Rekiya’s Tale – Episode 8

Thanks to everyone that tuned in on Friday to listen in on the Golden Sands review on Inspiration FM. It gave us an idea and we should be working on an Audio Version of the book soon. I’m back on air this Friday to talk about Rat Race.

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Enjoy today’s Rekiya’s Tale.



Human beings are the most unpredictable entities on the planet. You think you know someone, and then voila, they do something and you say; who the hell is that? You think you have things well planned out and then you are blown out of the water.

I woke up the next morning bright and sparkly. Maybe it had something to do with the fact that it was Friday or the way the plan was shaping up. But anyhow, I was up before Fafa for the first time since she got to my house.

“I’ll be seeing lover boy again today, the love is shacking him and I don’t have a mighty lot to do today anyway,” Fafa told me over breakfast.

“Okay, that gets me half day. Weekend begins early for me then,” I said with a wink.

Ode, I will tell for you” she responded in mock seriousness.

Just then, a text message came into my phone. It was Ochuko.

“Oga has sent me his flight details o. Maybe I should be the good girlfriend and escort him to the airport?” I said, handing the phone over to her.

“Noooooooooooooooo,” Fafa responded. “Hell no!”

“Okay, okay, okay, I was just kidding. He leaves at 7:45.” I told her.

“I can read, madam,” she said, rolling her eyes.

We chitchatted for a couple of minutes more and then I was out of the house.

Work was so much I didn’t get to get up from my desk or even go and greet lover boy when he waltzed in walking on the moon. I only noticed him when he was on his way out when Duke and Somto’s giggling got me to look up. Dude looked like a junkie going to get his fix. A dapper fine looking junkie though. I pinged Fafa to let her know that Mr. oga was on his way.

“See you, Miss Reporter. I’ve been following all his movements all day with constant updates on BB from him,” she responded.

I laughed and got up from my desk to go and have lunch. I was halfway to the lunchroom when the pain came again. It was so sharp this time it trumped even the first time the pain came. And it wasn’t short like the ones from the previous day. I fell on the floor with a thud. It felt like my insides were on fire. I screamed for Duke and he came scampering down.

“I gripped the railing of the short flight of stairs that descended into the lunchroom and dragged myself into a sitting position, breathing heavily.

“Get my driver and take me to the car through the back,” I said through clenched teeth. Unlike before, the pain was coming at almost regular intervals now.

Somto was right behind him but I waved her away furiously. To me, it looked like she was gloating and I would not give her the chance.

Duke returned quickly and helped me up. He practically drag-carried me to the car and wanted to come in with me but I firmly told him not to.

“And Duke, tell Somto I said if I hear a word of this amongst the office people, both of you will be looking for another job, I’ll make sure of that.”

When he was gone, I asked the driver to go to Dr. Phillips.

My dad had already told him I was pregnant and that daddy wanted it out so he assumed that was what I came to discuss but I assured him I intended to keep my baby. When I described what I was experiencing, he ran some tests and placed me on a bed rest for the day. He then asked if I could think of anything that could be responsible and the niggling guilt in my mind came out. I told him about the drinks I had with Fafa that night and how we had passed out. He scolded me and then quickly gave me some pills that would make me sleep well and also help with the pain and then left me alone in the room.

The day rolled by for a bit before the drugs began to take effect and sleep took over. I hadn’t been able to ping ping because Dr. Phillips had taken away my phones. That’s the thing about doctors who knew you from when you were little. You can’t do any of your usual madam steez with them at all, you just humble yourself and obey simple instructions. But in reality, it was a welcome period of disconnection. I slept like a baby.

It was almost 8:30 before I woke up. Ten minutes later, the doctor came in.

“How are you feeling now?” he asked.

I truly didn’t feel better, but I didn’t want to be detained overnight in the hospital, so I smiled my best smile and said cheerfully

“Much better sir. I guess it was all just stress.”

“That’s good to hear,” he said. He paused for a little while and then sat on the bed with me

He began to fiddle with his stethoscope nervously as he said “Rekiya, there’s no easy way to say this, so I might as well hit you straight with it. I’m sorry, but you lost the baby.”

A darkness settled over me as the words hit home.

“Doctor, how? What? When? What happened?” the questions came pouring out amidst hot tears streaming down my face. It was at that point that I knew I could never have gone through with an abortion. It felt as if a part of me had been wrenched out and I felt barren. But now, fate had played a cruel hand and taken the choice to keep the baby out of my hands.

He just kept saying “I’m sorry Rekiya, I’m so sorry,” as he held a crying me. “It’s the alcohol. It was just too much at a stage that was too early in the pregnancy. I’m real sorry.”

I felt like I had killed my child with my own stupidity.

After about ten minutes, he straightened up and said “there’s nothing wrong with you physically, and I have no reason to hold you here. But I would rather have you here for the night…”

I shook my head vigorously. “I am not going to stay here!” I shouted. The hospital was depressing me already and I just wanted to escape, curl up in my own bed, not some small hard hospital bed and cry my heart out.

He attempted to say something, then as if he thought the better of it, stood up and straightened himself out.

“I understand. I’ll leave to get ready to go home.” And then he turned and left the room

The TV had been on but muted while I was asleep, but it was still on. My eyes involuntarily took in what was on the screen now. It was tuned in to Channels TV and they had breaking news on the screen. As I read the headline, I felt it rise from my insides before it was released through my lips, a blood curdling, chilling scream.

The doctor came running back into the room

“Rekiya, what is it?” he asked frenetically.

“My phone, bring my phone, give me my phone” I mumbled.

“Rekiya! What is going on here? What is the problem?” he asked even more earnestly.

“GIVE ME MY GODDAMN PHONE!” I shouted. I’m sure I must have looked like a wild animal, with my hair flying around and my eyes probably bloodshot from the tears I had been crying and the emotions raging through my body now.

Without question, he turned around, left the room and returned with my phone. I raced to extract the message Ochuko had sent me earlier in the day.

“Oh my God, Oh my God!” I muttered.

“Rekiya, you will tell me what is going on now!” an exasperated Dr. Phillips hollered.

I just pointed from the TV to my phone and back repeatedly.

He spun around and read what was on TV with an image of a burning plane in the background behind the reporter. On the screen, it said there were no survivors.

“You know someone who was on that plane?” he asked.

“The father of the baby I just lost was on the plane,” I said in a monotone.

“Oh dear!” he exclaimed.

Then the tears came tumbling down. I didn’t know why I was crying. This was the man I wanted to destroy wholeheartedly just hours ago. But I had not, could not even imagine this. Lord, I felt so alone. No shoulder to cry on for the loss of my child. And, I admitted to myself now that I still loved this man. But now he was dead.

The driver took me home from the hospital. On the way home, in spite of myself, I went through my BB messages. Fafa had been sending me live updates of her date with my oga. You know, sometimes, it’s the smallest of things that triggers the realization of the biggest of things. Or maybe it was my state that was making me see things the way I saw them. But a thought crept into my mind on the trip that I tried to shake off repeatedly but had firmly taken root by the time I got home.

When I got home, she was already back and in front of the TV.

“Reks babes, na wa for you o, been trying your number all day, you didn’t pick up, you didn’t even read or respond to your pings.”

I didn’t say anything, and she just rambled on. She went on and on about how well the day had gone and how the date was great and how much of a gentleman my boss was and so on and so on. It was more or less what her messages had contained, and it reaffirmed my thoughts.

When she finished her monologue, she finally asked “so any word from Ochuko?”

I did not respond. It was only then that she really looked at me and saw how disheveled and sickly I looked.

“Oh my God, Reks, what happened?” she was by my side in an instant.

I looked at her with a burning hatred I didn’t believe I could have felt for Fafa in a thousand years and said

“So you killed my baby, killed her daddy and went on to go and start falling in love?”

love hate balance

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71 thoughts on “Rekiya’s Tale – Episode 8

  1. OMGGGG!!!! F**K UUUUU!! Monday is too far for another episode naaaa. Dat bitch Farida gaddem! Dis is gonna be sad for Rekiya. And now her pic is everywhr as Ochuko’s wife. Omg she’s gonna be known as a widow. Omg her dad is gonna freak out. Gbese

  2. I refuse to believe that Ochuko was on that plane. Ees a lie!!! The brother is too smart to just die like that. What I think is that he somehow got a wind of Reks true feelings for him (or suspected that they knew of his shady dealings) . So he wants to go under the radar to restrategize because of the money he plans to swindle Rekks boss of.
    Let the games begin!!!
    PS: it could also be that fafa is ochuko’s partner……….I hope the friendship doesn’t crash cos of Reks paranoia at losing the baby.

  3. Jeez tunde I knew ‎​u wia gon kill dat baby. Damn d story’s takin a serz twist dat wasn’t xpectd o. Haba TL ‎​u jst knw hw 2 knock 1 off wit a thrill. Soo unpredictable mehn!!!

  4. Too short 😥 sorry for the loss reks but fafa is not responsible for d loss of Ūя̲̅ babies….relax Ʊ jst paranoia atm

  5. And it mite just be ochuko and fafa dat has bin d mastermind behind all dis… playin rekiya and her boss..TL just has a way v twisting his stories!!!

  6. I doubt if Ochuko was on that plane. But Reks blaming Fafa,no way. TL, its 2short nowww. Countdown to next episode then. Double thumbs up o jare,lol!

  7. i suspects Ochuko and Fafa, I’m sure dat was y she stopped Rekiya from escorting Ochuko to d airport and @ d same time na she get all gists of Ochuko. Life…there’s no fwend anywhere o.

  8. Yepa!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Fafa ooooh ur plans fr Ochuko n d Oga ws jst too smooth n smell a rat oooh my sista Rekky I feel bad for u tho cos I like u n fafa togerra u guys compliemt each other’s personality 😦

  9. Oh my! This is getting complicated. Rekiya dear, pele o. Hmmmm! Why kill father n unborn child naa Tunde?

    Fafa is in trouble oooo!

  10. Big Ouch! Big oops!
    Anyway, Reks, that’s a bold accusation o! Hope u don’t chew ur words! Even tho I suspected fowl play. Besides, how dare she add falling in love component? Even if that’s happend, call it collaterat damage, d original plan was solely for Rek’s good.
    Sadly as much as I’d like to believe d player wasn’t on dt plane, it makes sense that the catastrophy caused on social network warranted his going to london to explain things, except its d wife dt had to come to 9ja and he was clearing the coast.
    TL na wa oh! Ur medical reps nor dey try o! Lost pregnancy without bleeding? No vaginal exam, No scan to confirm loss and den d confirm need for an evacuation of d products of conception? Biko, ees nor ookay o.

  11. Damnnnnnnnnn……TL, na wa for you ooooooo.Did he have to die? Farida will now be an enemy and she was only trying to help……..Monday can’t come fast enough.

  12. Some people don’t know how to say thank you when God solve all their problems in a twinkle of an eye… But I bet Tunde is playing with our head here, am sure Ochuko the bad boy missed his fight.

  13. TL is such a kill joy, after I’ve added d baby to d plot in my imagination. Abeg Tunde! Stop killing babies nw, let dm exist in ur stories na beg I dey beg u. This episode is damn short, Ochuko is such a player, he’s not on dt flight

  14. I’m quite pleased she lost the baby … Yeah cos the supposed father is an idiot anyway ! Who wants a child fathered by an a*se ?
    So, I think there’s a twist. Ochuko wasn’t on that plane in my opinion.

  15. Nice.. I’m happy she lost d baby!! But I want to believe ochuko missed his flight sha.. Good one TL.. Short tho..

  16. I think Rekiya’s overreacting. Her accusations of Fafa don’t add up. And as for falling in love, Fafa is not allowed to fall in love with a man who made a bet with his friend to sleep with her friend. She should focus joor.

  17. Ogbeni Tunde Leye, ds is shorter than the Nigerian rapper na. Ochuko can’t die na, lailai..ko joor mehn, i wee kukuma just go and re-write my own ruskiyat’s* sorry Rekiya’s tale. Nycly written bruv

  18. i knew all this would happen,i knew fafa would fall for either men bt i neva predicted d death of ochuko sha too bad.

  19. Na wah ooo!!! TL!! Water don come pass garri now oo!! Kai! this Reks and Fafa’s friendship don pafuka be that o! Reks is a woman scorned or its probably her homornes doing her in!! but wait o…. ochuko cannot just die like that now.. that’s way too easy, he has to pay for his deeds. Lol! Weldone TL.

  20. loool…i’m laughing so hard, and its cos of Rekiya’s last line…like seriously?! welldone TL you are so unpredictable as in I knew she would lose the baby but not with that twist you threw in there. Dude u are in a league all by yourself. Come o, this episode is too short..

  21. im very positive that Ochuko didnt get on that plane. and i dont think Fafa is a double agent, Reks is just paranoid and in shock. cant blame her though. great job Tl.

  22. No fair.. Why’s she blaming Fafa??.. It’s not like she put a gun2her head and forced her2scheme.. She willingly chose2burn him..

  23. Y r sme pple calling Fafa a b***h? Reks was all 4 d operation “teach Ochuko a lesson” nau, dt it backfired…well…dts jst TL @ work…lol. I knw she’d fall in luv tho, I tink tis wrng, bt nt necessarily worth hanging her 4.
    I rily, rily, rily hope she’s nt on Ochuko’s side tho.
    Ochuko can’t jst die like dt….tory go finish b dt…….’Nuff sed.
    & good critique Keiskwerd.

  24. hmmmm….. i wuldn’t wnt to say one tin n my #Oga@dtop (TL) will say anoda tin

    by the way…. *drinkingcoldcokeandwhistlingby* dis story no go pass me by

  25. I think I speak for a lot of people when I say: WOW! 8 episodes in, and BAM! Right in our faces, man. Totally unexpected. I mean, I knew she would lose the baby. But the rest of the episode was mind-blowing.
    Guys, remember, i think Reks has been having those pains before the whole drinking thing. Or maybe I’m wrong. Anyways, I CANNOT wait for next Monday. Really looking forward to Episode 9. Wow, Tunde. Just … wow!

  26. Reading all these comments, I can only laugh!!! hehehehehe!!!! really laughing my heart out right now cos I know my friend Tunde is at it again! Honest advise: Please don’t try to predict the next episode cos he has the capacity to make you lose your mind! hahahaha…, drink, sleep, talk…..everything u do will be on “Rekiya’s tale”…Lol! Thumbs up TL! You sure got this one reeling too! I’m so-so proud of you! But really man, you need to spend more time on Rekiya’s tale-o….I agree with everyone that its damn to short to have for one week! “Nuff said!”

  27. I bet ochuko wasn’t on d plan….and rekz#eyes rolling,fafa is d last person to blame 4 ur loss……….I bet its all d trauma getting to u

  28. Hmmm Speechless!! Ochuko is not on the plane that I am sure of… Fafa deliberately abort that pregnancy.
    I am suspecting FAfa will fall in Love with Reks boss

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