Finding Hubby – Episode 21

We both shrieked along, me in delight, and Glo in shock, turning my living room into one big shriek fest, at 11:30pm. When the shrieking had died down, Toke bid us farewell with a “he’s coming, gotta go, we’re about to celebrate”, and hung up. She actually said the last line #inWaconzyVoice

Almost as soon as Toke hung up, a text message came into my phone. I quickly opened it, thinking it was some follow up gist. I was pleasantly surprised when I saw a message from Hawt Pastor, asking that I ensure I did not miss church for any reason the next day, since it had been so long ago he had seen me in church.

Once I had finished reading the sms, I turned to Gloria “I’m listening…”

“It was like three years ago, and it wasn’t anything serious. I was in UK, and met him at a party. As you have experienced, he has a way with words and gestures. Things got crazy and it was a one night thing. I never thought I was ever going to see him again in my life, ever. There was no way I would ever have know he would end up as the love of my best friend’s life. Absolutely no way”.

I sat on the edge of the chair, as I realized the dilemma Gloria was going through.

“Please do not tell Toke”, she begged “she’s so happy with him and I don’t want to be the one that ruins everyone’s joy every time. Your wedding and now this.”

While what Gloria was saying made sense at a certain level, she was forgetting something “what if he tells her first? And if he had met you before, why didn’t he say so. And why would he propose to her right after meeting you?” I asked “I think it would be better if she finds out from one of us than him. That’s going to look real bad and it will be more difficult to let her know it was just a foolishness of the past. She can decide if she wants to go on, knowing what she knows. He obviously hasn’t told her so she can make her decision to marry him. We need to give her the opportunity to make an informed decision. Otherwise we’ll be making the same mistake Ossy made when he didn’t give me full disclosure about Yomi’s sexuality”.

She shook her head vigorously “No, he’s not going to tell her anything. From what I’ve seen, he genuinely loves her and wouldn’t want to hurt her that way”. Then she took my hands in hers and looked me square in the face “you must not mention this to her, ever. Oyin, you have to promise me. You must promise me, for Toke’s sake!” I was silent. “Promise!” she repeated. I nodded my head in agreement, hoping I would never have reason to regret the promise I had just made to Gloria.

The next day, I went to church again after a long time. Hawt Pastor had texted me earlier to remind me that I should not miss church for any reason. After the wedding thing, in which I had deliberately chosen not to follow his (sound) advice, our relationship had been sort of frayed. So I was surprised when I woke up that morning and saw his second sms. I really didn’t have much to do anyways, Gloria was going to see her mum and since Toke was still cooped up with Mr. Oga, I wasn’t expecting her back anytime soon. So rather than stay at home and cradle a bottle of JC Leroux, I decided to go to church.

I decided on a very comfy look for church. Jeans, flats, top and a jacket. Nothing elaborate, nothing gengen, I really couldn’t be bothered. If I had any other interesting option of what to do, I would probably not have gone to church that day.

But all that changed when I got to church and the service started. I have missed my church. The praise and worship was heavenly and the congregation was on point as usual. Everything gelled like a well rehearsed concert, the way CD John of blessed memory describes Island church services. One interesting thing though; I could pick out all the ladies who had come to church hoping to find husbands by casual observation. There was something about their dressing, the overstated alleluias and something else I just couldn’t place a name on. In a way, it was so obvious, it was funny. If I could see it this easily, wouldn’t it be so damn easy for the men to see it just as easily? I wonder, I just wonder. Just a few months ago, I was exactly like that, I thought ruefully. My recent experiences and heartaches have matured me sha (Oyin, clap for yourself).

As the service played out, my mind couldn’t help racing over various reasons why Hawt Pastor wanted to see me. As soon as the service was over, one of the fine ushers came and informed me that the pastor would be having a meeting with the building committee and after which he would see me. She handed me a note personally written by the Hawt Pastor himself. “I’d like to finish all business before seeing you, as I would like this meeting to be very private. I’ll make the meetings very brief. Thanks”. I fiddled with my BB for a bit and read status updates, then went through my timeline on twitter and then my FB wall. By the time I had gone through this, the church had emptied. This time I waited, instead of rushing up and forming pastor’s special convert (claps for herself again internally. Okay, I watch waaaay too much Ally Mcbeal). A few moments later, the same usher came back and informed me that the pastor would now see me. I followed her through rows of seats and up the stage stairs towards the office area. She asked me if I knew my way to the office and I nodded a yes. She then left me. I kept wondering what was going on. She had obviously been instructed to allow me come on my own. I am not paranoid, but after all sorts of things we have read, e reach to think these things.

Anyway, I kept going and knocked lightly when I got to the door. Hawt Pastor’s familiar baritone came through “Come in Oyin”.

As I made to open the door, my phone rang. It was Toke. I wondered why she was calling me now. I would return her call when I was done here.

“Oyin are you there?” he called out, his voice closer to the door now. The door opened before I could get it, and Hawt Pastor stood before me, sleeves rolled up, tie lose, but still with the rugged hotness that made him Hawt. “Hi Oyin”, he cooed “would you come in please?” Toke called again and I quickly turned off the ringer.

An SMS came into my phone, and I surmised it was from Toke. “Can I quickly check this?” I asked him as he still blocked the doorway. He nodded and I checked Toke’s SMS. It was short, but it felt like a punch to my face

“Gloria has slept with my fiancé”

I let out an “Oh my God”.





156 thoughts on “Finding Hubby – Episode 21

  1. But Tunde, why do u like keeping us in suspense na… Obviously, Hawt Pastor has a surprise for Oyin (with d way he has bin blocking d door from here entering his office unlike her usual ‘barging in’) n y did u stop dere wif d txt msg from Toke??!!

    So we shud wait anoda long week abi? 😦

  2. oooooh tundeleye is @ it again,i loved the way he mix up his piece of writin from CD John to Mcbeal and others,what does hawt pastor want with sleeves rolled up and a loose tie….i smell something,Toke shocked about her fiance avail is another story,i just pray she doesnt fall victim to what has happened to others!!!

  3. Seriously it was too brief today… You can’t keep us waiting for a week and give us something that short… Not fair

  4. Tunde I’m not reading again for the next three weeks. At least then, there will be a full dose. All these half n half measures haff tire me

  5. ….And d suspense continues. Dis piece is dragging way too much, so not fair. Minwhly, there’s no word like “matured”…nd dnt tell ♍ƺ its pidgin.
    Lumi told Toke abt his past wit Glo…that’s love ryt there and I’m guessing Yomi is in hawt pst office.
    Oga Tunde, can we have anoda piece b4 mon plsss, we я̅ in d “mber” season, ehh biko inu.

  6. Dis is wat I call a ghen ghen moment!!!! Ha!!! Tunde o!

    Wat does uncle pastor want to say o?!

    Toke shud not vex na, afterall Gloria slept with Lumi, she is not sleeping with Lumi!

  7. Toooooooo short…How can we wait for 1 gud week jst to read dis short episode?Bros change am for us na!!!Btw,I hope hawt pastor is abt to hit on oyin…

    • My dear he has †Φ take his tym †Φ make d readin worthwhile everyweek, dats wat makes it diff from †ђξ regular nigeria sharp sharp stories

  8. TL y don’t u just conclude dis toke’s story na. Arrrghhh. Anywaz wat gloria did was in d past and I hope it won’t toke won’t call of d engagement cos of dat.

  9. Awwwwwwww I feel bad4gloria cos toke will still marry the dude but hate her friends4kiping the,they will b fine!

  10. Tunde!!!!! Why na?…so now u want to kill us ba?…
    Nd I’m nt so curious bout Toke nd Gloria,I’m more interested in hawt pastor o…

    • … But it bin yrs back they slept with eachoda n Glo ddnt even knw he’ll ever date Toke. So wats d biggie? Hawt pastor,hmmmmn I wonder wat he’s up to. Plzz dnt tell me I’m goin to wait 4 one more week? 😦 😥

  11. Ohkay,TL let’s strike a deal,let’s assume 2mao anoda monday&den u release episode 22.I seriously can’t wait 4anoda 7days!!!Biko!

  12. TL, is not fair ooo. Which kain longathroat be dis naaaa. So ‘d hav to wait a long 7days again b4 i knw d 411. Kaiiiii! Dis is mean oooo. 😦
    Neway, i must applaud your writeups. Rarely does any writeup leave me hungry 4 d next buh your piece stands out. It is exquisite. . .
    And for a man dat knws a woman’s brain dis much, i must say ‘m impressed…‎​ℓ☺ℓ!
    Kip up d good work.
    Hv a fAB week.

    **waitin patiently 4 next week monday!** #

  13. Toke shud nor gaan mumu n call off this engagement o! @least her man told her abt it… Tl dis is nor fair sha!! 1 whole week for 2 paragraphs?#bbnottalkingsmiley

  14. ‎u guys complainin of suspense shud relax nau, wats a good book without suspense, besides d one week gives tunde a chance make every episode worth readin, dat sets it aside from †ђξ regular naija stories, so I’m patiently waiting!!! Thumbs up tunde!!!

    • @ Fanta & Bibi, make una write una own story make we see. You think this is Idumota mass production site for short stories?.

      TundeLeye, please go ahead with the suspense treatment, and i will continue with my threats and yabs on the Monday frustrations you put me through via all media to you :). Still, I am up again by 5:00am next Monday waiting for the new episode notification

  15. Toke shouldn’t call off the engagement o! She should better “give herself brain” and know she’s not getting younger + I dunno if Yomi is chilling in Hawt pastor’s office or if Hawt Pastor wants to have a hawt deliverance session with Oyin. Woh! I can’t wait for next week monday!

  16. TL, wat can I say? U just knw ow2 add anoda twist n dimension 2 ur story! Anywayz dats what a good book shld b about! Thumbs up buh seriously, its 2 short oo..pls let nxt week b longer, uhmmn! Haff u hear? Tx a bunch *kisses*

  17. Tunde y not wow us for once n surprise us with 2 episode for a monday… Dis suspense ehhhhhhh hmmmmm hawt pastor am smelling femi tosh coming back to Oyin or cud it be Yomi…Tunde dis is unfair; y r u causing brain riot for me #bbmsmileythinking# or wat if dere is a new man in d picture hehehehe dis is damn tooooo short

  18. You can’t be doing this to us now! Tundeleye!!!
    Ki lo derm in Oyin’s voice… I waited one whole week and this is what I get…
    Why ‘HEVILS’???

  19. Gosh! I don’t believe I av 2 wait 7 more days b4 I get to knw wot happens next. Kai! Tunde dis ur suspense bad ooo….but am liking hawt Pastor already

  20. Ok, we get that Gloria has slept wiv watzhisname, can we move on now? Not sure why its a big deal so much so we hv 2 spend 2 episodes reading about it. Now we hv 2 wait till mon 2 know wat hawt pastor wants *rme*

  21. OmG too….dis suspense is killing o!!! :(. Tunde i rilly luv ur write ups, nice one dear. Bet wait o, wat does d pastor has up his sleeves? *raised eyebrow*………………………………..cant wait sef.

  22. Ok, that was d only thing I needed from him. I just needed him to confide in his woman if he is truly in love. And seriously, it’s so not a big deal. Was in past tense. He cannot be accused of cheating. Was even before they knew each other.
    However, again, I’m forced to have issues with Gloria, y d f would she want to conspire to keep such a secret? If she felt it should be a secret, she should not have told Oyin, y make some1 else liable for such a secret.
    My dear oyin takes my favorite wine! Yay

  23. Btw, most of those who keep complaining about suspense(even when there is none) almost always seem to have nothing else to say.

  24. Hawt Pastor my man tryna smack dat!!!if Hawt pastor aint married he can have a piece of Glo has boinked Toke’s fiance, who gives a f$#k she shld grow up and marry the hell outta that guy.nice one Tunde Leye big ups you’re making Monday mornings less stressful.

  25. Which one is Hawt pastor forming hotness with his sleeves rolled up and tie loosened… I beg ooo, Oyin wan become parish mommy?

    Cant wait for next week. Tunde what is ur problem sef with all these suspense.

    ps: You should check out my blog sometime

  26. Tunde! Tunde!! Tundeeeee!!!, warrisit nah? U want to kill us with suspense abi? Y is dis one so short nah? Pls increase d frequency of publication to 2ce or 3ce a week o. We can\’t keep waiting every Monday.

    As for Toke, she shd let sleeping dogs lie. It was 3yrs ago & shit does happen.

  27. Tunde! Tunde! Tunde! Hw many tymz did I call u? Stop this suspense ish o…see my body itchng for d next episode. I won’t read inna while soo whn I strt it won’t stop soo short 😛 lol love u loadz tho 😉

  28. Arrrrrrrrrrrgh,why is Tunde like dis nah?dis is rather short joor,obviously,he has told toke abt his sexcapades with glo!wat a i ave to wait till monday now.

  29. Tunde nowwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww!! Which kain suspense be this??? So i really have to wait till Monday?? I wonder what the Pastor has in store…….This is so unfair. Can’t we have the gist all at once??? Tunde……….Ok o!!!! Well done!!!!

  30. This is my first comment ever…just discovered d blog on friday but I agree with everyone that its too short lol!! But guys can’t you peeps guess that Femi is behind d door hence hawt pastor blocking d door way(I hope) lol…if am right TL…u go pay me o…lol!

  31. This thing is way shorter these days oooo (ah ah) if I must wait for another monday at least u should have started the hawt (wink) pastors agenda then cut it from there… Crying*

  32. Tundeeeeeeeeeeeeee! Why did u ve to stop there…the tension is growing sofly ooo!
    And hawtP sef, warrisisown nah???
    Ope ds will be in print someday, or motion pix…& yes, u ve to increase d frequency of ur publications…hoo,haa!

  33. Glo slept wit toke’s fiance, since it happenend a while back, it shouldn’t be a big deal. Glo made a mistake by not telling toke doh, and making oyin to promise not to say anything…..can’t wait to find out wat hawt pastor wants!!

  34. LWKMD after reading all the comments I am so sure our Tunde is catching his trips (what kind of a writer wil he be without the suspense), carry go jare, we de wait you.

  35. ‘tunde, me no dey gbadun all dis kain suspense o…. A friend told me about this online novel last week and im so totally hooked on it. I love ur sense of imagination die!!!! So i guess i’ll just av to wait till nxt week then. Ciao

  36. Why on earth do yhu do this ehnn@tunde…its not funny yhu know how long i waited uhn…ok sha..wetin hawt pastor wan talk oo..
    And like really…OMG..TOKE

  37. suspense is killing, suspense is killing yet no one has died….The suspense must be a good one.
    As for hawt pastor, please you are married ooo, put on your cufflinks and knot your tie properly jor and lets hear your latest revelation for our sista oyin…..

  38. TL, why are you messing with our heads now? ah han! Hawt pastor has his sleeves rolled and blocking the door, cat fight is about to start and you just drop your pen there. So unfair!!!!!!!

  39. And Tunde does it again!!! Too short…. No give me heart attack na!!!
    I’m glad Mr. Oga told toke…..
    Good job Tuunde (((hugs)))

  40. I say who’s with me? We can rush Tunde and grab his laptop. Another week…I’m old o and I have BP (said like my grandma). Awesome writing! Haven’t been hooked like this in ages.

  41. Two hands up for a pro. Leye if your blog is this interesting then it will be a sin to miss your Novel. How soon will this be out? Do you have plans to bring copies to Ibadan as soon as they are out?

  42. Please when will the edition of FINDING WIFEY & KNOWING YOUR HUBBY come out???

    I think it will only be fair to have that on this blog site…

    make una no crucify me O°˚˚˚

  43. Well no biggie na. Sleepn na hustory xcept toke wnts 2 be immature. As for u tunde,too much suspense 2 a story will make ur fans fade out n instead of readn personally dey wld wait 4 anoda 2 tell dem d story which is not gud publicity 4 ur blog site. Try make this 2ce in a week @ least so we cn be eager buh 1week is too long. Imagine I was idle n just remembered ds wednesday morning. Plz adjust.

  44. My cousin sends this blog’s link to me via bbm every monday and I just act like it’s just another BC. I absolutely love this blog, it reminds me of carrie bradshaw in sex and d city and keyshia in Single ladies. Lol! But do we have to wait for another week? The suspense kills!

  45. Fiance is masculine gender, the oda “e” wiv d accent is for d feminine gender. Nice write-up by d way! D suspense is still building and dis episode was just narration jor, no action or anything new today!

  46. Hello Tunde. This has been……reaally interestin so far. Read it all at once. You definately are gifted. We hope to see the rest soon. Please kip up d gud work. God will see u thru.

  47. I read all d 21 episodes in one evening! That’s how captivating d story is…I can’t believe I have to wait till monday to read d next episode!

  48. if yomi is sitting in that pastors office i no go jst gree! pls kp true to form and far away from all things nollywood by not telling us he is delivered or sm ish like dat! and pls not femi! no woman wants to get with sm1 who serves up revenge! n a friend to a pastor no less! tho smfin tells me its gonna be femi! mscheew! am new to tls, but oh so loving it! y r u a guy na? hw can you write so well as a chic?! i so hate that i love ur writing regardless! keep d good work up!

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