Flora – 14th Petal – Balance

One of the most complex dependencies and inter-relationships in nature is that between flowers, their pollinators, predators on these pollinators and the ecosystem in general. There is a delicate balance that must be maintained. The slightest disruption of this balance can cause serious problems. The number of flowers directly influences the number of pollinators that survive and therefore of the predators that depend on these pollinators for food. The timing of the bloom of the flowers determines if the pollinators’ progeny will survive. Any events that breach the balance can therefore prove to be very fatal.


In life, we are involved in a complex array of inter-relationships and our words and actions have influence more than we know. There is a balance to life that we are a part of and must be careful not to brashly disrupt. A single word can create a chain reaction that will stun us, so we must be very careful.


Another perspective to the issue of balance is this. In life, there are usually extremes and people naturally want to tend to extremes. But the mature individual knows that it is the ability to balance between extremes that make life meaningful. Don’t become so serious that you forget to laugh. Yet you should not laugh so much that you are never serious. Don’t work so much that you neglect your personal and family well-being. You still must not spend all your time on yourself and your family that your wok suffers. You must learn balance in these and other issues of life in order to have a win-win situation all the time.


Without balance in our ecosystem our life cannot go on. This is how important the issue of balance is. God himself has helped set balance in the course of nature – there hasn’t been a year when we had all sunshine and no rain, all heat and no cold, all men-children and no women children born. Balance is key to survival.

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