Flora – 9th Petal – Giving

The flower is involved in a complex world of inter-giving. Giving out is the only means by which the flower can achieve its purpose. It gives all those things it offers to its pollinators. It gives of its pollen to other flowers so that they can achieve their own purpose. It gives its beauty to the tree. It is in this process of giving that it receives a deposit of pollen grains on its own stigma that will then result in the fulfillment of its own purpose.

 Two lessons are here. The first is that you will have to learn how to give of what you have in order to receive what you need. Imagine if the flower refuses to give its nectar to the insects. Then no insects would visit it and no one will bring pollen to it. It will eventually wither and die without fulfilling purpose. The lesson is clear.

 The second is this: you will fulfill your purpose only as you help others fulfill their purpose. The flower helps the insect fulfill its purpose by supplying the nectar that they need to produce honey. Honey that is needed to feed the colony and their young ones as they are born.  They help other flowers fulfill their purpose by giving out the pollen that will be used for their reproduction. It is as they do this that their own purpose will be fulfilled.

 The fact that God gave His best to the world points to the importance of giving. A sense of purpose and contentment comes over you when you genuinely give from your heart. In life, there will always be people who will need your help to discover and fulfill their purpose. They will need you to give of yourself to help them be all they can potentially be. Don’t hesitate to do it. Your purpose will be fulfilled as you do this.

A big birthday shoutout to Biggie’s Baby, Oluwatosin towsyne Adenipekun


8 thoughts on “Flora – 9th Petal – Giving

    • I always wonder why people find it difficult to give……I was brought up to share from a young age, and all you ve written is true………thanks tunde

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