigmund Freud’s Theory on Personality formation, Psychoanalysis, and a little bit about Oedipus complex! Keep up the good work jor!

  24. Mehhhhhnnnnnn….
    Idris is so messed dt Aisha must have been a complete failure not to hv noticed any of the signs! And what d hell? Even tho she cdnt spill at d house, id assume she’d have needed to investigate further before belling the cat, but how in d Lord’s name did she endure d ride? And cdnt she strategise better? Who even makes a sex tape and den is stupid enuf to leave with d guy much less a guy like idris?
    I guess we r on a skeleton in d closet roll so d light isnt yet at d end of ds tunnel for the gals.
    For Brian n folks, ur whole family needs Jesus o! Gba be….Hopefully d parents didnt molest Jason n d other bro. Oro smelly

  25. This episode is mind blowing….so many crazy events loaded into one episode..Firstly, I had to read all 8 episodes this night and I asked myself how do 8 year old’s get to think and resonance like this…let me tell you how…..TELEVISION!!!, Disney channel, Nickelodeon, Telemundo!!….what happened to privacy setting??Then to idris…if he cud feel molested and hurt because of the wrong done to him by Laraba when he 11yrs old can’t his twisted sick head tell him that he is causing as much hurt and scarring to these girls too?Hajara also shudder be blamed for causing the divide between her twin daughters by her favouring Inya who looked and behaved more like her over Oyiza..Brian is just one sick Americana boy whose parents have lost a hold one and stupidly think there’s sumn in the Nigerian wedding that auto resets the brains of their erring spoilt kids when they bundle them back home…TL please post episode 9 already and please make it LONG!!

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