Flora – 15th Petal – Attraction

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Enjoy Today’s Flora. TL

The flower has perfected the art of attraction. The flower needs its pollinators but does not go out to meet them. Rather it designs and packages itself in a way that is attractive and irresistible to these pollinators. In fact, the pollinators are so attached to the flower that they spend as much as two thirds of their life with the flower.


The law of attraction is very powerful. The best way to get what you need is to make yourself attractive to those who will provide you with these needs. I meet men and women everyday that want to marry someone who is “extraordinary” (that’s the conclusion I came to after listening to their partner criteria). The first question I ask such people is this: “imagine if such a person met you today. Are you the kind of person he or she would be attracted to?”


We must apply this, not just to seeking marriage partners but also to every area of life. You attract what you are. Add things to yourself regularly to increase you attractiveness, both mentally and physically. Attraction helps to drive passion and passion is a necessary fuel for our lives to be alive.

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5 thoughts on “Flora – 15th Petal – Attraction

  1. This makes so much sense Tunde. So ON POINT!!!
    Totally love the part about the flower not going to meet pollinators but keeps itself attractive in wait for them….that is so true.
    More often than not,we ladies just think its all about getting the guy n staying there with a wide grin saying,”Yes! I go him”. Its so much more than that…
    If we don’t keep ourselves attractive mentally, physically n spiritually (I dare say), the man will find someone else who is. We NEED to work on ourselves.
    Its a delicate balance that really needs God’s wisdom to handle and I pray I do so in my marriage as I pray my fellow sisters do same in their relationships.
    Thanks for this Tunde!! Pray God heals and santizes our relationships cos we really need it!!!

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