Outing The Boo

I shared this story at work today and nearly started World War 3. Oya, lemme see what tlsplacers say. 😀



Rolake was about to do it. For about five months, she had been in that under g kinda mode with Tope. But she was ready now, ready to proclaim him to the whole wide world. She had tested him in every way to see if he was serious and he had come out smelling like roses. She had even gotten her hot friend whom he didn’t know, Adefolaju, to flirt with him to see if he would fall. Lailai, he didn’t. She put up a picture as her twitter AVI for all her five thousand plus followers to see. Then she uploaded pictures on facebook and finally put the same AVI picture as her BBM display picture.

As she expected, the comments and gbeborun questions started pouring in. she had a good laugh answering each and every one of them and everyone congratulated her that Tope was a great catch. She felt on top of the world.

She had put the picture up at eight just as she got to work and met a bouquet of roses from Tope waiting for her. Now, six hours later, the Nigerian and UK gbeboruns were satisfied, the U.S and Canada gbeboruns just began waking up.

The contact named The Sexy Retard on her BBM but whose real name was Ranti pinged her. Ranti was her very close friend who relocated to Canada like six years ago. Of course, they were still close, but the time and distance had made them drift a little, so she didn’t share all the juicy details of her now with Ranti, especially after Ranti’s painful breakup with her boyfriend of two years, one Babs like that. Ranti was a coded kind of person who didn’t share any of Babs pictures on social media because she was a mini-celeb. But in private with Rolake, she shared all the details of her sex life with Babs, how he turned her, tied her, lifted her, pounded her, ate her, every single erotic detail.

She opened Ranti’s message and here’s what it said

“Rolake, why the hell are you putting up a picture of you and Babs and calling him your boo?”

It was then that it hit Rolake that Tope’s full first name was Babatope and he had mentioned at some point that he had been called Babs when he lived abroad.


If you were Rolake, would you go on with the relationship or call it off? If you are male, reverse the genders in the story and let’s know what you would do. This was fun at work today, so I’m dying to hear your thoughts. Vote and then drop a comment


47 thoughts on “Outing The Boo

  1. I voted end the relationship cause it was the closest option to what i have in mind. For starters i would tell rolake i didn’t know it was her babs, i would ask how the relationship ended, if she dumped him and why. If she was the dumper , then I’ll tell her I’m sorry and continue the relationship, our friendship will a take a hit but for Tope , itl be worth it. On d other hand, if he dumped her, then I’ll be forced to choose( as u sd TL , we aren’t as close as we once were) so I’ll have to decide if i can hurt her or hurt him, I’ll have to hear from him of course. What happened and. why. All in all, circumstances around will determine sha ooo

  2. Biko…I’ll continue the relationship. So what if it didn’t work out between them, doesn’t mean it won’t work out for me. Besides, whose fault is it that the guy (from a guy’s view) never put up her picture. That’s the problem, when you are being too coded, you give the other party a chance and you won’t know about some details until much later. Be open, be proud..share it

  3. I’d like to add that my decision would be based on the details given and the stand point of my friend.. I have2know that the relationship meant much2her and wasn’t sum noshing affair that carried on for that long cuz of the perks. I’d have to b fully convinced that whatever it is I’m doing ‘d hurt ‘her’ and not her pride.

  4. I totally agree with Aitasweet. I’ll have to know how and why they broke up and decide if I wantu risk an already drifting friendship or risk my rose-smelling(not literally ofcourse) perfect bobo. But its just awkward that I know the juicy details of the things he had done with and to my friend. Not so juicy anymore now, is it?

  5. I will so continue the relationship…..but will find out what happened with Rolake…if his story is humane it will help strenghten the relationship more but if beastly,I wud ve to end the relationship but not on the grounds that he dated my frnd….but strictly on personality grounds!

  6. Well, I’ve always had this ‘mindset’ of not dating a friend’s ex, but here its kinda different, in that, she didn’t know her Tope was her friend’s Babs, but rily, I’d have to know why they broke up in the first place, which would then determine the fate of the relationship.

  7. i will go on with the relationship cos it’s possible they were not meant to be and that he is the one for me. The three of us will have a long talk though, just to clear the air.

  8. none of the options above. will have a meeting with babs first with the intention of knowing why the relationship didnt work, next a skype meeting with Ranti and then another skype meeting with Babs present. The outcome will tell me what to do.

  9. END the relationship biko. First of all, he’s ur friend’s ex(2yrs r/ship +painful breakup) u dnt need a prophet2 tell u d ryt tin2 do. He’s not d only guy out dere. Plus it will feel wierd doin stuff wit him, knowing he’s done same to/with my friend.

  10. Isn’t there some unwritten, unstated rule about dating friends ex’es and all that. Well I think I would want to know why they broke up before I take any step. So hear yea all the friends better declare who Le boo is before I jam am for road and say yes. Girls are soooo not smiling o. Hahahaha!!!

  11. Tunde d answers are not suitable ooo…I will have to have a serious talk wit my frnd bt I dnt tink I’ll end the relationship coz I didn’t kno he was her ex

  12. I choose continue with the relationship cos at first she didn’t tell u what happened,which is left for u to find out and act wisely.
    However,she is to ensure a repeat of such mistakes from Ranti’s past does not happen wit her..

  13. It rili depends on wat caused deir breakup. wat if dey weren’t meant to be? Nobody shuld brk up wit anyone bcos of dis kinda revelation, without getn d full details of the breakup

  14. Would find out what caused the breakup at first,if it was something entirely serious,if it wasn’t…I’ll continue the relationship.

  15. Like everybody said, i will ask her to tell me the truth why they ended the relationship, i will call her and allow her and Tope to talk to my hearing before taking my decision. I know there is always a past for everyone.

  16. I will continue the relationship based on the fact that I and Ranti aren’t as close as we used to, and its not like I knew they dated before I started a relationship with Tope. But I will also like to know why he hid this past relationship from me.

  17. Tunde it really depends on how the relationship ended with them. If it was Babs fault then its to get sense & ball out, if its not then haba give new love a chance.

  18. This is it. People change. I will go on with the relationship and treat the knowledge as a baggage to see if there is genuinely the possibility of us working.
    I won’t tell her what I know though.

  19. End the relationship plz!
    Wait oh! When getting serz with someone u’d ask abt past relationships. In depth details not required…but u’d wanna know..
    Plus there’s no way d guy didn’t know that the 2 girls knew each other

  20. Its really complex…. I sure wouldnt want any of my friends dating any of my exes… it’ll kind of feel awkward…
    so its understandable if Ranti wants a breakup… but then again man no dey again oh!

  21. Well, I can’t just vote cos ur options aren’t exactly flexible but the reason for Babs and Ranti’s break up would go a long way in determining wat Rolake would do. I don’t think she should just break up wt Tope all because he once dated Ranti. Naaa……. Dey were ONCE close bt my dear TL, not anymore. Besides, one woman’s ‘heartbreaker’ is anoda woman’s heart throb.

  22. Truthfully, u really can’t know exactly what to do, except u r in those shoes…if rolake truly loves babs, its going to be hard to just forget d relationship like that. Its not her fault cause she never knew babs was d same person that dated her friend. The three of them shld sit down and talk about it, its going to be hard for Ranti but Rolakes happiness also matters. Ranti might let go….

  23. The options does not contain what i will do if am in this kind of situation. In this life, somebody most marry somebody. If the relationship dïd not work for a particular person, it does not mean it will not work with another person. It just goes to tell that it was not suppose to be (that is the relationship b/w Ranti and Babs). And it was 2yrs ago. Only if the guy hunt her down to date her cos she is Ranti’s friend and all the test put across to him was not real too becos he was pretending. And if he was pretending, he won’t have told her people call him Babs.
    She should not jump into quick conclusion, she should get details from the guy and her friend before taking any decision. The decisions on the option are too impromptu
    On another thot,what if they were already married, will she just leave him like that? Was only asking oh

  24. I would make her explain how and what caused the breakup, and believe me i would confirm from both parties. If its something i can live with then i carry on, what is past is past, a devil u know is better dan a ‘supposed angel’

  25. 1st that rship ended 2 yrs ago. So I dnt knw why pple are referring to him as her (ranti’s) guy! hian
    2nd, babatope had been truthful at least by telling her his babs name and abroad etc
    3rd he also came up squeaky clean after various tests
    4th dat it didnt work for them doesnt mean it wont work for us (TL said to place ourselves as the person in the story)
    What I wld do is ask why the rship ended and den compare stories to see if there are truth in the version I’d hear from both parties…

    What I find quite funny is the ish we ladies have that once we date a guy and he broke our hearts or whatever, we still have claims over him… e.g why in heavens name will make ranti say that (“Rolake, why the hell are you putting up a picture of you and Babs and calling him your boo?”) to rolake over a guy she broker up with 2yrs ago?

    If twas me, I’d explain with all civility and kindness that I didnt know twas her babs BUT will not end my relationship with babatope and wld be unapologetic about my decision. Pple witll talk but heck they always do.
    I’d rather be happy and see this thru than end it bcos he is the ex of a frd! Who knows if he is my Mr. Right! Ex is Ex and I did not date him on purpose.

  26. The fact that the babatope guy didn’t know that the 2 babes were friends just goes to show that they are not ‘close friends’ and I am not gonna jeopardize my happiness for a ‘friendship’ becos that doesn’t guarantee that my ‘friend’ wld do the same thing for me. So, I’m going to continue the relationship after asking my boo why they broke up & I’m not gonna involve my friend (who is a 3rd party) in my relationship cos 3 is a crowd.

  27. Oh boy eh! this one na serious issue abeg cuz I am in similar shoes right now and it is killing me. Like wetin man pikin go do? I still haven’t figured out what to do. I dont want to lose my friend but this guy is a really good guy. He is one that one in a million kinda guy. I’m still praying about it, waiting on God. He sure wont lead me wrong. But in the mean time, I am like soooo in a fix

    • Abeg hold your man o. No be you break them up. The only thing I don’t support is snatching. So long as they are through and you didn’t know when they were together, it’s alright in my book.

  28. She shldnt stop seeing Tope cus she hasn’t broken the ‘girlfriend code’ rule here!!She took her time to study the guy,went as far as setting him up and he passed with flying colours…All relationships dont neccessarily ends at the altar..so i wld say carry go babe..

  29. We all tend to forget some facts in the story. If I was Rolake, I would break up with Babs. 1. In the story, it was clear that Ranti had a painful breakup with Babs despite all the fun she had in d relatnship. So dere is a 50 percent chance that I might end up the same way cos dis Babs might be a player. 2. Babs neva for once mentioned Ranti as a part in his past. What serious boifriend doesn’t metion his ex @ all in a relatnship?. So I’ll just break it up, and if Babs is right for me, then he will have to convince not only me buh Ranti also. Tunde, your wisom will not rotten. May God keep enriching you. Amen

  30. Like seriously? Unless you are 16 years or under , you are somone’s ex and are dating somebody’s ex! Just because you do not know them does not mean they do not exist. As long as you are not being two timed, then you are cool.

  31. Abeg I wee soooo continue d relationship. Who doesn’t want to be turned, tied and lifted too? L☺l. What with all these indomie 2 minutes guys we have 2day. The fact that it didn’t work between them doesn’t mean it won’t work between us especially since the guy has been of good behaviour. I won’t tell her I’m with him though and I won’t put up his picture out of respect for her. I’ll find out what caused them to break up & I’ll watch out for it in him (if he caused the break up). If it gets serious, my friend will have to understand and respect my happiness.

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