For The Paralympians – If the Government won’t, WE CAN

“I’m a writer of fiction majorly, but I feel compelled to do this… TL”

I saw the tweets and read the reports about the outstanding performance of our Paralympians at the just concluded Paralympics. And my thoughts kept going to their return, and what rewards awaited them. I do not know any of them personally, neither do I know what they do for livelihood. What I do know is that it will drive a stake through my heart if, two years from now, I find out that these Nigerians who have done us so proud live in penury and can barely eat and fend for themselves.

Therefore, when they came in yesterday and the reports were that no one from the sports ministry was at hand to welcome them, I ruled out the government as the source of their reward. But if the government won’t, then what can we do? Then I had this thought – these people embody great characteristics – work ethic, resilience, perseverence in the face of challenging situations, achieving beyond limitations. The list really is long. I’m sure there is a brand or two out there, a telecoms company, a bank, a manufacturer, an energy drink maker, a brand that operates in Nigeria that can use the Paralympians as brand ambassadors. It will provide them a guaranteed livelihood, an encouragement for others and importantly, an endorsement of these values. No CSR can be greater and no value proposition can be better.

So I’m appealing to all of you who have enjoyed reading the Fiction on this blog, to use all your influence, if you can reach anyone in the branding departments of these companies, by phone, at work, on FB, BB and Twitter, or if you can reach someone who can on radio, TV, print media, bloggers, please do. Until it happens. If you want to tweet about it, please use the hashtag #NigerianParalympians. Let’s make this happen and appreciate these people.

Pictures of these great Nigerian below. Pictures courtesy


14 thoughts on “For The Paralympians – If the Government won’t, WE CAN

  1. I had goosepimples reading dis bcos I said sumthin like dis on lindaikeji’s blog but she refused2post my comment,let alone do somethin bout it.I think we are jus 2callous and ungrateful in this cud they jus abandon those pple witout any reward or funfair@their arrival.personally I think Jonathan is the most failed president nigeria has produced.the man mkes me hate him more everyday!anyway I still refuse 2bliv government wud do nothing but still I love tunde’s idea!these multinationals spend 50m or so on them p2 and co,they shud cum and get useful *eyesrolling*will do my own part!pls do urs

  2. Thanks Tunde, I was so sad when I heard what happened too. If you wait to get appreciated in Nigeria, u’ll die waiting, we don’t have that culture. Let’s c how we can help them in our own little way.

  3. Things go from bad to worse in our nations,even those you expect to react positively end up disappointing you..May God help us n provide 4 them the eternal reward which is even greater.

  4. What you make happen to others will happen to you. There is nothing we have that we are not given so please let’s make it happen for them.

  5. God bless u Tunde..My heart bleeds for these guys wu despite their disability still made us proud and did what able bodied men n women cudnt do..I’ll do my part, hope u do urs and hopefully our efforts get 2 an appropriate body dat can do something about their plight..they did us proud and shld be rewarded..

  6. These guys are really wonderful, I believe that d nigeria government can still do something, its neva late. I also appreciate Tunde for his grt idea.

  7. Ts soo sad to see honour denied τ̅☺ d rightful owners..reading this makes me wish…I was in power…bt dis I knw…God who sees wud give dm mre dn any man can.

  8. Thank God President Jonathan listened to the Voice of reason. each of them was rewarded from N5million for those who won Gold, N3million for Silver, N2million for Bronze and N500,000.00 for participation. God help Nigeria!

  9. Really!! Noone was there to welcome them back home!!
    I really pray this catches on. Kudos on giving this issue a voice Tunde.

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