Flora – 8th Petal – Collective Beauty

The eight installment of the Flora series is here. Hope it inspires someone. TL

Each flower is uniquely beautiful in its own right. But the pinnacle of the flower’s beauty and of the tree bearing them can only be appreciated when we look at all the flowers on the tree together. Few things are as beautiful as a flowering tree with its flowers in full bloom. I was watching one of Jet Li’s movies the other day and one of the scenes was set in a red flower pavilion. The beauty of that collection of flowers was breathtaking. Flowers recognize that even though they may be individually beautiful and unique, they become extraordinary when they are collective.

 The Nigerian national team, the Super Eagles had as set of good players but an outstanding team in 1994 and went on to win the African Nations Cup and was voted the second most entertaining team in the FIFA World Cup that same year. Since then, even though we have had great players, we have not had a team. The result climaxed with Nigeria missing out on the 2006 edition of the FIFA World Cup. Remember this: individuals score goals but teams win games. You can score all the goals you want and still be on the loosing side.

 For everything you want to do in life, you will need you AND … To build your family, you need you and your spouse and your children. To build your faith, you and God and His servants to instruct you. To build your career, you and your employers. To build your business, you, your employees and your customers. You may be a star individual, but your achievements will be multiplied when you understand the place of collective beauty in the scheme of things in your life.

Remember that two are better than one, because they have a good reward for their labor. Beauty becomes much more beautiful when collected together.


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