Flora – Fourth Petal – Process

“4th installment in my developing thoughts on lessons from the flower. Hope you find them helpful.”


The flower’s value does not lie in its present but in its future – what it can become. It can become a tree. But how does the flower move from being a mere small flower into a big tree.

 The journey starts with pollen from the anthers of the flowers being carried by the pollinators to other flowers so that fertilization of the eggs in the stigma can occur. A period of incubation when fertilized eggs send little roots into the belly of the flower follows. Time then elapses when the flower transforms, with the outer parts forming the fruit and the inner parts forming the seed. The flower goes through this long way in its journey to becoming a tree; but it is not there yet. The seed must then be planted and nurtured. Over time, it then grows up into a tree. It may take a few days or a hundred years, depending on the species of the plant.

 This seems like such a long way for the flower to go in order to fulfill its purpose. That journey is what we call process. The flower has to go through a series of events that change it so that it can transform into a tree. Even if it goes through 95% of the process, it will only become almost a tree, never a tree. Going 100% all the way is called staying power.

 A wise man once said that the wealthiest place on earth is the graveyard. The greatest of potential is found buried with the occupants of the graves. It is process that transforms the minutest of potential into the most opulent of fulfilled purpose. No matter how great potential is, it will be useless if it is not processed. The poorest of nations in the world are amongst those that have the greatest potential to be rich. They are poor because they do not process their potential into wealth. Your greatest value will only be realized when your potential today is processed into your purpose tomorrow. People recognize potential but they respect and value maximized potential more.

 You must discover what needs to be done with what you have for that which you have to become that which you should have. Go through the process


10 thoughts on “Flora – Fourth Petal – Process

  1. Though going through the process isnt usually a nice experience but in the end it will be worth it,gold is a typical example. Its value is more appreciated after the process. U want to be appreciated;go through the process.

  2. First a seed, then a seedling, then a plant, then a tree, then a garden, then a plantation, then a forest!
    Uhm, it just occured to me now, the flower is one beautiful colourful piece, the outside pays a role in it’s purpose but the most important part of it is the SEED, the potential of the see lies on the INSIDE, in searching for purpose, look more on the inside of you

  3. Purose, Potential, Process…….I am loving Tunde more and more (Don’t tell my husband o)!!!! Thanks for these inspiring thoughts. Well done!!!

  4. I read the whole “finding hubby” series at a sitting, would have had to seek you out and drag the story out of you if I had started earlier and had to wait (Toke aint my main groove so I can wait for her fairytale ending).

    I like your humour (very refreshing). Keep it up.

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