Flora – Third Petal – Potential

Imagine that you did not know about the reproductive process of flowering plants. If I plucked the flower of a mango tree and brought it to you and then took you to a full-grown mango tree. If then I told you that the mango tree that you see is contained within that flower and that the mango tree comes from a flower like that, you would most likely disbelieve me.

 No matter how drab or colorful, big or small a flower is, it can produce a plant that will have every single component on the one you see complete! It will have a stem, a root, leaves and flowers complete. That is the potential of the flower, what it can become. The purpose is to reproduce the plant, but potential is found in the seemingly insignificant things within the flower that ultimately enable it fulfill that purpose. Since the purpose of each flower is different, the potential within them is different. Some need sticky pollen, others large, colorful petals and others still small spiky petals.

 Within every individual lies the potential to fulfill purpose. It may look unlikely that you are the one are to achieve those things you identified, but don’t you dare disbelieve your purpose. The thing about potential is that it cannot be seen and valued by the vast majority of people until you have worked it into becoming that which you dreamt. It takes people who have rightly positioned their minds and have discovered their purpose to see potential. Like the flower, the smallest of things can become the greatest of all. Don’t look to those who tell you that your purpose is a bar set too high for somebody like you. Remember that without the benefit of hindsight, no one would believe that every tree started as a single flower on some other tree. Yu can achieve purpose, no matter how small potential might look. Don’t become envious of those with different or bigger looking potentials. Differences in potential only mean differences in purpose, not licenses to limitations.

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16 thoughts on “Flora – Third Petal – Potential

  1. This is nice. The potential in a single(or seed) is just something we can neva fathom and that just how unfathomable our potentials are but we must work it out.

  2. Hmmm!!! Interesting, and I can’t wait for the next episode. Usually I don’t make comments on blogs,but this is off the hook abeg.
    Thumbs up!!!

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