Finding Hubby – Episode 20

We agreed with Toke that we would meet Lumi. In spite of all our reservations about the cougar kinda relationship, we decided to support her. Immediately we did, Toke excitedly called him and put it on speaker. A deep rich baritone voice with a slight British accent came through

“Ololufemimydear, wotagwan”.

Toke:“Guess what”?

Lumi:“What o?”

Toke:“My friends have agreed to come on an all expense paid trip with me to see you. All expense paid by you of course”.

Lumi:“I can guess they are all listening, so I’ll let them know that I have to consult my board of directors on the profitability of this investment”

We all laughed and he cooed “Hi ladies”.

We all said in our most girly voices “Hiiiiii”.

“We’ll see tomorrow, at four pm. Please ensure your tour guide, Toke, gives you adequate tips on how to survive my very dry sense of humor”.

Then he addressed Toke

“Sweets, glad I’m finally getting to meet the world famous musketeers. Can’t wait to see you tomorrow. Love you plenty”

Toke:“Bye honey. See ya tomorrow”.

You need to have seen the way Toke was smiling from ear to ear like a Cheshire cat as she hung up the call.

Now it’s not like we were the ones going to our man, but we had to represent, we couldn’t fall our friend’s hand. So we spent most of the next morning picking out what to wear, wondering where we would all be going anyways.

I picked out a lovely flowery dress, while Glo wore one of those jumpsuit gowns and an elaborate hat with shades. Toke *cough cough* wore a pair of shorts that showed off her legs and a chiffon top, big earrings and pumps. Omoge on point! The guy will die there o, see as my friend was looking hot.

4pm on the dot, my doorbell rang and Toke wanted to head to the door. Gloria rushed her and made sure she did no such thing, you can never seem too eager to a man jor. I got the door, and surveyed Lumi. I smiled that “not bad” smile and extended my hand saying “Oyin”, and he took my hand and said “so you guys did the ‘she must not be too eager to come and get the door’ thingy”?

I laughed. He was a smart one. “But of course”, and I stepped aside to let him come in. Toke was right behind me already (RME. The girl is just not trying at all).

The day with Lumi went great. The chemistry between him and Toke was like bread and butter, so together, so seamless. And I did the imagining them in bed thingy in my head and the picture gelled. Glo and I watched them with positive envy (yes there is such a thing), and enjoyed the evening together. First we went to Terakulture for one of his friend’s book reading, and then went on to have dinner at Jevinik. The conversation around that dinner table was one of the best I have had in years. We talked about everything and moved effortlessly through every topic. He was down to earth, witty, and all that Toke had said and more. By the time the evening was over, I had totally forgotten about his age. It felt like I had known him for years. I couldn’t be happier for my friend. If he had that effect on me with just one evening, how could I blame my friend for forgetting with plenty such evenings together?

At about ten o clock, I noticed that Toke was getting more and more cuddly. That’s non-verbal for “you people should start going and leave us to *wink wink*” I kicked Gloria under the table and she got the message. Lumi picked on the increased activity and seized the moment to say

“I think we should call it a night, en, ladies?”

We sluggishly gathered our things and shuffled towards Lumi’s car. Toke took the wife position beside him in front and Glo and I got into the back seat, pretending not to notice that there were some slight smooches as he formed opening the door for her. He walked over to the side of his car with a slight arc of his back, and the posture did nothing to hide the bulge he was trying to hide in his groin. In no time, we were home, and they dropped us off for the night (like we were expecting Toke to stay with us 😀 ). The BBMS began to fly in from her the moment they left

Toke: So what do you guys think?

Me: think he’s real great o. Our fears were unfounded.

Toke: Soooooooooooo?


Toke: Oyin, you are putting me on long ish! Talk jor!

Me: #bbrotflsmiley. We both think the age is not going to be an ish. He’s a correct guy and carries himself so well.

Toke: #bbkisssmiley. Gotta run

Me: Gerrout. We both know what you are running to go and do.

It was then I noticed Glo wasn’t laughing with me. We had been reading the bb conversation together. Maybe she was thinking about her marriage. For whatever its worth, a broken marriage cannot be as easy to take as she had taken it. After her initial relief, there was bound to be despair and a loneliness that was deep. Add that to the sense of loss she must feel over her lost pregnancy. I hadn’t even been married to Yomi and those first few days after the wedding had been hell on earth. So I could imagine to a degree what was going through her mind as she saw Toke so happy with her man. I had felt that way about her being married and preggy earlier

I poured her a drink and we just sat in silence for like fifteen minutes, sipping on our drinks. Gloria broke the silence

“I need to tell you something, Oyin”, she began

“If it’s about Ossy, and asking forgiveness kind of talk, I’m over that now and we’re waaaaay past that”, I responded

She hushed me and said “No, it’s about Ossy at all. That whole saga hurts, but I don’t want to talk about that. It’s something else”.

I became alert, and sat up. I wondered what it was that she wanted to talk about. I figured now she had been trying to decide whether to tell me or not, so it had to be pretty serious and had to involve me in some way.

“It’s about Toke, or more correctly, about Lumi”.

I sprang into an upright and fully alert sitting position immediately. “What about him”, I inquired.

Gloria held her head in her hands and said “I have slept with Lumi”.

I collapsed back into my chair like a pack of cards, as tears fell out of Gloria’s eyes.

Before I could get the details out of Gloria, my phone rang. I knew it was Toke because I set her own voice recording as her ringtone. I quickly picked the phone

“Is Gloria there?” she asked

“Yes she is”, I responded and Gloria’s head shot up. All that raced through my mind was that Lumi and told her and she wanted to scream her head off at Gloria.

I gingerly put the phone on the table and put it on speaker phone. “Toks, you’re on speaker now, we can both hear you”.

Then she shrieked, “He proposed!!!!”



197 thoughts on “Finding Hubby – Episode 20

  1. Which kin tin be dis! The guy is good but has slept wit glo before……they r very close, dnt tink it’ll work out btw dem. Frnds hv dis imaginary rule. Good job @tundeleye. But its short o

  2. TL!!! Now am officially angry with u…. Y can’t u give one of the babes a decent guy!!!! Its not fair!!! Weep for u gals!!!

  3. Dis is clearly another path 2 disaster, wn a guy is so flawless,a lot can happen 2 shock u later.can’t wait 2 know wn dis bomb actually hapnd btw glio n Lumi cuz its gonna rock Toke. Me tinks d guy is too much of a smoothtalker,wldnt be surprised atall @ ilater events!!!

  4. Meaning?!! Glo n Lumi? How? Where? When?

    Come must all d ‘correct’ guys have comma with dem? Shu!!!! Give d gurls a break na… Of which Lumi didnt sim to know Glo (from dis piece o). What gives?!!!

    Tunde b careful o….

    • Argh TL!!!!!so we av2wait till sept 2read d nxt episode:(totally unfair
      U sef try4des gals na,dem swear4dem as pikin,haba,y cnt dey meet a nice guy abi r dey destined2die single?if Toke swallow d 8yrs difference n dude ends up being an asshole,dat will just be2bad

    • Because as “fictiony” as it is, it still depicts the true state of what the male demographic get up to….. Assume TL is not a guy and this aint fiction and you will see it paints the true state of the World we live in now.

  5. Wow wow wow!
    So what if gloria has slept wit lumi b4? Abegiiii
    She should tell toke d truth n let dem sort it one n for all n let them move on except the curcumstances Surounding d shag is nasty…
    IMO it does not change anything…the past is past

  6. Love this new twist, u Tunde u have done very well to develop all the characters in finding hubby, the hallmark of a fantastic writer. Keep it up guy.

  7. Argh! Short episode. Lumi slept wit Glo or d oda way round, b4 Toke knew him…So? Except he’s a gigolo or has some disease. Tunde wats d twist na? Dis ya suspense is killing oº°

  8. Okay,Glo SLEPT with Lumi NOT that she is SLEEPING with Lumi it could have been a one night stand or a fling whatever the case,it was in the past personally,I’ll say she should tell Toke for future references if not,she and Oyin should just keep quiet.

    But this one week break is long o.

    • The big deal is that he has proposed and didn’t bother to tell Toke and worse still, pretends like he’s meeting Gloria for the first time!
      The “sleeping with” is not the big deal its the pretence that’s the killer!!
      Except ofcourse, if Gloria lied

  9. Gloria Sleeping with Lumi is not such a big deal nau. He tells her, she and Gloria fight and keep malice for 3 months then they make up and everything is fine…unless Gloria lied?

  10. Wow! Haha #Epic I don’t see these girls getting married. Haha so many things always go wrong with them. I’m enjoying this story. Big up brother, you always make Mondays better…

  11. TL!!!!!!!wats strong wit ‎​​Ʊ? Dis is waaaaay too short na,
    So i gaas wait till next MONDAY!!*sounds like forever*
    Ok O̲̣̣̥
    ,i hia

  12. Wow! Cool. As for Glo’s past sexual intercourse *wink wink* w Lumi, its no big deal. Its d past not today or tmao… Pls oooo these gals n their drama shld not spoil tis loively moment for Toke o

  13. I just knew dt rltnshp won’t b smooth,dre jst hd to b a coma smwhre!*sigh*..whre in our story dd Glo&Lumi meet sef??*rme*….Cn d nxt episode cme olredi??*raised eyebrow*
    Kudos TL!!!

    • Do u want TL to trace each of the gal’s past to their delivery dates so u wd know all their acquaintances before he talks about them?

  14. Hmmmn……… Nice buh I’m not in support σяv him proposing wvout lettin her know he had slept wv Gloria.. Its just wrong,esp wen dey r close friends… Nwaiz,next week wld reveal smfn else. Lookin 4ward to dat. It also seems like each episode is gettin shorter,sup wv dat?

  15. I am begin 2 fall 4 dis tunde name oh 4rm EDNUT 2 LEYE u are consumingly intresting tho 2dayz piece is 3short …tunde hav mercy on Glo nw

  16. Omg!!!!!! *screams* omg!!!!!!!!!!!! Bt it shldnt be an ish naa? I mean, I thnk if gloria is way ova what she hd wit lumi, den I thnk dey shld be fine joor.. Depends if deep down, gloria’s a good person..

  17. Aahhhh, Mr Tee what naa. I jux hop finding hubby`s monday is 2mao O°˚˚˚! …Nice 1….TOke Toke±Glo action film noni.

  18. Well 4 me evn if Glo hd slpt wt lumi….Tokes can stil go on wt him kos wateva happnd between Glo and Lumi must hv bn in d past biko….moreova if we start checking whom our spouses hv hd carnal knwoledge of den dere wil b few married ones among us

  19. Whaaaaaaaaaattttttttt!!!!! OMG,thank God I read today’s episode in my house,coz I wud have embarrased myself outside,my reaction to Glo’s revelation ws a mixture of screams,tears n laughter! (Iiterally)! Good job man,u ve made me love Mondays. Lol

  20. Seriously,I love love love love love this!everything is just totally fab!the words,how it flows,u create something that leave me eager for more.the locations,how u talk about places,its not abstract,its just soooooooo real,like they r pple I can relate with!thumbs up !!!!!!!!!!!

  21. The fact dat Oyin and Toke knows nothing of it means it was a one fling. So rily I believe once d truth is out dey will all get over it. And dats even if Lumi is not anoda fraud anywy!!!!

  22. Loool, maybe Glo is bound to be the musketers taster, like she tastes all their men for them. First she got married to Ossy to see how inhumane he is in marrital life, and next it’s Lumi to see how good he is in bed…. I hope he’s not a ‘sex hopper’ tho.

  23. Hahaha, Oh! Boy! What will Toke say wen Gloria bares it all? Dis just keeps getting more interesting. Good Lord!

    Tunde Leye! 4 a guy? U know how 2 capture how we ladies think and behave. Much respect (y). My all time favorite writer

  24. Hmmmm dis one pass me ooo but come sef shebi d guy is allowed to have exes ehn! Glo was one of d exes finish. Glo shd tell and lumi too shd tell toke, at d end it depends if toke’s heart is big enuf to contain and forgive d past. Its just unfortunate dt d ex happens to be one of ur friends… So technically speaking gloria as slept wit toke…#justsaying# TL hmmmmm

  25. Wat exactly is happening to dis girls, cant dey just hv a smooth life without one wahala or d oda? Anyways, lumi slpt with glo or d oda way round, so far dey are still not sleeping 2geda, wats d twist here?.

    • Lol, if their life was smooth we won’t have anything to read about 🙂 Lumi should have told her before he proposed dont you think?, if he did it wouldn’t look like a big deal, hiding the fact that it happened does

    • wow! what d h*ll is wrong with dis Gloria chick? can’t she just keep her legs closed for once? she obviously has dis “hot panttiiee spirit” see has she spoil show for my dear Toke…not funny at all! Now Lumi, pls give Toke a hint on ur escapade with Glo before its too late…atleast give her some respect n dont deceive her! loving dis blog……..

  26. Totally loving this, Mondays are better… and you guys are right, its no biggie that they had sex but its awful that he proposed without telling Toke first. Poor Glo and Oyin, now they will have to find a way to tell her

  27. TL, take ur time oo, must all ds guys av k-leg ehn? So we must wait anoda one week 2 find out what happns nxt buh come2 tink of it Gloria ‘slept’ wt Lumi not a biggie, its in er past except ders more 2it..we’r sha waiting sha cz I trust u, u can add anoda twist2 d story! Nice one..buh pls make nxt week veeeeeery long oo!

  28. Yep. Lumi fucked Glo. Big effing deal! It happened a while back… Unless it didn’t! Unless it happened around the time Toke and Lumi were seeing each other! Lol kinky!

    Anyways, is it me, or are these girls cursed? Drama, drama, drama. Seriously… lol

  29. Ehn(raised eyebrow) §Ơ̴̴̴̴̴̴͡ omoge Glo has secrets ehn? Chai omashe oh. My fear Ȋ̝̊̅ڪ if they both withhold this lil secret from her, things might get uglier in the nearest future. Lumi Ȋ̝̊̅ڪ a pretender sha! See how he acted as though he and Glo have never met. Men!(Eyes rolling) smh!!!!. Nice piece Tunde, i await monday……

  30. Tunapa I feel U̶̲̥̅̊ jor, I can’t wait for next episode ȍº°˚˚°ºo , but if Lumi A̶̲̥̅̊₪D̶̲̥̅̊ Toke are really love each other, Glo issue is past stuff

  31. This Gloria sef! Kmt! But Lumi should tell Toke nau. It won’t be nice if she hears it from her friends! That is why it is good to close ya legs oooooo ladies! May we not have slept with our future husband’s brother!!! Amiiii oooooo

  32. I wld really like for Glo and Oyin to keep dis to themselves for d sake of Toke but I sure knw its not possible and by d way Tunde why dis harshness dis episode is way to short(angry face) I can’t wait till next week o

  33. Tunde ooooo(rolling my eyes)!!!!!!! you will not kee person. Gloria and Lumi(love that name though), whats d biggie, thats in the past. Abeg, Toke! carry go dear(thumbs up)

  34. Yeeee!!!! Mo gbe! Bobo Tunde yii ma pa mi o…. *sobbing* it isn’t fair that you made it too short like this. Do you want to give me a heart attack? Please nah, post the continuation tomorrow…please, please…*wailing now+drolling* Tunde leye please.

  35. I’m not comfortable with this story any longer o. TL why does something bad always have to happen to Oyin $ her friends? I’m not getting the lessons again.

    • Because u should have noticed by now that he had to go through full circle on all the three ladies. They have to have their fair share of failed relationships. So we should know that some how, for some reason, Toke’s relationship wd fail: before or after marriage. About the lesson being learnt, every day challenges in relationships r being chronicled.Nothing that the babes have gone through is new to majority of the population

  36. Wait o Tunde dis wait is becoming unbearable……can’t u make it 2 days in a week? *puppyface* In btw ur just 3 much but y do u always ve 2 pour sand sand in their garri? Glo shld definitely tell Toke abt it n dey shld settle d ish……its no reason 4 her 2 brk her engagement!

  37. wow!!! My advice would be Toke should be told what happened btw Glo and Lumi. and yoke shd not accept the proposal on the basis that the he is pretending not to know Glo.. Now thats dangerous cos he def will still go back to Glo for more *****

  38. Hahahaha………as long as it was in the past, then the past should remain in the past, she shouldn’t ve told oyin, who can say if Lumi even remebers her

  39. Na wa for Glo sef! She n Ossy,I don’t know d one to hate more! Firstly, she married Oyin’s chiker now she has slpt wit Lumi! Yh,shit happens but babe ur shit don full! U don’t do dat wit frnds esp d very close ones..Glo fall my shoulder!if them give am name now she go dey cry but in dis case she deserve am..I tire for her matter.I hope dis Lumi thingy was a long time ago ooo.or else I will help them drag her hair out of her head!
    Tunde,much better episode dis wk*thumbs up*

    • U know there is a difference between sleeping with ur friend’s boyfriend and then having slept with him in d past right?

  40. TL e be like say you wan kill person with suspense, plzzzzzzzzzzz send the next episode to me NOW! promise not to share it with anyone, i cant just wait till next week

  41. And so wat º°˚ Gloria! Abeg! Abeg!! Abeg!!! U̶̲̥̅̊ beta kip ur mouth shut n ur hands 2 urslf even if Lumi comes afta U̶̲̥̅̊ . Let Toke b happy na haba!
    Or beta still tell Toke, fight abt it n makeup.

  42. The person that swore for these gals not to find hubby has not relented Oº°˚!
    I wish he had told Toke b4 proposing tho. The pretense is what is gonna kill their relationship.
    Can’t monday come already?? ( -̩̩̩͡˛ -̩̩̩͡).
    Nice piece, Mr. Leye.

  43. Wahala don happen, now Toke is in deep shit with that guy. The guy is such a good actor. Already I can see a heartbreak on the way. Thumbs up Leye, you are a very good storyteller.

  44. Tunde pls, let dem find hubby na! Den u cn tel do d oda season, mayb title it as enjoyin hubby! Pls stop shortenin d episodes! Rily nt fair….#bbsadsmiley

  45. Abeg jor it doesn’t matter, one woman’s salt is another’s honey….so we should all start chasing virgins Ba? As far as they don’t continue an affair behind Toke’s back and come clean theres no biggie, every1 has a past, an ex, a fling, a shag here and there…hands up if u don’t have a past?…..if I hear..

  46. Gosh,Na wa 4 our writer o,as in ,I give it 2 u,u r jst unpredictable,menh dis is more interesting than I can imagine,I c Toke being d lucky one cos,I see this relationship damn rite and perfect,as 4 Glo,its her past,snd mite b a fling,so dat wld pass,poor her,bt she wld jst b one of those ex or past,like evrybody does,nice one,can’t wait 4 monday,bt I really think is epi is very short jare,sweet episode no dey long(sad)

  47. Wow! Exhausted I’m of all this suspense ni!#bbnottalkingsmiley.. Lumi prolly doesn’t even remember glo..even If she slept with him..ehen? If I were toke I’ll so continue with him..unless of course there’s something else abt d guy… Tundeleye sha o! We r waiting..

  48. I so wasn’t expecting that, loved this ep .. How come Lumsky didn’t recognize Glo though, had no reaction to seeing her but then I guess it wasn’t rili mentioned?? TL can an extra twist be that Lumide has an identical twin brother and that’s who Glo slept it so at least one of them will have a happy relationship …. Lol Toke has tried now …

  49. i am very sure dat guy lumi looks like sm1 gloria slept wit. even TL know so! toke weds lumi, they live happily eva afta. beautiful

  50. Tunde u wan me to die b4 ma tym ryt!!!….d suspense is toooo much n I av to wait a whoooollleee week!!!!..*rolling on the floor crying*

  51. Ok u knw wat?! I give up!!! I’m not goin to read again till u decide to publish this cos I’m not abt to get a heart attack cos of d suspence joor!

  52. This TL sef. Go joh! I’m too old to be waiting for wan week. Can’t we have mid-week snippets? Hep a sister out nah. I’m hooked and I aint ashamed.

  53. Tunde will nor kill me o!!!!
    Lumi na sharp guy…..sharply hook d gal b4 aunti glo f**k everything up…..hope this turns out well for Toke o!

  54. A shag-past is diff frm jst a past oh….sex complicates thns,that’s THE bigdeal! Then agn,d Lumi guy…How can he b so smart-alecky,yet so DULL?! He shlda told Toks b4 he proposed.not bright atall! And did som1 ACTUALLY say he’s 4gottn Glo’s face???? Seriously?? Wot hapnd,thr was no electricity d day he slept wth her? Or was it group sex?? Abegi! Dat one no b tolk jare!
    @Tunde,its fascinatin how familiar u are with the female mind….rly it is.Great job!

  55. Wot Is d meaning of dis 1 now????!!!!!! N y can’t dat Glo’s bom bom stay in one place sef…. *RME*…… Oya TL do fast fast and release the next episode oh

  56. Bia, this tunde fellow. U won’t allow these girls to be happy eh?! Worrisit abeg? Now one of them is tryn to be in love u put a spanner in the works AGAIN. Anyway, me I dnt think it matters except they dated and toke ws aware of the relationship during and lumi still has any funny attachment. Thou I find it a tad suspiscious he didn’t tell toke. Oh well, till nxt week again.

  57. OK! GUY! Are you a pessimist or something? Whatever happened to happy endings? This story s beginning sound like something out of the bad recesses of my mind, and my mind can conjure some bad scenarios. It’s beginning to drag with all the bad bad things! Abeg!

  58. I’m obviously the only one here that thinks tl should have ended this long ago… It’s becoming predictable and a sad attempt at keeping this going… finding hubby is on life support *not interested and rolling my eyes at the same time*… can’t wait for the oxygen to burn out
    ps – I still think you’re a fab writer buh you just gotta know when to stop…

      • Akin ooooooo!!!! The stranger I love to read from!
        @asisa, by episode 22, what ever happens to Toke’s relationship would have happened and we would see what happens to d gals from there on. Small tuntulu patience o?

  59. This was short :(…all the waiting is killing
    Meanwhile,I don’t see anything wrong with the situation at hand,seeing that it was a long time ago…unless if glo has something else to say about herself and lumi..
    Good read though,well done

  60. am glad that one of them at least getting a life, i guess we have to wait till next week to find out what happened Oga Tunde hopefully u wont use next week to tell us all the drama that happened when Gloria found out? well cant wait!

  61. Ooooh! Y do w av to wait till nxtweek na! Kai, which kain thing b dis….. Bsides sef dese gurls aint dat bad dey desrve a real man na, must all d guys dey meet av comma ni….. Na wa 4 u ooo! Tunde, nxt episode *waiting*

  62. Waow0 found about dis blog 2day nd read al d episodes ur so talented nw m addicted nd can nw understand wen pple complain dy av to wait for 1 wk for d nxt write up
    Kudos bro job well done

  63. Take ur trollness somewhere else asisa. U can like to unfollow

    As for the Glo/Lumi situation methinks kini big deal and that it shouldn’t be enuf to ruin such a good thing it’d be different if it was just a casual thing.

  64. Ahn-Han!!!
    TL abeg take your time oh! must something bad always happen to these babes? Who they offend gaaan sef? Na them kee Jesus ni?

    but e no matter sef… aimoye… and as long as it didnt happen while Glo and Lumi were together…

  65. Tunde, can these girls ever have sane relationships without any comma’s?? Which kain thing be this?? Anyway, well done- Great writing!!

  66. OMG !! When is the next one out Tunde please can’t wait too long o! The suspense is killing …
    PS: You took a long time for episode 20 please do not take this long for 21…

  67. Hahahaha!!! Lumi has boinked Gloria ei ei oooo. Who gives a shit though,most of us have worse track records(boinkwise). Lumi sha is a cougar lover.I love older chicks too cos na old firewood dey burn pass.Go on Bro@ Lumi make dem old chicks feel welcome.big ups TL.

  68. Tunde! Tunde,!!Tunde!!! Don’t give me hypertension, with this uя one one week interval. But I must say ure doing a wonderful jon thumbs up

  69. Really I can’t wait to wot happened next.Toke must knw wot happened btw dose two ooo..n if she still wants to go on wit Lumi den dats up to her.

  70. OH hem gee!!!! double shet!! im loving the hawt pastor already though x_x.. dear oyin cleg, please dont mess this up. over and outl.

  71. Am a new reader and I love your style of writing. The Nigerian girl tingy , your use of words, etc You definitely know your Nija women well. Good job. You got me smiling like a Cheshire cat too.

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