Reader’s Corner – When Your Man Supports the team that lost

Recall the Reader’s Corner post MY MAN VS THE GAME? 

Brenda writes a follow up to that article today. You’ll find it pretty interesting. She launched her mag recently and you can read more stuff from her here on her blog.

Number one rule don’t be in the losing team (*wink*… as if na you dey play the ball). 

In that article, I suggested that ladies should serve their men Asun or pepper soup as they watch a game of football…hehehehehe, on a second thought I think that might not go down low…ooops! I meant go down well especially if the dude’s team is losing. For example, imagine serving diehard Chelsea fans Asun or Pepper soup the Sunday Manchester United broke their hearts or when they lost to Juventus in the Champions League…na waste naa! Dem no go touch am!! 

So my new advice for the ladies is if his team is playing against a dated opponent or a high profile match in which pride and/or trophy is at stake…don’t bring anything edible to the table as he would be very uncomfortable to have it. You can, however, get him some lager or water to occasionally douse the tension and wet his throat especially if he is the screaming type *wink*. 

You may be wondering why I have changed my opinion…okay, as an amebo, let me tell you what happened! That Sunday, I went to a joint with 5 dudes to see the Chelsea vs. ManU match. 3 of them were Chelsea fans; 1 was an arsenal fan who believed Chelsea will win the match and 1 was my fellow Manchester united fan. 

To be honest, as the game started I doubted that my boys would win…but pampampam…the ball was in the net and it was ManU on top! That gave me hope and the feeling that we could really win the game.

Lest I forget; I was eating suya before the match started. I bought it as I watched Newcastle play Westbrom…the game was without tension because I was sure my boys would win…and yeah! I’m a Newcastle fan by location. 

When the Chelsea/Manchester United match started, I lost my appetite ‘cos I was tensed; I actually stopped eating the suya at one point. A friend had to remind me that the suya was getting cold but I couldn’t care less. When I saw the first goal, I was so excited that I dove into the Suya and ‘popped’ my Guinness Malt…hehehehe, no blame me! I had to pop something as champagne no dey! 

The funny thing was that 2 of the Chelsea fans and the silly Arsenal fan I came with were having Owo and Starch…immediately after the first goal, the food was abandoned! I so laughed at them and made jest of the whole thing! It was at this moment of pure ecstasy that Power Holding decided to withhold their power, and since the joint had no functional standby generator we had to leave for another joint.I finished my suya and Malt shaa ooo…but the Owo and Starch were left. 

On our way to base 2, I had to follow updates on my Mobile Football Score Centre and pampampam…RVP made it 2 nil, I nearly ran mad with joy! It’s really fun being in the winning team. 

When we got there, chei! If you see crowd! The thing was too much and people sat as if they were in a church or lecture room…everyone faced the large screen and the usual round table arrangement seen in joints was ditched. Nobody was in the mood to drink or buy anything. Even the guys who prepare Asu and shawarma left their stands to see the match too. 

When Chelsea scored their first goal, the joint erupted with loud insane screams. The Manager didn’t find it funny shaa…I heard him complaining that he was running a generator for the game, yet people wouldn’t buy things. He threatened to turn off the TV if people didn’t start ordering stuff. 

It was at the halftime break that tables were arranged, beer started flowing round the tables and my Chelsea fans-friends even had the ‘impetus’ to order isi ewu…they were lucky to have finished the isi ewu before Ivanovic was shown the red card; dem for abandon am as they abandoned the Owo and Starch. 

You should have seen my friends when we scored the third goal…even their lager turned into stone…they couldn’t swallow…hehehehehe. 

I thought about my previous article and I came back with another conclusion that you can only enjoy football with your man when he is watching a game in which his favourite team is not involved; or a game which he is sure that his favourite team would win. In such games, snacks and even isi ewu would do wonders. But if you have a feeling that the match is going to be a tough one which he really wishes his club should win…try and get him to go see the match with his friends or in a joint because I doubt if you would like to take the blame alone if things go wrong and his team loses. 

I am a lady and a Manchester united fan. I know how I feel when Manchester United is losing or the match is a dead heat not to talk of a guy. Hope I was able to clear the air. 

Thanks for your time once again. 

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5 thoughts on “Reader’s Corner – When Your Man Supports the team that lost

  1. Hmm!! This is good and yh true. Been pondering on ur 1st article, coz I lose appetite when man U fails to win a match, and I aint a die hard fan.. Great u re-visited the issue… Big Thumbs

  2. Loose my appetite ke ?…I am a diehard Man u fan, became a fan when we lost the FA cup final to Everton in 1995, I done SEE orisirisi heartbreak….and I have experienced great joy too.Loosing is part of the game and so must be taken in stride. I don’t even try to understand y we lost anymore sef. Last day of 2011/2012 season though (sigh)…….those images still sadden me. That was tooooooooooo painful.

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