The Burden of Proof – Snippet

As the anticipation for my free e-book, The Burden of Proof builds up, I decided to tantalize you with a lil excerpt from it. Remember, the book drops this Friday. You can download to your android devices via the okadabooks app or download a PDF version from a link I’ll share on that day. A word though, I’d like to measure how many downloads it gets, so if you have friends that want the book, rather than send them the file, send them the link to download.  Enjoy.

The Burden of Proof 1

A rocket whistled over the head of the man lying in the thicket. All around him, there were the screams of the dead, the dying and the dazed. The MIG 17 bomber rushed in like a hawk swooping down on helpless chicks and delivered its payload. The explosions drowned every other cry and the man dug deeper into the trench he had dug. He had seen two of his comrades go down; one by machine gun bullets and the other’s head was clean taken off while he was running for cover by a huge piece of shrapnel. He knew that the end was inevitable but he vowed to take as many of those Nigerian bastards with him as he went.

Visions of the initial euphoria flashed through his mind as he lay in the midst of creepy crawlers of which he was unmindful. They had defeated the Nigerians at Abagana, Arochukwu, Oguta, Umuahia, Onne and Ikot Ekpene. He had fought with the two dead mean and the two that were somewhere in the surrounding thicket in four of those battles. They had felt unstoppable in those days, and their pride had been intact. But hunger has a way of decimating even the proudest. It was the hunger that did what the bullets and Nigerian tanks couldn’t do. It broke the Biafrans. As it always happened, the pictures of those early days gave way to the pictures he always wanted to block out. Images of hunger walking on two legs filled his vision. Then he heard Obidimpa’s scream rise out of the bushes and it was as if a new rage fired him up. He shot up and began firing indiscriminately towards the Nigerian lines. When the pain hit him, he embraced it wholly. First he saw bright lights, bright as the sun but cool as the breeze in the rainy season. Then the light gave way to the darkness and it engulfed him. Thus the Biafrans made their last stand at their beloved airstrip in Uli. It was there that they finally conceded defeat and Ojukwu fled.

ff @tundeleye on twitter for details to download on Friday and tweet with the hashtag #BurdenOfProof

6 thoughts on “The Burden of Proof – Snippet

  1. @TL, I always love it when the Biafran War is being documented, whether as a story or a non-fiction…my dad fought as a Biafran soldier too and we are up almost all night when I was a teen, him telling and retelling the story. I would definitely download the e-book and I think that Nigeria as a country should create a Biafran forum and museum and stop sweeping the war as if it never happened. PS: I am drooling in anticipation.

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