Flora – 16th Petal – Structure

I haven’t posted Flora in a while but hope this helps. Enjoy. Yes, and I’ll be announcing something on Monday, so stay tuned.



To the casual observer, the flower looks structureless because it does not seem to follow any rigid pattern. The truth however is that despite their variety, each flower has a distinct structure to which it conforms. Even though they are dynamic, they manage their creativity within a well-defined radial structure.


Flowers typically are composed of four parts or whorls arranged in concentric rings attached to the tip of the stem. From the innermost to the outermost, these whorls are the pistil (female reproductive organs), the stamen (male reproductive organ), the petals and the sepals or outer base green leaves. All the pollinators know this structure and it guides them in their interactions with the flower. In order words, structure forms the basis of their mutually beneficial relationship.


Most people have the opportunity to make a success due to peculiar circumstances at some point in time. They fail to make this success sustainable because they never get around to organizing and putting a well-defined structure into their success. What we must realize is this – without structure, increase cannot be sustained. Structure enables the people that we need to propagate our success to relate with us in a way they can trust and rely on. It ensures that when people leave your organization, everything does not crumble. Success that cannot outlast you is not success at all. Structure engenders continuity and discourages vacuums because roles and processes are clearly defined.

Never get so carried away by the success you achieve that you fail to create structure. It is the only way that time will not diminish but rather increase your success.


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