Broken Mirrors – Episode 12

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Broken Mirrors Art

“Now you are happy abi?” Dr. Ajanaku shouted at Hakeem.

“Doctor, please take it easy, you know your condition,” Bintu said, placing a hand on his shoulder.

Rasheed spoke sternly to Hakeem “do you want to kill your father? You know his condition, and yet you do everything possible to increase his blood pressure. You really should leave.”

“I should leave? A place that is my inheritance? What gives any of you the right to tell me to leave here?” Hakeem shot back.

“It is not yet yours! And I am convinced now it should never become yours.” Dr. Ajanaku said, obviously pained. “I tried my best to raise you properly, but you just refused to take training.”

“By sending me to a different school from your precious son so I wouldn’t taint him? By allowing him do what he wanted, political science, while I was forced to be what you wanted, a doctor? By treating my mother without respect for years?” Hakeem responded mockingly.

“What! I respected and loved your mother until her death. What is this drug induced nonsense that you are spewing? Rasheed! Get the security to come and take this omo buruku out of my sight before I do something I will regret forever.” Dr. Ajanaku’s nostril flared as he spoke.

“Hakeem, you heard your father, come and start going, instead of bringing disgrace on yourself by being bundled out before all the staff who have called you sir!” Rasheed said.

“Hakeem, for once, be reasonable. Don’t drive your father into another stroke!” Bintu said, her voice betraying the anger she felt for the first time.

“Shut up, you this hypocritical woman! You are afraid that I will speak the truth abi. You think we didn’t know how you became the second only to my father in this hospital? You think we didn’t know that you have been sleeping with him all these years? Really? My mother knew, but she kept quiet and hurt every day. You both didn’t even bother to be discreet. You rubbed it in her face! And you are here talking proper, looking proper, talking about loving and respecting her until death. Oh please!”

Bintu’s eyes flashed like lightning. “How dare you, you this small boy? What do you know?” She turned to Dr. Ajanaku “Haruna, caution this your boy. Abi is it because we are referring to him as a son? It is true what our people say – the house is peaceful, only because the bastard is yet to reach maturity.”

“Woman, will you control yourself!” Dr. Ajanaku thundered.

“What is she saying dad? What does she mean by that?” Hakeem asked, the import of what Bintu had said hitting him like a cudgel.

“What I am saying,” Bintu responded for herself “is that no true Ajanaku behaves like you. You should ask that saintly mother of yours if she was alive if you were truly one!”

“Bintu!” Rasheed shouted.

Hakeem turned to his father, “Dad, is it true,” he asked in a low voice, the most sober he had been all evening.

Dr. Ajanaku turned away, without answering. Hakeem had his answer. He simply turned around and left the room without another word.

inu e ti dun, you are happy now abi? Even if he was behaving like a child, you had to forget your age and join him?” Doctor Ajanaku said to Bintu in anger.

“So, I should keep quiet and allow the bastard talk to me anyhow abi? Is that…”

That was all she had said before they heard the loud bang. Rasheed ran in the direction of the office it had come from. Dr. Ajanaku was right behind him. The sound had come from his office. The smell of gunpowder hung in the room and hit him the moment he entered. In the Chief Medical Officer’s official chair, Hakeem sat down. The thought corrected itself in Rasheed’s head, Hakeem’s body sat down. There was a huge gaping hole in his head where the antique Colt M1911 11mm bullet had hit. Behind him, Rasheed heard a thumping sound. When he turned around, Dr. Ajanaku was on the ground, his face contorted in anguish. Bintu rushed in and knelt over him. “Oh no,” Rasheed cried, slapping his forehead. “Damn that Derin for being so stubborn!”


Samir reached Awazi twenty minutes after he left home. It was one of those incidental strokes of luck that her car had happened to break down right in his backyard. He could see immediately she had been crying. “Sorry it took that long, there was slight traffic getting out of the estate. Let’s get out of here, and then you can tell me what happened.” She merely nodded and he set about tying her car to his own. When he was done, he told her “You’ll need to get in your car to control its movement as I pull it in. Thankfully, the road in is free so we should have little or no wahala getting in. hope you’ll be able to do that.”

Again she nodded and then got into the car. Samir got into his own car and started the engine. He had decided to bring the jeep for this one. Slowly, they inched along and thirty minutes later, they were safely in front of his house.

“Would I still be able to get a cab home from your estate at this time?” Awazi asked as soon as they parked.

“Why don’t you call your hubby to come pick you up?” he asked.

“He’s not in Lagos, so he can’t. I left him back in Ibadan,” she said flatly.

“What! How could he allow you leave and drive to Lagos at that time? Was there an emergency or something?” Samir queried.

“You aren’t listening to me. I said I left him there. It had nothing with him allowing me or not.”

“I don’t know what has happened, but I’m not your husband. I think I have more sense than to let you leave here in this condition. Let’s go in, before the neighbors begin to wonder what’s going on.”

“Samir, I have to go home…” she responded stubbornly.

“And who exactly are you in such a hurry to go home to meet?” Samir asked with a raised eyebrow. Awazi’s eyes dropped and she didn’t answer. “I thought so,” Samir said. “Now, let’s go inside, madam.” He said firmly.

With that, he opened the small pedestrian portion of his gate and they went inside. The house itself was a big bungalow. The compound grounds were laid with interlocking stones, and the lawn was in pristine conditions, well taken care of. Everything spoke of comfort and restrained affluence.

“You live all alone here, Samir?” Awazi asked.

“You’re astonished at how neat and orderly the place is? Don’t worry, it’s not about me that’s responsible for it, that’s paid help. But yes, I live here all alone.”

“You are not serious, have you ever done anything for yourself all your life? Of course I knew it was paid help.” She chuckled a bit, in spite of herself.

They got to the dark brown front door and he let them in. The living room was spacious, with plush colorful beanbags arranged all over, in vantage positions to view the huge TV that dominated one of the walls.”Fulani boy,” she said teasingly, “there are no chairs in your house.”

He bowed low and then went into the kitchen. He returned with a glass of water, and Awazi gulped it down greedily. “Thanks, I actually really needed that,” she said.

They settled into separate beanbags, and when they had fully relaxed, Samir asked earnestly “so are you going to tell me what all this is about?”


“If I said I wasn’t wake, saying so would be a lie, wouldn’t it? My mum always told me the only question you could never truthfully answer as yes would be if you were asleep or dead,” Derin responded to Ope’s question, laughing softly.

“Alright, Mr. Banwo, now that we’ve established the fact that you are awake, and I am awake too, may I request your company, seeing that I’m in Ibadan because of your matter and sleep has chosen to go on a vacation right now.”

“Ope, I don’t know if that would be a good idea, considering what happened this afternoon at your place…” Derin said

She cut in “except you plan to rape me, Mr. Banwo, I seem to have been able to stop you this afternoon. Now cut the chatter, wear your clothes, I’m coming over.” He was trying to say something but she hung up.

She swung her long legs over the side of the bed and retrieved the wine and the two complementary glasses from the fridge. She stood briefly before the almost full length mirror and surveyed her reflection. She pulled the nightwear over her cleavage to hide the lace that was peeking out from under it. Subtlety and his imagination must do the trick. “Nice Opeyemi!” she said to herself, and then waltzed into the hallway. The reaction of the man she passed confirmed what her mirror had just told her – she was looking hot like that. She turned back, and sure enough, he had turned back to look at her. She winked at him, laughed and continued walking.

She knocked lightly on the door. There was no answer, so she knocked again, this time somewhat harder. Derin’s voice came from inside “coming,” and then the door opened moments later. She savored the look on Derin’s face for a few seconds before she gently shoved him aside and went into the room. In typical Derin fashion, the room was well arranged and none of his clothes were in sight. He was wearing one of those moslem embroidered kaftans which she guessed his wife must have gotten him.

“Would you be kind enough to shut the door sir,” she said as she sat down, chuckling.

“Haha,” was his response as he did just that. “I see you plan to get me drunk before you leave here tonight,” he said, eyeing the wine in her hands.

“Well, I’m certain the Derin I know won’t get drunk over one bottle of wine,” she retorted, the challenge in her eyes. He took the challenge and sat opposite her as she opened the bottle and poured the wine.

They were halfway through the bottle when they kissed.


Awazi found herself crying for the second time that week to Samir. He joked “it would seem I have the crying effect on you dear,” as he offered her napkins to clean her tears off.

“Samir, you know it isn’t you, but I just don’t know anymore. Every time I try to do something right about this whole matter, my temper just gets in the way, and it all goes wrong, and that Ope seems to win without even trying.” She sighed heavily.

“It’s not about you Awazi. I’m a man and I can tell you categorically that your husband isn’t doing right here. How could he want to dig his own son up? Leave his wife to drive to Lagos in the frame of mind you were? Appointing his ex, with whom he had an affair while married to you as lawyer? My dear, you are even more patient than most of the women I’ve dated.”

“It’s just painful; my home is falling apart before my eyes, Samir. And it would seem I’m grabbing at straws with each attempt to save it.” She sobbed lightly

Samir got up and joined her on the beanbag she was seated on. He put an arm around her, speaking softly to her “it’s not about you dear, it is so not about you.”

Her head told her to get up from the beanbag and leave immediately, but she found herself melding into Samir’s embrace and allowing herself to be cuddled. They stayed this way quietly for what seemed like a long time, but was in fact less than ten minutes. It felt as if any movement, any attempt to do anything beyond cuddling would shatter the magic. Gently, Samir began to kiss her in places that were both safe and tantalizing at the same time. He kissed her forehead, then her eyes and then her earlobes. Still, she didn’t listen to her head, she rested in his arms. Then he kissed her on her lips, and she kissed him back. Her head stopped speaking to her and she abandoned herself to his touch.


Bintu had gone into automaton mode since Doctor Ajanaku had a reoccurrence of stroke. All his vitals had skyrocketed but she had worked extremely hard, marshalling doctors as if she was one. They followed her instructions without question until the specialist that she called came. Once he took charge, she went back to the doctor’s office where the police Rasheed had called were already at work. He had used his contacts to get a full homicide team there in record time, and already, he was managing them. Police could be tricky and they didn’t need them looking at this matter beyond what it was – an unfortunate suicide. She quietly retreated into the conference room, and then the floodgate of tears opened.


For thirty minutes, they had huffed and puffed. An exasperated lingerie clad Ope stood over a naked Derin. “What is this about?”

Derin could not understand what was happening to him. It seemed his mind was somehow affecting his body. The kiss had led to other things and he lay naked in no time. And then unusually, he noticed he wasn’t erect yet. His heart began to race, and the more he worried about it, the more they tried, the more stubbornly his member stayed flaccid. Ope tried everything she knew in the books until thirty minutes later, she got off him, and asked that question in exasperation. He still hadn’t gotten it up.

“I don’t understand what this is about,” he said. Even saying anything felt awkward in the situation.

“Maybe it’s the stress of the whole day, the case and all. I guess I’ll just let you be then. Wake me up when you do, so I can get ready for the Lagos trip.”

With that, she left an ashen faced Derin in the room.


Samir cursed whichever of his American friends had chosen now to call him. It was as if the sound of the ringing phone had jarred Awazi from lala land. She had suddenly pushed him off and told him shakily, “Samir, you will take me home tonight. I cannot trust myself to remain here all night, dan Allah.”

She got up and went to his guest bathroom. Almost as if on cue, the moment the door to the bathroom was shut, her phone rang. Samir glanced at the caller ID and a cloud formed over his face. He picked the call. “Hello,” he said coldly.

On the other end of the phone, Derin was stunned that a male voice said hello when the call with his wife connected.

“Who is this, and what are you doing with my wife’s phone at this time of the night?” he asked, confused.

“My name is Samir, a friend, who drove onto the express to rescue her from a broken down vehicle when you were unavailable, Mr. Banwo. I think you should do a better job looking out for your wife, honestly,” Samir added the last line with a tongue dripping with sarcasm.

“Mr. Samir, I don’t take kindly to men answering my wife’s mobile phone by 11pm and telling me how to do my job as a husband. Where is she?”

“Oh, I should have left her with a broken down car on the express?” Samir asked in anger. This guy was so selfish in his thinking. “You should be thanking me for doing what you should have been doing, or should not even have happened Mr.”

“Hand the damn phone to Awazi!” Derin shouted.

“I’ll tell her you called when she comes out of the bathroom,” Samir said, and hung up before Derin could respond.

In Ibadan, Derin sat up, fuming on his hotel bed, waiting for Awazi’s call.


76 thoughts on “Broken Mirrors – Episode 12

  1. JeeZzzz now let’s see how Derin lives with Hakeems death clinging unto his conscience!! Another long wait MONDAY!! Thumbs up TL!

    • how is Hakeem’s death ‘clinging to his conscience’? abegi, make we hear word. Dr. Ajanaku’s family has clearly been a dyfunctional family from time immemorial.

  2. Now dis is rili thrilling.Shame 2 †ђξ bad ass Ope,lol, n 2 think dat U̶̲̥̅̊ were gonna make Derin alert,U̶̲̥̅̊ must b dreaming.Hmmmm Awazi,Awazi,wife material indeed(chuckles).TL U̶̲̥̅̊ rock.Anoda gud way 2start my morning.

  3. Good job bro, nice twist again this week. So much intrigue, at some point I thought this was the last episode. Well done

  4. Foolish derin u remember ur wife after ur member refuses to rise to d occassion, omo rada rada.. Thank God that sonofaguin did us all a favor n decided to take life in his hands(tis well) samir had no right at all to have picked her phone esp since he knew it was derin, wrong call of judgement (who made him judge sef) thank God members failed and phones rang, otherwise ehn yawa for blow… All is still salvageable if they can all live the past, things n people n move on with their lives… Loved this episode… Lmaooo at ope (looser)

  5. Ha=))º°˚˚˚°ºнaĦaнaº°˚˚˚°º‎​=))…I laff in my native language!!! The devil is a liar! Ope shame unto you. Awazi Awazi….I guess we now know who knows Derin better….lol!
    I guess Derin needed that jolt back to reality…looking forward to the next episode

  6. I don’t think Hakeem’s death will do anything to Derin’s conscience, but Awazi & Samir . . . . . Nw that’s something else. Am loving this. Tunde Ur a BOSS!!!

  7. Yipeee!!!! I’m so liking the turn of events between Ope, Derin, Samir and Awazi. I hope this will jolt Derin back to his senses. Nice one TL, more power to ur elbow….

  8. Oh my! So much drama in one day! I just hope the good Dr doesn’t die. When will something ‘paralyzing’ happen to Ope? Shameless woman, I want to beat her with a stick.

    Well done Tunde, really nice.

  9. I don’t understand oooo.permit me hre,wats happening to Derin member that chose not to rise to d occassion?bt it did dat last tym Awazi went dat route nw,let’s look at anoda tin,if Derin member has responded he would/might av gone all d way with Ope,also if Samir phone hasn’t rang,ooppss,sometin mit av happened to our ‘faithful Awazi.I didn’t say anything it was rude for Samir to av picked dat call,a married woman phone at 11pm??haba,not right,no matter d foolishness of d husband. TL,we await anoda Monday,can’t thr be 2mondays in a week??????lol

  10. WOW! Fully packed episode, hakeem’s death, ajanuku’s stroke, awazi n samir’s hausa love beginning, and d end of ope and derin hopefully! Hehe! I love love! Now derin wud sit up knowing der r oda women hu wud take his place with his wife if he’s not careful! Nice one samir! I love u dis time 😉

    • @deedee, u mean der re oda men? of-course dis is d best twist, to complicate his already shattered life, hahahaahahahaha

  11. Samir is just an impudent devil! What cheek?!! Anyway, serves Derin right (the nasty hypocrite, remembering his wife after he couldn’t get a ‘rise’ out of himself); he really deserves a whole lot of nerve- jarring jolts indeed! And lovely Awazi, well, she is just human. And as for Tunde Leye, now he will sit back blissfully content in the knowledge that I will tortously and painfully wait for next week! Chei! It is well. But remember TL, this is ….. Simply delicious and I have started the nail biting wait for the next scoop!

  12. Hahaah! So his member failed him, and den he remembered his back up wife ba? When u wake up, u would realise dere is no1 to sue, no1 to pay for ur IVF. No1 to get mad at. And hopefully, u’d lose ur wife to Samir. And no, u won’t even get Ope, she could not even last a minute at the thought of u being impotent. This is d story of how u lost it all. Luckily u still have ur mom. Accept her village wife.
    Ds Hakeem is just an Ole, so d tot of u being a bastard was d last straw dt broke ur back ba? Nice1, u just made Bimtu the heir.

  13. This is cokeastic. I love everybit of d writing. The twist is too sweet. Hehehehehehe. Im loving it.
    Btw, IJAY, u shd be a writer *wink*

  14. wow wow wow!!!! d best episode so far, let person no collapse ooo for suspense ooo,lol…… Derin now u no Ope shld b left in ur past, she’s lost d ”MAGIC STICK”, deal wit dat buddy…@Ope darling, its high time u got urself a bera client, u re fightin a lost battle?touchin a man nd he stll stood like an epileptic patient, re u a woman @all or u jst av d features? poooor lil tin!!!…….Awazi, my God!!!pls ds is d time to prove to us dat u re indeed a virtuous woman, its a difficult ish to deal wit esp now dat ur body nd soul re vulnerable to any romantic talk or touch, kai, women dey suffer shaaaaa… as4 u Samir, in as much as i dislike ur move, i tink u re givin dat omo oshi a run of his indecisive lie,,,tank u for pointin out to him dat hes not a responsible husband in any way but plssss take Awazi home lest she falls prey…… Parents u av alot to do in ur kids, dnt spare, do ur part nd leave to rest to d creator, cos dat hakeem………………. (lip sealed) May his dad recover frm dis… @Bintu, such a wife, mum u re, who tod u to let d cat outta d bag? WOMEN!!! ##smh##

  15. Can u imagine dis derin o, so he wldve stupidly fallen for ope’s trap n slept wiv her if nt for his unfortunate member. Ptshewww. Thank God awazi stopped in . Waow really indeed d mirrors r breaking. Nice piece tunde

  16. Thanx Ronibel!! I used to write a bit (poetry mainly), but work stress got in the way and the rest, they say, is* hystery*… I hope to get out of this haze someday and do something about it.

  17. Nice one Samir! Tnx for making Derin realise how stupid and inhuman he is. I wander why some stupid men don’t have regards for their wives, until another man has her? Nice Job Tunde. But pls do something about this one week of a thing. The suspense is too much Jor. Don’t give somebody high blood pressure Jor, due to anxiety. Lolzzz

  18. hahaha i can imagine the look on ope’s face – what a shame, after all d preparation. Tunde! dis is sure getting more interesting. Kudos to u.

  19. Very hot read. So sad about what the good doctor had to go through though. Hakeem was obviously an unstable child. Maybe now Derin will finally rest,afterall he has gotten his pound of flesh.I just do not think his marriage will survive,who knows maybe they weren’t truly meant for each other ,hence all these calamity. Thank God for Samir @least Awazi will be able to move on and Derin can have his precious Ope,that’s if he can handle her.

  20. This is off the chain. TL, you are just too much. HA HA Derin,ur member has more sense than you do, Ope is still a psycho, Awazi, you should thank your stars ans Samir….Arrrrrrggghhhh, i could punch you in the face if only you were real and not a work of fiction. Monday can’t get here fast enough *Crying* Real tears. TL,please make it twice in a week…..PLEASE……..

  21. *deep sigh* I sincerely wish I’d kept to my promise of waitin till d whole story was over b4 readin. Now I’l have 2 anticipate like every other person till next week *sad face*. Nwaiz, d drill just makes it more fun.
    Nice twist, luvly story as always… This is just to show Derin to buckle up if he still wants to be havin sex, as it’s obvious his oga below will never rise for Ope(d husband-snatcher) again. LOL. But at d thought of Samir and Awazi… Me likey! ♥.♥ *lip sealed*

  22. Yeish!!!! I hv to read agaiin b4 I can comment reasonably. I’ve got goose pimples all over. Nice job. Brb to comment

    • Ok. Now. Derin is a goat, only remembering his wife when his member failed to obey him. Ope is a shameless whore, still trying for 30 whole minutes and your sense did not tell u to leave him alone, abi? I have just 1 word for you; whore!!!! Make that two words; stupid whore!!! Shame on you n Derin!!! Now to my sweet Awazi, even the most decent woman would fall. You’re emotionally, psycologically and even physical beaten. And you do need some cuddling and tantalizing kisses. But because marriage is special, trust is golden and dignity is priceless, thank God the phone rang and u came to ur senses. Samir, I like you. I do, but you should not have picked the call. That’s all I’m gonna say.

  23. Good job TL. My only issue is that I find derin’s inability to get an erection without explaining why too convenient. Hopefully you can tie up that loose end next episode?

    • Hi Abiona,
      There’s a medical condition for it, where due to anxiety, a man temporarily isn’t able to get an erection. And interestingly, the more he worries about it (which is normal), the less likely he will get an erection in that event.

  24. Good job TL. My only issue is that I find
    derin’s inability to get an erection without
    explaining why too convenient. Hopefully
    you can tie up that loose end next

  25. Ode ni Derin yen sha!!! Ope, oh well…no words for you. Awazi, I’m so happy for you. Samir,it’s about time! Derin nice story telling. Love the twist of Hakeem being a bastard. Too bad he died. Looking forward to the next episode!!!

  26. I guess Awazi took the ‘member’ with her to Lagos. #cheesy grin# Stupid Derin, calling his wife only after he malfunctioned…………….olodo!. Ope….#Tongue out#!! TL, as always, you have us waiting and panting for more………….thumbs up!!!

  27. Just when I was thinking Awazi will have her man back oooo. This Omo Hausa boy called Samir has started another gbege entirely oooo. Ha! Time and Chance ba ? Poor Awazi. Who will believe her story now. Ha TL Pls pity this woman ooo. She has gone through a lot already.

  28. Tunde dearest! U must be a serious romantic! Ur gf would be blown away over and over. Its easy to tell… *sigh* Pls where can I find ur book in Abuja?

  29. Hmmmm TL, dis twist to the story na die. D suspense same, waiting till Monday is a looooooooong wait. Seems we wild av to vote so u can make it daily or twice a wk @ least

  30. TL o ma jegba ooooo! Abeg make I lmaooooo @ member not comin up!! Aunty ope, se pe all ur sexy lingerie u cannot mk d thing rise? What’s d point? Ntoyinnnnnn! Awazi don grab her tin go! Bro derin , ur head like wetn I no knw, ur own matter na for anoda day. Hakeem is bttr of dead jare, bt e go kee dt his papa! Awazi, me I no blame u o, I dnt blame samir too cos my pple say ” if wall no open mouth , lizard no go enter” I wish u and samir done did it sef to hlp rmve all dt stress nd u can think bttr ( pple will ask for my head for dis) !
    TL, b a gud boi and send d nxt episode to my inbox or else I ll show u op** style #runin as fast as my leg can carry#

    • I totally wish der was a like button here.” I wish u and samir done did it sef to hlp rmve all dt stress nd u can think bttr” lmao…..abeg i agree wif u biko! mtchwwww silly derin remembering his wife only after he failed to perform…why didnt he remember her when ope called to say she was coming to his room….mtchhhww anofia!

    • No mind m, smtyms m baffled @ hw they allw their kinni to think for them instead of their brain! If I am Awazi I ll use ogboju, I ll jst cme up wit story dt I knw him nd ope did smtn! Chei but 11pm inside bathroom, dis gobe pass mk ur bf intro u to him mama who happens to be d pharmacisst tlkn to u abt ur buyn so much postinor frm her. Dis is a Gobed gobe!!!

  31. I can just imagine what’s running through Derin’s head right now! Samir shdnt have picked Awazi’s call,dt’s sure gonna complicate issues for Awazi..Derin wld place her on d gulity side now,which shd have been his own place to feel dt way..anywayz nice piece and I’m really looking forward to d next episode,Tunde Leye,u rock! Kip up d good work! And God bless!

  32. Heeyyyy, TL haff kill somborri, this is very stress related o. Haa, till next monday. I believe this is my best episode so far. But that Derin is just a serious ode. Oh this Samir is a whiff of fresh air, kai if not that marriage is a God ordained institution, i would have rooted for him and Awazi. Thumbs up, TL

  33. Hmmmm,member failed,samir said awazi is in his bathroom by 11pm hmmm! See gbege oh hmmm!
    Lovely piece always TL,hope I will survive till monday shaaa,*i dunno *smiley

  34. Tunde Leye, I think this is superb! You may not realize it, but you in fact are a knowledge imparter; you open up people’s minds with your style&it is amazing. I read some people’s submissions on the episodes& i’m reminded that Nigerians are sure intellects&really humorous as well (tis an interesting but rare combo)!
    As for Derin; I think God just loves the son of a gun; the temporal infertility was an act of God, one of his ways of saving us 4rm ourselves! God’s paternalistic role in the life of an almost totally lost child. And I’m afraid he has lost it all now, even his wife if God let’s it…o le eku meji, o possible ko padanu mejeji!
    As4 Awazi, she’s still one hell of a gift2 d naughty brat Derin; that scene with Samir could have happened2 anyone, she was SAD&of course very vulnerable at that moment. She is a strong woman, 2have pulled away at any point@ all…phone call or not!
    Dr Ajanaku is an unfortunate good man; I think seeing Hakeem was of odd character&knowing he was not his direct child should have thought him not2 entrust anything very sensitive2 him. Hakeem is his own assasin; hell will appreciate his arrival.
    Ope contravenes every Code that there is: the Bible,Quran,or what have you…in fact, she jumps the ethical requirements of a Legal practitioner too, professional prostitute&home breaker; she will end up being a 3rd or 4th wife, (As she is whiling so much of her time-2-find-a single-guy chasing a married man.) I smh 4her.
    I love that Samir picked that call, Derin should deal with the thoughts!
    I hope Bintu can live with the consequence of speeding up Hakeem’s self destruction&injuring her man-friend in the process. Even if she gets the property, people will always point at her.
    All in all; next episode is worth waiting for.
    Good job TL!

  35. Ha!!!! Tunde Leye!!!! Ba za ka kashe mu ba fa!!! Gaskiya, saanu da aiki!!! I am proud of u. This writing is just toooooooooo much!!! Haba!!! Sai ga enough suspense fa!!! Well done. That’s all i can say. I honestly can’t wait for next Monday!!! Kai!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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