Dance of the Ants 2

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ants dancing 2

For many moons, the SOLDIER-ants ruled, suspending dances and transferring power from one faction of SOLDIER-ants to the other through force, until the ants got tired of them and began to agitate.

One of the SOLDIER-ants was cunning. He took power from a stern faced SOLDIER-ant and tricked everyone into thinking he was different. He announced that there would be a great dance soon. The plan for the dance was long and convoluted, but everyone was happy that unlike his predecessor, he at least had a plan. All the ELEPH-ants and the GI-ants became excited. The sugar was about to be passed from the SOLDIER-ants to them. Finally, after many moons of waiting, they were about to get their chance at power again.

But this CUNNING-ant kept shifting the date for the dance. Finally, a new class of ants with fiery speech arose who did not mind being jailed. They were the COMPLAIN-ants and they became a thorn in the side of the ruling SOLDIER-ant. After one of them was killed suspiciously, they went into overdrive, and finally definite plans for the dance were finally announced. The former anthill based parties of the pre SOLDIER-ant years began to emerge under new names and the ELEPH-ants and GI-ants went into frenzy. The cunning SOLDIER-ant saw this and dissolved these parties. He then commanded all ants who had been ELEPH-ants or GI-ants before not to seek power in the dance. He also formed only two ant parties, to remove anthill affiliations. Quickly, a wealthy SYCOPH-ant who had always been very close to the SOLDIER-ants emerged as the front runner in the buildup to the dance. Normally, the COMPLAIN-ants would have kicked against him, but they were tired of the SOLDIER-ants and would take any ant in their place.

The dance came, and it was judged the best dance ever held in this tenement in the land called Dark. This wealthy SYCOPH-ant was adjudged the winner. But ghosts from his past haunted him. In his dealings with the SOLDIER-ants, he had stepped on the toes of many who were not from his anthill, and they threatened the CUNNING-ant if he announced the SYCOPH-ant as winner of the dance. He had also disrespectfully opposed the most prominent GI-ant from his anthill in the past and hence when his troubles started, the other leaders in his anthill weren’t willing to risk life and limb to claim his mandate. In public, they vibrated, but in private they said “that serves him right” for disparaging our great GI-ant with those ANTHILL OF THE SAVANNAH ants. To the shock of all the PEAS-ants of the winning SYCOPH-ant’s anthill, as well as the COMPLAIN-ants and even the SYCOPH-ant himself, his personal friend the CUNNING-ant nullified the dance and its results.

All hell broke loose. In the tenement where the SYCOPH-ant was from, ants turned their fangs on each other and it took the SOLDIER-ants killing a lot of the PEAS-ants there before things calmed down. But in the end, the CUNNING-ant had to step down for the most ridiculous government this Tenement has ever seen. In no time, a new SOLDIER-ant known as the TYR-ant who was the second most powerful ant in the government of the CUNNING-ant took power. He had risen to power after helping the CUNNING-ant suppress a revolt of SOLDIER-ants in the past. He was not a largesse type of SOLDIER-ant like his predecessor. He ruled through terror and tyranny, maintaining a team of ants that had scorpion-like ruthlessness to permanently silence every ant that spoke against him. Every ant from every anthill lived in fear of him. COMPLAIN-ants from the resource rich ANTHILL OF THE WATERSIDE were executed in spite of threats and pleas from within the Tenement and even from the Grasshoppers who had colonized them. He feared no one and most COMPLAIN-ants, ELEPH-ants, GI-ants, PEAS-ants and SOLDIER-ants shut their mouths and followed. Older SOLDIER-ants who thought themselves his seniors and untouchable were rounded up by his ruthless scorpions and killed. He locked the SYCOPH-ant who had won the previous dance up and that was it. For many moons, he ruled, until there were rumors amongst the ants that he was going after the only powerful SOLDIER-ant that was left outside his dungeons – the CUNNING-ant.

Whether by coincidence or by some devious design, while this scheme was brewing, the TY-rant died. Great was the rejoicing in the Tenement, and riding on the wave, a new SOLDIER-ant took over. It was expected that the SYCOPH-ant would be released, but this did not happen. His release would cause severe complications in the governance of the Tenement, and some time after the new SOLDIER-ant took power, he mysteriously died after taking some honeydew. Suspicion was rife, from the Grasshoppers to the SOLDIER-ants and all others in between. But unlike the earlier time when the dance was cancelled, the reactions were subdued. This new SOLDIER-ant seemed serious about returning governance to the ELEPH-ants and the GI-ants and rather than anger him, people watched. And that’s exactly what he did. A former SOLDIER-ant turned ELEPH-ant who had ruled before emerged from the dungeons of the TY-rant and was gifted the ruler-ship of the Tenement, as a compensation to his person and to his anthill, because he was from the same anthill as the SYCOPH-ant. The ants from the anthill that had dominated the Tenement since the independence from the Grasshoppers and the rule of SOLDIER-ants thought they would be able to control him easily. However, they were very, very wrong. Once in power, this SOLDIER-ELEPH-ant took charge and became his own ant. But trouble was lurking from where everyone was least expecting. For the ants from the ANTHILL OF THE WATERSIDE had not forgotten how they had produced the wealth of the Tenement at the expense of their anthill and had nothing to show for it. They had not forgotten how the peaceful COMPLAIN-ants from their anthill had been murdered by the now dead TY-rant. Rather than make their demands by peaceful means, they decided to follow a more violent path. In the rule of the SOLDIER-ELEPH-ant, the MILIT-ants began to rise.

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25 thoughts on “Dance of the Ants 2

  1. TL, i really wonder wat stuff ur mind’s made of…ure so damn creative and imaginative. i’ tripping and sumersaulting here o! ure da bomb mahn!

  2. U said so dt today was gonna be wonderful n alas, u dint disappoint….. Total history of naija political “higgi-hagga”. Lookg forward to part 3

  3. I believe Nigeria will be a better nation one day,can’t wait for revolution so that we get rid of all dis evil leaders God bless Nigeria my country

  4. Creative piece about our Nation, so sad its still the same way if not worse sef *sigh* can’t wait to read d 3 episode n see how u bring the BokoHAR-ants in

  5. whao! This is wonderful. A methaphorically personified story of Nigeria and the leaders she had had from the precolonial till date. Thank you mr Tunde, you are a gift to our world.

  6. Well, all the PARTICIP-ants and ATTEND-ants to this blog by this BRILLI-ant user of words should by now be CONVERS-ant with his style of making and keeping us EXPECT-ant of what he has to offer next. Lol! (Me too I go school)

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