Reader’s Corner – Blast From The Past

Today’s Reader’s Corner post is from Peculiar, an ardent tlsplace reader. She’s got a real great blog where you can read more of her stuff here Enjoy

I had thought I’d have to wait till evening to fight the demon that tormented me but as I stepped into the guest house, I saw Emeka and I almost fainted, Okon had to hold my hands and lead me to the room. The bastard, he’s alive and obviously doing well, there was no justice in the world, life was unfair, all these bitter thoughts were running in my mind and as I closed my eyes, the demon surfaced again

I was walking down the road happy to be on campus, sweet sixteen and desperate to be chiked when this cute ride pulled with a Will Smith looking person at the wheels pulled up beside me. I ignored the car and moved on, even though he’s handsome a girl has to form had to get now. The car moved forward and blocked my way, I had no option than to stop

” Can’t you look at where you’re going to?’. I asked feigning anger all the while excited to be beside him, he was more handsome up close

”I’m sorry, my name is Emeka, what’s yours”

”Emeka” I replied with a mischievous grin

He looked puzzled ”Is that your name?” he asked


”Then I guess we have a lot in common”

”How about a drink, at least to make up for almost pushing you down”

”errm, okay”

I got into his car and we drove to chitis.Emeka kept asking why I’d chosen to attend UNN and other future oriented questions. I couldn’t believe my luck, here was a fine, correct, focused guy and he liked me. life couldn’t be better.

He invited me to a party and I agreed to attend cos according to him, only the cool kids were invited.

At the hostel, I gave my friend’s Nkechi and Chizoba the good news and together we prepared for the party, it took us 3 hours, we were determined to impress.

Emeka picked us up by 10:00 p.m and on getting there, everyone was wearing a touch of a particular color  that alone should have been a red flag but as jambitos eager to belong, we boogied away. Nkechi in her usual fashion had the guys flocking around her while Chizoba just smiled demurely at everyone. I don’t know if it was her smile but deep into the night Nkechi ran to me saying Chizoba was screaming, we ran only to see her with a scary looking man, Nkechi stood up to him and fought while I supported with insults, we were able to run away and I called Emeka and demanded he take us back to the hostel. Emeka kept muttering under his breath saying something about rolling with babies, me I was interested in my safety. The moment we sighted our hostel, we all jumped out of the car and ran. I could hear Emeka calling after me but I wasn’t interested. When we eventually got to the room (how we go the porter to open the door is another story), we tried to comfort Chizoba who was crying and calling all the people in her family. In the midst of all that, a message appeared on my phone

”how could you have disgraced me in front of my friends, i’ll deal with you”. Emeka

I ignored the message and laughed thinking it was a joke but that was the biggest mistake of my life

Exactly two weeks after that incident as I was going up Odenigwe, I heard a voice behind me ”It’s payback time”

I turned and it was Emeka, Chizoba’s attacker and two others

”Excuse me” I said trying to sound confident

”Confident as ever” Emeka sneered

”Emeka please” I said sensing what they were about to do

They all smiled at each other and hell let loose.

They each took their turns at me beating me and Raping me severely. I screamed at the top of my lungs till I passed out.

I woke up in the hospital to hear my mother screaming and cursing. I looked around confused, the woman beside me had severe bruises, her husband had beaten her that morning. I was confused, why was my mother screaming, I would be fine, it was only a matter of time.

I later found out my father had died as he rushed to the Airport to take the 1st flight to Enugu, the doctor said the attack had injured my womb and the chances of me having my own children was less about 5%.

I took in this information all the while staring at the woman beside me, a man had injured her this severely and I had lost everything even the joy of motherhood to a man.My mother sent me abroad to study cos the family decided continuing in UNN would be traumatic but that day I swore never to love any man besides without a womb what was the joy of loving?

Tears rolled from my eyes, Okon was confused looking at me, he had never seen his madam the ice princess cry.

I was in UNN for the first time since that incident and I would find closure even if it was the last thing I did.

My phone beeped, it was a message from Ola


13 thoughts on “Reader’s Corner – Blast From The Past

  1. wa many bloggers will I follow now…me sef I like gbeborun jist..I want to kno d end of everything…lol

  2. @ abi fols, abi oh you know TL has correct readers (like bloggers, like readers). I’ll read this one though, heard a new episode comes out every tuesday

  3. na wa oh! how many people we wan dey follow true true… i like good aproko when i see one… and this sure sounds like one

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