THE 2ND PART OF MOYO’S SERIES, STARTED LAST WEEK. HERE’S THE 1ST PART https://tlsplace.wordpress.com/2013/08/15/hell-hath-no-fury/ . ENJOY…

woman painting

Yemi took her out to this Indian restaurant and they had the worst time. The service was poor, the food was cold and there were too many people.

“I had low expectations for tonight” she paused, “but this…” she waved slowly at the noisy hot restaurant, “this is ridiculous. Take me home !” She demanded.

Yemi settled the bill and they left. They were very quiet on the drive back to hers. Yemi felt so stupid. He didn’t even know where to begin his apology. He was so angry at himself. His phone rang and he let it. He wasn’t in the mood to talk to anyone. It rang again and saw it was his friend Jide. He asked Oju if she minded and she shrugged, so he picked it.

“Yems, my main man !” a male voice boomed through his car speakers.

“How’s it going man ?” Yemi replied.

“Happy Birthday o ! This one you cancelled on everybody lojiji ! What happened now ?”

Kissing his teeth jokingly Yemi said, “I had more important things to do.”

“More important than the big three zero ?”

“Far far more important. We’ll celebrate next weekend, I promise.”

“Alright alright, you okay though ? you sound a little down.”

“Yeah, just a little tired, I’ll hit you up later, so gbo?”

“Alright, take care of yourself man.”

“Alright, later.” Yemi ended the call and kept driving.

A wave of embarrassment flooded Oju. It was his birthday ? And he took her out ? She didn’t even know why she was giving him a tough time. He was nice and made every effort to make her smile. He even wanted to take her somewhere else but she refused. She shifted uncomfortably in her seat till they arrived at her place.

“This is me.” She announced.

“This is you.” He said fake smiling.

She undid her seatbelt, held the back of his neck with her left hand and kissed firmly him on the lips.

“Woah !” Yemi exclaimed.

“You owe me a second date.” She said and got out of the car before he had the chance to say anything. He sat in the car stunned for a while. Pinching himself.


You’d think Yemi would learn after that. On their second date, He took her to some shoddy Mexican place. She thought she ought to be stupid for going out with this guy again. But somehow, surprisingly, it turned out to be the best date of her life.

It wasn’t so much the quesadilla that was bursting with flavor or the great lighting or the slow sensual Spanish music but him, Yemi. He was charming with a quick wit, he was humble even though he knew he was well to do. His warm brown skin and single dimple on his left cheek didn’t knock his chances either.

They went out frequently after that. He took her to weirder places and some turned out great, others average, and most horrible. But she was a good sport about it all. He made her laugh and kissed her every chance he got.

Oju wasn’t completely over her ex. He became a topic that came up frequently but was never discussed in depth. When she spoke about him, there was something in her eyes he couldn’t recognize. When she cried about him, like she often did, a paralyzing dullness followed suit and it disfigured her face. She didn’t look as beautiful. He tried to comfort her but it was difficult. She could be weird and dark when she was sad and the things she said left him breathless. There was this time, in between sobs she said “I’ll kill you if you ever break my heart.” Yemi was  caught off guard and he just stared at her. She laughed it off to ease the awkwardness, but he didn’t forget it. The second time she said it, he replied with “Oju, I’ll never do that, you’re safe with me. I love you.” Only she didn’t laugh this time.


After months of dating, he was planning on getting some. She had been stubborn and he liked it. She’d tease him till he was just about to put it in, literally. It was delicious and maddening at the same time. He wanted their first time to be special. He wanted her to want it as bad as he did. So he planned and planned for months. He finally booked a small studio apartment in Maitama for the weekend. It was a run by an old couple who rented it out usually. It cost him a shiny penny but it was worth it. She was worth it. It was nested beautifully on one of the smaller mountains. The front of the apartment was made of glass. It was tastefully furnished with beautiful paintings and small replicas of the old Mesopotamian culture. It had large kitchen that opened to a living room and a narrow corridor led to the master bedroom. The décor had a color palette of creams, peaches and browns. It was all very modern. It had that new house smell of faint paint and leather furniture, the place must have been renovated recently. His only niggle was that it was a little cold but that was the point. She’d snuggle closer in bed. He confirmed that he’d be arriving around 9 to couple. Their bedtime was 10 so it worked out perfectly.

Yemi called Oju and said, “I’ll pick you up in an hour.”

“I’ll be waiting.” She said excitedly.

“I love you.” He said, reassuring her as well as himself.

“See you soon.”.

She didn’t say it back but it was okay.  She’d be screaming it tonight. He did his little dance and got ready. He wore his special cologne and wore his favorite white dress shirt. He matched it with black pants and black loafers.  He bought her red lacy lingerie, a =N=400,000 bottle of wine and lavender and blueberry scented candles. The works.

He got to her place and told her to come down. He watched her as she walked to his car. She was wearing this beautiful fuchsia pink dress and her lips were the same color. It was tight and mid length. The dress left little to imagination and he thought about her body. That body. He never liked big women but… Her. Her ! Good Jesus, he thought, those hips, that ass.

“You’re so beautiful.” He blurted out, immediately she entered the car.

She rolled her eyes and laughed, “Thank you Yemi.”

“No, you don’t understand.” He paused. “Your beauty is more than just being beautiful. It’s more than that. It’s everything about you. It’s the way you..” he trailed off. “You’re dizzying.” He said finally.

They arrived at the place some minutes to 9. Oju was hardly ever amazed but she had to admit that he outdid himself. She knew it was all in a bid to have sex and after everything she put him through, she decided she would allow herself love him tonight. She’d give him everything and show him that patience was a virtue. A virtue that was worth being rewarded. She would set fire to his passion. He’d been so wonderful to her, showing her special attention, showering her with gifts and making her feel like the only girl in the world.

After watching a movie, eating and hours of talking, Oju disappeared to the room and came out in the lingerie he bought. Yemi wiped his mouth severally from drool. Oju cat-walked back and forth for him, rolling her waist and flexing her butt cheeks. She gave him a lap dance and kissed him passionately. With his eyes closed, He carried her to the bedroom and made love to her. He was slow and gentle, he wanted to remember every moment. Remember every fold, every curve, every dimple. His hands wandering and wondering. She was so soft and her breasts were so full. He licked her everywhere. He clawed her at her back and squeezed her ass. He was pleasantly amazed at how flexible she was. Yemi admitted to himself that she was the best sex he ever had.

“If your body is hell, then let me burn for all eternity.” He whispered in surrender, then he came in her.

He rolled over and slept soundly. Just like that. Oju could not believe this, No cuddling ? and where were his ever present “I-love-yous” ? She was a little upset but she let it go. She kissed him on the head and slept too, she made an excuse for him that he was just exhausted.

The next morning, Oju woke up to an empty bed. She wandered to the kitchen where she saw an already cold breakfast with a note waiting for her.

“Last night was awesome, had to rush out for a meeting today. Love you sexy. Oh and drop the keys with the couple next door, they’ll call you a cab home.”

Oju pouted with disappointment. She’d call him later in the evening to thank him for last night and ask how his meeting went.  What type of meeting did he have on a Sunday anyway ?

Yemi was glad with himself ! He called Jide, Ken and Osama to watch the Nigeria-Ghana match and have beers and suya all on him.

“These Ghanaians sabi play !”Ken cheered.

“Abegi!  Wetin you know for soccer sef ? You that your team is Liverpool ?” Osama said.

“Ey, ey ! Don’t add liv…”

“You guys ! Forget that one ! Come and hear what Yems just said !” Jide said, holding his sides from laughter.

“What ?!” Ken and Osama asked in Unison.

“That Oju babe finally opened leg for him yesterday and he just.. he just.. he just.. Ahahaha.” Jide laughed too much to complete his sentence.

“Don’t answer him o!” Yemi said with a half serious-half joking expression on his face.

“Stop holding out ! Gist us ! What happened ?” Osama said.

“Yeah, we…” Yemi said, using his hands to gesticulate.

“We ? What did we do ?” Osama asked.

“We.. We.. We..” Yemi stammered was unsure of why he felt embarrassed.

“Wait, who is Oju again?” Ken asked.

“The fat half cast one.” Jide answered.

Ken, Osama and Jide burst into laughter. Yemi tugged at his ear and smiled uncomfortably.

“Look, guys it was just a sex thing.” Yemi lied, and felt a huge pang of guilt.

“No now..” Jide laughed

“Yemi has caught the now-that-I’ve-had her-I-don’t-want-her-anymore bug.” Osama laughed.

“No now ! Yemi likes this babe, can’t you see he’s acting different ?” Jide accused.

“Acting how ?” Yemi played dumb. He had feelings for her, but after they thought she was fat and teased him tirelessly he knew he had to end it.


17 thoughts on “HELL HATH NO FURY 2

  1. Shit! So its true men r really bastards o! Its not a lie! I was smiling living d erotic dream till I got to d line of waking up in an empty bed!
    If he allowed his friends to tell him d sexy babe he envisioned was fat and den ridicule n discuss their sex life, den he’s still in diapers. Not worth it.

  2. Dammit!!….so he went thru all dat just to get between her legs.when she finally tot of giving herself a chance to love..All of a sudden they tot she was fat..Guys sha..she’s definately killing him

  3. Are guys really so shallow to want to end things with a girl because his friends think she is fat? What happened to encouraging her to join the gym and get fit? SMH

  4. die nigga die!!! sighs. why would a sane person go through all that just to have sex/show off? Some guys sha. so what if his friends think she’s fat? was he blind before ni?

  5. Serzly o…. When a guy is sure,u are “d One” he will never discuss u like that,abi????? I hope she was the cause of the accident that almost finished his leg….. Ode!!!

  6. My God,yemi is jst a kiss and tell guy joor!! Wot nonsense.can’t guys jst kip quiet.so all dat romance waz jst 2 get btw her legs.Smh

  7. SMDH! I dnt want to believe dere r guys like dis! Haba?? So u first gv ur friends details of d sex as if dats not enuff u go ahead to base ur feelns on their opinions of d babe?? Gosh!!! Dis is really sad! I hv nufn more to say

  8. babes,not all sex leads to marriage,the same way men admire women for sex alone so also women admire men too for sex alone.let me use my self as an example”there’s dis lady that lov having sex with me and she don’t lov me.”not dat am not handsome but dat is dat.But babes should remember that their respect is their private part.but then we ve wat we call catching fun.she wanted it she got it.

  9. Yemi..na to die bi that oh!..knowing wat she had been thru and still planning to dump her??!!!….so the meeting was a football hookup with friends.,kai!..Yemi, after u don die…make Oju follow u go hell and re-kill u….

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