Reader’s Corner – Happy Never After

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glass slipper

Prince Charming was shocked speechless as was everyone else in the room. Surely there was a mistake. He looked up into her grinning face and he swallowed then smiled nervously. So this was to be the love of his life eventually, Anastasia. He didn’t remember it being Anastasia though. He remembered very clearly seeing her at the ball and pitying the unlucky soul who got stuck with her; alas it was to be him.  Well, he gave his word didn’t he? Whoever the glass slipper fit would be his bride, he couldn’t go back on his word now. It’s not as though he had anyone in mind he would rather have it be but in all honesty, the only woman that could be worse than Anastasia was her sister, Drizella.

He left their home in a hurry as it was not difficult to assure the family that he was eager to start preparations for the upcoming nuptials but that was far from his mind. He needed to escape it all. He couldn’t believe that Anastasia was the one for him. Anastasia was not the one with the hair so soft and silky; Anastasia wasn’t the one who smelled like a thousand roses in full bloom; Anastasia didn’t whisper into his ears and have her voice float over his heart; Anastasia’s heart didn’t beat in sync with his because the music carried a tune only they were familiar with. No, it wasn’t Anastasia. How unfortunate he believed himself to be that the woman of his dreams was right there in his arms, and then he lost her. Now, he would be forced to marry the certified village man-hungry loon and live with her for the rest of his life.

He closed his eyes and his future flashed before his eyes. He imagined his soon to be mother-in-law shrieking up and down the palace as the servants hid from her in fear and trembling; he saw his beloved spouse whining all day long, wanting this, wanting that, only doing the bidding of her mother; he saw his children spoiled and rotten, always demanding and never having a kind word to say to anyone; he saw the Kingdom in ruins and he wept. He wept for what he saw and what he didn’t see; that she was never far away in all of this. In every vision of his, she was in the background, scrubbing the floors, doing dishes, tending to his kids; she would always keep watch over him secretly harboring the truth for she could not bear to leave her heart’s most desperate desire to suffer alone.

As the days passed, he resigned himself to fate. This was the life that was set before him, it was his responsibility to stand up to duty and perform to the best of his ability, and the people deserved nothing less from their future king. On the other side of town, Anastasia, Drizella and their mother, celebrated like the lunatics that they were; they had all gotten a free pass into royalty, which is all mother had ever wanted for them. All her scheming had finally paid off and nothing could go wrong now. They could hardly wait for the day of the ceremony to come. Much to the detriment of the handsome prince, that day did come. At the altar, he stared into the face of his future and his soul was destroyed.

I guess that’s what happens when you leave your future up to a glass slipper and some random lady’s foot.



18 thoughts on “Reader’s Corner – Happy Never After

  1. dats Cinderella III:twist in a tale. The wicked stepmother stole d fairy godmother’s wand. So TL, its not so original. 😦

  2. I believe the writer just wanted us to see this story in another light, read the last line:”I guess that’s what happens when you leave your future up to a glass slipper and some random lady’s foot.” And believe me, it has a very apt meaning

    • I quite agree wit u,she’s just try to say dat important decisions in life should nt be left to be determined by chance,else someone tune dat chance in his or her favour

  3. awesome !!! couldn’t help but laugh :)..seriously though what man in their right mind would make the criteria for their wife be a glass slipper ??

  4. HAAAAAAAAAaaaaa!!!!!!!!! TLiiiiiii this not fair oooo why should do this to your readers, i will sue you and make sure you complete that story with real vision… this is so unrealistic and mind breaking..infact im vexed

  5. Lol….I got the joke!!! N the message behind the story jare….this is wht happens whn u don’t do somthn abt ur future..don’t leave ur future in the hands of som slippers n som random gurl’s foot ohhhh!!! Lol…

  6. Totally amazing story. The last line is TOO HEAVY…
    Loves it… Deep life lesson too.
    Thumbs up dear Ore.
    Please may i re-blog or copy parts of this story on to my blog with of course credits to you and this blog?
    please… I will wait for your permission,.

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