The flowers pollinated by insects are very interesting to study. They need these insects to carry pollen from their own anther to the stigma of another flower of their own species. To do this, they employ an array of interesting strategies to attract the insects and ensure that they keep coming back in their droves. Some attract the insects through their colorfulness. Others through the offering of a sweet tasting substance called nectar ensure continual visits from the insects. Yet others offer refuge and good camouflage to insects that want to be inconspicuous because of predators. One interesting one attracts the houseflies that pollinate it by giving off the smell of rotten flesh! Most of the time they employ a combination of these and other tactics to make them irresistible to the insects.

In life, most people seek people who will offer them something they need. Those that key into these expectations and offer what is needed will profit from it. However, those that will be outstanding must learn to gather people’s expectations and offer more to these people than they expect. This ensures that you become irresistible and indispensable.

Offer a skill set, rather than a skill to your prospective employer on your C.V and at the interview and your chances of getting the job increases drastically. Do more than expected on the job and you will rise through the ranks at amazing speeds. Offer your spouse more than he or she expects from you and your marriage will be an outstanding success.


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