Flora – 12th Petal – FOCUSED DESIGN

There’s 3 pieces of important info this morning.

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  2. If you want an e-copy of the book, you can buy directly from Amazon here http://www.amazon.com/dp/B009R0XMW2

Enjoy today’s Flora post

There are about 250,000 species of flowers on earth. None of these individual species are the same. Each one has a design that is unique to that species. Most flowers are designed for their pollinators. Wind pollinated flowers are light and dusty. A certain flower pollinated by the humming bird is designed such that that bird alone can reach its nectar. This flower is red, since birds are attracted to the color red. Every flower is designed to attract some specific pollinator.


In life, when we venture into anything, whether on a business or personal level, from creating a new product to getting a marriage partner, the most important thing is not trying to convince the other party to bend to you. Rather, you need to spend time studying your target audience, person or market. You then use the knowledge you gain to package yourself or whatever you want to offer in such a way that it will resonate with your target point blank. It’s called focused design. Don’t dissipate energy trying to do everything and be everything. Focus on being the best in a certain area. In other words, own that attribute. Nothing will bring you greater satisfaction in life than doing that which you do well enough to be the best and enjoying every moment of the doing.

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