Flora – Fifth Petal – Timing

The first critical thing that stands between the fulfillment of your purpose and your present potential is process and we have discussed that. The second thing that you cannot dodge is time. You must pass through time to get into your future. You can’t skip it and you can’t jump it. What you’ve got to do is to invest it wisely.

 One of the wisest men that ever lived wrote these words that I believe should be carved into every heart – there is a time for everything. Timing is oh so important. As a kid, I remember trying to open up a flower bud before it opened up by itself. What I ended up doing was to destroy that flower because the time was not right for the flower to be opened. When its time comes, the flower opens itself up with ease, and it all happens naturally. Process takes time and we must learn to wait patiently and act during that time.

I can’t think of a better story to illustrate the elements and the beauty of timing than the story of Joseph. A young Hebrew boy becomes a slave in Egypt at age 17 and then goes to jail after being wrongly accused by his owner’s wife. All this happened to him even though he had a dream of ruling and leading. And the people he saw himself ruling were not a set of prisoners. While in prison, he met two officials from the pharaoh’s palace that the pharaoh himself had put in jail. He interpreted dreams for the two and the events that followed were exactly as he foretold. The one was beheaded and the other was restored to his former position. Before the butler left the prison, Joseph asked him to remember him. Well, for some reason we do not know, the man forgot Joseph until two years later when he mentioned him to the Pharaoh at the time of crisis. Joseph was brought up and he solved their problems. The foreign slave then went on to become the operational head of the greatest civilization of that time. Remarkable story. I’m sure even Hollywood stands amazed.

 But pause and think. What if the butler remembered him immediately and mentioned him to the pharaoh? The pharaoh may have granted the request, he may have declined. Even if he granted the request, he would not have made him the second in command. Rather he would just have made him a freed pauper. But because of timing (even though it took thirteen years of slavery and imprisonment) when there was a crisis that only his skill could solve, he was made second only to the pharaoh in Egypt. When your time is right, you must have waited and gone through stuff for some time. But at your time, a chance will be made available to you, just like in the case of Joseph. Taking that chance will catapult you beyond what anyone but you believed you could ever be.

One important point to note is this – as you are going through process and time passes, don’t waste it. Every experience you go through has a purpose, and it will count someday. Make sure you learn from the things that cause you pain that will make that pain worthwhile in future. Even though Joseph had dreams, I want to believe that the economic wisdom that he offered to the pharaoh must have developed when as a slave he oversaw his owner’s resources. Every stage the flower goes through is required for the next stage, until it becomes a tree. Be patient when no chance shows up for you because it most likely means that your time has not yet arrived. Don’t rush it. As you patiently wait, develop yourself so that you are strategically positioned to take your chance when it does come and though it tarries, wait for it for it will surely come.

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11 thoughts on “Flora – Fifth Petal – Timing

  1. @ the appointed time n season, all fruits will bear its own fruits, all flowers will blossom n all dead tree stumps will grow bak again!

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