Flora – 11th Petal – CONSISTENCY

I couldn’t post Flora on Wednesday, as the Golden Sands came out same day and work has been quite hectic. The queries I got from people who regularly read this section made me realize that more people read Flora than I imagined. I’m posting today and posting something that talks to me and everyone else in this regards. Consistency is the watchword. Hope you’re getting your Golden Sands o. En En. Find out how to buy here https://tlsplace.wordpress.com/2012/10/17/buying-golden-sands/

Enjoy the Flora Post.

For most flowering plants, their flowers come into bloom at fixed times in the year. The flowers appear, mature and bloom at consistent times in the year. In fact, seasons of the year can be accurately described by just looking at the stage of their life cycle that the flowers are in. Many of the pollinators of these flowers have even timed their life cycles to coincide with the consistency of the flower. They reproduce when the flowers are in bloom so that there is an abundance of food at the time the young come forth. If the flower becomes inconsistent, whole populations of its pollinators will die off.

 In branding any product, the most important aspect of building a strong brand is to consistently deliver on the promise of the brand identity. And it is not good products that sell well: it is great brands. Organizations would prefer not to release a product consignment than to release a bad product and create an inconsistency. Inconsistency creates misunderstanding and doubt that negatively affect relationships, whether business or personal.

 We must strive above all to be consistent in our words and actions. Don’t be a flash in the pan. Learn to take action only when you have adequately prepared yourself to sustain those actions in a consistent manner. It is only consistency that makes you trustworthy and dependable, two necessary ingredients in business and personal relationships. They make you attract the right people to yourself. People begin to make their decisions based on your consistent actions.


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