Flora – 16th Petal – The Bigger Picture

flora attraction

The flower does not self exist. It is not a solo actor. Rather it is one of the actors in the larger scene. Everything about the flower is geared towards the bringing forth of a new tree, but more so to the sustenance of the specie. That is the big picture that the flower is a part of.

In life, nothing is isolated. To succeed in life, we must learn to do away with every isolative tendency and principle that we have. It is important to realize today that you are always a part of the bigger picture. Learn to move away from the day-to-day hull-lull of life and change your perspective to looking from the bigger picture. It enables you know what to add; what to eliminate, what to sacrifice and how to manage the mix of seemingly unrelated fragments of life.

That’s the difference between foot soldiers and generals. Foot soldiers see only the man in front of them. Generals see the whole war and can actually sacrifice a battle to win the war. Learn to think like a general. This is the perspective with which God sees. If only we are privy to this perspective we would desist from worry.


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