Flora – 13th Petal – Dressing

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Please tune in and call in o. Enjoy today’s Flora.

The flower is about the most beautiful sight you will see in nature. Their variety of color, size, shape and arrangement is breathtaking. Looking at a flowering plant from afar, the first thing you notice is not the roughness of the stem or the depths of its roots. What makes the initial impression is its array of flowers. The flowers have learnt two things

  1. You never get the opportunity to make a first impression a second time. First impressions are usually lasting impressions and they color our relationships subsequently.
  2. No matter what people say, appearances and visuals are important. The beauty of the flower dresses every other flaw of the plant and we can say of a plant with ugly, thorny stems and branches “what a beautiful plant”

An adage in my native Yoruba tongue says “irinisi ni so ni lojo”, translated you are addressed the way you dressed. Appearances are the number one secret of the flowers’ success. In the same vein, if you take a poll of successful people the world over, you will discover that all of them have mastered the art of dressing well and maintaining the right appearances.  You too must package yourself and your products in such a way that you will make powerful, positive impressions. That will get you the attention you need to sell yourself and your product.

A word of caution here – people hate it when they feel deceived. Make sure you have developed (or at least are in the process of developing) yourself and your product to reach the expectations created by your appearance. The flower dresses well, but it also provides food in the form of highly nutritious and delicious nectar.


One thought on “Flora – 13th Petal – Dressing

  1. Good one Tunde,
    1. I think twice about first impressions these days because a majority of us have mastered the art of deception.
    2. Yes, I agree on developing on developing yourself, pay attention to the content too

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