Broken Mirrors – Episode 17 – The Finale

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Broken Mirrors Finale

“Calm down man,” Kamal said, even though he didn’t feel very calm himself. Derin was pacing up and down, pausing every few seconds, his eyes darting furtively around at each stop, as if expecting Awazi to emerge from the spot he looked at.

Derin had come to him that morning to ask him to help beg Awazi, and he had harangued Derin after hearing the story of what had happened. They had rushed back to the house together, but met it locked from outside. Once in the house, Derin dashed into the open bedroom and met it empty. They had gone through every room in the house, shouting for her, but she wasn’t there.

“Dude, calm down and let’s call her,” Kamal said again to the pacing Derin.

Derin reached for his phone and came up with empty air. It was only then it dawned on him he had left his phone in the house in his rush to get Kamal. He quickly scanned the living room, but didn’t find the phone.

“Kamal, can you flash my phone? I can’t find it,” Derin said.

Kamal attempted to dial the phone, but couldn’t get through. Derin began searching methodically in the living room and when he didn’t find it, he moved into the bedroom. There on the bed was the phone.

He picked it up but immediately saw it wasn’t his own. He had bought the phone for Awazi on their anniversary when she had kept whining about using an older BB than his own and his own was older than hers.

“She probably took your own phone, thinking it was hers,” Kamal thought out aloud, speaking what Derin himself was thinking.

Derin dialed Awazi a couple of times but the phone rang out.

“We just have to wait, man” Kamal said to Derin.

And so, they waited. Or rather, Kamal waited, while Derin paced.


Rasheed came out of the doctor’s office, with a small fireproof safe. The weight of the small item made him sweat even in the AC of the corridor. He entered the conference room, with the two women waiting, staring intently at him.

He carefully placed it on the table and then produced a strip of paper from his pocket. From it, he retrieved the safe combination and slowly dialed it. The safe opened with a crack and in it was a plain brown envelope.

By now, they were all standing, gathered around the little box. With measured movements, Rasheed extracted the document from the envelope, waved it a little and simply said “Haruna’s will”. When he unfolded the document, he was in for a shocker. “This is not the will I prepared,” he said.

“So is it genuine?” Bintu asked, raising an eyebrow.

“It is. This combination to this safe was only known to Haruna, and it was only by following specific instructions I retrieved it. The will is dated last week Thursday, the day before that ill-fated meeting. He changed it without telling even me.”

“Well, let’s get on with it now, shall we?” Bintu said.

He went through all the preliminaries mechanically until he got to the meat of the matter – the sharing.

“To Bintu Mogaji, I give my 8flat house in Bodija as well as 12.5Million Naira in a fixed deposit with Wema Bank as well as the lands in Abule Egba, Lagos.

To Hakeem, I give my 5 bedroom duplex in Agodi as well as the 4Flat house in Agungi, Lekki. A trust fund will be set up with my lawyer, Rasheed Sanda and Bintu Mogaji as the trustees. The annual yield of the fund will be paid to Hakeem for his upkeep. When he does decide to get married and have children, 20percent of the fund will be liquidated and paid out to each of his children when they reach the age of maturity.

To my friend, Rasheed Sanda, I give all of my Ibadan land. He has been a true friend and will use them better than I could ever do anyway.

Finally, to Mr. Derin Banwo, I will my hospital, Omega Clinic. From where the elders go, I would like to see how eager Mr. Banwo would be to destroy the hospital, sack all the staff that depend on it and all the patients that have years of treatment and history with it, now that it belongs to him. Maybe he will then understand the cruelty behind his seeking to destroy all that I had worked for all my life.”

The will named Rasheed and Agatha as the executors of the will.

“Wow!” Agatha said, when Rasheed was done.

“How could Haruna name this woman an executor? And give me just one house in this Ibadan? To spite me? Rasheed, are you sure this will is real?” Bintu said indignantly.

“Woman, you better watch that your tongue. If it wasn’t for that tongue, we would still have Haruna with us, instead of being here reading his will.” Rasheed thundered.

Bintu cowered and became quiet after that. Turning to Agatha, Rasheed said “now, we need to get the grant of the Probate to execute the will properly. Congratulations to your son, for now owning the hospital he wants to destroy. My chambers will formally inform him of this development, but you can do so informally.”

With that, he gathered up all that was on the table and left, with Bintu quietly following. They were gone for a full five minutes before Agatha finally got around to calling Derin.


Awazi was all dressed and racing to stop a cab. Samir had tried to talk to her, but she had just kept pushing him away. She had to get home, and fast, before Derin. If he was already at home before she got home, she would give herself away, she was sure of that.

Then Derin’s phone rang and from the ringtone, she guessed who it was – her mother in-law. Had Derin called her? What did he say to her? Was she calling to tell her to leave her son’s house? These thoughts ran through Awazi’s mind as she contemplated whether to pick the call or not. “I’d rather at home than here in the taxi,” she said out aloud to herself. The phone rang out.


Derin paused from his pacing at the sound of the gate opening. It happened every time he heard that sound. He was hoping it would be Awazi each time, and had been disappointed all the times so far. This time however, moments after the gate, they heard the burglary proof opening and Derin knew it was her.

The moment the door opened, he said with relief “where under God’s heaven have you been Awazi? I have looked everywhere for you.”

To Awazi however, Derin’s relief sounded like an accusation.

She shot back “and where did you go too Derin? I came out of the room to talk to you less than ten minutes after I’d been in there, and you were nowhere to be found. You run off every time we have an issue Derin, you always run off on me.”

“Babe, I didn’t run off. I was afraid and worried, and I thought you would listen to Kamal if you weren’t going to talk to me. So I went to get him”

“Hi Awazi,” Kamal said, and she noticed for the first time that he was also in the room.

“Oh God, I’ve been such a fool!” Awazi exclaimed.

Kamal interjected “No it’s my friend that has been foolish, but we’ve talked and he would do right now. We…”

“So it was Kamal you went to and not Ope,” Awazi said to Derin, cutting Kamal short.

“Ope? Whatever put that idea into your head that I went to her,” Derin asked.

Derin’s phone rang again in Awazi’s hand, the Sweet Mother ringtone piercing the air. She handed it over to Derin and he took the call.

The conversation was quick, and Derin’s interjections of “What!” “It cannot be!” “When did it happen?” “This morning?” “In the last twenty minutes?” and so on put both Kamal and Awazi on the edge. The moment he ended the call, Kamal asked “what was that about?”

Awazi’s mouth went dry, believing that the only reason Derin could have been exclaiming the way he did in the conversation was because Agatha had somehow found out about what she had done and told him. She blurted out “I’m sorry Derin, it was a mistake, the greatest mistake I have ever made and one that I will regret forever. But please forgive me, I beg of you. For the sake of what we’ve had, I beg you.” She went on her knees.

“Awazi, what are you talking about?” a surprised Derin asked.

“Whatever your mother told you, at least let me say my part,” Awazi began, with tears streaming down her eyes. “I thought you had left me in the room and gone to Ope when I came out of the room and met an empty house. So I went to Samir…”

“What! You didn’t even wait for one moment, no hesitation! So you went racing back into your lover’s arms, yesterday night was too sweet, you just had to go for more abi? Kamal, shay you dey hear wetin I dey hear?”

“Kamal, please help me beg him, it’s the handiwork of the devil. I don’t know how the anger came over me. Please.”

“Derin, please…” Kamal began

“Kamal, don’t let me fight you! What are we even protecting in this marriage sef? En, what? I’ve had it, look, Awazi, it is over, you understand? Go back to you Fulani boy, shebi you people will be speaking language to each other. And look, if you do not leave this house, I will leave the house for you.”

“Derin please, I beg you, don’t do this to me.” Awazi said earnestly.

“You are leaving my house, and not one moment later than now. Your guilty conscience and my God pushed you to confess. My mother only told me about the death of Doctor Ajanaku this morning and you thought she had somehow gotten to know about what you did. My mother’s head is fighting for me.”

“Kamal,” Awazi said, turning to Kamal. But Kamal turned his back. She was alone.

“Derin,” she said “you went to this woman, Ope, years ago, and lived with her for months. I took you back. In what should have been a moment of pain and consolation for both of us after we lost precious Isaac, you went right back into her arms, I didn’t leave, I tried to keep us working. You didn’t see or share my struggles, how I was nearly running mad, how lonely I felt. Derin, I have made this one mistake, and I ask that you forgive and do not leave me alone, this one time. Please.” She tried to reach out and touch him but he slapped her hand away.

“Listen to yourself Awazi! You are a woman! How can you compare? Look, there is no point flogging this horse, it is dead, decomposing and buried. Please go. Just go.”

Awazi saw that she could have been appealing to a rock, Derin’s mind was made up. She went inside, and began to pack a box. She would pack light, and hope to return soon.

She called her cab man, and left the house.


“Aunty Jamila,” Awazi said into the phone, “he threw me out”

“What!” Jamila said, surprised at the turn of events “What happened? I thought you were going out of the room to sort things out?”

Awazi explained all that had happened to her aunt amid tears.

“Awazi! How could you do such a thing! What has Lagos done to you? Let me speak with Derin. Do not go anywhere; I will call you back now.”

Awazi waited for Aunty Jamila to call her back. She had bought a ticket for Abuja on her phone. She needed time away from Lagos, from these southerners, from everyone. Irrespective of what her aunt was able to say to Derin now, she wasn’t going back to the house. She was wrong, yes, but his hypocrisy stank to the high heavens.

Fifteen minutes later, Aunty Jamila called back.

“Awazi, he is a man, he is still angry. I will still call back and talk to him, but I want you to come here to me in Abuja, until we sort this out. I’m sure if we give it a week, he will be sufficiently calm.”

She thought about it, in the light of what had been on her mind just as the call came in.

“No, aunty,” she said. “Derin has been doing this to me for years, and even as recently as last night, and I forgave him, repeatedly. One mistake, and he throws me out, him and his friend. Aunty, I will be travelling, but won’t be coming to Abuja,” she lied. She really, truly wanted to be on her own for now.

“Awazi, stop being rash. It is this your rashness that has gotten you here. And now, you are about to make an impulsive decision again. Pause and think!”

“Aunty, my mind is made up. I will keep in touch. They just announced my boarding, I have to go now,” she lied again.

“Awazi, Awazi! Where are you going, you this child?” Aunty Jamila was saying.

Sanu, Aunty. I’m sorry.” She cut the call and turned the phone off.


“Derin, what will you do now, the hospital is yours.” Kamal asked.

“I’m confused man, I cannot lie” Derin said, running his hands over his hairless head.

“That man was just a shrewd old man. Now, will you be suing your own hospital? Won’t you just look absolutely ridiculous to the court? The two human defendants are dead, and the hospital is yours. No case, my brother.” Kamal said.

“But I can reject the hospital now. I am not compelled to take it, I’m not under any obligation.” Derin said, perplexed.

“And would you still not look stupid? It is within your power to deal with the hospital you’ve always wanted to go to court to deal with, and you refuse to. Will you now go to court to shut the hospital down after you’ve refused the hospital, when you could easily have done it? Look, any path you take, you’ll look bad. If you take it and shut it down, you’ll leave many jobless and be seen as evil, running down such a legacy. If you take it and keep it running, you’ll look like the hypocrite who always wanted to shut it down before it was yours, but now couldn’t shut it down. And if you refuse it, you’ll still look stupid, being handed the chance of a lifetime to have money and refusing it. Kai, these old people are terrible.”

“My mum said to reject it, that it would carry a curse, since the two people who owned it died because of my actions.” Derin said.

“That’s pure superstition bro, and it is not your actions that killed them. Don’t take guilt for what isn’t yours,” Kamal responded.

“So what should I do? If you were me, what would you do?

“I’d take the hospital, and keep it running. That’s the wise, pragmatic thing to do. And get an experience doctor to be the Chief Medical Officer, seeing to the day to day running. You’d retire as you are, instead of trying to get another job now.”

Derin looked up at Kamal, doubt in his eyes. “You’re sure?” he asked.

“You could pass the ownership to me and find out for sure,” Kamal said, smiling.

Derin attempted a smile and then shrugged his shoulders. “Very well, that’s what I will do.”

Throughout the conversation, there was not a single mention of Awazi.


17 Months Later.

Derin sat in the conference room of Omega Hospital. Around him was his team – the Chief Medical Officer of Omega Hospital, Dr. Omololu Bucknor, the lawyer, Professor Charles Acha and an ashen faced young doctor, Shem.

On the opposite side, a stone faced Korede Adams and his two lawyers sat. They were negotiating a settlement with him. Korede’s wife had come to the hospital to deliver a baby, and eventually, after two days in the hospital, with her blood pressure rising, the doctors had advised that they do a Cesarean Section. And Dr. Shem had performed the operation. The baby had been delivered successfully and the mother closed up, when she began to complain of tummy pains. It was a long time before they discovered that she had been closed up with a scalpel inside her and this had caused the bleeding. Now, her husband was taking the hospital to court for the matter, and asking that their license, as well as that of Dr. Shem be revoked.

Try as they had, they had been unable to convince Mr. Korede Adams to let the matter be settled out of court.

“I want justice, that is all,” he had said, eyeing Shem coldly.

His lawyer had said with some respect to the professor “see you in court sir,” and the professor had told Derin things were not looking good for them. It appeared Shem had realized the scalpel was inside her while she could still be saved, but had kept mum out of fear, and that was what the other lawyers were going to court with.

He went straight from the conference room to the car. He needed to go away from this madness, from Ibadan. He had relocated to Ibadan to run the hospital a month after he had taken it over, after Kamal had finally gone to join his family.

The driver was already running the engine when he got in from the hot sun and the AC felt like heaven. He was having a splitting headache but he just wanted to get away from the hospital, its smells of drugs, its sounds of stretchers and wheelchairs, from all of it. He unlocked his blackberry and saw that he had waiting emails and a series of waiting BBM messages. The old Derin would have checked BBM before emails, but now, he checked his email first. He opened the email. The first was from Awazi.

(I was tempted to end this episode here but you guys would probably kidnap me, so keep scrolling for the rest of it. >=) )

He had not heard from her since she left his house that day. And after the way he had spoken to Aunty Jamila, he had been unable to call her. He tried to call Awazi, but she seemed to have changed her numbers. He quickly opened the email and here’s what it said

“Dear Derin, I hope you are happy. I hear you are doing well with Omega Hospital now. The attachment should interest you. All the best in life.”

Derin opened the attachment, cursing the network for the almost one minute it took to load.

When it finally opened, it was a picture of a smiling Awazi in a definitely European background, holding a little boy to the camera, his smile revealing a toothless mouth. It took only that look for Derin to know that he was looking at his son.


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  34. And at this point, @tundeleye will do another ‘prizegiving’ to his fan club titled ‘Broken Mirrors, the perfect end’. Byline will be: How will you have ended the story?
    Na wa o! Oga Leye

  35. Gbam.Nice one. I sometimes wonder why people buy the idea that a man can cheat on his wife because he’s a man and the wife shouldn’t even dare it.Its crap talk.Imagine Derin packing into Ope’s house for months, always running into her arms and Awazi makes a mistake…………he kicks her to the curb. Liking the way he lost cos he doesn’t deserve her love and she should make it difficult for him to see his son (even though she messed up big time by sleeping with Samir). He deserves all the pain and hurt he’s suffering from. TL, you are the bomb………

  36. My heart sank when I first saw the “Finale” heading….now I’m torn between loving it & wishing it continues. I’m glad Awazi finally left Derin, more glad she had another son. And well, its jungle justice what Derin is going through with the hospital now. Whatever happened to Ope? Derin’s hypocrisy ehn, e no get part 2. Silly Awazi shouldn’t have broken down to confess tho’. But TL, there was some mago-mago o! In episode 16 Derin called Agatha with Awazi’s phone, now the same phone was found in the room…bros abeg, how did that happen???? I’ll let it slide sha, I still like how things turned out. Or maybe I should kidnap u sef…..;D . Nice job.

  37. but tunde leye, why the evils now? ehn biko? for shizzle,u r so going to be kidnapped! berra be unto the next episode shaperly!

  38. The closing aint so tidy! Guess I’m just primitive in my thinking! Well if it truly ended here den so be it, if u choose to do a final finale for us lol den I’m be evn happier! Tnx! Appreciate ur efforts!

  39. Bia dz cannot jess b d end…yu shud jess av divided it @d point yu wantd to. Dz mirror ddnt brk ohh nd wia dd dah son com frm??? 1mre episode to end dz well biko

  40. Pls Oº°˚˚°o TL, ds can never be the end ni Oº°˚˚°o,wc kain na, there must surely be part two. Ha ha, end ke? Kamari Oº°˚˚°o .na beg I dey beg I dey beg I dey beggggggggg…

  41. Haba brozzzz.
    Plz do something oooo.
    Did dey do any DNA test to confirm d paternity?
    Guess its really broken mirrors, d family is alredi shattered.
    Mayb we re used to all diz our fantasy world *winks*… U knoooo.
    Nice write-up

  42. Wow, TL now im convinced in the near future you just might earn the coveted Pulitzer price. Everything actually did break, however this episode feels rushed, but a lovely ending

  43. did somoene put a gun to your head and asked you to end the story ni? cos me, i dont understand o. this is not the TL’s place that i know!. how can the story end like that?. am vexing! really vexing

  44. TL nice one!!! Derin is the world’s largest hypocrite and now “The Karma of Life”😛 Oh well, The Old Doctor was a shrewd and smart man…Awazi finally got what she needed out of life,A child! Derin,eat ur heart out. And I hope he loses the hospital too. Everything didn’t just break,it shattered…Lovely ending but TL,I want more Broken Mirrors oh….

  45. So this is it?Tunde my God will not forgive you!!!going for nysc camp in few weeks was holping to keep reading “broken mirror”!anyways good job man,may God grant that wise head on that shoulder long life.

  46. Ahan! TL! Have u been using the BRT of late?! Cos this ur ending is BRTish! Ooooo!
    Do epilogue jor!

    Derin should have listened to his Mother and sold the hospital and given the proceeds to charity, rather than take over…
    Mirrors are indeed broken! Just one offense got Awazi booted out!
    Nawa o! I just love happy endings jor!

  47. Derin’s son??? Probably conceived during d bedpost tying-up tumble! Then d mirrors didnt break up afterall…more like ‘cracked mirrors’.
    Samir’s son would ve bn more like it; u ds tunde sef! after making awazi look bad, u shld ve made Derin sterile… Now dt wld ve bn ‘broken mirrors!!
    Good work though. Broken mirrors wz a gud rd

  48. TL u no go kill person sha…. Wat a touching story… And a befitting ending I must say. You are truly a writer at heart. I dnt knw if u knw but d way u ended d story is actually a kind of literary ending… Whereby d writer liberates d reader to draw there own conclussion… Can’t rememba d actual name of d theory now(covers face) but believe me I sat in classrooms for years learning that… Kudos to u. Brova of life!

  49. Abi dis Derin boy na learner ni? He is even a thief gan sef! Which stupid son him 4get 4Awazi belle. Na Samir get the son o! Tunde Leye, no come talk some kind medical jargon wey go show say na Derin get d baby o! Samir ni a di bo fun o!!!

  50. Haba manna! Which kind endin is dis? U mean I’ve read dis far,jst 2 cme hang like dis,abeg. Make a plan nd make it a reputable endin kajiko?

  51. Started and finished the story today. Perfect ending. DO NOT MESS WITH IT!!!!! Probably going to sleep in the office tomorrow but damn it was worth it! Nice job o! Nothing do you.

  52. Broken mirros can’t end like this ooooo. Av never commented bt I fink I just av to do dat dis tym. TL abeg, stop testin microphone nd add anoda episode jur. Dis wan wey u dey 4low us yarn say dis wan na finale we no go gree ke. A o ni gba oooo. All d same, u ve bin great dude*thumb up*

  53. Interesting and captivating as usual but the end wasn’t conclusive. It still leaves a lot to imagination. Kudos man,u write amazIng stories

  54. Dear Tunde, I have followed your blog and stories from the UK with silent interest. Your writing skills are great as the reader is left anticipating the next outcome. I do not usually write on blogs but felt compelled to do so this time. If you are going to have a ‘finale episode’, it has got to have a conclusive ending where the reader is able to recall it’s ending. Story endings tend to resonate in the mind of a reader longer than a ‘story hanger’ (one with no apt conclusion). My advice – bring this story to logical conclusion.


  55. Tunde dis is a nice ending. D mirror is not totally shattered though. D unifying factor is born-little banwo! God has really vindicated Awazi. However I don’t tink Derin is worth d risk of coming back.he cud not swallow a bit of his own pill. Let awazi stay on where she is and leave him to lick his own wound. He’s d scapegoat here. And a so so selfish one at dat. Looking forward to d next. TL,you do well o!!!

  56. I remember reading comments last week saying d story was dragging, and now, every1’s complaining dat he shouldn’t have ended it yet *smh* Humans can never be pleased! Nice one TL joor… Oya #MiraclesManhood I dey wait oo!

  57. I don’t know. Finding Hubby still ranks as your greatest series, Tunde. The one after that started off slow, but had a rather intriguing ending. This one … I think it’s that plot hole in the last episode, the whole switching phone thing, I still can’t wrap my head around that. And then, Awazi blurting out her sin because Derin’s mum called Derin… How could she think Derin’s mum would know what she did? Anyways, looking forward to your next series, man!

  58. To all who querried d final episode. Yes many questions in d air. But I tell u it ended well. Except u want a part 2, wc I don’t think TL is prepared fr anyway. Ds is ok as it is. U see , humanities(arts) is not like science or tech where tins add up like dat to a perfect conclusion. Ds is a typical make-believe, where we av to do d guess work sometimes and my guess may not tally wt urs,depending on our flow of mind. So pls don’t expect dat clean(est) conclusion. Believe ds is how much TL saw and add d jigsaw urself. Fr me it has 2 conclusions-1. Derin will strive to call Awazi back now she has his son, and who knows, d couple at d hosp might drop d case, ad the banwos allowed to enjoy their money frm omega, and live happily thereafter. (But then d mirror could not av been broken) or 2. That derin lost his licence, and Awazi stays put wt her child, therby livin Derin’s mirror totally broken. U are free to think d worse or temper justice wt mercy, but pls in order not to change TL’s title, tink in line wt d title. Ur answer is as good as mine:D:D:D


  59. TL I am soooo happy with this ending! Captivating nd perfect. Infact I enjoyed broken mirrors immensely. Ur a true genious. TLSpace has been like a home to me I run here for comfort nd d readers comments re simply hilarious. Uve simply got it Tunde nd I bless God for d talent in u. As for Awazi nd Derin ill miss dem and I pray we all learn the lesson dat forgiveness is key.

  60. Let me start this by apologizing beforehand in case I come across as harsh. I merely wish to express my thoughts about the story. Please forgive me. Here goes:

    Seventeen weeks of suspense and this is how it ends? I find it upsetting, disappointing, confusing, open-ended. I had suspected the story would not end well when Awazi went back to Samir in the previous episode but I decided not to express my thoughts at the time so they would not be deemed as premature. With this episode you confirmed my worries about the story.
    You dropped the ball TL. Everything was going well, episodes 1 to 16 were good but the finale ruined the story for me. I’ve learned that the most important thing about a story (and about a life) is how it ends. Broken Mirrors did not end well. I can understand that in reality the story does not always end well but given the opportunity wouldn’t we rather it ended well? If I wish to remind myself that stories do not always end well I merely have to turn to the news. I don’t need that reminder in fiction.
    I’ll have to ask you what you intend to with your gifting and power as a writer. Have you thought about that? What themes do you wish to champion with your writing? If I had known the story was going to end like this I wouldn’t have read any of it in the first place. If it gets made into a movie the way it ended I’ll boycott it. Why pay to get myself upset?
    Is the story a reflection of your thoughts on the marriage institution; is that how lightly you esteem marriage? If Awazi were you sister would you be pleased her life turned out that way? If you were Derin would you want your story to end like that? One thing I liked about the story was that all the characters were flawed, each had their own faults and that was what drew me into the story.
    In case you think “wetin be im own sef?” I’ll have you know that I have a right to rant. A good writer engages his readers at an emotional level and you’ve done that. What you shouldn’t do is upset those emotions. It’s not enough to be a good writer. A good writer is incomplete without good stories. Leave the bad stories to the bad writers.
    The way the story ends is how I classify writers; those I’m a fan of and those I blacklist. That is why I would read any book by say C. S. Lewis or Francine Rivers and will not read another book by James Patterson. That’s why I like Tyler Perry movies.
    Another question: do you usually know how a will end before you start it? (I doubt it) For the record, Finding Hubby is still my favorite TL story; Broken Mirrors doesn’t even make the list.
    What are you trying to achieve with your writing?
    You’ll notice I’ve asked a number of questions interspersed in my comments. I’ve asked those questions not for you to reply but for you to reflect, decide and act upon.

    • Hi.

      There’s expressions I take an exception to in your comment, but I’ll pass over those, as I believe the comment was written with good intent, plus your caveat at the beginning covers these. Having said that, let me address the issues, against my personal belief that a writer should not explain his writing, because you have followed my writing for as long as you have and for this I feel it necessary to break this rule.

      There are different literary devices for creating endings, and I’ve simply chosen to use one that requires the reader to draw their own conclusions from the story. A classic example of this is George Orwell’s Animal Farm. One would have hoped that Napoleon would be somehow defeated, and things turned out fine. But it didn’t. Who says Awazi’s mail could not have prompted Derin to go on a search for his wife? Or that the person that took Awazi’s picture was Samir who she has decided to spend her life with? Another is the critically acclaimed movie, Inception. That’s the point of this type of ending, to fire the imagination of the reader the same way the writer’s imagination was fired to write the story. I have no issues with Finding Hubby being your best story and Broken Mirrors not making your list – it is normal for each to prefer a different kind of story, and a different kind of ending. Many till his death could not get past Achebe as the author of Things Fall Apart, in spite of other more brilliant books he wrote.

      The fact that a story did not end the way you hoped, or believed it would end should not be enough for you to say a writer or his writing is bad – that would be disrespecting his craft. The fact that the complexity of real life is reflected in a story as against a fairy tale-esque ending or one which aligns with anyone’s personal beliefs does not make writing bad. Life afterall is multifaceted and the lessons it teaches us are more often posed as questions than not. I read C.S. Lewis and Francine Rivers – they are both writers of Christian literature and their stories were clearly intended to further those beliefs. Same for Tyler Perry. There’s nothing wrong with this, but expecting every writer to use their writing in the way these people is not a correct view of things. J.R. Tolkein was as much a Christian as Lewis and the two men were contemporaries and friends, even members of a group of writers that met weekly, The Inklings, but he chose not to use his writing in the way Lewis used his.

      And as regards what I want to do with my writing, I believe if you have followed so far, it should be evident.

      Thanks for taking time to read the stories.

  61. I just fall in love with TL every day! I love your response to that comment. Whats the point in reading a book or a story as the case may be if you can predict how it ends. I think TL is a fantastic awesome and exceptional writer …i dont understand people that always expect books to end the way they want it to end mtchwwww…….@abionalli pls stick to fairytale story books and leave the real books to those that appreciate it (no offense biko buh ur comment just gat me riled)

  62. life is not all about fairytales or happy endings!!! i love the conclusion…i guess there will always be consequences for the decisions we make in our lives….be it a good or bad one!!!!

  63. TL I love your reply to that comment, life is not perfect. if it was, the world would have been a boring place. This is the first story am reading at TLSplace and i gbadun the ending. It brings out the power of imagination in me, so many lessons to learn. Keep it up!

  64. @ tl: i love that for every story u tell, there’s a reader that has girded his loins for u…hehehehe…and i love dt u really take d chance to reply…just wish u’ld do dt more often, though not wn u’re riled up. More like a forum to interact wt ur audience @ d end of each story.
    PS: u’re a good writer and just like every good writer criticism will always make u/ur stories better…

  65. But Tunde o!!! Shei u know this end no pay!!!! Haba!!!! Mai haka!!! Abeg, find another ending for this o….even though e don end!!! Well done bros!! More ink to your pen…..Mwah!!!!!!

  66. Haba TL, pls don’t let som1 faint on ur neck o! Dis can’t b d end na *crying* PLSSS, unto d next episode, abeg. Ow r we so sure it’s Derin’s son? What if it’s Samir’s?

  67. Thumbs up to You TUNDE LEYE..ur write really gt mi hooked n hungry for more.Pls add to dis Broken Mirrors dnt let it dis way na…..we nid to no wat happened to Derin n d hospital with the ish dey av gt on ground btw ow r we sure its Derin’s baby ehn Samir entered d ‘place’ after Derin did ooo n according to ur description She exerted more energy…*winks*.On the Long run Good Job TLS n More Grace

  68. TL!!!!!!!!! I can’t just seem to get enough! I mean, you keep surprising me with each series. Great work you have going on, but I have my reservations. First, the ending. Its a capital NO NO for me. Why would you choose to end the story like that? I almost had an heart attack! (All of my hopes and expectations came crashing at once!) I wouldn’t even know what to classify it as, Tragedy? Secondly, the story didn’t quite tell me what really happened- yes you skipped that part to “17 months” later but an hint at least would have sufficed. Derin? Was he eventually separated from Awazi? Did he remarry, to ope perhaps? Awazi? Has she remarry? Or just she and her son? Ope? Samir? Thirdly, the couple were supposed to get back together somehow-pick up their pieces and start all over. Derin’s decision to accept the offer to take over the hospital didn’t quite sit well with me(you don teach me grammar oo :D) I thought he was imagining sef. I understand that you didn’t want it to end the ‘conventional’ way as we’ve all imagined in our heads lol, but u for twist am small na abi u wan do Kunle Afolayan Figurine kain ending for us ni? All in all, but for that concluding part ooo…it was an interesting read (I had tears here and there at some points) 🙂

  69. Nice! Imagine if u ended it without stating the content of the mail…then u would have been kidnapped for real! Good one, must say 🙂

  70. Hi TL. And it had to end this way? Bu hu hu

    Ive been out of town and spent the last 3 days reading up. Have a crink in my neck. Wonderful wonderful job, tho. Will leave the criticsm till i call.


  71. Pingback: BROKEN MIRRORS – ALL THE EPISODES | tlsplace

  72. A captivating and intriguing series…left my eyes watering for more. What goes around, comes aroung really…#listeningtoAdele’sTurningTables#

  73. I have enjoyed reading the stories on tlsplace. It was the story on Oyin Clegg that was recommended to me by my husband, I lost the link and finally got it from him again and since then I’ve been hooked. I finished the story in Oyin, loved it and scavenged for more and found ‘broken mirror’ a really sad tale, my take from it being we should never be quick to make decisions wen angry or sorrowful, those decisions end up being very terrible. Now I’m done with broken mirrors( and thanks for not ending it the way u initially planned) I am now scavenging for another story!!! Mehn! This is bad for me oh, hooked I am!!!!!. It’s so bad that the reality show ‘the voice’ I love has been relegated to the background cause of tlsplace. I look forward to reading more stories. Thanks Tunde Leye!

  74. Hello Tl,
    I’m really late to this party, just discovered your blog yesterday n I must say you are a great writer. I have never commented on any blog before today.
    I started with finding hubby n while I really enjoyed it, it definitely didn’t compel me to comment. I also would have preferred a more closed ending, with derin n awazi sorting out their differences, samir meeting someone and the young man accepting an out of court settlrment. As for ope, I really couldn’t care less about what happens to selfish her; I can never understand how pple like her reason( why I can forgive samir n not her, I don’t know, probably because hers seemed very cold n calculated plus she left derin when she should have comforted him)
    Anyway, u need a wonderful job n I will stick to my own conclusion.
    I have a favour to ask of you, could you please compile all your series like you did finding hubby n broken mirrors?
    Btw, congratulations to and your beautiful fianceé on your engagement, the engagement story was how I found your blog and God bless

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