Flora – Sixth Petal – Interdependence

The various parts of the plant have a specific purpose. The flower’s specific purpose is to reproduce the tree. To achieve this however the flower depends on the other parts of the tree performing their functions. For example, the branches have to support and position the leaves and flowers. The roots have to extract the necessary nutrients from the soil and anchor the plant into the ground. The flower, though specialized kind of leaf, cannot generate its own nourishment. Only the green leaves containing chlorophyll can do this. The leaves react with the sunlight and the nutrients supplied from the root via the stem and through the process of photosynthesis generate the food. The stem then conducts the food to the flowers. As the flower depends on these other parts, the other parts depend on the flower to perform the function of reproduction. There is interdependence.

That’s exactly how life is. Others depend on us and we depend on them. Most people are looking for people they can depend on. That’s important. The more important thing is to be dependable person. Never hesitate to seek help when you need it and never be hesitant to offer help when you can. Perform the functions assigned to you with minimum supervision, so that your boss can assign you responsibilities and go to sleep. Train your children to be dependable. Don’t overprotect them until they become incompetent to do anything for themselves and others.

Life will always require interdependence between you and others. Learn to manage these interdependencies and know the critical ones to achieving your purpose. Learn to behave yourself wisely.

Even God searches for men he can depend on. There exists an interdependence between the intelligence of the most high and will of men for Him to do anything on this earth. If it applies to God, it applies to you too.


8 thoughts on “Flora – Sixth Petal – Interdependence

  1. Let me say, I simply love your blog….discovered it through my friends and their obsession with the Finding Hubby series….though I haven’t gotten around to reading it myself.

  2. I’m loving and ‘digging’ this ‘series’ more and more by each episode…Thank you sir! And yes there is and should be interdependence amongst us all. Between; God and man, man and woman, husband and wife, master and servant, leader and followers…be it old and young, big and small (little). As the yoruba saying goes….omode gbon agba gbon la fi da ile-ife… 😀 (Pardon me)

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