Guardians of the Seals – Disjointed Bits.

Right. So I’m going to load you with a couple of things this morning (Yes, I love to share with you! :* ). First, don’t forget to find out about Bolero, the new instant drink, by clicking on the link on the right.

Second, Rekiya’s Tale, the next series on tlsplace begins next week Monday.

Third, the image I’m using today is an illustration from my 1st Book, an illustrated Children’s Book called Rat Race.

Finally, today’s post is two different parts of the fantasy novel I’m working on, Guardians of the Seals. You can read an early excerpt of that here  The emphasis is that it is a WIP work of FICTION. En En!

There’s a lot of fiction writing going on in my world o. Thanks for reading always.


pg17 copy

Back in the fiery Neatherworld, Lucifer called the demons together. He was in his eni form. Some of the lesser demons would be unable to survive his eji form, and he needed all the manpower he could muster for his plan. If he could get that portal open for long enough to rush into heaven, he could ambush and route the faithful angels. Then the ones that were spared would decamp to him out of fear and God would be left alone. He allowed himself the faintest of smiles, animating his grotesque face briefly. As the demon assembly gathered, a swirling, milling sea of dark forms all around him, he mounted his throne, his eyes like a fire. He curled his fist into a ball and slammed it into the arm of his throne, as his whole body glowed. “It must work!” he snarled. The demons maintained a clear distance from him. Even in this assembly, none came so close to him as to be able to make any contact with him. Gatherings like this festered rebellion and he had taken necessary precautions. One could never be too careful when it came to his kind of underlings.

He rose to address the assembly. “Comrades in the struggle, the time for the actualization of our dreams is near. I shall tell you something that only a few beings know and that has been hidden from the beginning of the ages. I have chosen to call you together and articulate it to you like this, rather than disseminate the information through spirit communication. This is because of the import of what I am about to say. It is a secret so powerful, that even the few that know it dare not speak of it, for the fear of the consequences from the One whom the secret is about. But I have decided to let you in on this secret, as my comrades at arms. Most of you know God as the all powerful being whose word is omnipotent, whose vision is omnipresent and whose mind is omniscient. But it was not always so. No, it wasn’t! God was once an angel, like every single one of us once was!” A murmur went through the crowd. He paused for effect and surveyed his audience. They were listening with rapt attention now, from the lowliest to the highest. He continued “before the making of the assembly of angels, there were only the Elder Angels existing, each of us equal in statue and equal in power. There were only ten of us. You all know Michael, Gabriel and Raphael. They were also Elder Angels. God was one of the ten elder angels. His name was Yaweh. But in those pre-time periods, his quest for discovery led him to search for ways to make him greater. He discovered the Tree of Almightiness and ate of its fruit. Eating of the fruit transformed him from a mere angel into the Almighty God that you all know. But I knew him before he became God and know he was not always all powerful. So while I served him, I also sought to find the Tree of Almightiness. After searching for ages and ages, during which you all came into being, I found it. But just as I was on the verge of tasting the fruit of my labor, God came and accused me of wanting to be like Him. Of course I wanted to be like Him! Didn’t He want to be like him? Even as I speak to you now, doesn’t the desire to be like him grow within you now that you know the possibility exists? What is the sin in that?”

Resounding shouts of No! No! No! rent the air. He raised his hand for quiet. When they had all calmed down, he went on “At that point, you my comrades joined me, and for that singular reason, he banished us all from the heaven. But I, your great leader was not defeated. I had lost that battle, but not the war. Now a new battle, a decisive battle is around the corner. God has slipped up by putting his greatest treasure in those fragile earthen vessels He called man, and by so doing has placed in our hands a golden opportunity to take back what is rightfully ours. We shall create a heaven where there is no one that is God, and every demon is equal as it was in the days of the Elder Angels. Be prepared! Be! Very! Prepared!”

     Every demon let out a deafening roar, the sound of which together was like the most horrible sound imaginable. As the demons were dismissed, Nimrod made his way back to the garden. Things were indeed about being taken a notch up.


Three figures gathered around the bed in the dimly lit room in the small brick bungalow. The conversation was light and their laughter was easy; a little too easy. The reason lay in the bed before them. For in it, lay Farida, their friend and companion of many years dying. Stripped to the waist, an intricately woven tattoo stood out on his left breast. His red hair, now pale from stress his body had gone through stood out spiky on his head. They recounted stories of their years together and laughed heartily. They held hands and sang old hymns. Then they noticed that the tattoos on his chest began to glow. They all stopped singing. It was only then that they realized that Farida had stopped singing for some moments. He had stopped breathing with his lips arched as if to form a word of the song he was singing. Line by line, the tattoo began to rise out of his skin like beads of bright white light, until it formed into a wavy, finger length item that lay on his chest. Even in the dimness of the room, it gave out a cool light, and looked like solidified flowing water. Heads bowed, they finished the hymn they had been singing.

“Hevenu Shalom Aleichem

Hevenu Shalom Aleichem

Hevenu Shalom Shalom Shalom Aleichem

Hevenu Shalom… Aleichem”

Gabriel stood in the door of the room, observing the three men with their heads bowed. Even though these men knew death was not the final end, the loss of a friend to it still weighed heavy on their hearts. He waited for a few moments before entering, for the final chapter in a saga millennia long was about to unfold. And these men would be at the center of it all. He closed his eyes and prayed for strength for them. “Benzahr, Eldad, Lex, my friends” he said, touching each as he called their names. They all smiled. It had been a while since they had seen Gabriel and they were glad that he had come to them now. “Gabriel” was all Eldad said in his gruff voice. The other two remained silent. Gabriel looked from man to man and marveled at how different each was to the other.

Benzahr was a sleek banker, with fine extremities, the long limbs and polished features of aristocrats. He came from a long line of old money. His hairline was beginning to recede and thin out at the edges. He was wearing tan chinos and a grey polo t-shirt tucked in. He looked like he was making a stop on the way to a golf course. He had a fine Rolex watch on and wore shoes that shone. He always insisted on being called his full name. Only the man that lay dead in the bed now had ever been allowed to call him Zahr. He acknowledged Gabriel with a stiff nod of his head.

Lex was a mathematics lecturer who doubled as a fitness buff. He was the oldest of the lot, in his early fifties now but looking trimmer more athletic than Benzhar who was almost ten years younger. He worked out every day, ate healthy and organic food only and took great care of his body. And he liked to wear clothes that showed this off. Today, he was wearing a fitted striped shirt with a pair of blue jeans and flats. He took and shook Gabriel’s hand. His grip was a firm one but his eyes were smiling ones.

Eldad was a short and stocky man, with a gruff and loud voice that was well suited to shouting instructions over the din in his auto-mechanic workshop. He had a love for cars and motorbikes that bordered on obsessive at times. He was a talker, that one. He said things as they came to his head, without the finesse the other two had. Different as they were, these men shared a bond that ran deeper and stronger than between blood brothers. Then he touched Farida, shutting his eyes one final time, before picking up the object on his chest.

Moments later, they were gathered around a table, stripped to the waist, except for Gabriel. Each had an intricate tattoo on the left side of the chest, with unique patterns. Lex was speaking “Gabriel, has the new guardian been selected?” “The seal always selects its own guardian. For now, we must attend to Farida.” responded Gabriel. He brought the object up to face level and continued “I have set up a barrier, now it is safe to activate your seals.” Then he began to recite

Out of the east

Out of Eden

Four flow as one

One parts into four

Baruch, Baruch

Arise and flow

Then each man clasped their hands together. BenZahr said “Gihon!” Lex exclaimed “Pishon!” followed by Eldad’s “Tigris!” As each man spoke, streams of light began to appear from the tattoos on their chests. Each lost their earthly clothes, as they became clad in flaming white armor. Then Gabriel spoke the name of the last seal “Euphrates”. As he did, his garments changed into fiery white armor, even brighter than that of the other men, and then great white wings unfurled on his back. From within his garments, he produced the Keystone and placed it at the center of the table. Then each of them proceeded to touch it with both hands. As the final hand touched it, there was a burst of the cool, energizing light from the Keystone, and then the portal opened. One final time, they carried their companion into heaven.

19 thoughts on “Guardians of the Seals – Disjointed Bits.

  1. Yipee!!! I get to read another part of “Guardians of the seal” ~ more please *batting eyelashes* ~ thank u tunde!!!

  2. Tunde please post more on Guidian of the seal, Or ow can I purchase the book? That’s if your done with the entire story…

  3. Wow. Fascinating. Now that’s what I’m talking about. Imagination at its peak. Loving this and looking forward to the finished product. It just shows that there is still hope for Nigeria in this field

  4. ‘Tree of Almightiness’ that’s super jokes!! Tunde your imagination is off the hook, well done. When is the book out?

  5. Honestly Tunde i give it to u. This Farida’s part reminds me of Gsnesis. This is a religious epic novel. Thumbs up. ” he wore a shoe that shone. He took and shook……” see ryhme. Am a literature student. Can u pls send me ur email address? I need to share some stuffs with u. Thks.

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