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I’m naughty 🙂 I tried to not write this, but it jumped out of my fingers. Y’all have The Guardian who commented on the Baba Risi Awoof for Illustrators yesterday to thank for this 2ce this week Baba Risi. (No come think say if you vex for comment, I go post am 2ce a week every week o). By the way, saw his follow up comments on giving out a Wacom Intuos Graphic Tablet for the winner. Big ups to him. Hit me up on twitter @tundeleye or email me at so I can get the details for getting that for the winner. Enjoy “The Guardian” inspired The Guardian episode of Baba RIsi’s Court 😀


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After that interview, Baba Risi thought he would have to lay low for a while. But for where? The number of cases he had to judge had increased by four folds now and the gate takings from the spectators was quite a handsome pile. He had just finished one case where one foolish corper impregnated the twins selling bread and ewa aganyin and the clerk was calling the next case now.

The complainant came forward with swagger. He was wearing a starched linen top with chinos trousers, trekkers and a pair of glasses. Altogether, he had the overall look of a very brainy person. The second guy behind him who Baba Risi initially thought was with the complainant but who turned out to be the accused in this case was dressed like all those bankers. He hastily removed his lapel pin and ID card before Baba Risi could make out which bank he worked with and went to the other side.

“Yes, who collect who wife out of two of una,” Baba Risi queried. This was the only reason he could think of where two successful young men would come before his court. Except this type of new crowd was attracted by his interview with NOI and Sikiru, in which case, all join!

The complainant responded “Baba Risi, my name is The Guardian, and I am angry. Angry for you and for me and this nonsense guy” he pointed at the banker looking guy, “is the reason why I am angry.”

Baba Risi sat up “what is this about? Wetin the guy do?”

Rosco and some other boys move in close to the banker guy, ready to exact some judgment once Baba Risi gave the signal.

The Guardian, pleased, continued “no mind am. He says he’s a writer and blogger and he had been writing about this your honorable court since, using your name to make himself popular. The worst one he now did is the last one.”

“Shooo, oga talk am quick abeg, wetin he do now?” Baba Risi was getting impatient.

“I am an illustrator, I draw images. It is a very noble profession, and this man disrespected us. He asked people to draw you, as many people that are illustrators out there looking to be popular. They want to use your name and image, Baba Risi, free of charge. And he now said he was doing awoof to we illustrators, that he will give us one nonsense Nokia Phone like that, Lumia 520, that is like 27K. What nonsense!”

Baba Risi looked incredulously at The Guardian.

“Oga, how e take affect you now? As Eldee the Don talk, is it your money? Abeg, make dem dey draw me dey go, maybe I go be like governor wey the face dey dey everywhere. Ngbo, Ogbeni writer what do you have to say?”

Immediately, the banker guy raised his hands in the air and said “Baba n Risi, twaile, you much too much o!”

Baba Risi could not help bursting into laughter. The sight of this suave looking guy displaying like one of his boys was just too funny. “Oga wetin be your name o?” he asked

“My name na Tunde Leye, and I just dey do small play play ni. This our small prize no be for Oga at the top like this chairman here o. Na for upcoming people, make dem for popular small, see big work of 200k per job like am.”

“haaa! Oga Guardian, na true? You dey collect 200k per job to draw person like me?” Baba Risi asked in disbelief.

“Of course. That is the minimum I charge for such character conceptualization jobs. It could be much more,” the Guardian said, adjusting his specs.

“And you never do prize for upcoming illustrators to become like you? You come dey vex for person wey dey try help with him small thing?”

The Guardian saw he had misjudged the reason for Baba Risi’s disbelief. “Errrm,” he stammered.

“Sharrap! Na my judgment be this. Since you respect una work much, you must to contribute to this prize and the thing wey you must put must pass the phone wey Tunde Leye dey put. Rosco follow am now now to go collect the thing!”

“I was going to give something to support but I still wanted him to show some respect for our profession…” The Guardian said but Baba Risi cut him short.

“Sharrap, you are still talking? Take 5k fine from this man jor,” he said. Immediately, Rosco frisked him and 5k in crisp ATM type bills came out. Baba Risi thought that he should have made it a bigger fine, because there seemed to be money in his hand.

“Now, forward march to go and buy something that is of value for Tunde Leye to give, before I fine you again for delaying carrying out judgment,” Baba Risi said, standing up for effect.

The Guardian beat a hasty retreat from the imposing figure of Baba Risi and made for the door, closely followed by Rosco and Tunde.


The Guardian eventually donated a Wacom Intuos Graphics Tablet for the TLSPLACE ILLUSTRATORS AWOOF. J



17 thoughts on “Baba Risi’s Court – The Guardian

  1. Hahahahaa nice 1 tunde, ehen nw I hv an idea inspired by the guardian. Tunde I’m ‎​so gon blast ‎​u nxt week on rekiya’s tale lemme see if ‎​u’ll post 2 episodes nxt wk.. Lmao, abeg o who’s wif me on dis!! Let’s make TL post 2 episodes of rekiya’s tale nxt wk

  2. Hahahah,u haff fallen d guardian hand totally.where d guardian sef,Im no get mouth talk again abi???kudos,nutty n crazy write-up.
    Jst 2 note sum of baba risi’s comments r supposed to b in pidgin language not proper english.

  3. Tunde, give us 2 episodes of Rekiya’s tale!!!!!!
    Welldone for that nice n funny follow-up on Baba Risi’s court

  4. Gr8 wan Mr Leye! Love de way u handle biznes😜.
    @ Uncle Guardian- u no fall my hand, tanks for rising 2 de occasion. ( pls stop ribbing Uncle G, he has repented)😊
    Wetin I talk?

    • A repentant soul brings fort communal peace in the absence of bias. I was biased when I made my comments about this cause. I lacked a full understanding of the writer’s intent.
      In that note, I urge you all to celebrate the spirit of creativity.

      Uncle .G

  5. Mr. Tunde Leye (d genius) I’v bn following ur write ups 4 awhile n this’s my first comment ever, u almost got me in trouble in court wen I was laffin lik an idiot, I was reading ur write ups while waitin 4 my case to b called. Nywayz, God bless ur beautiful mind.

  6. Egbon!!! U never wake up? I don tire to refresh ths page o. Abeg knack me tory oooo n plsssssss I beg U, mk it long oooo.

  7. @TundeLeye. You are indeed a blessing to this generation. You not only keep us entertained n informed but u also encourage creativity. Thx to Titi’s onair bookclub and my sister Tomi Otun-F. I haven’t visited d gossip blogs in d last 2 weeks. More inspiration from God IJN.

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