Reader’s Corner – Me, Myself and My Generator

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Enjoy today’s Reader’s Corner post. It was sent in by Tima.

The Oxford advanced learners dictionary 6th edition defines the word lonely as sad and spent alone.

That’s what describes my friends and I and in fact most cool looking unmarried ladies we see drive around town in their cars.

I have discovered that most of us live this triangular kind of life that is from house to work, work to house and house to work all over again and that’s how the cycle goes.

My typical day starts with me jumping off my mattress at the jingle of my alarm say a quick word of prayer and jump into to the bathroom to snatch a quick shower and dress up and off I dash to work, all I have in mind is to beat traffic and be at my desk so no branch manager has the guts to berate me for coming in a few seconds late like I was his kid!

As a sales person, I have a target to beat, and boy do I strive so hard to beat it, that’s what’s got me promoted when others are still sitting on their same level and notch.

To beat a target does not have to do alone with knowing your job, it also has a lot to do with your physical appearance too! I am not a power dresser and not a designers slave but I know how to throw on an ensemble that would accentuate my God given assets!

Call me vain, well like they say if you’ve got them………….

Apart from the dress work, you’ve got to have a face to carry the body o! 

As a customer facing sales person a beautiful face matters a lot, so I guess my company looks out for the kind of sales people they pick.

Now I’m derailing, let me get back on track.

End of the day, I have to drive home and as I park PHCN strikes and I have to turn on the generator, it’s so frigging annoying!

When I used to live in Kaduna I did not have the big generator I could turn on with the ignition key, I had this I pass my neighbour one had to pull.

I pulled the generator, one of them powerless nights and my busybody neighbour Iya Tolu, as I love to call her, said to me, “you dey do like man, me I no go fit draw this generator o!”

“Na because you get man wey go help you draw your own na, if you no get you go draw am,” I retorted.

Now do not get me wrong, I am not one of those ladies who are so whiny and want a man to do everything for them all the time, but heck sometimes a lady needs a brother man joor, abi I lie?

There was this day I woke up and as my leg hit the bedroom floor I thought I was in a pool! My room was flooded and even seeping to the living room, now I live in one of these estates in Abuja that the houses are built with low budget materials and we pay cut throat rents.

That morning was horrible for me, that day I truly wished I was either married or was in a serious relationship where I could either wake up hubby or pick up my phone to call boyfriend and say the house is flooded please get a plumber darling, but alas I had no man and so I had to run around the estate, makes some calls to get a plumber to me and then called in late to work so as to stay around for the plumber to fix the fault.

I got to work in such low spirits that I thought I couldn’t manage a smile the whole day, but trust akpuruka single girl na, I managed to smile even though I was crumbling within.

I needed so much to be cuddled and told that all would be well and the sun would shine again, but where the bobo na?

Every year when my cut throat rent is about to expire, I pray to God and say dear Lord, I do not want to pay another rent next year biko, why can’t one man come and marry me and let me channel this huge sum of money to something better?

The worst of them all are those cold nights when I crave to be cuddled and feel the warmth and smell of a male, my male around me and all I have are my pillows and teddies, those nights are so awful!

That’s when the internet becomes my friend, I tweet till so late or exchange bbms with  whoever was ready to chat with me and when all of these have been done I either cry myself to sleep or simply drift off to sleep due to fatigue.

Now, don’t get me wrong it’s not like I don’t have men that flock around me, like I said earlier on, I could pass for an eye candy, but somehow I manage to attract the wrong ones, well so I think sha.

In this Abuja, most single guys are just fake and superficial, they are larger than life, most of them look out for lonely, working class comfortable girls like us to feed off, and omo I be correct delta babe I no fit fall mugu like that biko.

Apart from the hungry Abuja fine boys, we also have the comfortable single ones also who date you and act like they are doing you a favour, that’s a category of guys I totally can’t stand! It’s not like babe is hungry or jobless but you would be acting like you are God’s gift to her, biko park well abeg.

Now we also have the married men who I call vultures, they want to kill you with niceness, as if they truly are nice, biko these ones ehn I get as I dey handle them, don’t ask me how as I no go fit explain am.

Some of you might think me choosy or unserious, but I am not, God knows I am not o, I have tried to hold up a relationship but men, there are so many things that makes one a man other than a dick dangling between your legs.

That’s how one impregnated my sweet friend and she’s now a single mother, well at least she gained something from the relationship, she gained her gorgeous son who is now my godson.

That’s how two Christmases ago we all were at the village to spend the festive period with mumsie, and my uncle came to the house and went on and on about how I was being choosy if not he does not see how a beautiful girl as me would not be married by now, see me see local trouble o!

I just calmed him down and said he should not worry that very soon I would present him with a befitting son in-law, na so matter quench and me I promised not to go to the village for Christmas anytime soon if I’m not married.

I was not ready to start telling him of how I was almost married a year before and because I wanted to get married I endured an abusive relationship, ha!

That marriage would have been the death of me, each time I remember it I shudder in fear of getting married! That’s story for another day.

Somehow I think I am truly afraid to get married, I see so many sad couples around me who are no longer together because they want to, or love to but because of the kids they have between them or what family and friends would say or think of them if they separate,

Abeg me I can’t do suffering and smiling biko, for me marriage is meant to be enjoyed and not endured.

Now don’t get me wrong there are so many happy couples out there too, when you are in their company, their homes all you think about is getting married, but alas it’s a case of different strokes for different folks.

Kai it’s late and I’m sure I’ve rambled off point biko, I hope I did make some sense or entertained which ever it was to you, it’s time to shut down this system, hug my pillows and fall asleep.


18 thoughts on “Reader’s Corner – Me, Myself and My Generator

  1. 1 truly needs a man in her life yesterday I was so angry cos d key 4 my gen refused 2 work I had 2 on it manually but stil didn’t start

  2. I can totally feel her especially where she said, some guys act like they are doing you a favor *rme* Well the akpuruka single must survive 😉

  3. I am with you guys on needing a man o. I don’t know the breed of men that have being raised in this generation, the single ones are so irresponsible or too cowardly to ask you out cos they are intimidated by your beauty. God will help us and bring our husbands our way

    • If they ask you out won’t you say no? Lol most aren’t cowardly. They just can’t be arsed, because it’s pretty obvious how it’ll all turn out. Men lie, women lie. Who can we trust??

  4. And i thought i was the only one with men problem. The most annoying of all is the men of nowadays, don’t even have a career vision. When you ask them, first they think you want to tie them down into marriage.

  5. Shebi u’re eye candy, be thankful o! To everything there is a time and a season, I feel you o, babe, really, buh what of the babes who aren’t? Or worse still, what if u’re surrounded by a LOT of great guys n none of them seems interested in anyfin beyond interesting conversations and friendship?

  6. I feel you, so much, as a single young girl, I know the feeling, but just cos u are single don’t mean you ve to be lonely, there are always a thousand and one things to do , especially in giving back to the society…………….sweet dreams and remember, there is time for everything, its always just around the corner.

  7. If u want to know the problem in present day relationships, look in the mirror. Both guys and ladies these days are superficial, fake, artificial, greedy. You could say “oh wot rubbish does he sprout” but it is true. The happily married ones are the old school, not the wiz kid husbands, and the tiwa savage wives (no insults to dem celebs o, just sayn). We need a re-evaluation of core values, in many of our institutions, especially marriage

  8. Babe, u just described wat my life had been like for the past 4 years up until abt a month ago when he walked into my life. It’s now a wonderful thing when he arranges for my car to get picked up by the mechanic and ferries me to and from work. A nice departure from d time I got beat by rain cos my car was undergoing repairs.
    I’m not trying to rub it in. What I’m trying to say is keep ur head up and do not settle for less. He’ll find you.

  9. and here i thot the problem was just in lagos! good guys just want to b friends wt u and have convos cos u seem “interesting”. the bad ones just want to live off u. Babes, boring life of a single working lady u just spelt out in words… but all is well. all in due time and season
    and as for the generator, make i find money just go buy dt remote control one abeg! i no fit wound myself dey pull gen efritym o jare!

  10. sometimes a lady needs a brother man joor, abi I lie?. this is a gospel truth my sister, u no lie at all. still u nid to kip ur head up, don’t settle for less. He will surely find you.’i believe there is a man for every woman.

  11. Nice..u r soo on track!nobody luvs to be lonely… But I feel there’s so much repetition of words..All d same,beautiful article.

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