Reader’s Corner – Smash it?

Well something came into my mind when I was in church, ( don’t judge me, not like I wasn’t listening to the pastor) I saw some ladies in church and I got thinking wow because something just drew my attention to them. So I thought to myself let me even bring this on here and see what you guys also think of it.

I know you do not have an idea of what I am about to unveil but if you have been thinking dirty it’s time to bring your mind out of the gutter :p lol. Because I do not mean the kind of smashing some of you might be thinking. As I said earlier, I was in church and I saw some ladies with heavy make-up on, like their faces were colouring boards! When I say colouring board best believe that it is just an understatement. You guys should have seen how they just painted their faces. That got me thinking why do girls smash their make ups on like this??? What even beats me is that some girls look really pretty without having make up on, even the bible recommends that we should do everything in moderation and I don’t think making up is excluded.

Please do not get me wrong I am not saying don’t wear make-up or anything, all I am saying is do it with moderation. Don’t put it on like you just poured it on your face, let it be light and moderate and you would not believe how well your beauty show through. I am not a big fan of make-up (not like I do not use it sometimes), but when I want to use it I use it sparingly. And I think ladies should start doing that too; trust me guys do not like it when you look like a walking doll, they probably laugh at you because they think “why is she so fake?”

Please guys do not criticize me on this, these are just my thoughts and I felt I should share it here and see what you guys think about this. I do not support you smashing it on like a masquerade and I also love it when ladies know when to have their make-up light or heavy. What I find funny sometimes are church workers especially the choristers with smashed or heavy make-up on and you are there in front singing, please do you think church members are singing along or they are just busy looking at the wow make-up ‘sister singer’ has got on?? You are just an item of distraction to people!

What do you guys think? All comments are welcomed and please remember not to judge me

Dammy Adebayo sent this in from Lagos.


21 thoughts on “Reader’s Corner – Smash it?

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  2. L☺l…..Yea, i can imagine d xpressions on ur face wen u saw dose ladies. True tlk, our mke-up shud b in moderation especially our foundation &powder dat wud match our skin color/type. >̴̴̴̴̴͡.̮Ơ̴͡

  3. The truth of the matter is that some ladies do not know what make up is all about. They just splash all colours on their face and look like ojuju’

  4. Tell them please! Also I personally don’t think red lipstick is an everyday wear, preferably at night or to some daytime parties not for regular make up.

  5. You didn’t need to be apologetic about the piece….also mentioning severally that you should not be criticized or not gotten wrong. It’s your POV (point of view) guy. You have written it, stand by it.

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