Finding Hubby – Episode 23

I shouted from inside my house “Femi, go away! I don’t ever want to see you again. And if you came back because you are feeling bad and want to apologize, it’s not needed. Just go!”

“Calm down Oyin!” Gloria shouted me down, and for some reason I cannot understand, I actually became quiet and dropped my tantrum. By then she was at the door and she unhooked it. In the doorway was Femi, looking huge but as unsure of himself as a toddler. He looked so vulnerable and something in my heart twitched. But my heart seems to have developed arthritis. These days, it doesn’t do so much gymnastics again.

“Femi, what is it? What do you want?” Toke queried.

I shot her a look that said “this is my matter and let me handle it” and she jejelly backed down. “Oo…o…oo…oyin”, Femi stammered.

I didn’t say a word. I just raised my eyebrows. All his suave smooth articulateness was gone.

“Oyin, I’m sorry, words cannot begin to describe…”

Toke could not hold herself back “Okay, we get that you are sorry. If that is all, you can like to leave right about now.”

I didn’t bother to shoot her any looks this time because I felt exactly that way.

“Let me rephrase,” he began, sounding surer of himself now, as if he had braced himself for whatever was the worst that could happen. “I have not been able to stop thinking about you since I left Nigeria. And I actually tried not to. But my heart refused to stop going back to you.”

He had become bluntly honest about how he felt and it was slightly disarming. His head told him to let me go, expectedly, but somehow his heart didn’t listen. It sounded very familiar, like me. Something twanged again in my heart, albeit faintly.

Toke wanted to talk again but this time, I gave her “the look” before she could. She got the message and slid back into her seat. Gloria had been the quieter of the two. Now she spoke up.

“Femi, all that is still stories that touch. What do you really want? To settle some more scores? To appease your conscience that you are a good person that apologizes for your wrong unlike the rest of us? Please what is it you really want and cut the drama, we’ve seen enough drama to last a lifetime”

Her words must have cut close to his heart, because his eyes seemed to light up with a fierceness that worried me. “No oooo”, he said, shaking his head vigorously at Gloria. Then he turned to me, as if to say this was between just the two of us and not the panel that was interviewing him.

“Oyin,” (it’s when men want to form mushy mushy they will be calling your name over and over again as if it’s going out of fashion, *rme*) “when I said earlier that in all those years in the US, I had still not been able to get over you, I wasn’t lying. It was true. You were the one and still are the only woman I’ve ever loved.”

“Femi, I have heard you,” I said in a calm voice that betrayed none of the storms that were going on in my heart with what he was saying. I gave a dismissive wave and turned as if to tell him the conversation was over and go into the room.

“I am not done yet,” he said. This time, all the uncertainty in his voice was gone and there was a steel and sureness in it that now stopped me in my tracks. I turned around and all we three female eyes in the room became fixated on him, watching him intently, as if daring him to say whatever he wanted to say next. At that moment, someone rapped on my door (it seemed to have developed a knack for being knocked on at dramatic times. I’m sure Frank Edoho has nothing on my door with his advert breaks on Who Wants to be a Millionaire) and Toke’s phone rang. It was Lumi. Gloria had become our doorman and she went to get the door. Lumi came in, eyes red, not looking as clean as the Lumi I had met the previous day. He looked Gloria over with venom and then came into the room without a word of greeting to her.

Without taking a care as to what was happening in the room before he came in, he spoke to Toke like we were all not there “I’m calling the engagement off,” he said, straight off. “I have thought about it from all angles and I have come to the conclusion that it cannot work.”

Toke was hysterical. In that moment, Femi and I took the backstage in the drama unfolding in my sitting room. Toke shot back “how can you call it off as if it’s pure logic. You have given it a thought? That’s all it was to you? You thought it would work and now you don’t think so, so it’s over? Did you ever feel anything, Olumide Sanni?”

“I don’t make decisions about who I will marry based on how I feel about them,” he retorted. “If you can slap me over telling you something that took all of my trust in your maturity to tell you, then it means you see me more as your younger brother than as your man. This is the first real difficult issue we’ve had and this is how you handle it. I cannot but think it’s an indication of things to come.”

Now, as I listened, Lumi’s logic made sense to me, but the overtly logical manner he was speaking didn’t just sit well with me. This was the woman he was meant to be so totally crazy about for crying out loud. How could he be talking like this?

Toke was unconscious that she had begun to raise her voice when she responded “Lumi, I made a mistake. I was angry, hurt and felt betrayed that you chose to tell me only after proposing to me. And I thought I should rightly be upset. I apologize for what I’ve done, but I believe I deserve an apology too for the deceit”

Lumi smiled ruefully and addressed an imaginary audience that included those of us in the room “See what I’m saying? She’s already shouting at me. Why do you talk to me as if I’m your younger brother? The two of us getting married would be a huge mistake.”

Toke simmered down as she said considerably quieter than she had spoken before “and what happens to the baby we have made together?”

He responded matter-of-factly “I’m not irresponsible. I’ll take responsibility for the child and also be financially responsible for the child. I cannot make a second mistake of marriage because I made a first mistake of getting you pregnant.”

The anger within me welled up to an uncontrollable level and it spilled over with all the venom of a volcanic eruption. I had just about had it with this smart imbecile.

“What!” I screamed. “Is it my friend that you are calling a mistake! You are such an insensitive cold immature guy underneath your smoothness.”

I just love my Toke. She didn’t fall our hand. She didn’t cry. She just had this resolute look on her face. I wanted to go on shouting, but she waved her hand and I kept quiet, literarily having to clamp my mouth shut to keep me from going on.

“Olumide Sanni,” she began, calling his full name “I have heard you. I will have this “mistake” and will take care of her. We will not be needing your help. I do not ever want to see or hear from you again, and if you try to claim this baby, you’ll be surprised at how ferociously I will fight you.”

Lumi shook his head “You cannot do that. You forget I’m a lawyer, and I know what the law says on the child’s custody. I’m the father and…”

“Fathers do not call their children mistakes, Mr. Lawyer.” It was Gloria, who spoke for the first time since. “You are not involved…” Lumi began as he turned to her. She interrupted him “Leave. Lumi.” He didn’t budge and I just lost it. “Leave my house! GET THE F@*K OUT OF HERE!” I screamed. I jumped at him and then Femi intervened and held me back. I don’t subscribe to violence or anything of the sorts, but I saw him for who he was now. He was one of those smug smart types that had the effect of making you want to wring his neck. Femi calmed me down and then turned to Lumi who looked confused as if wondering why we were so angry and told him “I think you should leave now”. Slowly, Lumi turned and went to the door. He shot Toke a glance as if he regretted what was going down (abegi, all that one is Mainframe productions jor). Again Toke didn’t fall hand. Her face was cool steel, she didn’t show any emotions.

As Femi saw Lumi to the door, he paused there for a minute before he turned around. I thought he was going to leave with Lumi (maybe all the men should just leave our space and give us peace).

But he came back into the room and continued from where he stopped as if the intrusion by the Lumi/Toke saga hadn’t happened. “Oyinkansola Clegg,” he called my name again “I came back because I want to spend the rest of my life with you.” He dropped on one knee and produced a beautiful white gold ring and I dropped on a chair and nearly passed out in shock.

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168 thoughts on “Finding Hubby – Episode 23

  1. Ohhh myyyy! Ohh myy gOshh!
    **dabs d corners of ma eyes** ‎​S̶̲̥̅Ơ̴̴̴̴̴̴͡ happy 4 Oyin…
    Guys ehnnn….y did it take Femi dt long sef to propose.
    Ayam happy shaaaa!
    *screw lumi* who nids such a liability anyway…

    TL, you try dis week sha…no noose of suspense dt can literaly kil me. #awaitin next monday#
    Hav a fab week.

  2. Loool! Mainframe productions…9ce I like dat. I’ll be sad when dis series come to an end. So so sad, but who was d person last week saying Toke was wrong 2 slap her boo? Shey u see he deserves dat slap with a dose of pankere action as an accompaniment. LOVELY!!! “Oyin’s getting married *chants*”

    • I dnt understand o. Why’s her heart beating now????? She never liked the d Femi guy na. Abi, is it just me? This is just coming out of thr blues abeg. No toastings, nothing??? HIAN!

  3. Yaaaaay so happy for oyin…..i hope somfng funny won’t mess d whole fing up tho. Btw Lumi is mean o….mstew. Keep it up tunde

  4. Aiiishhhh!!! Lumi is a bastard!!! Even if hin dey older than toke, she would have still slapped him, age matter no dey ds one. Idiot!!! Toke, pele sweets. This drama, u no deserve am, u for hear my own b4 o! Pursue am! See now? Pele. Mr. Femi u made the correct choice, u and oyin fit una self die. Oyin this is it for you, no grab am o! Take ur time and enjoy the ride, be on cruise mode sis! *wink*

  5. U just made my monday!!!!am soo charged.bless u tunde and a good job.thankfully today’s own was nt short.buh dz one femi proposed,I hope dre won’t be a twist in d story yet cos I don’t want d episodes to end so soon.toke sure he will come back cos he was looking confused dat all d girls were angry.Godd job all d way tunde..

  6. @debbie….if she wusnt older nd she slappd wuld av bn a diff case…buh now…any slap,any raised voice..lumi ll always feel dat way..
    Even if glo tinz hasnt wuld av bn a mistake2marry lumi except toke ll neva get angry in d marriage..nd dats nt possible.

  7. Hummmmm, I once taught age is just a number, nd dat maturity dosnt lies in age. But lumi has proven me WRONG. Gosh he is just a kid. He talks as if he has no sense of humor! Toke fight him wif evrytin uve got partenin 2 d custordy of d child, am fully behind u. Nd bk 2 u OYIN, dis is a surprice, but I hope dis is true sha, FEMI !!! Well make I neva judge, let’s see hw it ll end.

    • Ladies r very funny in dier judgement against lumi, can all of u stop lukn at it frm ladies aspect n tink of hw u will feel if lumi is ur broda .
      D fact she is datn sme1 she is older dan is an ish on its own so 4 her 2 b ok wit dat den she shd b prepare 2 b submissive to him

  8. Wow! Is all I can say. As in…. Dis lumi has guts o. Imagine the guy. Smh. Some men ehn! As for femi, hehe, do u expect her to jump on d ring ni, abi wat? Anyway, I’ll just wait till monday to find out. Loving dis TL. If I see u, I’d hug u senseless. *smiles* hug o. Just hug. ~_~

  9. mahn one of the action filled episodes av read…couldnt stop laughing……but this lumi guy showed who he is and Toke showed him…like it would have been a mistake uf they’ve both married………I love the part were “Oyin” said “the anger within me welled up to an uncontrollable level and it spilled up with all the venom of a volcanic eruprion” ….loooool

  10. Waooooo….at last Oyin wl b gettin married 2 som1 worth her salt and nt out of desperation…me likey dis drama. Bt tooke Ȋ̝̊̅s nt dat lucky, I knw it was 2 gud 2 b true…TL,weldone

  11. Awwwwww. How touching. I’m glad he came back. As for Lumi, the guy na imbecile. He’s just insecure abt his age and Toke’s. Imagine him calling a baby he made a mistake.

  12. TL u av created so much drama dat I’m not gonna be carried away wit this femi’s proposal…. “RME”…. Sounds like another drama too… I may be wrong… Not my fault…. D twist and turns, suspense and drama tells me not to fall for any new development….lol… Dats ow we all fell for lumi……lmao… WELL DONE ….TL

  13. God punish you Lumi…may you never prosper…may you never hear the cry of a baby in your own home..From now on,you shall be faced wt disappointment nd disgrace wherever you enter..You shall be called a mistake wherever you will not be well you with you…This is just d beginning of terrible things to come for you…these curses nd many more stored up in my head,for you nd ur descendants….*sigh*
    And btw,Femi ur a jackass too,dnt think I’m gonna spare you cuz u proposed..ok?…I just hope you are for real..*rme*

  14. WOW!!! I luv Ђø̲̣̣w lumi was treated…i luv Ђø̲̣̣w D̶̲̥̅̊ε̲̣̣̣̥γ̲̣̣̥ yelled @ him. Serves him right!!!

  15. O. M. G. LooooooooooL btw *shrieks* power puff girls!!! Femi. Wrong timing. Lmao. They will lynch him.

    Its “finding hubby” they’d better all find husbands for their much deserved happy endings o!

    ~(‘,’~) (~’,’)~
    \(‘-’\) (/’-’)/ \(‘-’\) (/’-’)/
    ε(‾^‾)з \(‾^‾)/
    ƪ(˘⌣˘)┐ ƪ(˘⌣˘)ʃ ┌(˘⌣˘)ʃ

  16. Lumi d imbecile, if he so craves respect and detests being treated like someone’s younger broda, I suggest he sticks to dating younger women! Wat a goofer….mshewwwww.

    • Foolish fool like that idiat he is feeling like a god gosh I wish I were there I would hv rolled him out of the gate sef. He likes older women, he should come n suck breast mtcheeeew. I think thst lumi has mummy issues  =))˚°◦hahahaha . _\\_


    • i am just reading a diff opinion so far which i tend towards. The story so far, has shown Toke to be the harder, tougher and smarter one of the ladies and that led her into her impatience with Lumi and even to Gloria until Oyin cautioned her. Although i hate the drama Lumi came to put up at Oyin’s apartment (cowardice I call it), guess Lumi thot he did get some begging from the ladies duh. But from anoda angle, Toke got too carried away and failed to observe the salient feature of her man, “EGO”. Men that know what stuff they are made of and flaunt them – intelligence, smartness, confidence etc, are egoistic and women require extreme patience to deal with them.
      Most definately, the marriage wont work as Toke too is a brilliant, self-confident women.
      A battle is neva won by either parties except one is willing to step down.

      Brilliant one Tunde, keep it up

  18. Lumi, good riddance jor. I’m glad he showed Toke what life with him would have been like. As for Oyin, pls don’t fall my own hand oh. Give Femi a long rope oh, u’d better not accept dt proposal just yet. I honestly don’t trust him, he’s got to prove he means it

  19. Tundeleye, You’ve done it again…….. I am so speeechless, this drama is so……(thinking!!!!!). Wow, this pass Tinsel, Jacob’s Cross and Generations. T, you put this in play and i will so watch it.

  20. TL for my peace and sanity sake I hope you have another series like from episode 1-5 ready o! Cos this one looks like its about to end! I can not shout! Lol!…nice one.


    • Lie lie, so put urself in toke’s shoes, If it was a girl u where supposedly in love with and just after she accepts ur proposal, she tells u she had a fling with ur best friend who most certainly will be ur best man, shey you hold her clos and tell her, “my love please sleep with him again I don’t mind”? Her reaction was only normal and lumi being the child he is couldn’t even understand the term “heat of the moment”. He didn’t even talk to her about it and ask if it will be a problem in the future or if she wanted to go ahead all he could call the whole thing is a mistake. Plix I trust toke sha cos if she is anything like me, that fat fool lumi will never ever see my child and trust women, by the time I finish poisoning my daughters mind, she will spit on him the day he makes himself known to her.

  22. i love all the slangs in the write up….tunde are u sure u arent a girl???? or u hang around ladies alot. nice piece.

  23. I likes!!!aS for Lumi,‎​D̶̲̥̅̊ε̲̣̣̣̥γ̲̣̣̥ shudav made his Coming a terrible mistake and ȋ̝̊̅ڪ Femi Tosh retarded?dts nt the right timing2 propose ke,I wish Oyin wud tell him”LAter”

  24. Wait oo, is hawt pastor married ? I fink he’d make a hubby for one of the gals, if not gloria.

    End of discussion, oyin will marry femi on her own constitutins *lol*

    And toke, toke, toke, finally will become a single mother with a daughter *toke smalls*, and toke will forever hate anyfin masculine.

  25. walahi… thumbs up TL, best episode….
    infact this episode alone shd win an award!!!!

    Abeg… s@#:w Lumi ojare… Pshew… such a kid!

  26. Drama, drama n more drama…absolutely love it…can’t wait to know what will happen nxt…Tunde keeps me at the edge of my sit each time

  27. This drama is just too much!!!! Kai!!!! Lumi has deep issues: he shld stop seeing all toke’s reactions as how an older sister would treat her brother. He’s decision is very irrational and he’s actually proved himself 2 b a child! He don fall ma hand! Poor toke.
    As for oyin….I’m speechless and sincerely have no comments whatsoever regarding the proposal.

    Keep it up Tunde, mwah!!!

  28. Oyin my dear, e reach to faint oh. But seriously Lumi is a black, fat cow mtcheeeew. Loving the way Toke handled the whole thing like a boss biatch.

  29. This Lumi guy is just full of sshit! So all of a sudden the age thing becomes an ish. He’s aa child that he is! Toke wuddave reacted d same way even with an oldeer man. Wonder why these girls are plagued with misfortunes. Hope the tide chages with this Femi’s story. Keep it rolling TL!

  30. Wow!!!
    Toke, *Ǧ☺☺ϑ* for u!!! U showd u have steel for a backbone. Lumi just showed how imature he really is…

    N Femi Tosh, u have anoda thing coming if u think Oyin wud just jump for joy cos u proposed. Wif the experiences she has had, ur gonna….well ‘suffer’ for dem

    Def a better epi form previous ones. Tunde, u did well 😀

  31. Hian! This story is juicy gaan o! These girls have been through hell and back! As for that Lumi, e dey craze o!!! Oloshi jati jati. Let him carry his immature self away and leave Toke to raise her baby. And I don’t trust this Femi sef…

  32. Oh my gosh, so much drama! Poor Toke. Yay! for Oyin I hope this one works out for her oh!

    Tunde Leye, you’ve done well! looking forward to next week

  33. Lumi is an immature brat! People learn everyday. Toke even still apologized for hitting him, and he was still spouting crap! Smh!! Oyin Clegg , what will your answer be oo.. I’m guessing ur gonna say no.. That u don’t wanna rush things.. *sigh* till next monday

  34. Why do you ladies want to kill Lumi.his fiancee pimp slapped him because of something he did light years ago.for f”$ks sake Toke could have slept even with the guy friend of even brother during her surjourn in life .I’m very sure that few men will tolerate being smacked in the face.if he marries her she might flog him with koboko one day.abeg make Toke park well.she should even thank her stars that Lumi isn’t me na hospital tins for get am.

    • Wife-beater! :p 2wrongs don’t make a right!am sad 4dem but its best they end it!the guy has ego issues and she has a terrible temper.both don’t go 2geda.on the other hand am happy4my oyin,but am sre she go do enuff shakara o.I like femi tosh sha

  35. And jst when i tot toke was d luckiest of d bunch…*sobs*. Oyin should Ὼ̴̩̩̩̥☀̤̈​̣̇t accept femi’§ proposal..she should jst dash M̶̲̅ε̲̣̣̣̥ d guy….mumu girl

  36. Dis is a shocker 4rm all angles,my advice is Oyin shld say yes,some opportunities do not need u thinking but grabbing dem,so sorry 4 Toke but mayb Oyin wld spread on dem,dem gals nid a man who’s gonna luv dem cuz beneath d show of poise,dey r real softies!!congrats Oyin,Toke wld need her friends now more dan ever

  37. Tunde Leye……u won’t kill sum1 o. Am about to pass out in shock too!!!!!! See me breathing as if I just ran a marathon!!!!!!! U R TOO MUCH JOR. Meanwhile, can u upload the blog before 7am? Because some of us need it to get going on Mondays………like junkies need dir shot!

    Bravo TL.

  38. Slapping is spousal abuse. All u ladies supporting and praisin toke for slapping her bf would later turn around and say No woman should marry a man who hits her. I say vice versa. Truth is she wudnt have slapped him if he was older than her. Sadly, I agree with Lumi, she didn’t give him d respect he deserves. 😦

    • Gba! You have said it all..

      How can u go around slapping ur bf? for what? What nonsense temper is that?

      On top he slept with her best friend years b4 she (Toke) even dreamt of meeting him… And he even told her o, What if he decided to keep it a secret, will Toke shoot him?

      Ehen, he told her after he roposed and she said yes. so?? Can’t she change her mind and say no? Abi have they chosen date and they are few days 2 d wedding?

      Abegi, Lumi has thought with his head and realised that they cannot work and Toke is still thinking with her head.

      pls u guys shld not curse and abuse Lumi. Me I will not want to marry someone who will be slapping me unnecessarily

  39. Hmm, this is one of my best episodes. I was totally glued to my screen. Thumbs up Tunde. I hope Oyin finds happiness this time. As for Lumi, he can take a one way ticket to hell.

  40. Ah ahh Feeeeemiiiii wrong timing nahh, cant u see that these babes hv already been tru a lot? I can see u dnt hv brain. I still remember all u did to my oyin ooo, all d insults you unleashed on her, oyin even if u will accept d proposal plsss not now. Maybe he’s under preasure to bring a wife hme. And as for lumi nd toke, i feel they both hv their issues, they both hv a temper nd d marriage cannot just work

  41. Hehehe! Serious something! I’ve seen too much twists and turns to believe Oyin will get married to Femi in peace. + that Lummy is a big fool, I never trusted him, I knew the baby in him will show up one day. I hope Toke isn’t preggo for real.

  42. The suspense is getting ridiculous.
    This is like the twilight series where they cut up the last part to get extra length on the story!
    Please end my misery and put me out of the suspense.
    Don’t kill a good story by drawing it out too long

  43. *rotfl* wahala, this Tunde will not kill us in this place, chai! but it was rude for Lumi to tell her immediately after she accepted his proposal, Toke sef come slap am, that Femi guy sha, I hope he is prepared to sign out of *gayism*, lol

  44. Wait….is that it?
    Na insecurity dey worry that Lumi…so what if she slapped you? Oniranu oshi!
    As for Femi…let’s see…
    But this series should do and finish nah…

  45. I’m so so hooked on this and speechless at the same time. As for Lumi: he has said his mind truthfully and he is partly right. But come on only a child will make decisions like that, propose to girlfriend out of guilt and call it off because he cannot handle his woman. Shame on him.
    Femi: I really don’t get the guy. Is he for real? I guess Oyin can give him another chance.

  46. I stumbled on this blog via twitter and Tunde, you’re the best. I have read every thing I can find from last night till now and I’m thru with the archives. You seem to be such a perfect man so why can’t any of the girls find someone like you.#justSaying oh. Kudos to you and keep it coming.

  47. Omg!! Omg!! Lumi is jst a child, yes toke was upset and slapped him, but if he wasn’t insecure, he won’t be making such a big deal about something that happened in the heat of d moment! Calling d pregnancy a mistake!! He shud go and die!!….Femi of life, wrong timing guy!! After all dat drama u witnessed!! Ahan!! This is my best episode! Well done Tunde 🙂

  48. OMG!!!!!!!!! I’m love struck!!! And @ toke,nice one jawe. It will be well wv u and ur baybee. Why do I ave α feeling dat he wld cum back beggin *rme* anywaiz,keep d good work goin. Nice 1.

  49. Every1 should take it easy on Lumi… It was obviously a sensitive spot and dat’s y it hurt so much… He also obviously didn’t mean mistake like dat, he too was hurt and pple handle things differently… He truly shouldn’t get in2 such a marriage if he feels dat way… They have a lot of talking 2 do…

  50. I knew something was gonna ruin d apparently ‘perfect’ love story between the 2. Simply because she had to complete the circle with her bit of failed search.
    I’m a bit surprised that none of the lovebirds could wait even years before confirming our fears about relationships of ds nature! Toke slapping Lumi was unwarranted n totally inexplicable n unjustifiable. I can’t seem to fathom how a slap became her reflex response! U slapped a guy cos he told u something u were not patient enuf to process? Haba!
    Lumi however sd not claim that he told her d truth bla bla bla wen he was being cunning by telling her after d proposal! And den u crawl to her abode and call d relationship n child a mistake? No brother! U gat nerve!
    Pls for d love of God, let them not come together in future o! It wd be a disaster! Just went to show that what they shared was a speedy infatuation that was poorly thought out not love. Toke, stick to older men, Lumi, ur future partner may still be in secondary school, just wait small.

  51. GBAM TL! You are so on point! I saw the link to your blog on my BBM wen i woke up this morning and ever since i started reading, i have been held spellbound by your intelligent & realistic style of writing. In one day, i have finished reading all available episodes… that is a feat considering the fact that i’m not a fan of blogs or even a good reader at that. Keep up the good work and i hope ur efforts will be greatly rewarded soon.

    And yeah, i didnt think 2ce about nominating you for the 2 blog awards. I havent seen much blogs to make an objective comparism but from what i’ve read all day, i tink you deserve recognition & awards.

    And oh… This “Finding Hubby” series should be further refined and adapted into a movie/series by movie producers/directors and acted by A-List actors/actresses in Nigeria. It has the potential to be a big time blockbuster… in the league of the old-time “Passions” & the modern “Tinsel”. I hope to watch “Finding Hubby” on TV sometime in future.


  52. Mshewwww!!! Cheeseballs

    This is the 1st ever episode to give me the reaction of msheww and for 1st time I can actually say I want this novel to end

    Tunde do u even read your comments?……….the comes a time where blog writers take the piss and this is you taking the piss because its dragging as in by force by force dragging

    • Isn’t ur timing wrong? Abi u have delayed reactions? When d story is finally coming to an end u den have ur own ‘light bulb moment’!
      U r probably having a bad day. Just breathe in n out.

  53. …In short, tunde if I curse you from the bottom of my belle, e go follow you! So I go wait till Monday again. kai,na wetin una suffer for 23weeks???
    As for the story, am feeling a twist here……there is more to this people!!!

  54. Tunde, can I just buy this book off you? The suspense is so much. Keep logging on hoping you have mistakenly posted the whole story. Plssssssssssss

  55. Oyin should NOT accept d proposal frm Femi. It will be swimmin wit d sharks wout d protection of a cage. Dis is wat guys do; they believe it is only marriage a girl wants and so dats all they offer. He has to give her the time and space to decide if he is somebody she truly wants to spend d rest of her life with. She should reject d proposal but tell him she’s open to dating….and not even exclusively! Dis is mistake a lot of girls make….

  56. Man, trust chicks to rip Lumi apart and praise Toke. The woman slapped him and called him a small boy, plus other things, and then walked out on him. In fact, Lumi fucked up. He went looking for her and telling her all that bullshit about how her behaviour is a precursor to what’s to come in their marriage. He should have just erased her from his phone and shit like that. When she tries contacting him, ignore her. When she tries harder, tell her, “Sorry Toke, but I think I deserve someone who respects me enough not to SLAP me and INSULT me every time I confess things to them.” And then end it there. That’s how to treat chicks like Toke – leave them alone.

    Plus, Lumi was always in the right. Since when did it become a crime to sleep with women? Toke fucked other dudes too before she met Lumi. It so happens one of the chicks he slept with was her friend, and it happened a LONG time ago. Be reasonable. He didn’t cheat. Yeah, I get she’d be angry, but still, a slap and insults? Especially insults like, “Small boy,” and all that shit. Someone on here said if Lumi had been older than her she wouldn’t have done what she did to him, and it’s true.

    In the end, the immature one is Toke.

    PS: Does this finding hubby thing even have an end? Starting to go around in circles. Again we’re back to Femi… Just like we went back to Ossy…

    • @ Akin, i don’t support any form of violence in a relationship.

      Toke was wrong but Lumi too’s wrong. He should have told Toke immediately after they left the crew that he had slept with Glo. I believe in being totally honest from the onset. It makes life easier and your heart lighter.

      By the way, was Lumi thinking proposing before telling the truth would make things easier?

  57. Lumi’s just an idiot!! abig one at that. And what does Femi think coming back and acting like eevrything’s just gonna fall into place. Pshew *rolling my eyes right now*

  58. Tunde my hubby’s sake u are d bomb. Well Toke shld carry her cross bur I knw lumi will come back beggin that one I’m sure. As for gbogbo bigz girl Oyin she shld pray and thinkk gidigan about it cos femi might want to be appointed as a pastor or for one position where being married is required. Oyin! Oyin!! Oyin!!! Ro dada oo orelse u go just be figure wife. Lobatan

  59. Tunde for show!!!! Can I request that u post d next one on sunday as a birthday gift for ♍ƺ lol.its my birthday on sunday an u can reduice my anxiety and give ♍ƺ d next episode befor monday. Mmmmmem :* :* :*:* :* :* :* :* :* :* :* :* :* :* :* :* :* :* :* :* :* :* :* :* :* :* :* :* :* :* . Its my wish granted? Kissss kissss

  60. A friend hooked me up on ur blog&today I have read from 1 to 23 on my bless you bro,am sure u must have oyinbo blood in u,cos dis is how dey right….. So damn real,no nollywood,lack of paying attention to details….I love d use of slangs(toke no fall our hand)….&d way u showed us d excitement God bless u real gud,if not for d slangs&d places mentioned,I wld have almost tot u weren’t naija….proud of u bro

  61. nice, really nice. very creative too…..Nigerians are usually not known for this kind of creativity. kudos boss. you still have to explain to us how/why you know so much about ladies and how they roll. hehehehe

    • A proposal just like that?

      Like really? I don’t know. If it were me I think I would take some time to give an answer; think it through

      You acted childish and silly the last time and then you come back and you may very well have changed but whats the assurance that its not going to happen again or that you won’t go childish again? A ring is not going to solve everything. Men should stop thinking the ring is the silencer that sweeps everything under the carpet.

      Well that’s me oh not Oyin Clegg so lets see how this goes…

  62. This is supense filled.really enjoyin the story,oyin has really face a lot,infact the there friend have gone through a lot.hope the stroy has a happy ending.lookin forward to reading the next episode.

  63. This is supense filled.really enjoyin the story,oyin has really faced a lot,infact the three friends have gone through a lot.hope the story has a happy ending.lookin forward to reading the next episode.

  64. Hmmm..the plot thickens!..lumi isn’t right for Toke and I think Gloria should hook up with Hawt pastor(if he aint taken o)…great job Tunde!

  65. I have been reading this blog and i felt someone was writing about me kinda but i am not 35 im just 27years and i have little experience about this. and i also have friends.
    i dont feel like reading the last episode yet but @ same time i feel the urge.
    Bravo!! to you tunde you are a creative and analytical thinker.
    I hope you can project image in your head too. let stop the comment and continue with my reading.

  66. Shoot me ,but I blame toke, haba, how can u slap ur husband……. Msheeeeeew. Pls she caused ha misfurtune #Not interested in ha story joor

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