Golden Sand Launch – All The Pictures

Thank you all for coming out for the Golden Sands Launch/Signing. It was an awesome day and the turnot was waaay more than we anticipated. Gracias.

Photos by MopeBob Studios



Remembering Best Oyin Clegg Moments

The Reviewer

The Unveiling



26 thoughts on “Golden Sand Launch – All The Pictures

  1. Lovely, Lovely…..when will we at the FCT get our own book signing parry? Ain’t fair o. If you don’t have TL headquaters at the centre bros pro, hmmm, hmmm…some of us here will use executive powers over you o. Berra come quickly. Congratulations Tunde, it was indeed a beautiful event

  2. I’m gladdd I came! Already reading my copy and loving it. Loved Dipos performance although it was rather short. Sat across from him and his wife. They are adorable. Definately a new couple. The love is still doing them wan tin tin. Overall had a blast glad I came

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  4. beautiful. congratulations tunde, i can imagine how wonderful the event was. where can i get a copy of golden sand i live in surulere

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  7. Great 1 TL, i like it wen i see yung ple do extra ordinary tins.u r Achebe of our generation.we celebrate u nd ur hardwork.nd we cant stop thanking God for u.

  8. beautiful! So happy you found your purpose, it must be fun writing and singing. I pray you find fulfilment and more fulfilment

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